• VR Series Spheres Takes Oculus Rift Viewers on a Cosmic Journey The complete series is now available through Oculus Store.
  • You Should Definitely Buy A PSVR This Black Friday
    You Should Definitely Buy A PSVR This Black Friday

    You might have noticed that we’re quite fond of VR here at Upload. In fact, we’re absolutely enthralled about it; we love to play in it, talk about it and write about it. But, when it comes to actually recommending you buy a VR headset? That’s another matter, because we know the realities of spending $500+ on a VR setup that requires plenty of space within your home. If you’re not at the highest tier of enthusiast, it probably still isn’t worth that much to you.

    But that changes this Black Friday season.

    As we reported last week, Sony’s PSVR headset is going to come down to $199.99 at select retailers for the shopping event, in bundles that include some of the headsets best games. This new price, combined with the headset’s accessibility and impressive back catalog of games, means that this is one of the first times we can wholeheartedly tell you that you should buy a VR headset.

    PSVR has had a great year, arguably the best of any major VR device. It hit the ground running with an ace port of Wipeout Omega Collection and Sony has since propped it up with excellent titles like the spooky The Persistence, the enthralling Moss and sleeper hits like Bow to Blood. More recently, though, the platform’s enjoyed some genuinely brilliant games that deliver on the VR dreams we’ve all had, be it Firewall: Zero Hour‘s incredibly intense online firefights or the Mario-style delights of Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Even the most dedicated of gamers will want to check out essential oddities like Deracine and that new Tetris game is somehow absolutely marvelous, too.

    Then there’s a suite of older games that remain some of the most impressive in all of VR-dom. Resident Evil 7 is probably still the most polished, high-end VR game on the market and it’s still hard to believe that Bethesda really managed to squeeze all of Skyrim into the headset. The indie support has been great too; Superhot VR, Sprint Vector, Downward Spiral, Torn and The Invisible Hours all hold up on PSVR.

    And there’s more to come. Sony continues to support the platform with games like Blood and Truth and even has a new VR-dedicated developer up and running in the north of the UK. Plus, some of PC VR’s best titles like Beat Saber and The Mage’s Tale are all set to make their way to the platform in the near future.

    All that’s the say that PSVR has a line-up more than worthy of that price tag, and we wouldn’t worry about the headset being replaced by a superior version at the very least until the PS5 is out (and maybe not even then). In fact, even the all-in price of the headset and a normal PS4, which also costs $199.99 with a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man for Black Friday, is low enough to still get our thumbs up. PSVR may technically be the least impressive of the major PC and console-based headsets on the market right now, but

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  • Tin Hearts Is A Charming VR Puzzler That Finds Genuine Use For VR
    Tin Hearts Is A Charming VR Puzzler That Finds Genuine Use For VR

    When I heard that Tin Hearts, the debut VR game from UK-based Rogue Sun, was essentially Lemmings in VR, I’ll admit my heart sank a little. It’s an idea that’s been done before but found little use inside headsets and I’d hoped a team comprised of ex-Lionhead developers would be capable of more.

    Turns out they are.

    Tin Hearts’ delightful opening act isn’t just a rock-solid puzzler; it finds genuine use for its platform, too. This is a masterclass in VR world-building, making your environment and its history intrinsic to the experience. You’re not simply guiding a group of cutesy toy soldiers to across nameless desktops and the chasms between them but instead retracing the steps of a famed toymaker. Each level takes you to a new room in his workshop of wholesomely-crafted gifts, given a somewhat eerie tinge by the persistent absence of their inventor. There’s an authenticity to the environments that makes them a joy to simply exist in, be it the cluttered desks housing toys that work in unknown ways, or the tools that prove just how dedicated this inventor is. Fable’s feather-light fantasy fingerprints can definitely be felt here.

    But, more importantly, you’ll occasionally see visions of the past. The toymaker and his daughter can sometimes be seen busying themselves with new inventions or just generally playing together, whilst you’ll also find letters that start to hint at where later acts (currently still under development) are going to go. You’re essentially a time-traveling fly on the wall, giving the moments in which you observe the toymaker at work a sense of investigative curiosity and also an intimate privilege. Within the first act alone I began to admire his tenacity and the creations that sparked directly from within it. I found myself becoming truly engrossed in this story and eager to push onto the next level purely in the hopes of finding out what happens next.

    It certainly helps that the puzzles are entertaining in their own right. I thought I had Tin Hearts figured out within the first few levels; angled blocks could only be placed in certain ways and levels could be finished off with just a few moves. I got the sense that this was going to be a game that held your hand a little too tightly.

    But it doesn’t take long for the game to open up and bestow an impressive amount of agency upon the player. Tin Hearts starts to make full use of the environment around you. Yes, there are books, pots and other obstacles that will keep your little minions on the generally correct path, but once you get the chance to place blocks wherever you see fit the game hands it all over to you. It becomes a game of spinning plates; spend too much time focusing on the soldiers up the front and you’ll more than likely hear the sound of one at the back falling to their doom before long.

    Helpfully, there’s a quick and easy way to reverse time or speed

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  • Survios Updating CREED: Rise to Glory With Two New Fighters The update will be free across all platforms.
  • Megalith Beta Now Live, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed The official release date for Megalith is set for 8th January 2019.
  • inXile Is Still Working On It’s Big VR RPG and Mage’s Tale PSVR
    inXile Is Still Working On It’s Big VR RPG and Mage’s Tale PSVR

    Yesterday, we reported that The Mage’s Tale developer inXile Entertainment was set to be acquired by Microsoft, becoming a member of its Microsoft Studios family. Given that the Xbox-maker currently doesn’t have its own VR headset for consoles (and only partners with others on its PC devices), this threw into question the status of inXile’s upcoming VR projects. Well, worry no more.

    Speaking to UploadVR, inXile CEO and founder Brian Fargo confirmed that both the company’s unrevealed open-world VR role-playing game (RPG) and the long-awaited PSVR port of The Mage’s Tale are still on the way. “We still have our big VR game coming that I’ve been hinting about so no worries there,” Fargo said. “And Mage’s Tale PSVR is wrapped up and we are working with Sony on a release date.”

    Well that’s good news all round, then. Perhaps we could even see news on The Mage’s Tale PSVR before the year is out.

    The Mage’s Tale was one of our favorite VR games of last year and we can’t wait to see how it shapes up on PSVR. As for that other game? We know it’s an open world survival RPG, but that’s all that’s been officially announced thus far. A recent financial report from inXile investor gumi does suggest that the game’s going to be a spin-off of the developer’s Wasteland franchise, though.

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  • YouTube VR Brings its Wealth of Content to Oculus Go Enjoy loads of content from the world's biggest video platform.
  • PSVR’s Overwatch Contender, Megalith, Gets A Free Beta Today
    PSVR’s Overwatch Contender, Megalith, Gets A Free Beta Today

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Disruptive Games’ promising PSVR-exclusive shooter, Megalith. Turns out you’ll actually be able to play it from today.

    The hero shooter, which looks a heck of a lot like a VR version of Blizzard’s Overwatch, is getting a free open beta today. Said beta is set to last “for the next couple of months” and will feature a weekly rotation of heroes (or Titans) for you to choose from. The game works much like a MOBA, tasking both teams with protecting their bases and destroying the enemy’s equivalent. We last got a look at it during E3 2018 and we thought it held a lot of promise. It looks like the beta will be US-only for now (the blog post announcing it only appears on the US PlayStation site).

    You’ll be able to choose from two of the five heroes every week, whilst other players will have a different selection to ensure matches are varied. Characters include the icy Tundra, a Hunter class that gives us Bloodborne vibes, a divine warrior named Aurora, a monster named Taur and an ancient sentinel named Cipher. Each comes with its own abilities that must be used in tandem with the rest of your team to pave the way to victory.

    However, if you pre-order the game during the beta you’ll be given immediate access to each hero at your choosing (so you’re essentially buying the game straight up). You’ll also be given an avatar pack for your PlayStation profile, exclusive skins for these five heroes upon full launch, and a DLC hero when the game launches. The full game launches on January 6th.

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  • Sketchfab Passes 1 Billion Views Of Its 3D Models
    Sketchfab Passes 1 Billion Views Of Its 3D Models

    3D model hosting website Sketchfab announced today that it’s passed one billion page views.

    Sketchfab consists of an online library of user-created 3D content, including a large portion of models and works made inside creative VR applications such as Tilt Brush and Oculus Quill. Users are also able to view uploaded models inside VR itself.

    In a press release announcing the milestone the company clarified that ‘about 80%’ of those page viewers were on models themselves, whilst the site’s community has grown to over two million members (doubling in size in just over a year) and there have been over 200 million visitors overall. There are more than three million uploads on the platform. The company says this gives it ‘the widest reach when it comes to interactive 3D content on the web’, suggesting it beats out competitors like Google’s Poly platform, which we don’t have such statistics for.

    “The past few years have seen amazing shifts in our ecosystem,” Sketchfab CEO Alban Denoyel said in a prepared statement. “On the creation side, anyone can now create 3D content with simple creation tools and 3D capture technologies. On the consumption side, users can now consume 3D content in 3D space, thanks to virtual and augmented reality. We have greatly benefited from those trends, leading us to these important milestones.”

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  • BBC Comedy People Just Do Nothing Goes 360 Enjoy the lyrical talents of Kurupt FM.
  • Nevrosa: Escape Dev GexagonVR Holding Multi Title Sale The funds will be used towards the next Nevrosa videogame.
  • YouTube VR Is Finally Available on Oculus Go
    YouTube VR Is Finally Available on Oculus Go

    Google’s YouTube has now made their app available on Facebook’s Oculus Go standalone headset. The app was previously available on Samsung Gear VR, which uses the same store as Oculus Go, but Go was blacklisted until today.

    YouTube VR launched on Gear VR back in July, but no word was given on Go support. At Oculus Connect 5 in late September, Oculus Product Manager Sean Liu finally announced that YouTube VR was coming to Go.

    The app allows users to view all of YouTube’s standard 2D content, but the main focus is on immersive 360° videos (a big focus for YouTube in recent years). Because it’s difficult to type in VR, the app provides a voice search function using Google’s best-in-class speech recognition technology, the same used in Google Home smart speakers. Users can view their own subscriptions, history, and playlists including their YouTube Music playlists.

    The reason for the delay between the Gear VR and Go release is likely down to Go’s lack of Google Play Services- Google’s background software installed on all Android phones which have the Google Play store. It provides features and services to many Android apps, including YouTube. Go does not have it because Go uses Facebook’s own fork of Android, and does not have Google Play. Porting to Go will have required Google to remove any dependence on Play Services, or perhaps just have baked it directly into the app.

    Google’s support for the Oculus platform despite having its own directly competing Daydream platform should be commended, but it may be part of a strategy to try and keep YouTube as the dominant video sharing platform in 360° content just as it currently is for 2D content. In the smartphone world, Google makes all of its apps available on iPhones despite owning Android, because Google’s revenue model is primarily based around advertising & services, not hardware.

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  • Windlands 2 Will Soar Onto Steam This Friday The HTC Vive version had originally been dated for 2019.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation Launches VR Experience To Teach Surveillance Awareness

    Learn to spot various forms of public surveillance technology in this 10-minute interactive VR experience. San Francisco’s Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) released their new educational VR experience, Spot the Surveillance, on November 5th aimed at helping citizens increase their awareness of police and government surveillance equipment on the street. “We are living in an age of

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  • Oculus Details Improvements for November’s Platform Update Dash UI enhancements and a pirate theme have been included.