• Any issues with Releasing a SteamVR enabled app on the normal Windows MR portal? Hello everyone my studio is building a new Windows MR experience for the immersive headsets. We've uploaded and submitted one of our previous apps ( RelayCars!!!) to the store and are pretty familiar with the submission process. This time however we are considering publishing a Windows MR app to both the Steam VR store and the Windows MR portal to increase our apps accessibility to both user bases. my question is has anyone had an issue when released a SteamVR enabled app on the...

    Any issues with Releasing a SteamVR enabled app on the normal Windows MR portal?
  • UIView does not respond to selector renderFrameVuforia – Unity to ios Hi, So I was running my app over an iphone device but it got stuck at the very first screen, after launching unity and initializing vuforiaSDK This is the log: Built from '2018.2/release'...
  • Holograms somewhat moving along with headset movement Hi,

    My application it's holograms are not stable, they are sort of bouncy when walking around. The application itself renders at 60 FPS (as I can tell from a FPS counter, and from the device portal). What could be the cause of this? How can I make the holograms more stable. Ofcourse the details of the application are not known, but I don't know where to look in order to make a more stable experience.

  • Jumping Objects Hi,

    I have a problem with my object. I use the HoloToolKit Twohandmanipulation. After a While may objects jumping around while dragging. It's not reconstructible for me, sometimes after few minutes, somtimes all ok.

    Framerate is between 43 and 59.

    Thanks a lot
  • AR Scale in Vuforia Hi all, in reference to this nice article about AR Scale, which addresses a number of critical practical issues, i have a question, do these concepts apply to Vuforia (not in the case of using ARCore/ARKit internally) ?
  • Want to build a simple rollercoaster using free assets for Oculus Go. What will be the process? I'm a complete beginner and looking to build a simple rollercoaster in Unity that can be deployed on Oculus Go. What will be the process involved in creating such an application? I don't want to use any paid assets from the asset store. Is there any sample roller coaster application available?
  • About using ARKit to implement the ground plane Hi, Now the Unity ARKit plugin cannot be found in the assetstore and is included in the windows-package Manager. I am a bit confused about the ground plane used by the combination of vuforia and ARKit Thanks
  • Create Cube marker streaming assets for Hololens Hi,
    How to make cube streaming assets for Hololens ARToolkit unity3d?. I have integrated Hololens AR Toolkit Unity3d plugin in my unity3d project and it is working fine. But currently i want to create a cube marker and instantiate an object (Minion) on it at few distance away from the cube marker. But i don't know how its possible. Please help me for the same.
  • Ground Plane not Working Hi, I downloaded the vuforia core example from the assetstore, packaged it and installed it on my phone ①.XiaoMi 8 SE : Ground Plane not Working Logout : FrameHitTest while not tracking. Returning empty list. ②.HuaWei P20 Pr...
  • How to connect to arkit remote from a standalone app (instead of unity editor mode) Hi there,

    Follow the instructions, I am able to run the scene from unity editor and connect to remote ios (iPhone X) after clicking console/Editor. It works.

    However, if i export my current scene to an app on my local mac box, run it, and it only shows a green background without any button.

    I believe the console/editor selection is missing, therefore the standalone app can't find the remote device. I...

    How to connect to arkit remote from a standalone app (instead of unity editor mode)
  • ARCore, translate GameObject with Lean Touch Hello everyone!

    I'm new at coding, and currently working with ARCore "Hello AR" app. So, there is a question: "How can I translate the instantiated "Andy" object on x-z plane with "Lean Touch" or other possible tools""?
  • Combine VR and AR in the same app Is it possible to make an app that contains both an AR (Vuforia) experience and a VR experience? They would, in this case, be separated, so the user can choose to do VR or AR from a menu. As for now, my challenge is that I in unity must choose VR or A...
  • Download arcore-unity- SDK -v1.5.0.unitypackage package apk installation start black screen Hi. phone model : Huawei P20 Pro Phone ARCore version : 1.5.180910096 Logout : 11-12 18:29:23.990 10718-10744/? E/native: ArConfig_setUpdateMode: session was passed NULL. ArConfig_setPlaneFindingMode: session ...
  • HI, i am trying to get movment of the OVRPlayercontroller with the gear VR trackpad OK so im kind of new to unity, but i have been playing with Gear Vr now for a few weeks. I have learned a few things, which has helped me ask the right questions; how do i use the trackpad to move? I have played with the OVRPlayerController.cs and i...
  • Making texture 360 degrees. Hi everyone,
    I'm creating a VR experience of a famous Magritte painting where the silhouette of a bird forms a door to a different scene (see below). In Unity I managed to create a texture mask shader following this tutorial/script: This roughly achieves the desirable effect. The only problem is that the replacement texture is locked to the camera in 2d space and doesn't move along with the scene when...

    Making texture 360 degrees.