• 3D object problems Hi there, In the 3D object which came form Revit. There are a good looking bolt connection like a second image below. However, when I put it into unity, something went wrong. The bold connection turn to another way like the first image. How can I fix...
  • Autofocus on iOS? All of my Vuforia apps all seem to have the same problem on iOS devices (notably the arkit enabled ones). When the camera focuses, it seems to momentarily create a border around the screen - like when the camera zooms go to focus, for a second it doesn...
  • To build an online shopping app with the help of augmented reality and unity vuforia I want to create an online shopping app with augmented reality. So i choose unity and vuforia. But i don't know how to fetch colour of 2d image(from outside the unity) automatically into the 3d model(to inside the unity).Is there any methods or algorithms for doing this?
  • Desperated for help in VR I tried to search the forum using keywords but no result was found. Here is my current quest: I need to convert a unity real time "game" into a 3d video. Is it possible? There are no commands AT ALL so turning the "game" into a 3D...
  • VR Cardboard – UI Screen Space Overlay Canvas with new native Carboard VR SDK in Unity 5.6.0 Hi everyone! I have been working with Cardboard SDK Package to create VR experiencies and I have been using UI - Screen Space Overlay Canvas for creating buttons in order to disable VR-Mode, go back to main menu, and set up different options, but with...
  • VR and Treadmill i am currently working on a project which uses VR to create a better experience for person using treadmills. Is there any way exists within GVR sdk to control the pace of the user in environment based on his actual speed on treadmill? Or is it possible...
  • Revert Game Window “Both Eyes” Unity 2018 has updated the game window's view of both eyes, it now has options for single eyes as well as both eyes in a stereoscopic fashion. I need to know how to revert to Unity's previous style of game window like in 2017 where the game window rendered the combination of eyes as one screen.

    I tried reopening my project in 2017 but it's not backwards compatible and haven't been able to find anything on the subject online.

    Thanks for any help!
  • Black screen when unity project deployed to Hololens Hi everyone,

    I'm stuck on this problem with unity and, after having tried all I could think of, I really don't know what to do to solve this.

    I'm working on a Augmented Reality project in Unity 2018.2.9f1. So, I use unity to develop the project, then build a solution for Visual Studio 2017 and then, via Visual Studio, deploy the project to Microsoft Hololens.

    I did this in the last few months without any problem, and everything was working until 3 days ago. The project worked in the...

    Black screen when unity project deployed to Hololens
  • Canvas-based onscreen keyboard that supports international text? I need an onscreen keyboard for our Beatron 2000 game (for Oculus Go). There are plenty of these in the Asset Store, and it's easy enough to throw up a bunch of buttons that do the same thing as those, but none that I could find properly support anything other than English.

    Does anybody know of an onscreen keyboard that supports even accented letters? What about Japanese, Chinese, and Korean (the other major markets we'd like to support)?

    (Note that...

    Canvas-based onscreen keyboard that supports international text?
  • Move Camera with object Hello, Is there any sollution how move camera with object? If I have car in unity world with buildings and want to drive this car. But I want the car to stay in same position on anchor and the world will move around the car. Because the world is to bi...
  • HTC Vive SteamVR UNET multiplayer basics Hi,

    I want to implement a HTC Vive multiplayer game, using UNET. At first it's only supposed to be run in my local network with two PCs and two Vives (which use the same two lighthouses). I'm basing everything on the SteamVR Interaction samples, meaning a Hand component is detecting the closest Interactable component and sending messages like "HandHoverUpdate" or "[FONT=Courier...

  • compiler errors with VRTK When we load the vrtk plugin and try to use the prefabs, it gives
    compiler errors so i can't enter playmode?
    Why is this?
  • RICOH THETA Challenge – Program the Camera, Chance to Win Unity Course Yes, this is a programming contest, but I'm posting it here because (1) the main prizes include "First 10 Submissions Get Free Unity Virtual Reality Course ($79 value)", (2) it's about working with the RICOH THETA 360 degree camera, which is used by Unity developers, and (3) it's free to participate.

    Main link here:

    RICOH THETA Challenge - Program the Camera, Chance to Win Unity Course
  • ARKitRemote Static Hello,

    I am building an AR app, and to do so I am trying to use the ARKitRemote to help me test, but it's not working for some bizzare reason. It says "Waiting for editor connection", which is expected, but the background is filled with static, and I'm not sure why. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • How to remove 360 video glitch on Oculus Go APK? I have published the same Unity 360 video app to Gear VR and it works perfectly and used to on Oculus Go. However, recently this glitch has appeared when loading a new scene or playing a video file via VideoPlayer on the Oculus Go. Does anyone know a way of removing this or even what it is? It doesn't appear in the Unity editor and seems localised to the Oculus Go.

    View attachment 337339