• Throwing Object Issue Oculus Hi friends,

    So it's been a while since I've used Unity and I'm completely new to working with the Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers. I figured I would start out with some basic grabbing and throwing so I found and used these tutorials from Ben Roberts.

    Everything was working fine until I introduced some code for rotating the player and now this happens after I rotate the player controller and throw an object.


    Throwing Object Issue Oculus
  • Unable to delete Google VR folder from unity Project I tried integrating Google VR into my project, but then decided not to include it. I deselected "VR Supported" in player settings and deleted the Google VR folder. Everytime I delete the Google VR folder, Unity imediately starts to re import ...
  • GearVR – entitlement check not running Hi,
    I can't seem to run that entitlement check which I need to release to the oculus store. In unity I used this sample code from the documentation. I attached that to a gameobject in my starting scene and entered my App ID in the Edit Platform Settings. When I check in the editor everything seems fine. But when I build the app and check in the Gear i don't get any debug messages (neither pass...

    GearVR - entitlement check not running
  • How to use/attach UMA avatar with VRTK? Hello, Im using VRTK and i need to have a full body avatar, along with 2 trackers for my feet. What is the proper way to use a full body avatar (im using UMA dynamic avatar) with VRTK, so that the avatar hands match the controllers position, and also...
  • How to make a visualizer of surfaces with AUGMENTED REALITY? I'm new here. Currently, I'm doing in a work about augmented reality to visualize quadratic surfaces of math functions. The idea is that the student (user) first visualizes the xyz plane with a surface generated by default (for example an elliptic paraboloid) and then the student can enter their equations to add more surfaces and see the intersection formed between the surfaces.

    The problem is that I'm not sure what tools or techniques I can use to make this application in unity.

    It would...

    How to make a visualizer of surfaces with AUGMENTED REALITY?
  • Set ARKit Pose Processing to 30 fps? Hi, if I set my app to update at 30fps with Application.targetFrameRate = 30, will ARKit automatically change its internal processing tick rate to match the app fps? Or is there some sort of manual call to change the pose processing to 30fps instead of...
  • VRWorks issue I have a 1080ti video card and I try to use VRWorks with HTC Vive. I can't get it to work properly.

    If I enable single pass stereo using SetActiveFeature(VRWorks.Feature.SinglePassStereo), the image becomes heavy for the eyes. The fps is good, but I feel dizzy inside the glasses.

    Also, some of the objects from the scene are rendered different in each eye and the biggest problem is with the mirrors, I have different reflections for each eye.

    Did anyone manage to make it work somehow?
  • Arkit remote Won’t connect to player I'm using the modified Arkit remote with compression to solve the freezing issue, and it appears now arkit won't connect at all. i'm not getting much in the way of info from it either for debugging. I'm sure others have run across this issue.
    here's the console output
    Attempting to connect to player ip: with a 1 ms timeout
    UnityEditor.ConsoleAttachProfilerUI:SelectClick(Object, String, Int32)
  • How to grab something using the laser pointer beam with VRTK? Hello, I would like to point the laser beam at an object, press the touch pad to pick it up at the end of the laser beam, The bean should remain at a fixed length at this while while holding the object. Then i should be able to walk somewhere and the...
  • Steam VR Unity Plugin 2.0 released

    I'm liking the changes so far, but am having to start from scratch to redo everything. Seems like they invested a lot in fixing the input system and now handle rebinding's etc via the plugin.

    I have not gotten into the interaction system changes yet.
  • [HoloLens] Device permission dialog for RFCOMM Bluetooth serial port Dear all, I would like to use a Bluetooth serial device on the HoloLens. In theory, it should work like this: Add this manually to you package.appxmanifest (because Unity does not offer a option to include it!) Code (CSharp): <DeviceCapability ...
  • HoloLens Bluetooth Ports Hey guys!

    I'm facing the problem, that I can't use the SerialPort Class in my WSA UWP HoloLens app, to read bluetooth input, because the Unity compiler complains the following, when I'm trying to build:

    error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'Ports' does not exist in the namespace 'System.IO' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

    Any help about fixing this is, or alternatives is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,

  • Using Bluetooth Mouse on Hololens within a Unity App Hi, I am a graduate student trying to make a fairly involved demonstration scene, or series of scenes, on the Hololens using Unity. I have run through all of the Microsoft Hololens tutorials and a number of the Unity game-making tutorials and have been...
  • VR Car Mirrors performance issue I am working on a car simulation project and I am using HTC Vive. My video card is 1080ti. I tried two different solutions for the mirrors (one from the wiki and Valve Stereo Rendering Toolkit), but I can't have more than 45 fps in the build. Valve is worst than the wiki solution. If I remove the mirrors, I have steady 90fps. I use the single pass, VRWorks and forward rendering.

    If one mirror is active, the draw calls are double in profiler (one call of Camera.OnWillRenderObject()). If two...

    VR Car Mirrors performance issue
  • How to use and measure with a micrometer in vr Hello all:

    I'm new to Unity, and have a project where I need to use a micrometer to measure objects in a vr environment. Attached is a pic of a micrometer.

    1. use vive controllers to rotate the dials on the micrometer, which in turn moves the scale rod to clamp a object being measured.

    2. when the object being measured is close to the gap in the micrometer, the object snaps to the micrometer so the user can measure the objects width by reading the numbers on the micrometer...

    How to use and measure with a micrometer in vr