• PhotoCapture to capture only Holograms We are using the PhotoCapture class to take a picture. We want to capture just the holograms that are currently displayed but not the MR environment (like the room we are in and other objects in it). Is there any way to achieve it? Also, the photo tha...
  • [Tutorial] Rendering 360 Video: 360 Panorama Capture Free This tutorial shows how to render 360 video using the free asset 360 Panorama Capture:!/content/38755?aid=1101lHIq
  • [SteamVR] Trigger HTC Controller’s input by script Hello, I would like to know how can I simulate controllers inputs from a csharp script.
    My goal is to trigger input events like 'Grip', 'Trigger' or 'Pad' pressed without using the real HTC controller and for example, call these events from the keyboard. Exactly like the "NoSteamVRFallback" system the simulate controller's actions with the mouse.

    For now I can only simulate the Trigger button using "GetStandardInteractionButton()" function within the Hand script. Instead of GetMouse, I...

    Trigger HTC Controller's input by script
  • Decal Shader issue I'm having trouble getting this shader code to run on the Hololens. I can't seem to find any error messages or warnings as to why it's not working. Does anyone know what has to be converted to fun a shader on the hololens?

    Code (CSharp):
    2. // MIT License - Chris Wade, 2017
    4. Shader "Custom/ForwardDecal"
    5. {
    6.     Properties
    7.     {
    8.         _Color ("Tint", Color) = (1, 1, 1, 1)
    9.         _MainTex ("Diffuse", 2D) = "white" {}
    10.         //_BumpMap ("Bump Map", 2D) = "bump" {}
    11.     }
    12.     SubShader
    13.     {...
    Decal Shader issue
  • SteamVR + OpenGL + native plugin in Unity 2017.2 Hi!

    I'm happy to note that as of Unity 2017.2, SteamVR + OpenGL core seems to be supported on Windows.

    But I am having issues rendering in VR from a native OpenGL plugin (which worked correctly with Unity 5.3, the last version to support OpenGL + SteamVR).

    It seems as if the viewport for the left or right eye texture target is not setup correctly, as I'm observing a screen-space shift of the left/right eye framebuffer, i.e. even when rendering identical images to the left and right...

    SteamVR + OpenGL + native plugin in Unity 2017.2
  • Vuforia Model Target Issue Hello, I am using unity3d 2018.2.11 and Vuforia 7.5 Model Target. Object is Recognizing properly. But I am facing lot of jittering problem. I want 100% accuracy in model Target for my Project. I am loading the entire car model for testing. Using front...
  • Black Cam Screen w/ HDRender pipeline on ios Anyone getting same prob?
  • HoloToolkit Motion Controllers + GrabMechanics We’ve been trying to implement the behavior of the motion controllers in the GrabMechanics scene (in HoloToolkit/Examples//MotionControllers-GrabMechanics/Scenes) but maintaining the standard (animated, realistic) controller models (not the ControllerCube models that are used in the GrabMechanics scene). But since the standard controller models are apparently instantiated via a call to an API, there's no corresponding prefab that can be accessed (and altered) in Assets. So...

    HoloToolkit Motion Controllers + GrabMechanics
  • Reference Point Calibration I'm using Unity for an AR application, with a simple Image-Target and a model, and textboxes displaying the model's location and rotation. The thing is-the program seems to use the camera as the (0,0,0) reference point, since the coordinates displayed constantly change when the camera is moved.
  • Two Webcams For Each Eye Hello, One week I am now searching for a solution, but I cannot find anything realy helpful. My intention: Two Ps3 Eye cameras stream separately to each eye on the vive. I am using the latest unity3d version with the Steam_VR version 2 plugin. Is the...
  • Oculus Grabber Modifications (For Finger Collisions) Hi there,

    I thought I'd share something I've been messing about with this morning.

    I've modified the OVRGrabber script so that it creates 2 colliders, 1 for the hand using its current* pose and another which is used as the trigger for grabbing OVRGrabbable objects.

    So in the AvatarWithGrab scene, using my modified script, I deleted the capsule colliders that are already in the "AvatarGrabberLeft" & "AvatarGrabberRight" objects...

    View attachment 329161

    Now when the scene runs it...

    Oculus Grabber Modifications (For Finger Collisions)
  • Oculus Grabber on Local Transform Hi there,

    I'm using the Oculus SDK in unity and implementing the grabber sample. Basically I have a simple prefab that has a long flat plane, and a sphere on top,

    View attachment 329122

    I'm using the grabber on the sphere to move it up and down the plane. Within the update method of the sphere, I am locking the transform so that it stays on the plane and doesn't fall off.

    Unfortunately even though this is working, it's only working on the global transform. So if I rotate the...

    Oculus Grabber on Local Transform
  • SteamVR_TrackedController not exists, how to know if trigger clicked? SteamVR 2.0 I can not figure out how to run function when trigger is clicked. SteamVR has changed too dramatically and now it is mysterious and completely non-function in my game. I used to use SteamVR_TrackedController and hook to an even, but now its something ...
  • Make Menu Appear when user lowers Head Hello.

    I'm building a VR app for android devices.
    I'm using google VR and unity 5.3.3.

    I need to make a small menu appear in front of the camera, when the user lowers his head. But i'm facing some problems.

    The first one:

    I managed to make it apper in front of the camera like this:

    if (!menuOn) {
    MenuUI.transform.position = camaraH.transform.position + camaraH.transform.forward * distance;
    MenuUI.transform.rotation = new Quaternion( 0.0f,...

    Make Menu Appear when user lowers Head
  • Ground plane and Vuforia AR+VR Sample I've been trying to use the Vuforia AR+VR Sample on iOS and the default scene works fine detecting the astronaut and switching between AR and VR.

    I'm having some problems, though.

    If I add a ground plane it is not detected on runtime. When I touch the screen to place an object on the ground the console says the device tracker is not initiated. I tried enabling it manually but it gets shut off automatically. I'm trying it on an iPhone 7 with iOS 12.

    Any ideas?