• How to make the OVR camera fly in Unity? I want to create a flying experience in Unity, by using Oculus and Xbox controller to fly. Just like some RPG games, use Oculus to control turn around and use Xbox controller to move. Can anyone here help me to solve this problem? Thanks!
  • ARcore with LeanTouch Hi,
    I am trying to work with LeanTouch and latest ARcore (1.5) but the LeanTouch added to the scene does not receive any screen touch from debugged device when ARdevice is present, but 'mouse' clicks on Game device are working fine.

    I have just basic HelloAR.cs with added LeanTouch in the scene. When I am debugging the app, in the ExampleController script I have debug loggers:

    Debug.Log("LeanCount " + LeanTouch.Fingers.Count);

    Printing finger count in LeanTouch - working only on Game...

    ARcore with LeanTouch
  • Vive Circular Floor Grid (NOT Chaperone) Anyone have any information on the circular markings on the floor in the Vive environment? Every bit of research I try to do on it just brings me back to the chaperone. This is NOT the chaperone! Those settings only affect the blue (or otherwise customized color) indication of the play area. The grid I'm talking about is white, composed of circles that expand in diameter, have 10 slices through them that expand outward with the circles, and feature a white arrow pointing north(?)....

    Vive Circular Floor Grid (NOT Chaperone)
  • Issues with Model Target import from Model Target generator Hi.

    I've been having a bit of a problem the last day or so regarding actually importing the Model Target into the unity scene.
    I've followed the Model Target Generator tutorials for the Mars Lander from Vuforia and have then followed the tutorials that allow you to import it Unity and set it up as the Model Target in the scene.

    The problem I've got is that when I import the .unitypackagefile target model into the project, the actual model and 2D guide lines don't appear within the scene....

    Issues with Model Target import from Model Target generator
  • Teleportation problem Hello everyone !

    I'm currently developping a prototype with a HP HMD (works on Windows Mixed Reality) and I work on Unity for it.
    I downloaded and played with the WMR SDK examples but now I moved to my own scene with my own models.
    My main scene is composed by a big complex 3D model (that contains 3d models) with a floor and everything but I can't figure how to make it teleport-compatible.

    My camera is working fine with the HMD, controllers as well but when I'm aiming to teleport, the...

    Teleportation problem
  • How to get the accurate altitude from device with respect to the ground using unity? Hi I am working on an Indoor application for IOS application.I am trying to get latitudes,longitudes and altitudes.When I test the device the starting altitude value comes around 3.67853-first floor(starting point) 3.665541-second floor 3.538336-Gro...
  • Needing Developers for HoloLens/Magic Leap-based University Through my global connections with top technical & medical universities we are collaborating on creation of curriculum for the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( for an online university that would be 100% based on the Microsoft HoloLens/Magic Leap One.

    The goal is:
    Students around the globe would engage with their lectures &...

    Needing Developers for HoloLens/Magic Leap-based University
  • How to Vuforia when detected QR Code or preselected image then change scene. Okey guys how to do that?
  • Left Eye jitter in Lightweight Render Pipeline Is the lightweight vr render pipeline supposed to work with the Daydream (Lenovo Mirage)? Because I had heavy issues with it.
    Sometimes the screen was just grey, sometimes the left eye was rendered as the right eye for one frame in various frequencies. I tried a lot of things, the best soution was to assign two cameras instead of one with the "Both" stereo setting. Also tried to disable all image effects, didn't help.

    In contrast I made a simple project with the default renderer and it...

    Left Eye jitter in Lightweight Render Pipeline
  • Removing Vuforia logo Hi,

    I was using Vuforia plugin with an Image target in my project.
    After upgrading to 2017.3.0p2 I checked the vuforia framework in unity and it re-imported the library.
    I disabled the ImageTarget object, got a new license key and I'm using Ground plane now.

    I still have the Vuforia logo.
    How do I remove that?

  • Need help with using Vive purely as display Hi guys,

    I'm using HTC Vive as the HMD and Unity 2017.3, running on Window 10.

    I'm trying to get the Vive to be independent from the base stations. The motion tracking will be done by using another system. And I have set the "forceFadeOnBadTracking" to false, to make sure its still showing the scene even when Vive is not being tracked.

    The rendering transform seems correct when tracked. Note that the camera is in the (0,0,0) position.
    View attachment 275292

    And when I lose the...

    Need help with using Vive purely as display
  • Improving GVR Visuals with Unity? Right now, the game that I've ported to my phone is insanely blurry and pixelated. Which I know should happen to some degree, depending on the phone, the VR headset, and the game itself. I've made some games for my phone using Unreal, and it looked pretty decent, and I've also played some games that were made in Unity from the Play Store, and they looked fine. So I've determined it's a few settings that I probably need to fix.

    I'm running the game on a Galaxy S7, though the target platform...

    Improving GVR Visuals with Unity?
  • SteamVR plugin – what is responsible for moving the camera in response to HMD movement? I'm using the SteamVR plugin, and I've been looking through its scripts trying to find what actually moves the in-game camera when the HMD moves. As in, if this script was disabled, the camera in-game wouldn't move at all when I moved the HMD. I haven't been able to find a script that does this in the Assets>SteamVR>Scripts folder. Where is the script responsible for this, and what is it named?
  • [ERROR] New Error After Trying GIFs : Unity "IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range. UnityEditor.Android.AndroidBuildWindowExtension.GetBuildPlayerWindow () UnityEditor.Android.AndroidBuildWindowExtension.RepaintTargetList () UnityEditor.EditorApplication.Internal_CallUpdateF...
  • Alternative for Sparko Camera (Mac Version) Hi, Anybody knows the software to stream LIVE from DSLR camera and than unity to LIVE AR...? (mac Version) Regards,