• Sixense Stem Anyone else excited for this? Only another 2 months of waiting before we maybe get our hands on it
  • Disable Position tracking in VR? Hello,

    I am doing research in VR, and I'd like to have my subject start the scene seated, and not need to move at all - how can I make the scene "jump" to the correct perspective after his headset is on? Should I do this with controller input? I know that the Chair game by Sightline corrects for player position once the controller is pressed, for example.

    Thank you for the help!
  • UnityARCameraManager/ARKit equivalent for Android Hello, I'm developing an AR application in Unity and for iOS I'm utilizing ARKit and the UnityARKitPlugin. It has a very helpful script called UnityARCameraManager, I use this to position 3d models relative to the user's location so it's overlaying the actual building in the camera image (uses Gravity and Heading). I'd like to have this application work on Android as well and need to know if there is an ARCore equivalent for the UnityARCameraManager.
  • How to get order-independent transparency to work in VR? I'm using this github project and Unity 2018.2.0f2 to create order independent transparency in my projects. It's working fine with a normal camera

    No OIT (order-dependent transparency/ODT):

    Working OIT:
    It doesn't want to embed this gfy but here's the link:

    But, when I try to use it with a VR setup, it just doesn't render any...

    How to get order-independent transparency to work in VR?
  • Stereo Display for Cardboard I'm creating a VR application and I wanted it to have two viewing options, the 360 view and the Cardboard VR. I'm quite lost with the XR Settings and I can't make the 360 view. I've read many threads and all they've been saying is about the stereo display. Can someone enlighten me?
  • Failed to world lock serialization failed Hi I've been stuck trying to export anchor from the hololens, but it keeps throwing the "Failed to world lock serialization failed". I've tried to remove nearby holograms and remove all holograms (hololens goes back to say 'finding your spaces' )
  • Make a 3D object interactable like a button Hi there! I was developing an app and now, they asked me (nicely xD) to change the entire app from GVR to AR. Now, I had a lot of stuff done but I was thinking, just to stay with the same concept as the app was before, if I coud make an object intera...
  • Making AR – Can’t find dataset Hello, so I am currently teaching myself how to make AR and I am following this tutorial;

    5:13 in, he mentions to select dataset and I'm not getting this message up. I have done everything he has. I have used a different image but the image has targets on it. I have uploaded a screenshot of what It shows.

    My PC is all up to date in both Unity and Vuforia but I just keep coming across issues when attempting AR.

    Any help would be much appreciated !
  • Bad State when Mixed Reality Headset Unplugged (Case 1093505) In player settings I am checking Virtual Reality Supported. I add Windows Mixed Reality and None as supported Virtual Reality SDKs. View attachment 320449 When the headset is plugged in when starting the game everything works...
  • Check to see if Oculus Touch is being used. Hi All Our current menu system has a default setting of Xbox controller for our Oculus Rift game, but we want to be able to check if a touch is being used, and then switch to touch as default. Has anyone implemented this check who could point me in t...
  • Feedback on Hi guys,
    I'm looking for members of the XR community to give me feedback on -- The aim of the site is to give you guys a chance to find new roles in the industry.

    Would love to hear your thoughts and if there's anything I can do to make this site better for you.

    Many thanks,
  • No controllers while running steamVR sample scene with Samsung Odyssey So I would like to fiddle around with unity and see how it goes with using a bow in the steam VR interaction sample scene, headset gets detected and I am able to look around but controllers don't appear, I did import the MR sdk and from the top menu chose to apply settings, am I missing something?
  • Using muti-target to track a large table I'm building an app to add handheld augmentation to a large architectural model (about 2m wide x 1m deep by 0.5m tall, or about the size of a pool table).

    There's no place to put an image target that's visible from all angles from the model, so my plan is to use a multi-target with 6 images spaced around the perimeter of the table at known offsets. My questions are:
    • Is this a plan that's likely to work?
      • If not, what would be the best way to track this, since
        • ...

    Using muti-target to track a large table
  • “For Extended tracking capability please use the DeviceTracker” How i solve this problem "For Extended tracking capability please use the DeviceTracker" How i solve this problem in unity 2018.2.11
  • Which method should be used to achieve the most accurate world tracking experience with ARKit? My company is developing an Augmented Reality app for a client, using ARKit, and they want the best world tracking experience on iOS. We have told them that this is not an exact science and that small variations are perfectly normal, but they want us to do anything possible to minimize errors, drifts and movements from holograms.

    We have tested some ARHitTestResult examples on Unity and some others that use ARImageAnchor, but we can't decide on which is the best. It seems that...

    Which method should be used to achieve the most accurate world tracking experience with ARKit?