• Wave Circles VR Rhythm Game Slides Onto Steam For Fitness And Fun
    Wave Circles VR Rhythm Game Slides Onto Steam For Fitness And Fun

    Game studio PlatformaVR is gearing up to release its new VR rhythm game Wave Circles on May 23, pushing players to bust a move to the beat in a dance space dripping with neon colors.

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  • North Carolina Zoo Adds Portal To Africa With VR Expedition
    North Carolina Zoo Adds Portal To Africa With VR Expedition

    The North Carolina Zoo is partnering with Looking Glass to enhance their offering of exotic animals by giving visitors a chance to go on a virtual expedition in Africa.

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  • LBE VR Specialist Immotion Signs $500,000 Contract With iP2Entertainment The UK group will produce three exclusive VR experiences.
  • Oculus Quest VR Covers Now Available

    Keep your new headset fresh with a foam replacement and cotton cover. The Oculus Quest standalone VR headset arrives on shelves this Tuesday and while many of us are still busy planning our first wave of purchases and clearing our play spaces of any clutter, the folks over at VR Cover want to remind everyone

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  • DigiLens Raises $50 Million To Develop Cheap AR Display Tech
    DigiLens Raises $50 Million To Develop Cheap AR Display Tech

    DigiLens, a Sunnyvale, California-based startup developing displays for augmented reality (AR) devices, today announced that it’s closed a $50 million oversubscribed series C round led by Universal Display Corporation’s UDC Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Pokémon Go creator Niantic, Continental AG, Sony Innovation Fund, and Mitsubishi’s Diamond Edge Ventures. It more than doubled the Sunnyvale, California-based company’s previous $22 million raise in January 2017, and it brings DigiLens’ venture capital haul to date to over $100 million.

    CEO Chris Pickett said the fresh capital will fuel the development of its display technology for automobile, enterprise, consumer, avionics and military brands. “These partnerships provide the ecosystem that enables our technology to go into a variety of different in a variety of different form factors,” he added.

    DigiLens’ premiere product is a holographic waveguide display containing a thin-film, laser-etched photopolymer embedded with microscopic holograms of mirror-like optics. A micro-display is projected into one end of the lens and the optics turn the light wave, guiding it through the surface before another set of optics turn it back toward the eye.

    Above: DigiLens glasses can help you navigate your car.

    Image Credit: DigiLens

    DigiLens refined this technique nearly ten years ago, it says, when it was collaborating with Rockwell Collins to create avionic HUD systems for the U.S. military. More recently, the company devised a photopolymer material and holographic copy process that enables it to produce diffractive optics with printers, which tend to be cheaper than traditional precision-etching machines.

    “UDC Ventures and Samsung Ventures have recognized through this investment that DigiLens is the frontrunner in waveguide technology and the only waveguide that can get to a consumer price point through its proprietary photopolymer, design software, and innovative manufacturing process,” said Pickett.

    In January, DigiLens demonstrated its Crystal AR prototype, a glasses-like form factor that connects via a USB-C to a smartphone, computing puck, laptop, or desktop. It weighs in at half a pound and uses two layers for the full-color waveguide, which offers a relatively narrow 30-degree field of view but is dramatically cheaper than conventional materials. In fact, DigiLens believes products like Crystal AR could one day sell for $500, or roughly five to 10 times less than rival heads-up displays on the market like the Magic Leap One Creator Edition or Microsoft HoloLens.

    DigiLens’ white label solution for car companies, meanwhile, can create a holographic waveguide that’s about a half a meter by 320 millimeters long, or large enough for a car windshield but compact enough to fit under a dashboard. The company says that such displays could generate colored arrows to tell drivers where to turn next, so that they don’t have to look at their phones.

    Above: DigiLens’ holographic technology helps to augment the world.

    Image Credit: DigiLens

    DigiLens doesn’t intend to manufacture and sell AR devices itself. Instead, it intends to license its technology across a range of industries. Toward that end, it’s already creating nanomaterials for transparent, augmented reality (AR) displays for several undisclosed clients.

    DigiLens has competition in TruLife Optics, WaveOptics, and Colorado-based Akonia Holographics, the latter of which spent a decade (and

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  • The VR Job Hub: VRtuoso, FitXR, Nomadic & Ubisoft Blue Byte All the good stuff, none of the gristle.
  • VR Community Hosts Virtual Memorial Honoring Popular Industry Advocate

    The VR education community says goodbye to one of its biggest advocates. If you have ever attended any of the Virtualiteach CPDinVR (Continued Personal Development) events on the Engage VR platform hosted by Steve Bambury, then you know the name Chris (Christian) Long, or you’ve at least heard his name mentioned. Chris was always in attendance at each

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  • Tactical Haptics Will Launch Dev Kit Preorders For ‘Haptic Controllers’ On May 29
    Tactical Haptics Will Launch Dev Kit Preorders For ‘Haptic Controllers’ On May 29

    Tactical Haptics will launch preorders for its Reactive Grip controller development kit on May 29. The controller uses “haptic feedback” to give you a sense of touch in applications such as virtual reality games.

    The hope is that the next big frontier for VR technology will be the sense of touch, as the visuals already do a good job of making you feel a sense of presence, or immersion in another place.

    William Provancher, CEO of Tactical Haptics, will give demos of the controller dev kit at the Silicon Valley VR Meetup tonight in Mountain View, California. I’ve known about Provancher’s technology for years, and I recently tried it out at the VR Arcade event in San Francisco.

    Provancher’s controllers go a step further than today’s VR hand controllers. The Tactical Haptics controllers use tangential shear and friction forces to create compelling physical feedback that you can distinguish. With this motion controller in hand, users get a realistic experience of the stretch of a bow and arrow, the inertia of a ball swinging on a chain, the impact of a ball on their virtual tennis racket, the tug of a fish in a fishing game, or the kick of a gun in shooter game.

    Above: Dean’s VR machine gun

    Image Credit: Tactical Haptics

    Provancher created attachments so that you can wield things like a two-hand machine gun in VR.

    The dev kit preorders are targeted toward enterprise training, location-based entertainment (LBE), and research and development customers. Pricing is expected to range from $650 for a single dev kit controller to $1,500 for a pair of fully loaded dev kit controllers. The company anticipates an initial ship date in the fourth quarter 2019 for the first batch of dev kit pre-orders.

    The opening of dev kit pre-orders will directly precede the debut of a new collaboration with VR game maker Reality Smash at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, California, on May 30 to May 31.

    The company will show their Reactive Grip controllers integrated with the VR LBE climbing game, Sweet Escape, in the AWE “Playground” expo area.

    The company’s dev kit design embodies the learning from the simplified controller design first shown at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and 2018 Game Developers Conference (GDC). However, the dev kit is now more modular and manufacturable for increased customizability at lower costs. The original design update was supported, in part, by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

    The Reactive Grip mimics the tangential shear and friction forces one experiences when interacting with real objects. These shear forces are applied within the user’s hand by sliding plates on the surface of the game controller. By tracking the user’s motions and applying shear feedback in proportion to the user’s interaction forces, Tactical Haptics is able to create powerful haptic illusions of elasticity, inertia, and impacts.

    The company’s dev kit is modular, allowing it to be customized and configured with accessory brackets to suit your tracking and interaction needs. The foundation of the company’s dev kit is the “Core Controller.” The Core

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  • Oculus Medium 2.3 Arrives With Launch of Oculus Rift S Go hands-on with Medium's new sculpting features.
  • How to watch porn on Oculus Quest Oculus's new headset, the Oculus Quest arrives in just a few days and you might be asking yourself the important questions. Can I use it to watch porn? The answer to that question is a resounding: yes. Watching porn using that shiny new headset isn't exactly what you'd call a walk in the park, but it can be done. Right now there's only one method to do it, but hopefully, it won't take long for that to change. Advertisement How to watch porn using Oculus Quest The easy option to watch porn on Oculus Quest is by watching a video that you have downloaded onto your PC and then moving it to your new headset. Unfortunately for the time being this is the only method that you can take advantage of. You can fiind awesome porn built for VR from websites like Badoink VR or Pornhub and once it's loaded onto your headset, it's easy to watch! Download the videos you want to watch on your PC. Use a USB Type-C adapter to connect your Quest to your PC. Transfer the porn videos over to your...
  • Healthy App BoxVR Set to Leave Early Access for Oculus Quest Launch Have the freedom to workout in VR anywhere.
  • Oculus Quest Launch Library Livestream: Vader, Beat Saber, VRChat, Rec Room, And More
    oculus quest content

    We're nearly there. This is the last Friday before the last weekend before the Oculus Quest finally releases on May 21. Let's play Quest games live!

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  • Oculus Quest Launch Lineup Pricing Reveals Top Games Are $29.99
    Oculus Quest Launch Lineup Pricing Reveals Top Games Are $29.99

    Facebook today provided the prices planned by developers for their May 21 launch on Oculus Quest.

    Oculus Quest is the $400 all-in-one VR system from Facebook which ships with a pair of intuitive hand controllers. Facebook sent us free Quest review units a couple weeks ago to test with access to a limited number of apps. This week, they opened up much of the launch library and we are working through the titles and answering questions about the system on our livestreams.

    There are more than 50+ titles planned for launch and the games selected represent Facebook’s effort to curate a high-quality console-like experience on the system. Every Quest will include access to free demos of some games, like Beat Saber and Creed. Now, with pricing, we are able to answer the most common question we’re receiving from interested buyers.

    The Quest titles range from free up to $29.99. Orbus VR: Reborn is an outlier at $39.99 for access to its subscription-free massively multiplayer online world. All prices below are in United States dollars and are provided to Oculus by developers as of today. Also, if you’re a Rift owner, be sure to check out our updated cross-buy list.


    Sports Scramble

    Journey of the Gods

    Dance Central


    Beat Saber

    Robo Recall: Unplugged




    I Expect You To Die

    The Exorcist Legion VR Complete Series



    Face Your Fears 2

    Shadow Point

    Dead and Buried 2

    Job Simulator


    Apex Construct

    Tilt Brush

    Racket Fury: Table Tennis


    Virtual Desktop



    Virtual Virtual Reality


    Space Pirate Trainer

    Fruit Ninja VR

    Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

    Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

    VR Karts

    Drop Dead: Duel Strike


    Vader Immortal

    Nature Treks

    Ocean Rift

    National Geographic VR Explore

    Guided Tai Chi


    Apollo 11




    Bigscreen Beta

    Rec Room

    PokerStars VR

    First Contact

    Epic Roller Coasters


    YouTube VR

    Oculus Gallery

    Oculus TV

    Oculus Video

    Oculus Browser


    Sling TV

    Price TBD

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  • Craft Your Way Through Reality In The New ‘Minecraft Earth’ AR Mobile Game

    Explore hidden structures, collect valuable resources, team-up with friends on fantastic creations. Earlier this month, Microsoft teased Minecraft fans with a short video hinting at some type of upcoming augmented reality experience for smartphones. More information was promised to arrive May 17th—the day after the games historic 10th anniversary—and wouldn’t you know it, the company

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  • Drop Dead: Dual Strike Is A Co-Op Zombie Shooter For Oculus Quest And Rift
    drop dead dual strike

    Drop Dead: Dual Strike is a total overhaul of the co-op zombie shooter Rift game Drop Dead. It will be a launch title for Quest and support cross play with Rift and Rift S.

    Drop Dead features a full campaign as well as a cooperative horde mode and competitive mode. Dual Strike adds support for dual wielding weapons as well as a range of melee weapons such as scythes, axes, and pitchforks.

    In the campaign you’re an agent trying to stop the evil Dr. Money who caused the zombie apocalypse. You team up with an ex-CIA agent to take on the evil mastermind.

    We gave the current Drop Dead 7.5/10 on Rift in our review:

    The solid, smooth performance and accurate targeting make it plenty of fun and the new missions and brand new multiplayer mode add plenty of replay value. More than that though, it’s an excellent homage to the classic light gun games of old.

    Dead and Buried 2, another Quest and Rift crossplay game, has a co-op zombie horde mode, but you’re in a static position, there’s no melee weapons, and that’s not the main focus of the game. That game is more meant as a competitive multiplayer shooter first, with zombies being a secondary aspect.

    The major zombie games on Rift were Arizona Sunshine and Killing Floor: Incursion. Neither has been announced as coming to Quest, so Drop Dead will be the headset’s go-to for zombie survival action.

    Dual Strike will be priced at $20 on both Rift and Quest. As well as cross play, the game supports cross-buy too. Purchasing the game for Rift means you own it for Quest too, and vice versa. However, there isn’t cross-buy with the Oculus Go version.

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