• how can I make a game VR and not VR? hi all!
    I'm a bit in trouble working with unity VR:
    the question is this:
    I want that my game manages VR and not VR..
    what's the better way to do this?
    at the moment the only way I found is to have VR enabled, and if the user doesn't have VR, it runs witout VR, but if the user has VR and want play without VR, the only way is to turn off the VR...

    is there a different workaround to do this?
    thanks in advance
  • Default Orientation issue? Unity 2018.1.3f1 XCode Beta 10.1 MacOS: High Sierra I have noticed that in Unity, when i go to Build Settings > Player Settings > Resolution and Presentation I am setting the Default Orientation to Landscape Left and building my xCode project W...
  • [Oculus go] Unity UI Canvas in world space does not have anti aliasing apply. Hi ,
    I'm developing a project on Oculus go using Unity 2018.2. I use World-space UI Canvas with a simple image and texts (Both normal text and text mesh pro).

    When I run on the device (oculus go) the image and texts on the World-space UI Canvas seems very low quality and the image edge is pixelate. I tried adjust the quality in player setting but nothing work.
    There's no problem when running on unity editor.

    I believe this affects only Unity UI Canvas in world space because I tried put...

    Unity UI Canvas in world space does not have anti aliasing apply.
  • Web browser for hololens Hi, I want to have a web browser inside my app. I have been searching all over the internet for the last couple of hours without any success (including this forum). At first I found a couple of plugins such as
  • Can I use Unity to program the Kor-FX gaming vest in VR? Hello,

    I'm learning Unity, and want to create a VR experience in which the user feels "pushed" after various events in the game. Does anyone know if I would be able to program haptics for the KorFX vest? I've contacted KorFx and Unity, but have not found an answer.


  • Is the list of supported VR devices used by Unity at all? Hi all I have run into an issue that I am considering a bug... Perhaps someone here can share some info to prove me wrong (PLEASE, PLEASE DO!) : What happened I installed the Oculus SDK into my project and now every single Android build demands that ...
  • When a project implemented Oculus Utility, how can I build for Cardboard without Gear feature? I already written my own "platform switch" script, that when build for cardboard, use these configuration, and when use GearVR, I use other configuration. I did this for each platform we support, like ios Cardboard, non vr mode pc, and so on....
  • App built with VR disabled still asks to be placed in Gear VR on a Samsung When I install my app with VR disabled on a Samsung S7 or S8 the screen asking to be placed in a Gear VR headset still gets displayed. My manifest is set up for Cardboard but it seems to me it is somehow getting changed when I go to build. What could b...
  • Build Error – Assembly-CSharp.dll’ could not be found [HoloLens] I created a test project to troubleshoot a build error. Using Unity 5.5.1f. I set up the project to build for Hololens and add Playmaker 1.8.3 which I have used on all of my Hololens projects without issue. Project builds and runs on Hololens.

    Add a simple ugui canvas with a button and slider. Add Playmakers ugui proxy add on and there was an issue compiling. There was a line of code with an issue and the Playmaker Forum Admin helped troubleshoot. The line of code and it's replacement are...

    Build Error - Assembly-CSharp.dll' could not be found
  • ARKit 2 issue with image anchors and PNG files Hi ARKit Fans, We have discovered that there are some instances with ARKit 2 and image anchor functionality not working. Specifically, the ARSession will fail to be created with an error message similar to the following: Could ...
  • AR Foundation – Pausing & Resuming tracking? Unity 2018.1.3f1 AR Foundation 1.0.0-preview.17 ARCore XR 1.0.0-preview.19 ARKit XR 1.0.0-preview.14 Hi, I have created an app that utilises AR Foundation, for it to work on both iOS and Android. It seems that in Android I can easily get access to th...
  • Scale is too big in 360 panorama captured with Unity Recorder Hey! I am working on a unity project and need to be able to capture a scene in 360. The problem seems to be that the scene is pretty narrow so the scale of things in the video are too big. It seems like I am a 4meter tall giant even though the camera i...
  • Display text when an object is selected with trigger button Hi everybody,

    I'm learning the basic commands for making a simple scene with my Windows Mixed Reality Headset.
    I'm trying to make a scene in which there are a few objects. I want that when an object is selected with the trigger button of the motion controller, some text (chosen by me) is displayed.

    Unfortunately, I'm a neophyt with C# programming and cannot make a script that allows me to do what I want.
    Is there anyone who can help me? Is there a tutorial scene which I can use to make my...

    Display text when an object is selected with trigger button
  • How to configure rotation and placement of a hologram Apologies if something similar has been asked and answered before, I looked through the forums, but I am not exactly sure how to search for it. Basically I need to position a hologram in the world, let's say a cube, when I know where the corners are supposed to be. Is there a way to do this in code? For example, let's say I can position 3 spheres in the world location where I expect the 3 corners of my cube hologram to be. How do I then change the position/scale/rotation of the cube to match...

    How to configure rotation and placement of a hologram
  • ARSession fails compilation for simulator. The simulator is particularly useful for testing apps out on the new iPhone XS/XS Plus without getting ahold of a physical device. I'm getting 5 compilation errors in Xcode when attempting to build to Simulator. Any chance this could get fixed? @jimmya

    Code (CSharp):
    1. Unknown type name 'CVMetalTextureCacheRef'; did you mean 'CVOpenGLESTextureCacheRef'?
    2. Unknown type name 'CVMetalTextureRef'
    3. Unknown type name 'CVMetalTextureRef'
    Note: I don't expect ARKit to run in...

    ARSession fails compilation for simulator.