• Sling TV, ESPN and Fox Now Arrive on Oculus Go for US Customers Enjoy even more apps on Oculus TV.
  • IMAX VR’s Death Is An Important Cautionary Tale For The Location-Based Scene
    IMAX VR’s Death Is An Important Cautionary Tale For The Location-Based Scene

    In August 2016 IMAX Chief B.D. Officer Rob Lister revealed an exciting forecast for the company’s VR plans. He envisioned a world in which the latest blockbusters would be accompanied by VR ‘companion pieces’, which moviegoers could see alongside the film for a slightly higher price. He name-dropped movies like Avatar 2 and directors such as Christopher Nolan, saying they would give creators VR cameras to shoot this content. Like the traditional IMAX experience, the company wanted to create high-end movies that gave you a reason to visit theaters.

    Nearly two and a half years on, IMAX VR is dead.

    Following a sheepish roll out in 2017, IMAX spent the latter half of 2018 slowly dismantling its handful of global locations. Despite a positive reaction from customers, the company had already expressed disappointment in the numbers of visitors it had managed to attract. By November, it was down to less than half of the centers it had initially opened. The writing had been on the wall for some time.

    But how can other location-based VR businesses even hope to succeed if a giant like IMAX can fail?

    To me, this is a cautionary tale in the importance of creating a focused vision for location-based VR. IMAX may have had grand plans, but a failure to deliver on them as well as some questionable partnerships, mixed messaging and an underwhelming content selection led to the death of its VR dream.

    Of the 17 experiences currently listed on IMAX’s VR webpage, at least 13 can be seen at home. None of them tie into Avatar 2, none of them are directed by Christopher Nolan. The site’s featured image (seen above) teases a multiplayer lightsaber battle akin to Star Wars: The Force Awakens but the corresponding app is really the two-year-old Trials on Tatooine demo, which lasts for 10 minutes and is free to download on Steam. The sole ‘made for IMAX’ experience is a clunky Justice League game that you can also get at home.

    IMAX made it clear that these initial centers were experimental launches as part of a pilot program to test the waters, but it never really backed them up with the content to support them. Over the past two years, location-based ‘competitor’ (if there is such a thing at this stage of the market) The Void created buzz with original bleeding-edge Ghostbusters, Wreck-It Ralph and, yes, Star Wars experiences that generated headlines even before they were even launched. Dave and Buster’s $5 Jurassic World experience has been a hugely successful launch for the company while Dreamscape Immersive is now rolling out an adventure-driven location with its own original content. Elsewhere, Spaces lets you paste your own face onto a virtual Terminator. IMAX, meanwhile, did run eSports-style tournaments, but these relied on the same content it was already offering.

    Much of these company’s successes and hopes are down to/pinned on originality, exclusivity and IP, but hardware is a factor too. The Void’s tech allows up to four people to enter the same space, wave to each other as Stormtroopers, and then physically

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  • Skyfront VR to Hold a Three-week Tournament in Partnership With Viveport There will be lots of cool prizes and giveaways.
  • These 2 New Oculus Go Shooters Prove It Can Handle The Genre Well
    These 2 New Oculus Go Shooters Prove It Can Handle The Genre Well

    Oculus Go is a decent bit of VR kit for $199, but it’s no secret that the headset is a little short on ‘full’ gaming experiences. Whereas Go’s bigger brother, Oculus Rift, is populated with blockbusters like Lone Echo and Superhot VR, Facebook’s first standalone headset is aimed more at casual users, with its limited power and tracking making it a challenge to bring popular genres like first-person shooters to the headset.

    But two recent releases prove it can be done.

    Last week saw the launch of Theta Legion and Slightly Heroes on Oculus Go. The former is a short single-player tribute to classic first-person shooters like Doom and Quake, whereas the latter is an arena-based multiplayer hero shooter akin to something like Overwatch. Both feature smooth locomotion and, you know what? Both play pretty darn well.

    In the case of Theta Legion, you navigate a series of narrow hallways and rooms, taking out drones and aliens that have been gloriously designed to resemble the early 2D imagery of the games that inspired it. It’s just a handful of levels that won’t take you long to see through, but it’s free and using the Go’s motion controller to aim guns and reload feels great. I missed the ability to lean away from incoming fire like I would on PC VR (in fact I would instinctively dodge and feel a little ill for it) but the overall package gets close enough to the full FPS experience to be worth your time.

    Slightly Heroes, though, is arguably the more impressive of the two. Not only does it offer the full multiplayer deathmatch experience in VR, but it holds up incredibly well next to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive versions of the game that also launched last week. It consists of short matches in small levels, but offers a robust progression system and some of the best visuals on the platform. Twisting the Go controller to quickly spin around works well and, even though I couldn’t bring a gun up to my line of sight for true aiming, I became a natural with the Go controller in no time.

    Admittedly both games do struggle with the uneasy navigation afforded by Go’s touchpad (which was a major reason that we didn’t take so well to last month’s big Go release, Covert), but what’s been achieved with both remains incredibly impressive.

    What Go could use now is a bigger game that draws on these learnings, perhaps tying into Oculus’ existing suite of shooter games like Damaged Core or Arktika.1. As it stands, these games paint a positive picture for Go in 2019, especially if Oculus Quest’s arrival encourages more developers to further downscale their projects to fit the platform. If you’re a Go owner in search of more ‘hardcore’ gaming experiences, don’t pass them up.

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  • Community Download: What Do You Want From PS Move 2.0?
    Community Download: What Do You Want From PS Move 2.0?

    Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate.

    Sorry for the hiatus! Until recently the comments on our website were down and not functioning properly, but now that they’re back and working I thought it was time to start up the discussions once again!

    Spurred in part by the recent release of Borderlands 2 VR on PSVR, I want to talk about the PS Move controllers. Borderlands 2 VR allows players to use the PS Move controllers instead of the  DualShock 4, if they want, but it’s a less than ideal experience. Similar to how they worked in Skyrim VR you’ve got to press a button and point your left hand to move around and press the X and O buttons on your right hand to rotate from left to right. It just feels wonky.

    With enough practice you can alright, as shown in my gameplay video here, but it’s less than ideal. The lack of analog sticks feels like a major missing feature. There’s also the question of ergonomics, battery life, and all of the other design considerations.

    We’ve seen enough patents and read enough statements to know that Sony is already working on the PlayStation 5 and probably a new iteration of the PSVR headset as well. So, with that will hopefully come brand new motion controllers. If that’s the case: What do you want out of PS Move 2.0?

    Are the current models enough for you, or do want/need more? What elements from Vive, Knuckles, and Touch would you want carried over to PS Move?

    Let us know what you think of PS Move and what you want from PS Move 2.0 down in the comments below!

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  • Preview: ZOLO – Zombies Only Live Once – And for Good Reason The reason is you’ll probably only play it the once.
  • Borderlands 2 VR: 5 Tips To Help You Survive The Wasteland Of Pandora
    Borderlands 2 VR: 5 Tips To Help You Survive The Wasteland Of Pandora

    Borderlands 2 VR was the last big new VR game of the year. It just released about a week ago for PSVR and even though it lacks any of the DLC and co-op support, in addition to the PS Aim controller inexplicably not being supported, it’s still a solid and fun adventure. Borderlands 2 was already a great game and despite the issues, VR really does add to the experience. Claptrap is still as hilarious as ever.

    Since a lot of people will be introduced to the PSVR through this game or will be playing this game for the first time, we wanted to round up some key tips to help you get started.

    Experiment With Movement and Comfort Settings

    Borderlands 2 VR on PSVR has four basic control schemes. The most familiar for most people, especially if you played the game outside of VR previously, will be the standard DualShock 4 method. This is essentially the same as playing outside of VR, however you have added head-tracking to assist with aiming and increase immersion. But if you have a PSVR headset then chances are you want something a bit more engaging than that, which is where the PS Move comes into play.

    Unfortunately the PS Move controllers do not have analog sticks so no matter what you choose it’s gonna be a bit wonky. You can either have teleport only movement, full smooth movement with teleporting optional, or full smooth movement with jumping. Then on top of those options you can tweak everything from the movement and rotation speed to whether or not the field of view dims around your vision at all. If you don’t suffer from motion sickness we recommend turning all of those safeguards off like you see in the gameplay video above.

    The end result is something similar to Skyrim VR on PSVR, but hopefully they add PS Aim support sometime soon.

    Don’t Get Too Attached To Guns

    Borderlands 2 VR is a looter shooter. That means that the whole game is designed around you looting brand new guns constantly every few minutes. All of the weapons are randomly generated in terms of their visual aesthetic, damage, accuracy, elemental type, rate of fire, and more so it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever find two guns that are just alike. It’s a bit like Diablo, but in shooter form.

    So even if you’ve been using that same rocket launcher for a while now you should be prepared to give it up and try something new sooner rather than later. The one exception to this rule is if you’ve sunk dozens of hours into the game and grinding for specific legendary weapons that are the de facto best guns — those you might want to hang onto.


    Use Your Abilities Often

    Borderlands 2 VR is unlike a lot of other shooters in that, even though there are lots of guns to shoot, you shouldn’t actually spend all of your time just pulling the trigger. All four of the characters play wildly differently with their specific classes and varied skill

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  • Familiarity With AR/VR Isn’t Translating Into Practical Usage These are the findings of a new survey by Artec 3D.
  • Undead Citadel Is A Gorgeous-Looking Medieval Zombie Slayer
    Undead Citadel Is A Gorgeous-Looking Medieval Zombie Slayer

    If you’re fed up of the Christmas spirit and want to get back to the bloodthirsty videogame murderizing we enjoy for the rest of the year, then you might want to check out this new trailer for Undead Citadel.

    The game’s being developed by Dark Curry (great name) and appears to be a medieval-era zombie slayer. We really don’t know that much about it but the impressive visuals seen in this teaser clip caught our eye. It sounds like someone called Carnax has perhaps transported you back in time to face off with hordes of the undead. The developer says the game will focus on “physics driven close/ranged” combat.

    We’ll no doubt learn more about Undead Citadel in the coming year, though you can already sign up to a newsletter via the game’s official website. We also got the featured image from the developer’s own website which reveals that this team also worked on goal-saving VR game, Final Soccer. That’s quite a switch in tone.

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  • Valve Begins Shipping its new Knuckles DV Controllers to Devs The previous EV3 prototype has seen several improvements.
  • AR Unicorn Blippar Dives Into Administration The startup haemorrhaged to much money to stay afloat.
  • ESPN, Sling TV, FOX NOW Come To Oculus Go’s Virtual TV App
    ESPN, Sling TV, FOX NOW Come To Oculus Go’s Virtual TV App

    A new update to Oculus TV adds ESPN, Sling TV, and FOX NOW. Oculus TV is an app on the Oculus Go standalone VR headset which provides a virtual TV. All 3 new services are USA-only.

    Additionally, from now until January 31st purchasing an Oculus Go in the US will also give you $80 of Sling TV credit, which can be used towards any of their subscription packages.

    ESPN includes on demand content and studio panels. With an ESPN+ subscription, you can watch live MLB, NHL, MLS, international soccer, college sports, boxing, tennis, rugby and more. Sports is arguably the most important content for any TV platform- ESPN is a major addition to Oculus TV.

    Sling TV is a streaming based TV serivce available on many platforms. Channels available in its various packages include Disney Channel, CNN, USA, Cartoon Network and Discovery. Sling also offers a cloud DVR service.

    FOX NOW allows viewing shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Hell’s Kitchen, and Empire. By logging in with your TV provider, you can watch FOX Sports.

    When Oculus TV was first announced at Facebook’s F8 conference back in May, the company claimed that it would get a social viewing feature so you could watch these shows with your friends. That hasn’t materialised yet, and no statement on the timeline for that has been given. In fact, the wording has even been removed from the original announcement post. The lack of social means Oculus TV doesn’t take advantage of one of VR’s main strengths. But regardless, the ability to use the Go as a portable big screen TV is compelling in itself.

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  • Oculus Rift & Oculus Go Are $349 And $179 Again, This Time For Christmas
    Oculus Rift & Oculus Go Are $349 And $179 Again, This Time For Christmas

    Facebook is repeating their Black Friday sale on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Go for Christmas. The Oculus Go is on sale for $179 and Oculus Rift is $349.

    Facebook is calling the offer the “Last-minute Sale”. It lasts until the 23rd of December, except for in the UK where it lasts until 30th. We’re not sure what the reason for the difference is.

    Just like on Black Friday, the deal can be stacked with the 10% off friend referral discount. If you know someone who already has an Oculus headset, you can use these deals to get a Rift for just $314.10, or a Go for just $161.10. usually ships orders within two business days, so if you’re wanting to get a headset for Christmas we’d recommend ordering as soon as possible.

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  • New Firewall Zero Hour Map Coming Dec. 18 For Free
    New Firewall Zero Hour Map Coming Dec. 18 For Free

    Tomorrow, on December 18th, 2018, First Contact Entertainment are releasing a new map for all Firewall Zero Hour players free of charge. The new location is called Containment and takes place in a medical research facility that looks like the type of place where a zombie outbreak might start — but don’t worry, no zombies in this game yet.

    Just like all other maps, Containment will feature the same single game mode in which two teams of four must fight over possession of an encrypted laptop. The attacking team is tasked with hacking firewall access points to discover the laptop’s location and hack into it, while the defending team must stop the attackers or hold out until the timer runs out.

    Recently, Firewall Zero Hour was also updated with a new Contractor character, Nash, as well as a slew of new weapons, skins, trinkets, customization options, and more. If the studio can keep up this release cadence of offering new content (especially maps and hopefully more game modes) then Firewall Zero Hour could enjoy a long and happy life cycle for PSVR players.

    Let us know what you think of the new map from the trailer above down in the comments below!

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  • Livestream Schedule For Week Of 12/17/18: Borderlands, Firewall, and More!
    Livestream Schedule For Week Of 12/17/18: Borderlands, Firewall, and More!

    Did you know we stream games over on Twitch? We’re getting into a rhythm that will allow us to stream VR games each and every weekday (except in the case of holidays or traveling for events of course) and we’re having a lot of fun doing it. We’ve moved all of our VR game streams to Twitch and want you to help us build a community.

    Every Monday we will post a new Livestream Schedule for the week. You can click here to see all past livestream archives and scheduled streams. This way everyone can anticipate what’s coming for the week and know when to tune in. If you have suggestions for games you want to see us stream next, leave those ideas down in the comments below!

    We’ll embed archived versions of each stream after they’re done and if we’re live right now when you’re reading this then you can watch right here.


    Tuesday, December 18th @1:00PM PT
    Firewall Zero Hour (PSVR w/ PS Aim)

    Firewall Zero Hour is getting a new map this day! It only makes sense to return to the excellent PSVR-exclusive tactical team-based shooter to put it through its paces once again.


    Wednesday, December 19th @1:00PM PT
    Borderlands 2 VR (PSVR w/ PS Moves)

    We streamed it a day before its release last week after publishing our review and had so much fun we thought we’d do it again. What do you want to see us do next in Pandora while playing Borderlands 2 VR?


    Thursday, December 20th @10:00AM PT
    WipEout VR (PSVR Multiplayer w/ Jamie Feltham)

    WipEout Omega Collection VR isn’t just one of the best PSVR games of the year, it’s one of the best VR racing games or even VR games ever made, period. I’ll be hitting the tracks with my partner, Jamie Feltham, to see just how fast we can go.


    Friday, December 21st @1:00PM PT
    Beat Saber Holiday Special: Only Christmas Songs (PC VR)

    Finally, to close out the week before taking a long Holiday break into next week, we’ll do some Beat Saber on PC with a twist: we’re only going to play custom holiday songs! Maybe with a few other favorites mixed in as well.

    If you have suggestions for games you want to see us stream next, leave those ideas down in the comments below!

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