• Steam Autumn Sale Includes Steep VR Discounts Until Nov. 27
    Steam Autumn Sale Includes Steep VR Discounts Until Nov. 27

    The Steam Autumn sale is now live with a number of notable discounts on top VR games until Nov. 27 at 10 am Pacific.

    Here’s a list of some of the notable discounts live on Steam right now:

    Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes $5 (-67%)
    Dirt Rally $8 (-80%)
    Battlezone Gold Edition $9 (-75%)
    Titanic VR $10 (-50%)
    Tilt Brush $10 (-50%)
    Elite Dangerous $12 (-60%)
    Doom VFR $15 (-50%)
    Gorn $15 (-25%)
    I Expect You To Die $15 (-40%)
    Superhot VR $18 (-30%)
    Arizona Sunshine $20 (-50%)
    Moss $20 (-35%)
    Project Cars 2 $20 (-67%)
    Budget Cuts $21 (-30%)
    Creed: Rise To Glory $24 (-20%)
    Skyrim VR $30 (-50%)

    We’ll also point out the new VR Essentials bundle pulling together some of the best VR games. Even if you already have some of the games in the bundle you can still benefit from the discount for the remaining titles. The bundle includes Arizona Sunshine, Thumper, Budget Cuts, Space Pirate Trainer, Job Simulator, Sairento, Gorn and Superhot.

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  • New Marvel Powers United VR Patch Expands Gameplay Further A new objective phase 'Planetary Assault' has been added.
  • Disney’s PoseVR Tool Lets Animators Create In VR

    Disney’s summer internship program results in a new VR tool aimed at 3D animation. It’s no secret that Disney is constantly looking for new ways to boost the efficiency of their creators. More importantly, the massive American conglomerate actively fosters creativity within its workplace, regularly experimenting with new technology on potentially groundbreaking projects. Most recently,

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  • Review: Scraper: First Strike An exciting first entry into a new episodic series.
  • Enjoy a Pirates Life as Narrows Sails onto Oculus Go & Gear VR Resolutions Games will also be holding Black Friday deals for Lenovo Mirage Solo and Daydream View.
  • Practice Your Carving Skills On This AR Turkey

    The Washington Post is here to make carving your Thanksgiving turkey easy this holiday season. There’s no feast quite like a Thanksgiving dinner. Whether it be the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, or a variety of other delicious foods, many of us will no doubt find ourselves trapped in a paralyzing food coma

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  • SUPERHOT Team Puts Together a ‘VR Essentials’ Bundle on Steam Some of the best VR titles are included at discount.
  • Oculus Go $179 and Oculus Rift $349 in Black Friday Deals For this weekend only.
  • Oculus Go Is $179 For Black Friday, Rift Down To $349
    Oculus Go Is $179 For Black Friday, Rift Down To $349

    Facebook’s Oculus is discounting the standalone Oculus Go headset around 10 percent at participating retailers for Black Friday through Nov. 26.

    The deal should see Oculus Go priced starting at $179, discounted from its typical $199, starting on Nov. 22 at 11:59 PM local time. We’ll note that many buyers opt for the larger capacity 64GB Oculus Go, which typically costs around $249. If you’re just checking out VR for the first time or looking to upgrade from Gear VR, the 32 GB included in the base Oculus Go is generally enough for several large-size VR apps or movies.

    The deal should be available in the United States, Britain and elsewhere at, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Argos, Digitech, CoolBlue, Newegg and others. Elsewhere, the Oculus Rift will be going to its usual sale price of $349 too.

    Oculus software teams recently added casting to the standalone headset so that nearby phones can mirror what the viewer sees in VR. Casting is a critical feature for sharing Go with others and does a lot to make it fun to share with friends and family. We praised Oculus Go for its impressive visual clarity and excellent fit, there are some great games for the platform and there’s even a useful official case you can get to help travel with the device.

    If you’re thinking about picking up Oculus Go, be sure to check out our buyer’s guide.

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  • Gungrave VR Set To Shoot Up PSVR Next Month
    Gungrave VR Set To Shoot Up PSVR Next Month

    Beat Saber may be out, but there are at least two more PSVR release to keep an eye on this year. One is Borderlands 2 VR, the other is something a little different.

    Iggymob’s Gungrave VR, a PSVR-exclusive port of a cult classic shooter, will be hitting the platform on December 11th 2018, which is just a few days ahead of Borderlands. The game will arrive with two editions: a standard version costs $29.99 but the deluxe ‘Loaded Coffin’ edition also includes a second standalone game, Gungrave U.N., for $39.99. Also playable in VR, Gungrave U.N. expands on the story of the original game with three new levels.

    In the standard game, you control a stylish assassin named Beyond The Grabe (really) that blasts his way through levels. Gameplay is comprised both of the free-moving third-person sequences seen in the original game and new first-person sequences in which you’ll either be moving on-rails or standing still and fending off hordes of enemies. Gungrave U.N. will also introduce new side-scrolling missions. You’ll be able to pick it up separately for $14.99.

    Gungrave VR came out in Japan late last year though we’re still not exactly sure how the game’s going to turn out. There isn’t much left on the PSVR front for the year, though, so it may be worth keeping an eye on this.

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  • Space Pirate Trainer Blasts Its Way Onto PSVR Next Week
    Space Pirate Trainer Blasts Its Way Onto PSVR Next Week

    Space Pirate Trainer was, for many VR early adopters, one of the very first games to ever grace the lenses of their HTC Vive headsets. The game debuted on Steam in  Early Access right alongside the Vive itself and was a picture-perfect example of how to do a wave shooter in VR that was both fun and challenging.

    Last year it finally released out of Early Access and now, on November 27th (next week!) PSVR users will get their chance to take a shot at the swarming hordes of robot enemies. That’s the same date that bow and arrow roguelike shooter, In Death, also releases on PSVR.

    We’ve been working super hard on delivering a kick-ass #PSVR version of SPACE PIRATE TRAINER and guess what… It’s coming next week! Get off your sofa on November 27th 2018 to dance yourself into the SPT hall of fame.

    — Dirk Van Welden (@quarkcannon) November 20, 2018

    We found out about the news by way of a tweet from Project Lead at developer I-Illusions, Dirk Van Welden. According to Van Welden in follow-up tweets, the only differences between the existing PC VR version and the upcoming PSVR version is a “a custom chaperone system which keeps you in the tracking area in a stylized and natural way” due to Sony’s 180-degree front-facing tracking limitations. Anyone that’s played Space Pirate Trainer will tell you though that the majority of the game plays like that naturally anyway.

    This is good news for PSVR owners as more and more of the best PC VR titles continue to make their way to the flagship console gaming VR device.

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  • London Communities Re-design a Local Park Using VR Hobs 3D studio and Peabody lead the Claridge Way Community Co-Design Initiative.
  • Marvel: Powers United VR Continues To Add Much-Needed Variety
    Marvel: Powers United VR Continues To Add Much-Needed Variety

    One of our biggest complaints about Oculus Studios’ Marvel: Powers United VR is that it didn’t have much in the way of variety. Outside of a few unique heroes, you’d seen pretty much everything the game had to offer within the first few matches. But developer Sanzaru Games is slowly but surely changing that.

    This week sees the launch of the game’s third major patch, which adds another new objective phase into the arena-based battler. The phase, named Planetary Assault, has you fighting through enemies to activate cannons that will take out enemy frigates. It’s a random phase that can trigger on any map, and is complemented by tweaks to boss battles, character tuning, UI fixes and more.

    But Sanzaru isn’t stopping there. In the next patch the developer will introduce yet another new phase, Nuke Defense, in which you’ll have to scan the map for nuclear bombs and deactivate them as a team. If they go off, the team fails the mission. On top of that, Patch 4 will introduce the Data Runner enemy type, which will hide in spots on the map and transmit data to the Masters of Evil. Taking them out rewards you with a temporary buff and extra points.

    It’s great to see Sanzaru addressing Powers United’s core issues like this, though we still have two big questions on our minds: when are new heroes coming (including Iron Man) and is the game going to launch on Oculus Quest? Hopefully we’ll have these answers soon.

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  • VR Furballs Coming to Oculus Quest & PlayStation VR in 2019 The casual VR title has recently left Early Access.
  • Firewall’s Second DLC Adds New Class, Weapons And More
    Firewall’s Second DLC Adds New Class, Weapons And More

    It may have been a busy time for new PSVR releases of late but you shouldn’t forget about one of our favorite games of the year, Firewall Zero Hour. In fact, there’s a bunch of new content for the online shooter this week.

    Developer First Contact just launched its second batch of DLC for the game, which is headlined by a new contractor named Nash. She brings a new skill to the game, Binary, which lets you bring an additional C4 pack on a mission. You can pick her up for $3.99 and then there’s a bunch of cosmetic releases like weapons and character skins going for $0.99 a piece of in bundles of $2.99 each. PS Plus members can also get a free ‘Lil Skp’ trinket.

    DLC #2 is live! Introducing a new Contractor, Nash, w/ Binary skill (skill allows Double C4 and is achievable by all players) + new weapons, skins, camo, & a free Lil’ Skip Trinket for PS Plus users!

    — First Contact Entertainment (@firstcontactent) November 20, 2018

    Finally, First Contact has added some new weapons to unlock, including the XM-R 90, G6 Commando, and Spitfire.

    We think Firewall is one of the best games on PSVR right now, so it’s great to see it getting more content. That said, we’re still holding out to see some core improvements to the game like increasing the amount of time players spend in matches and more.

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