• How does Unity ARWorldMap scene works.? I opened the UnityARWorldMap scene.I placed a cube by touching the scene.Then I saved it.When I click load button nothing happens.How does this work ?Any tutorial.?Also from the below code when I hit Save or Load button the touch get registered beyond ...
  • OculusGo speech recognition Hi! I'm trying to implement a speech recognition feature on a VR test scene on the OculusGo. But so far any of the android or other plugins that I've triyed are not working. Anyone is having the same problem ? OculusGo is not ready for a speech recognition feature ? Thanks in advance.

    Tested plugins:

    OculusGo speech recognition
  • Holograms doesn’t appear in hololens device Hello everyone,
    I just upgraded into Unity 2018.2.14f1. After I upgraded into newer version, I can't see anything after I build. It works fine in Editor. But when I build the app package and install it in Hololens. I know the object is there because I put sound in the object, I can hear the sound, but can't see the object. (I'm using HoloToolkit)
    View attachment 327727

    I also tried to build and run in Hololens Emulator, I also can't see anything. Below is the setting of my Visual...

    Holograms doesn't appear in hololens device
  • How to display local network stream from raspberry pi camera in a VR scene? I want to visualize the camera stream from a raspberry pi in my Oculus Go VR headset. The camera will be streamed to a particular port (eg 8081) which can be accessed from a browser using the raspberry pi's Ip and port. How to access the stream in the VR app that is being developed in Unity?
  • Ghế Sofa Phòng Karaoke Đẹp Sofa Karaoke Nhu cầu thư giản, giải trí ngày càng nhiều, một trong những ngành đó là dịch vụ karaoke, đây có thể nói rất HÓT nhất hiện nay. Bạn muốn thiết kế những mẫu ghế sofa phòng karaoke đẹp, để phục vụ du khách. Đừng lo lắng hãy đến ngay với nội ...
  • [Tutorial] Getting Started in AR with Poly and Unity Hey everyone, we've just released this new tutorial on Getting Started in AR with Poly and Unity - you can check it out here.

    Hope you find it useful!
  • HoloLens program suspended lose voice controls Hello everyone,

    I am working on a HoloLens project for my thesis in which a user must perform a set of tasks guided by the HoloLens. I have tested a few people and realized when they are picking things up or putting them down sometimes they are doing a bloom motion. When they do this the program is suspended, and when they go back into the program the voice commands no longer work. I've been trying to find a way around this issue it, is completely halting my progress as it seems everyone I...

    HoloLens program suspended lose voice controls
  • Lenovo Mirage Solo: Camera glitch bug + Not appearing in Library? Hello. I'm experiencing several issues with the Mirage. It's a great headset to work with besides these issues, so I'd like to get them ironed out ASAP.
    #1. I'm working on porting one of our existing experiences to the Mirage and I am experiencing a strange camera bug. When playing within the headset, the camera will "glitch" every few seconds. It is difficult to describe, but it appears to "jump" to the left, or to the right for a single frame. It's not static-like, nor is it...

    Lenovo Mirage Solo: Camera glitch bug + Not appearing in Library?
  • Problems opening my Oculus VR film on another computer Hello Unity forum, My plan is to create a short film experience for the Oculus Rift, but I am new in both Unity and VR. I am working on a computer which does not have a strong enough graphic card to run Oculus, but the idea is to bring the files over ...
  • ARFoundation – ARKit Hi,

    I'm new to ARFoundation, I would like to live stream the AR Content to a WebRTC service, is there a way using ARFoundation to get the frame with AR content?

    I'm using ARKit natively and ARSCNView.snapshot and works fine.

    I would like create a native iOS plugin to populate a CVPixelBuffer with the frame, anyone that has done something like this?

    Thank you
  • Android build appears to not redering water4advanced, but the water looks normal in the Editor I'm using unity 2018.2.13f1 and trying to build a gear vr application. I've changed the camera between the normal one and the ovrcamerarig, removed water reflection, reduced the size of the water plane, but nothing changed. The odd part is that everything works in the editor. Do you guys have any clue on this? I'm thinking about using the unity 2017.4.11f1 version (the recommended one on the oculus site).
  • Image anchor object animation Hi there!

    So I've got a scene that has an object that is created via the image anchor method which works fantastically well.

    What I'm trying to do is then have two buttons activate two animations. In this example I have two cubes that are nested in a prefab, I want the first animation to move them apart, and then the second animation brings them back together. Sounds simple enough!

    I'm running into a problem where the animations won't run when the object is 'spawned'. I'm targeting the...

    Image anchor object animation
  • `CrossPlatformInput’ does not exist in namespace error after importing Oculus Sample Framework I have a simple project with basic terrain created by importing Unity Standard Assets. After that I imported Oculus Integration Asset and Oculus Sample Framework. After importing Oculus Sample Framework and running the scene, I get the errors,

    Assets/Standard Assets/Characters/FirstPersonCharacter/Scripts/FirstPersonController.cs(3,27): error CS0234: The type or namespace name `CrossPlatformInput' does not exist in the namespace `UnityStandardAssets'. Are you missing an assembly...

    `CrossPlatformInput' does not exist in namespace error after importing Oculus Sample Framework
  • How to modify Vuforia Configuration > Device Tracker > Track device pose ? I need to implement 2 modes in my application, 1st with TrackDevicePose off and the other one will be View attachment 324463 Positional with fusion mode Optimize for Model targets and ground planes. View attachment 324466 Question: Is t...
  • Detection of object and precise placement of holograms Hi guys,
    I have started using HoloLens two weeks ago and I'm totally new to it. I am trying to build an app to detect a device and loads some holograms specific to that device. I each hologram to to be loaded precisely on the corresponding component. There are some approaches such as ARToolkit or Vuforia for the detection part (marker or markerless). But one I am having is to precisely placing the holograms.
    Can anyone please help me to choose the best approach for this case? The area is...

    Detection of object and precise placement of holograms