• The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week 12/16/18
    The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week 12/16/18

    It’s the second to last full week of 2018 (!) but the VR releases are still coming thick and fast. There’s nothing strictly traditional on the list this week, which is a very good sign for those in search of something new.

    Miss last week’s releases? They’re right here. What else is to come? You can find out right here in our December games list.

    Polybius, from Llamasoft
    Price: $17.99 (Rift)

    Jeff Minter and co’s latest trip into arcade ecstasy is this dizzying tunnel shooter that provides a true assault on the senses. It’s based on an arcade game that was pulled from locations long ago due to its overwhelming light show. As a side note; Minter previously confirmed that the PSVR version of the game was yet to make any money so, if you want to support a truly indie VR dev, now’s a good time. See also Llamasoft’s release of Minotaur Arcade this week.

    Wrench, from Missing Digit
    Price: $19.99 (Rift, Vive)

    A different kind of car simulator. Wrench has you building and installing car engines, using VR’s position-tracked controls and accurate 3D models to provide an authentic experience. This is an Early Access release for now, but definitely something that’s worth checking out for the motorheads among us.

    Dear Angelica, from Oculus Story Studio
    Price: Free (Go)

    Oculus Story Studio’s final and best work arrives on Go. It’s a thrilling piece, made inside Oculus Quill. It tells the story of a young girl writing to her idolized mother, an actress. The striking visuals and thoughtful approach to VR storytelling make this an absolutely essential movie.

    Gun Club VR, from Binary Mill
    Price: $24.99 (PSVR)

    This is about as ‘what it says on the tin’ as VR gets. Gun Club VR gives you access to a wide range of pistols, rifles and more along with a host of minigames to fire them in. Not especially inspiring but, if you’ve got an itchy trigger finger while you wait to unwrap Firewall, it’s about as good as it’s going to get.

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  • ‘Winter Wonderland’ Sale Offers Christmas Savings For Oculus Go & Rift Games
    ‘Winter Wonderland’ Sale Offers Christmas Savings For Oculus Go & Rift Games

    Facebook’s Oculus has launched its ‘Winter Wonderland’ sale across Rift, Go, and Gear VR, with reduced prices on dozens of VR games on the Oculus Store.

    As well as the individual game sales, Facebook is also offering a ‘Chill Games Pack’ for each platform. The Rift pack contains 4 games, 2 experiences, and 1 app. The Go/GearVR pack contains 4 games and 2 experiences.

    The Oculus Store team seem to have picked games that work great as demos – perfect for the holiday season where your loved ones could be trying out VR for the first time.

    Best Rift Deals
    Arizona Sunshine

    This full fledged Rift zombie shooter game is 50% off, making it just $19.99.

    When we reviewed the game we gave it 8.5/10, concluding:

    Arizona Sunshine combines the narrative power of a fully-featured 4+ hour campaign mode, with the intensity of a wave-based horde mode, and then adds multiplayer to both experiences. The protagonist’s witty humor make it worth recommending on his charming personality alone, with enough depth and variety to keep people coming back for several hours. By doing so many things so well, Arizona Sunshine quickly rose to the top of the pack as the best overall zombie shooter we’ve seen yet in VR.

    Even today we think it’s the best zombie shooter in VR, despite the lack of melee weapons.


    This “AAA quality” singleplayer story shooter from the makers of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light is rumored to be one of the largest budget VR games to date. While the presentation and polish are excellent, the gameplay is more of a mixed story.

    When we reviewed the game we gave it 7/10, concluding by saying:

    Arktika.1 is caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, it’s an extremely polished shooter with a longer-than-average campaign (for VR) and a structure closer to more traditional entries into the genre rather than the many wave-based alternatives available on headsets. On the other, its repetitive missions, unbalanced weapons and upgrade system and limited locomotion eventually took their toll, resulting in initially exciting levels with diminishing returns. The search for VR’s shooter king continues.

    The game is 40% off, making it just $17.99

    Best Go/Gear VR Deal: Thumper

    This spectacular psychedelic game was received incredibly warmly on PSVR. The Oculus Go port has become one of the headset’s flagship games, getting a direct recommendation from Oculus CTO John Carmack himself.

    When we reviewed it on PlayStation we gave it 9/10, concluding:

    Thumper is a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It is at first immediately familiar as an entry in the now classic rhythm game genre, but enhances virtually every aspect of the experience through brightly pulsing visuals, intense music, and nothing short of violent, visceral rhythm-based gameplay. While you can play Thumper entirely outside of VR, the experience truly shines and envelops you the most once you place a VR headset on your face. This one is not to be missed.

    It’s 50% off in the Winter Wonderland sale, bringing the price to just $4.99.

    Rift Chill Games Pack

    Rift’s ‘Chill Games Pack’ contains:

    Space Pirate Trainer

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  • Clay AIR Offers Hardware-Agnostic Hand Tracking for VR & AR It's tracking solution will be on display at CES 2019.
  • Save Big On VR Games With Oculus, PlayStation Winter Sales
    Save Big On VR Games With Oculus, PlayStation Winter Sales

    What’s that? You already did your Christmas shopping? Well, hate to break it to you, but practically every big VR game is on sale right now. Sorry, wallet.

    Steam, Oculus and the PlayStation Store have all launched their big end of year sales and there’s a heck of a lot to rifle through. We’ve already been through Steam’s offerings but we’ve rounded up some of the best deals for Rift and PSVR below.


    At this point Steam and Oculus’ sales largely mirror each other, but there is some stuff to take note of here. Namely, there are a few drops on Oculus exclusives; Marvel: Powers United VR is down to $31.99 and From Other Suns hits $29.99 as does Lone Echo. Standard stuff like Onward ($14.99) and Superhot VR ($18.74) also feature. To be frank it’s not a stunning sale from Oculus; you’re more likely to find what you want over on Steam. That said daily deals and bundles could sweeten the deal.

    PlayStation Store

    Sony has promotions going on it both US and EU stores right now, though the latter’s massive January Sale is a sight to behold. Practically every big VR game is on offer including Superhot VR for £12.99, Moss for £14.99, Downward Spiral for £7.39, Astro Bot for £19.99 and Resident Evil 7 for £12.99. If you were lucky enough to get a headset this Christmas and want to catch up on some games then do yourself a favor and check it out.

    Over in the US the ongoing Winter Sale remains pretty solid. You could get Evasion for $29.99, Batman for $11.99 or Statik for $9.99.

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  • VR Discounts Galore as the Steam Winter Sale 2018 Begins Plus SteamVR Home has rolled out another environment - Winter Peak.
  • Red Matter Review: A Sumptuous Sci-Fi Treat With A True Grasp On VR
    Red Matter Review: A Sumptuous Sci-Fi Treat With A True Grasp On VR

    Red Matter’s iron claws, with which you grab objects, are a fitting allegory for the wider game. They’re strong and steely, providing an authentic sensation of having a firm grasp on something. Developer Vertical Robot demonstrates that same iron grip on its handling of VR and immersion all the way through this sumptuous sci-fi short.

    Here you travel to a moon orbiting Saturn amidst a prolonged Cold War against the fictional state of Volgravia. Tasked with infiltrating a top-secret base, you’ll solve puzzles and piece together the story using environmental clues as you get closer to the truth. True, the format is familiar (especially in headsets), but every element of Red Matter’s design, from the movement to the user interface to the storytelling has put VR front and center.

    Take the locomotion, which mixes low-gravity space hopping and smooth movement at the player’s whim. The latter option works well but its the jumping that really stands out thanks to the context of the environment and the fact that it’s just a fun, immersive and surprisingly speedy way of getting about. It gives the exploration a welcome punchiness; rather than slowly slogging back and forth between levers and buttons you can quickly skip and hop your way over while still not breaking the immersion with a black to fade. As a result, you come to the game’s puzzles with an eager sense of discovery rather than slight dread for the busywork ahead.

    Perhaps its the UI that’s the real winner, though. Red Matter has you holding a pair of interchangeable devices that can switch between claws, scanners and flashlights. Button layouts, especially on PSVR’s Move controllers where things can get tricky, are expertly mapped, providing some of the most natural interactions I’ve had with a VR controller. Look at the device and you’ll see buttons that correspond to those on your controller, doing away with the momentary confusion we can all experience. Crucially, it kept me rooted in the game’s world, rather than trying to think outside of the headset to press the right buttons.

    Finally, there’s the atmosphere, which is masterfully layered on. Red Matter’s environments are intricately detailed with decorations and notes that flesh out the story in an authentic way. It’s more of a short than a fully developed narrative, and it’s a shame there isn’t more of it to see, but its ability to get right to the point is appreciated too. As the plot starts to dip into the supernatural Vertical Robot shows admirable restraint, resisting the temptation to dip into the pure horror that works so well in VR but can alienate some players. Instead, Red Matter uses its spookier elements to pile on the intrigue.

    The sum of these parts is a game that’s simply a joy to be engrossed in. Granted that’s largely because Vertical Robot has stripped away elements rather than faced them head on; there’s no human characters to interact with or shootouts to panic over, but this is very much a case of less being

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  • Angry Birds: Isle Of Pigs Coming In 2019 To Major VR Platforms
    Angry Birds: Isle Of Pigs Coming In 2019 To Major VR Platforms

    Angry Birds is coming to “major” VR headsets in early 2019.

    Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs is on the way from Resolution Games in partnership with Rovio. Details are extremely light on the title — there’s no trailer yet — with a press release saying players will “swoop in on a remote island to take on the infamous green pigs with the help of their favorite Angry Birds characters.” Yeah, that certainly sounds like an Angry Birds game.

    Resolution Games also built a version of Angry Birds for the Magic Leap One AR headset and we’ve confirmed with the company, which raised investment funds earlier this year, that they are initially focused on 6DoF controls for the Isle of Pigs VR game and that they are aiming to bring the title to both standalone and and PC-based headsets.

    “Angry Birds lends itself perfectly to VR, where players can experience the already highly engaging characters and gameplay mechanics in a much more tangible and immersive way,” said Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games, in a prepared statement. “Just as Angry Birds was applauded for its intuitive controls and gameplay on mobile, we feel Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs will continue that legacy for VR.”

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  • Marketing a VR Game Compared to a Flat Screen Game Andreas Juliusson, PR & Marketing Manager at Fast Travel Games gives his insight.
  • Beat Saber Gets Another Free Track League of Legends’ ‘POP/STARS’ It's available to download today.
  • K/DA’s POP/STARS From League Of Legends Hits Beat Saber For Free
    K/DA’s POP/STARS From League Of Legends Hits Beat Saber For Free

    If you’re anything like me then you probably that the single free new song DLC that released last week in Beat Saber was the extent of their teased “Christmas Gifts” but you’d be wrong. As it turns out, today Beat Saber (on all platforms including Rift, Vive, Windows VR, and PSVR) is getting another free song and this time it’s the viral hit track POP/STARS from League of Legends studio Riot Games, performed by a collaboration between Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, and Jaira Burns known in the League of Legends universe now as K/DA.

    When the song first released eaerly last month it took the internet by storm. In under two months it’s already amassed over 122M views on YouTube and probably several million more across Spotify and other platforms. It’s undeniably catchy and fits the game’s signature electronic soundtrack style perfectly.

    “We’ve been blown away by the reaction to ‘POP/STARS’ and the variety of amazing adaptations that content creators from both the League community and beyond have brought to life,” said Tom Ebsworth, EU Marketing Director for Riot Games in a prepared statement. “As huge Beat Saber fans ourselves, both of the game and Beat Games who share our passion for gaming and music, it was a no-brainer that this crossover needed to exist. We’re excited to give fans of the song a new way to experience it and to hear what they think!”

    Interestingly, fans actually beat the official Beat Games team to the punch. There was already a modded track available for download on Beat Saver, a website for custom song uploads, that you could play inside the game. It’s been downloaded over 8,000 times already. When I asked a PR representative from Riot Games about that existing custom beat map, she said the official version had been in development since before the song even released. The official version releasing today will likely be more polished plus it will include a version for the new Expert+ difficulty setting.

    “We started working with Beat Games while POP/STARS was still in production,” said the Riot Games representative. “When the two teams got together to listen to a preliminary version of POP/STARS, we immediately recognized the affinity between the song and Beat Saber. After the Worlds final performance, we were pleased to see that fans of K/DA and Beat Saber were thinking the same.”

    What do you think of the news? Let us know down in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new song once you try it out!

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  • Oculus Go Gets Emmy Nominated VR Short ‘Dear Angelica’ With John Carmack’s 5K Tech
    Oculus Go Gets Emmy Nominated VR Short ‘Dear Angelica’ With John Carmack’s 5K Tech

    Short VR film ‘Dear Angelica’ is now available on Oculus Go.

    Dear Angelica was created by Oculus Story Studio, a former department of Oculus which produced short non-interactive VR films. The studio was shuttered in May 2017, with Oculus focusing on funding development outside the company.

    The short tells the story of the relationship between a daughter and her late mother, told through the girl narrating a letter she is writing to her. As her mother was a famous actress, often distant from the family, the girl seems to know the characters her mother played as much as the woman herself. The virtual paint strokes unfold around you in real time alongside the narration.

    When we reviewed it on Rift, we were brought to tears:

    Dear Angelica is beautiful and brutal, heart-warming and gut-wrenching. Experiences like Dear Angelica show the power of the medium to be a conduit for emotion and empathy, and perfectly exemplify why VR is the most immersive, transformative, transportive, and powerful storytelling medium to date. This is a must-see experience, and one you should share to display the piquancy of VR storytelling.

    Whereas on Rift the strokes are rendered in realtime, the computing power limitations of Go mean that this is a 360° video capture. But the quality is outstanding because it uses John Carmack’s own 5K 3D 60FPS video player code. This was first used to bring Henry, a previous story studio production, to Go.

    Carmack made custom tweaks to his player code for Dear Angelica. This kind of attention to detail really shows when viewing in the headset.

    One important note is this short was actually made in VR. Facebook’s Quill was originally developed as a tool to create this piece. Much like PIXAR’s RenderMan has been used for many other films, this 3D tool has now been used in many other VR shorts, such as ‘Beyond the Fence’.

    In 2017 Dear Angelica was nominated for an Emmy for ‘Outstanding Original Interactive Program’. Henry, a previous Story Studio production, actually won the Emmy in this category back in 2016.

    The re-release of Story Studio’s shorts on Go reminds us how powerful they can be. The former team and their creations taught us a lot about VR storytelling.

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  • Steam Winter Sale 2018 Discounts Over 1,200 VR Games
    Steam Winter Sale 2018 Discounts Over 1,200 VR Games

    Gather ’round boys and girls because it’s the middle of December which means it’s officially Steam Winter Sale time! This time of year Valve always chops down prices on Steam offering deep discounts of 50%, 75%, and sometimes even over 90% off tens of thousands of PC games. The sale runs until January 3rd, 2019, so you’ve got a few weeks to plan and collect holiday funds still.

    And specifically for our readers, that means big VR game discounts! In fact, it looks like over 1,200 VR games have been discounted on Steam today during the Winter Sale this year. That’s a lot of games. So many in fact, it’s gonna be hard to figure out what’s worth buying. We’ve got you covered!

    Below we’ve rounded up what we think are some of the very best deals during this Steam Winter Sale, but there are hundreds of games we won’t have time to mention.

    Best VR Game Deals For Steam’s Winter Sale 2018 (Alphabetical)

    Arizona Sunshine – $17.99 (55% off, Our Review)

    The Brookhaven Experiment – $3.99 (80% off, Our Review)

    DiRT Rally – $7.99 (80% off, Our Review)

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR – $29.99 (50% off, Our Review)

    Elite: Dangerous – $7.19 (76% off, Our Review)

    Pavlov VR – $5.99 (40% off, Our Coverage)

    Payday 2: Ultimate Edition – $15.14 (81% off, Our Coverage)

    Redout – $6.99 (80% off, Our Review)

    Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE – $5.99 (85% off)

    Thumper – $5.99 (70% off, Our Review)

    We tried to focus on games that have steep discounts but are also high-quality titles that we’ve reviewed and/or recommend in general. Definitely check out the full list of VR games on sale and take your pick! Let us know others you recommend picking up down in the comments below!

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  • ‘Angry Birds VR: Isle Of Pigs’ Arrives On Major Platforms Early 2019

    Rovio Entertainment announces the VR debut of its global franchise. Just when you thought you’ve seen just about every Angry Bird iteration possible, here comes Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs. Developed in collaboration with Resolution Games, Isle of Pigs brings Rovio’s hit mobile game series to VR for the very first-time, sending the series

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  • Mk2 Partners With Secret Location For Worldwide VR Distribution Network

    Betting on location-based VR. As both location-based and cinematic VR continue to expand in a number of directions, with new cutting-edge arcades popping up almost everyday, we’re also seeing some of the more established players in the immersive entertainment space collaborating with one another as they figure out how best to scale and monetize this

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  • Buy a Vive Wireless Adapter and Get Fallout 4 VR + a Viveport Subscription for Free But only if you live in the US or Canada.