• UI Selection from Vive controller raycast Does anyone know how to get a raycast (laser pointer) to register which world space UI component is currently being pointed at.

    I'm not looking for gaze input but for a raycast from the controller?
  • AudioSampleProvider’s buffer overflow on 360 Video Hi all !

    I've a weird issue : I've made an app for playing 360 video, most of them in 4K (4096x2048), some of them a little smaller.

    When I launch the app for the first time (meaning, after boot or reboot the phone), sometimes, the video freeze, but the sound continue (the sound is uncluded in the MP4 file). The app itself is not freezed (actions planed at the the end of the video works well).
    The sound is also a bit delayed from a few frames.

    Just before the video freeze, the logcat show...

    AudioSampleProvider's buffer overflow on 360 Video
  • deploying publishing game for htc vive users Hi All, I have created a game which can be navigated and interacted with using the HTC Vive headset. Does anyone know of a good step by step tutorial showing how to deploy the game so non unity Vive users can have access to it? would these users run t...
  • Should I ditch VRTK? Knuckls not supported.. With SteamVR 2.0 I find that VRTK is broken and noone knows how to fix it.

    Also I am trying to integrate Knuckles to my game, but that requires SteamVR 2.0.

    At this point I have a heavy reliance on VRTK and use it mainly for the UI system.

    But I don't want to be stuck in this trap where I depend on something that will never be updated.

    Should I ditch it? It would be a huge amount of work but well worth the effort if I can fully support knuckles.

    I just have no idea how to support...

    Should I ditch VRTK? Knuckls not supported..
  • Shared Player and motion Controller positions Im attempting to created a shared scene where i can see other peoples position & rotation Along with controller position and rotation.

    I have a player prefab with a head and two hands. I should see the remote players head and controllers as they move around.

    I want to see my hands prefab over the top of my own controllers too.

    The player prefab follows the mixed reality camera parent correctly.
    Any ides what I'm doing wrong here?

    Code (CSharp):
    1.     private Vector3 localPosition;...
    Shared Player and motion Controller positions
  • Camera transform data is lost when VR device sleeps 2018.2 When the VR device is in sleep mode, all the public properties (matrices, forward dir, position, rotation) are set to zero when accesing them from code. At the same time the camera renders from the correct position and orientation. Why is this happening?
  • Message overlay when using flashlight Hi,

    in our Gear VR application (on Samsung S7), we use the flashlight to signal the state of the VR experience to a supervisor outside of the VR experience.

    Everything works as expected on our main test device, but on one of our end user devices, we see the message overlay "Lampe allumée" (which means "Lamp on") within the experience. We've checked all settings but we cannot see any difference in them.

    Has anyone an idea how to get rid of this message?

  • Vuforia on android just gets the first frame and then freezes camera, app still works So i have a button that enables the vuforia ARcamera and when i press it, it just gives me a frame of the video and that's all, i can still press my back button and the rest of the app works just fine. Sometimes i don't even get the frame, it's just dark. On PC works fine, no problem and quality of the video is very good. I haven't found any answers yet, I hope that someone can help me. Thanks! ^_^
  • ARcore not working on Samsang S9 So I've followed these steps for installing ARcore into Unity

    But when I run it on a Samsung S9 and use this to test for it

    Code (CSharp):
    1. FusionProviderType trackerType = VuforiaRuntimeUtilities.GetActiveFusionProvider();
    2. if (trackerType == FusionProviderType.PLATFORM_SENSOR_FUSION) return true;
    3. else return false;
    It always returns false.

    According to this information...

    ARcore not working on Samsang S9
  • SteamVR generic rig vs Interaction System vs Vive Input Utility ? I am working on a VR game for Vive, and have been using the general SteamVR rig that came with the initial SteamVR plugin... I notice most online scripts and tutorials are based around that system, so I have been using it to make a homegrown solution by accessing all of the input events and data directly...

    However, I noticed that there are other very useful input/interaction tools ALSO put out by HTC / Vive, yet they all seem to be differently-implemented frameworks that aren't compatible...

    SteamVR generic rig vs Interaction System vs Vive Input Utility ?
  • Any way to have 3D or UI text constantly face the camera in while playing in AR? Hi there, I was just wondering if there was any way to have either 3D text / UI text that is connected to either a model target or an image target, constantly face the camera/viewport? So when the player moves the phone/hololens/camera or whatever aro...
  • How to make a mirror in VR? Hello, I used the code from the website but it doesnt work for VR. The mirror gives two different images for each eye. I then tried to use the stereo rendering toolkit from the asset store but that d...
  • WorldAnchor.isLocated property not updated before OnTrackingChanged callback I did file a bug within the Unity Editor regarding this issue. Ticket is open since March 17th, 2017 but got no answer nor update so far.

    I simply want to notify Unity Editor users about it until it get fixed (or at least documented if that's the intended behaviour).

    The "bug" is related to the WorldAnchor.isLocated property (

    When the WorldAnchor is not located, you might want to listen to the...

    WorldAnchor.isLocated property not updated before OnTrackingChanged callback
  • Has anyone had success using Multicast from the Hololens? I have a DLL that uses Multicast to find other devices on the network. It works on every platform (IOS/Android/Windows/OSX/Linux/etc.) I am trying to get it to work on the Hololens. I currently use the broadcast address of When using th...
  • Restrict the movement of the object attached to the controller in Oculus Go Hey,
    I have written a script to pick an object with a rigidbody component by the ray casted from the controller and move it around. Now, I want to limit the movement of the object. After parenting the object to the controller, i want it to move in just one direction, e.g. along the x-axis only. I tried doing it by freezing the object's position in its rigid body component, however, it as no effect, when the controller is attached to the object.

    If anyone could help me with this, I would...

    Restrict the movement of the object attached to the controller in Oculus Go