• OpenVR Device management Broken using native Unity XR Hi Unity users,

    I appear to be having a problem with device management using 2 Vive controllers and a Vive tracker. Depending on the order in which they are turned on and off they are incorrectly allocated XRNodes

    If a Controller is turned on followed by a HardwareTracker, the tracker will be swapped in as the second (Left) controller. If a tracker is switched on on it's own, it will register fine as a tracker. However,...

    OpenVR Device management Broken using native Unity XR
  • Neep Help Oculus wont work in Unity Hey guys maybe someone of you can help me.
    I get following error message since last friday the 5th October 2018:

    Assets/Oculus/VR/Scripts/OVRLint.cs(297,23): error CS0117: `UnityEditor.PlayerSettings' does not contain a definition for `VROculus'

    I dont get it at all. I was working in the morning on the 5th and everything was fine. I used this tutorial to set up my Oculus:

    But then after some try and errors also on the 5th to get my Quill FBX files get...

    Neep Help Oculus wont work in Unity
  • Vuforia Vision Only on Hololens Hello

    I recently updated Vuforia from 6.2 to 7.5 for the Hololens project that I'm working on. In the new version it seems that with Vuforia Fusion the "extended tracking" functionality in 6.2 is the default behavior of image targets in 7.5. This is a problem because we need to precisely place models in the real world using image targets and Vuforia Fusion prevents us from doing that. The movement of the tracked models are too choppy.

    To try to resolve this I looked through the Vuforia...

    Vuforia Vision Only on Hololens
  • Cycle simulator for exercising Bike I am working on a project where I have to make a cycle simulator for the exercising bikes. I have captured the 360° video for my locality and now I want to simulate the environment with the sensors. How can i do it with Unity, since I am new to unity
  • Hololens – How to render different layers with multiple cameras? In my scene I have some objects that display machine states at fixed positions. With a second camera I would like to track spheres (with the same positions as the machine state prefabs) that sit on another layer "radar" and display them in my...
  • [Hololens] How to locate an obj in space precisely Lately I was stucked by this issue,I could display the view,which is filmed by hololens, on my PC unityProgram,and I want hololens to put a sign on target after I clicked ,for example,a toy in PC's view as my target.But via my method it turned out that the sign was placed on the spot 2 or 3 inches away from where I wanted it should be.I don't know how to get the sign more precisely placed:rolleyes:,Below is my work flow.
    1、Open the spatial map
    2、Wait for seconds till the meshes were built....

    How to locate an obj in space precisely
  • Measuring Data Sent to Valve VR Through HMDI Hi guys,

    I'm a little new with VR and Unity and have been trying to measure how much data my Valve headset receives from my game in Unity. The goal is to see how small changes in my game would affect the type/amount of data being sent through HMDI.

    If that's not possible or too hard, how would you measure the size of each frame generated in the game?

    Any thoughts, advices or alternative ideas are very, very welcome!

  • [Oculus Go] Cubemap reflections for Single-Pass Multi-View I've created a Surface shader in Unity that involves sampling from a cubemap. I am working on the Oculus Go with Single-Pass Multi-View rendering enabled. But in-game the cubemap looks as if it was just a completely flat texture applied to the surface with no stereo-depth to it(With generally "correct" cube-map samples but applied to the surface as if it was just a "_MainTex"). But when I apply a "Standard" shader on one of the meshes to the scene, the cubemap reflections appear to...

    Cubemap reflections for Single-Pass Multi-View
  • Stream Youtube 360 videos in Unity app Hi there,

    I've seen a couple of threads on this topic elsewhere but with no answer so I thought I'd try my own post here to see if I can find out anything new.

    I was wondering if there is a way to stream youtube 360 videos, or even the new youtube VR180 format via a unity app on google daydream (and eventually for other platforms). I have a plan for a new app that will take users on virtual guided tours with a twist and think that to store these 360 videos locally would make the apk and...

    Stream Youtube 360 videos in Unity app
  • Teleporting without motion controller Hi everybody,

    I'm making a simple VR scene with a vertical ladder. I would like to teleport from one floor to the upper one when I'm in front of the ladder, by clicking one botton of the motion controller.
    I tried to use the teleport script as shown in this video:

    I set the camera as "Player", put a cube, from which I want to teleport, in front of the ladder and set an empty game object as teleport position on the upper floor. I tried to run the scene...

    Teleporting without motion controller
  • Android rear camera not found when XR->Cardboard enabled I'm attempting to add functionality to my app to allow the user to "peek" at the real world using the phone's rear camera (Android phone, cardboard-type non-Daydream headpiece).

    I followed N3K EN's tutorial (embedded at bottom of post) and it worked perfectly (code below)... until I went into PlayerSettings->XR Settings, checked "Virtual Reality Supported", and added "Cardboard" as a Virtual Reality SDK. When I ran it after making the change, no cameras were found.

    What do I have to do...

    Android rear camera not found when XR->Cardboard enabled
  • Suitable VR Controller and SDK for developing VR Mobile games in Unity Hi, I want to develop VR games on the mobile platform along with the use of a controller. I am planning to use a mobile VR headset such as this one and a controller along with it. I would like to know which controlle...
  • Upgrading Android app to latest Unity & Google VR now says “app has stopped” After upgrading an existing Android game to Unity 5.6.1p3 with Google VR SDK 1.60, I now get an immediate crash "Unfortunately, app has stopped" message. I opened Android Studio and looked in the logcat window: 06-13 14:21:43.624 293-3659/? ...
  • Oculus raycasting with Touch Controller to GUI I'm struggling to find a way to get a 'laser pointer' from my Oculus Touch Controller to interact with the World Space GUI in my scene. I've followed the old instructions that do this for gaze, and have attempted to translate this over to the hand tracker, but I can't get the raycast to interact with the buttons. Are there any decent tutorials on doing this?
  • Object size different for iOS and Android Hey guys.

    I'm currently having the problem that my spawned objects are different in size for iOS and Android platform. There is no custom scaling involved and while it looks perfectly fitting on iOS, the objects on Android are scaled smaller (around 70-80% I'd say).
    I'm using the latest Vuforia SDK (7.5.20) and ARCore 1.4 on Android which makes the experience nice and stable.

    Is there a way to get the info of the internal scaling of the objects, so I can compare the values for both...

    Object size different for iOS and Android