• Error pushing camera intrinsics to VIO Hello,

    after upgrading from Unity 2017.2.0 to 2018.2.14 we got a problem with Vuforia AR on iOS (doesn't happen on Android):
    After a few seconds of tracking a message appears in the xCode console "Error pushing camera intrinsics to VIO". It floods the console window (appears every frame).
    At the same time there is a grey 1px frame around the camera image and flickering. I tried already many things (different Unity-Versions, taking out everything except the AR Camera and a target image,...

    Error pushing camera intrinsics to VIO
  • Vive Trackpad Menu Navigation Hey Guys,

    I'm rather new to Unity and am trying to set up the Vive Trackpad as means of menu navigation. I'm using SteamVR 2.0 with Unitys UI-system. I noticed that with the SteamVR Camera Rig I can't navigate through UI items with the keyboard anymore, so I was wondering if there was a way to make Trackpad clicks work the same way the arrow keys of the keyboard worked before,

    Thanks for any help!
  • oculus go 360 video lagging Hi all,working on a application for oculus go. Using a 360 mono video as skybox (4320*2160, 60fps). There's several scenes with a different video in background. The first scene playing smoothly, even if reloaded and reloaded but when I'm loading the second scene, the video is lagging strongly. don't understand why. can someone help me. I did not found an answer 🙁
  • Help with VR Player Collider Hi,

    I'm trying to add some kind of collision to my player with the SteamVR asset.
    I parented a gameobject to my camera rig which i can then move. The gameobject has a rigidbody component.
    Now I want to prevent the player from falling through the ground, walking through walls/stick his head through the walls.

    I already got the latter working by attaching a capsule collider to a gameobject which is a child of the head camera. Is this the correct way to do it? Whats the best way to add...

    Help with VR Player Collider
  • Web Cam, Gyros, Compass – Hardware Addon for PC? Hi, trying to play with some AR development on the desktop PC (nice big monitors is great for that) but ran into several shortcomings. 1, the Unity editor does not work with a Microsoft Surface's sensors so makes quick testing a pain (not actually wanting to use my Surface either). 2, using my Android phone as a remote (version 5) does not send camera or sensors to Vuforia.

    So I am looking for a hardware addon, something external so it can move around (USB, wireless). Surprisingly not...

    Web Cam, Gyros, Compass - Hardware Addon for PC?
  • 3D cube overlay using SteamVR I am trying to Overlay a simple 3D Cube (in Unity 3d object) on another applicaton for SteamVR using OpenVR. I have applied following script and settings in Unity for that. But it shows Cube only in 2D. I think there is something wrong in setting textu...
  • Vive tracker 2018 + Unity turn model off? I'm using the Vive tracker 2018 with Unity, and no matter what I put the settings on it insists on rendering the built in tracker model during runtime. On top of that it's rendered at a 90 degree angle from the actual tracker.

    Any thoughts on how I can fix it? I have all the tracked model render scripts set to display nothing.
  • AR Points of interest via geo location/GPS I'm developing an AR app that displays points of interest to the user based on their location. The user gets to the GPS location and an object is displayed in the app over their camera feed. I've been experimenting with Mapbox and it's pretty cool, but GPS accuracy isn't great and the objects move or float a lot, not sure if this is due to Mapbox, or Unity, or me.

    I'm thinking I may need to combine something like Mapbox with a more surface recognition AR approach. So Mapbox for the map and...

    AR Points of interest via geo location/GPS
  • It is possible to check the status of the htc vive? Hello, I have been working with the Oculus for about 2 years and recently I have started to develop in Vive. With the oculus it was very easy to show its status, for example, if the hdmi cable of the oculus was disconnected, it deactivated the VR mode...
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  • geolocation based ar app Hi together, I would like to do a simple geolocated ar app. I would like to place some objects (buildings etc..) on a specific geo loaction in real world scale. If the user comes in the near of the object he can view the models placed in the real world...
  • Issues with last SteamVR sdk Hello there,

    I updated to the last version of the steamVR sdk.
    So far, it tracks my controller and their input, i've bind actions and all...

    I am to the point where I need to make Vive Tracker work.
    They are connected, recognized, tracked by steamVR (as indicated in the steamVR panel).
    The problem is that I have no clue on how I am supposed to make them appear in Unity.
    For the controllers, there is the script SteamVR_Behaviour_Pose which works well but we are limited to only right or left...

    Issues with last SteamVR sdk