• Facebook ‘Exploring Multi-Account Support’ For Oculus Quest
    oculus quest

    Facebook’s Oculus Quest all-in-one VR headset requires a factory reset to connect a new account to the system.

    The company confirmed to us they are “exploring multi-account support for the future.”

    “At launch, Quest can be connected with one Oculus account,” reads a statement from Facebook. “That said, we know Quest is the kind of headset people will want to share, so we’re exploring multi-account support for the future.”

    Facebook Accounts And Real Identity

    Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014. Over the last five years, the VR team powered a series of headsets including Gear VR, Rift and Oculus Go. They eventually started more actively promoting the use of an individual’s real identity with the headset via their Facebook account. For those without a Facebook account, or those who just don’t want to use it, Facebook still allows people to sign up for a new Oculus account. Some apps, though, like Oculus Venues, require linking a Facebook account in order to use.

    Oculus Quest is Facebook’s $400 standalone VR headset which comes with a pair of Touch hand controllers for more natural input than last year’s lower cost Oculus Go system. This brings Oculus Quest more in line with the high-end PC-based Oculus Rift. Quest, though, relies on a mobile chipset running a highly customized version of the open-source Android project. Oculus Go runs this same Android-based platform and we were directed by Facebook to the support page for Go in trying to understand how account handling works on the new Oculus Quest. The same mobile app on Android and iOS manages both standalone headsets.

    “You can only have one account logged into your Oculus Go at any given time,” the support page explains. “If you’d like to remove the account connected to your Oculus Go, perform a factory reset on the headset and set it up again from scratch.”

    Facebook confirmed at its recent F8 developer’s conference they are planning another Oculus Connect (OC6) event focused on VR devs. Though we’ve enjoyed VRChat and Rec Room quite a bit on the new Quest headset, Facebook’s social strategy for Quest is still unclear and we’re likely to see major updates at OC6.

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  • Augmented Your World with Minecraft Earth from Microsoft A closed beta will launch this summer in select locations.
  • Minecraft Earth Is An All-New AR Game For Mobile
    Minecraft Earth Is An All-New AR Game For Mobile

    As last week’s tease basically confirmed, Microsoft has just announced a Minecraft AR game. It’s called Minecraft Earth and it’s free-to-play. It’s not an extension of the original game but instead an entirely new project.

    That might sound like an immediate turn-off, but a lot of Minecraft Earth looks pretty intriguing. The game brings many of the core elements of the original into AR. You can make your own creations just like you would in the original, for example, but then place them in the real world. As you explore the real world you’ll gather resources and collect new mobs (characters and animals) to populate your surroundings with. Check it out in the trailer below.

    Crucially, Microsoft tells us the game uses Azure Spatial Anchors. These allow multiple phones to see the same AR content in the same space. The idea of walking down your street, pulling out a smartphone and seeing everything warp into a world of Minecraft-made creations is pretty compelling. The question is where will microstransactions come into it? Microsoft says there won’t be any loot boxes, for what it’s worth.

    Players will also be able to collaborate on their creations, and there will be some version of a survival mode included too. Note that Minecraft Earth is coming to iOS and Android smartphones and not Microsoft’s dedicated AR hardware, HoloLens 2. That’s primarily an enterprise-level headset. Microsoft did tease a version of Minecraft for the original HoloLens but it never came to fruition.

    Minecraft Earth will launch a closed beta later this summer. You can sign-up to take part here. A full release date hasn’t yet been shared.

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  • Oculus Quest Cross-Buy: All the Games Own it on Oculus Rift, play it on Quest and vice-versa.
  • Watch The First Gameplay For Physics Puzzle Game Ballista On Oculus Quest
    Watch The First Gameplay For Physics Puzzle Game Ballista On Oculus Quest

    With the Oculus Quest due to release in just a few more days we've got some fresh gameplay from one of its upcoming brand new titles: Ballista.

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  • Firewall Zero Hour: The Ultimate Guide To All Guns And Equipment
    Firewall Zero Hour: The Ultimate Guide To All Guns And Equipment

    Firewall Zero Hour continues to provide the most engaging competitive first-person shooting experience on PSVR thus far and this guide breaks it all down.

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  • The Exorcist: Legion VR – The Complete Series Coming to Oculus Rift S, Quest Cross-Buy Confirmed It'll all take place next week.
  • Blood & Truth’s Development Is On A Scale VR Hasn’t Yet Seen
    Blood & Truth’s Development Is On A Scale VR Hasn’t Yet Seen

    Forgive the pretension, but I’ve been on a lot of VR studio tours. I’d say on average most have lasted around five minutes, consisting of one large open-plan floor in which developers bob their heads up from their monitors and give a quick wave upon hearing their name. They’re cozy, friendly and I might even get a cup of tea out of it.

    My tour of Sony’s London Studio, on the other hand, lasted roughly about three hours. It spanned three floors of the team’s central-London offices. And that’s not mentioning the extensive demo room and interview access I was provided in Sony Interactive Entertainment’s European offices next door. Oh, and I could have had all the tea I’d ever dreamed of, had I so desired.

    Suffice to say, Sony London is not your average VR development studio.

    Over the course of the day I’m led on a frankly dizzying tour of the Blood & Truth team’s facilities. It starts with their boardroom, turned into a makeshift mo-cap studio, aligned with an army of bleeding-edge cameras. There I see two actors recreate a mission-bridging cutscene, occasionally stealing glances at the ‘camera’ (a journalist wearing a motion-captured cap).

    These sequences weren’t actually shot here but in Sweden, where the developer was able to record facial animations it would later apply to the highly-realistic character models it’s been working on downstairs.

    In the character design department a vast wardrobe of costumes is laid out on a table in front of me. Some of these, I’m told, were bought from security companies to provide an authentic reference point for the game’s trigger-happy enemies. They’re virtualized and then fitted to immaculate character models, easily more detailed than any I’ve seen on PSVR.

    Then an environmental artist shows me how the team digitally mimicked London’s arresting skyline with the help of drone flights, procedural generation and (of all things) some old textures from Sony London’s The Getaway.

    After that I’m whisked down another flight of stairs where the game’s design lead takes us through challenge missions on a 70-inch TV. Just outside, the effects team shows us the work that’s gone into an Uncharted-worthy set piece in which a crane cuts through a building. Finally, I’m shown two of the three (at least I think it was three) audio rooms. One exhibits the endless number of layers that make up the in-game audio. The other has videos of the recording sessions for the game’s soundtrack, which mixes London grime with Bond-level orchestral epicness.

    The message Sony is sending is clear: Blood & Truth isn’t some half-hearted bone thrown towards the fraction of PS4 users that own a PSVR. It really has got the weight of the publisher that brought us God of War, Uncharted 4, and Spider-Man behind it.

    I couldn’t definitively tell you if those resources have been well-spent just yet, but it’s looking promising.

    So much of Blood & Truth shows so much promise. Forget the flashy gunplay, for a moment; in the game’s opening scene I’m dwarfed by the figure of James

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  • Google’s YouTube VR Confirmed for Oculus Quest Launch There's going to be plenty of content to watch on launch day.
  • This Boxing Robot Punches You While You Play VR

    Because every immersive experience is better with consequences. When it comes to interactive entertainment, nothing immerses users in an experience better than providing consequences to their actions; whether it be feeling a controller vibrate after firing an in-game weapon or providing multiple dialogue options that result in a branching narrative. In the world of VR,

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  • Rec Room And VRChat Oculus Quest Livestream – Standalone Social VR
    Rec Room And VRChat Oculus Quest Livestream – Standalone Social VR

    We finally have access to Rec Room on Oculus Quest! Join us live as we play paintball, dodgeball, and more in standalone roomscale social VR!

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  • YouTube VR App Confirmed For Oculus Quest
    YouTube VR App Confirmed For Oculus Quest

    The Oculus Quest standalone VR headset is getting the official YouTube VR app, Facebook and Google confirmed today.

    YouTube VR will join Job Simulator and Tilt Brush in the Quest launch lineup from Google. Vacation Simulator — Google’s newest VR app from its VR development studio Owlchemy Labs — should launch late this year on Quest.

    Google’s VR Apps

    You can also access YouTube through the Oculus Browser. A dedicated VR app, though, should make it easier for some folks to find and use the video service. YouTube supports 360-degree and 180-degree videos alongside traditional 2D content. The app is already available on Daydream, HTC Vive, PSVR, Gear VR, Oculus Go and Oculus Rift.

    YouTube VR is a major addition to the Oculus Quest platform and opens up a large amount of content to explore. Google and others have made great strides over the last few years optimizing the streaming experience for immersive content. Still, you’ll want to secure the fastest Internet connection you can, though, as streaming low resolution immersive content over slow connections can result in some bad experiences.

    We’re excited to test out all of Google’s VR apps on Oculus Quest. The headset is running on a mobile chipset that’s underpowered compared with those running PC-based headsets and that’s kept some top apps off of Facebook’s standalone system. Google’s art creation app Tilt Brush is perhaps the most exciting addition to the platform’s launch as it fills a creative void left by the absence of Facebook’s apps Medium and Quill on the standalone VR system.

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  • YouTube VR Available On Oculus Quest At Launch

    VR’s best video app will be available on the standalone headset May 21st. Oculus has confirmed Google’s popular YouTube VR app will be available on the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset when it launches this Tuesday, May 21st. YouTube VR is hands-down your best option for watching 2D, 3D, 360-degree and VR180 videos in VR

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  • Nomadic Expands LBE VR Offering Into Las Vegas’ AREA15 Complex The experiential entertainment complex will open later this year.
  • Rec Room Plans More Platforms For 2019 As Fans Request iPhone, Android And Switch
    rec room quest

    Against Gravity’s Rec Room exceeded our expectations for social VR interactions on Oculus Quest, but the Seattle-based startup isn’t stopping there with its roll-out in 2019.

    Late last year fans of the free-to-play cross-platform social games service requested iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Switch as the top platforms they want to see supported in further expansion to Rec Room. While not specifically stating which platform(s) they are targeting next, a statement from Against Gravity suggests that after Oculus Quest they still plan to support more platforms in 2019.

    “Players kept telling us they wanted to hang out with their friends who didn’t have a headset. Last year we took that feedback and launched screen mode, allowing anyone on a PS4 or PC to play Rec Room along with our VR players,” a statement from the company reads. “We’ve seen really great growth and creativity in the community on screens and we’re looking forward to bringing Rec Room to even more platforms in 2019.”

    Cross-Platform Concerns

    Any of the top three platforms requested by fans would be an incredibly large expansion to Rec Room’s reach. Support for those platforms could have lasting implications for both the startup and the community it is building. Interaction models are different from TVs to phones to VR and ensuring players have an enjoyable experience playing games like paintball or dodgeball across every type of device will be a daunting task. Such expansion could also make it harder for Rec Room to roll out new features for its entire community. Other startups, like Altspace, ran out of money on a path to building cross-platform support. Bigscreen and Against Gravity, though, focused their platforms around finding fun things for people to do together and they seem to be gaining traction with that approach.

    We’ll bring you updates as soon as Against Gravity reveals which platforms it is targeting next and when we can expect them to launch.

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