• Starbear: Taxi is Flying Towards A PlayStation VR Release Cute and cuddly arcade VR experience is coming to the PlayStation VR.
  • Every Choice You Make Is Life Or Death In This Daydream Impact VR Experience

    How would you react when faced with the starkest of choices? Most of us have been lucky enough to have never experienced urban conflict first-hand. VR, however, can give us a sense of what the chaos looks – and feels – like, allowing us to better empathize with the millions of people who live this

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  • AR Costumes – Disney Introduces Auto Augmenting Outfits

    Disney Research Hub debuts a practical new method for overlaying watertight digital costumes onto standard RGB images. In a short video posted to the official Disney Research Hub YouTube channel earlier yesterday morning, Disney Research introduced AR Costumes, a new method of AR capture that automatically overlays a “watertight” digital costume onto a subject’s body

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  • Enjoy Some PS Plus Double Discounts on PlayStation VR Titles PS Plus members can receive up to 60% off.
  • 5 Scary VR Videos To Spook Yourself Silly With This Halloween
    5 Scary VR Videos To Spook Yourself Silly With This Halloween

    If, like me, you’re one of the more cowardly VR enthusiasts out there, then you probably don’t want to jump straight into one of the many, many terrifying games available on VR headsets this Halloween. If you are feeling on the brave side this year, however, you could test the waters with a VR video instead.

    Below are five VR videos that the best of us will be able to tackle on this spooky day. So jump under some blankets, get yourself a spinning chair and pull your headset on at your own peril; I salute anyone that has the stomach to click play.

    The Conjuring 2

    What’s scarier than a nun, right? Well, actually, quite a lot of things, but this 360 video still makes a pretty good case for stepping away from the light this Halloween. Not really sure about the jukebox at the end, though.

    The Nun

    Oh my god the nun is back. It’s the same nun! I think? I don’t know, I never watched The Conjuring. Anyway, in this one you need to run. Yes, that’s right, you must run from the nun.

    It: Float

    Want to revisit last year’s excellent reboot of Stephen King’s It franchise? Wait, you do? What the heck is wrong with you? Well, save yourself an hour or two and experience the scares in this 360 video that really makes you float.

    A Haunted 360 Roller Coaster

    If its scares AND simulation sickness you’re after then, by all means, jump aboard this terrifying ride in which you’ll plunge into the depths of the ocean to face off with vicious sea monsters. Okay it’s not exactly Hereditary but do you want to be eaten by an enormous beast? Thought not.

    The Exorcist

    Okay back to the movies. This one’s based on The Exorcist. You know what that means; scary little girls smiling about how much they love Satan, or something. I just watched this one with my eyes closed.

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  • Legends of Catalonia Is An Intriguing New Take On Virtual Tourism For PSVR
    Legends of Catalonia Is An Intriguing New Take On Virtual Tourism For PSVR

    So far we’ve seen virtual tourism take its place in VR largely as a series of idyllic 360 videos, but Legends of Catalonia has some other ideas about how to win the hearts and minds of holidaymakers.

    Set to launch on PSVR this Friday, Legends of Catalonia is produced by Virtual Voyagers in partnership with the Catalan Tourism Agency, which encompasses the northeastern region of Spain including cities like Barcelona. Rather than simply getting the viewer to explore pretty places, though, the experience retells famous stories from the region within VR. The aim is to give viewers a sense of the region’s history and culture as a teaser of what to expect in a visit. Check out the trailer below.

    One such story is the legend of Saint George who, as you may now, found himself in a deadly brawl with a dragon that earned him his own holiday, Saint Georges Day, which is widely celebrated in Catalonia. Virtual Voyagers brings that story to life in VR. Elsewhere there are interactive minigames and the chance to see Barcelona’s prized Sagrada Familia within VR. The experience even brings Catalan’s famed Michelin star chefs, the Roca brothers, into VR for the first time.

    Virtual Voyagers used photogrammetry to capture six different locations across the region and also recorded actor’s performances with motion and facial capture. The impressive Making Of video below showcases the sheer amount of work that went into it.

    “The project has been absolutely challenging because of several factors,” Virtual Voyagers CTO Jose Infantes explained to UploadVR. “The first was the short time available to develop an experience like that, especially for a platform like PSVR, that requires extensive optimization and a very a strict QA & publishing process.”

    Virtual Voyagers began working on the experience in mid-May, so it had to be flexible in order to pull off what it wanted to achieve in time. Infantes explains that the team traveled all over Catalonia on a tight schedule, whilst also working had to refine and optimize performance capture for PSVR ahead of release. “I can say this is mostly like a rock group picking up the bandwagon for the tour,” he said of the team’s work. “We were about to rent a tour bus for it! I think this can only be done with a very special team.”

    Legends of Catalonia is launching on November 2nd on PSVR for free.

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  • Ghostbusters World Launches Big Boss Breakout Event for Halloween Expect the biggest and baddest Ghostbusters bosses to be appearing.
  • Puzzle Platformer Squishies Available to Pre-order for PlayStation VR There's less than a month to go until launch.
  • Facebook Files For Massive New Reality Lab Buildings – Report
    Facebook Files For Massive New Reality Lab Buildings – Report

    It sounds like Facebook is planning to ramp up its R&D in VR and AR even more.

    The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that the company has filed a plans for a 650,000 square foot site holding two new office buildings in Redmond, Washington. According to the report, these will house the Facebook Reality Labs team, which is the new name for the Oculus Research division headed up by Michael Abrash. The project has been given the elusive labeling of ‘Building X’ and could get underway in May. The report claims Facebook is looking at opening in late 2021.

    If true, it looks like Facebook isn’t backing down in its R&D work for both VR and AR. Reality Labs has been hiring staff for years now and in 2018 showcased its work on a new Oculus Rift-style PC VR prototype named Half Dome. The experimental headset pushes beyond the limitations of its predecessors with a 140-degree field of view (FOV), varifocal displays and eye tracking.

    Facebook Reality Labs currently has 67 jobs listed in Redmond, many of which concern both VR and AR. In his talk at Oculus Connect 5 last month, Abrash detailed the latest progress the company had made in several areas including new display innovations, reproducing humans virtually and creating even more realistic audio for VR.

    Much of this work won’t be seen in a consumer product for years to come but, as these new plans suggest, Facebook looks to be in it for the long-term.

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  • Oculus Quest May Get Quill’s Art, But Not Its Creation Mode
    Oculus Quest May Get Quill’s Art, But Not Its Creation Mode

    The virtual art you make via Oculus’ Quill app should someday be viewable inside the company’s new Quest headset.

    Quest was introduced last month as a standalone VR headset with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) inside-out tracking comparable to what’s seen on Oculus Rift. As such, Oculus is bringing Rift games like The Climb and Superhot to the platform when it launches next year, but we haven’t yet heard about any VR creation apps, which are some of the most impressive and versatile experiences on the platform. We had hoped that Oculus would be able to get all of Quill and its sister sculpting app, Medium, onto Quest, but that might not be the case.

    As Road to VR reports, Facebook Android VR Engineer Pierre-Antoine LaFayette yesterday confirmed that Oculus is working to bring Quill artwork to Quest during a talk at the XRDC event. That said, it doesn’t sound like the full experience will be ported over.

    In his talk LaFayette gave a detailed explanation of how the Quill team was able to optimize existing artwork and get it running on Quest, though it didn’t sound easy. File sizes needed to be reduced before being sent to a custom renderer built on top of Android. Compromises on visual fidelity, which more traditional VR games are embracing to fit onto Quest, aren’t as easy to make when you’re aiming to keep an artist’s vision intact, though.

    LayFayette later told Road that it wasn’t yet decided how Quill artwork might end up on Quest, be it through a dedicated viewer app or another service. He did say, however, that its framing as a professional tool might keep the creation mode from ever arriving on the headset. Somehow we think the limited power of the all-in-one device might stop that from happening too.

    That’s a real shame, given that apps like Quill and Tilt Brush are amazing tools that showcase the power of VR. Perhaps we could see a new, dedicated VR creation app taking the platform’s limitations into consideration?

    Oculus Quest launches next spring for $399.

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  • Inition Lead the 360 Film Workshop at the VR Diversity Initiative Inition understand the power of virtual reality as a tool for empathy.
  • ARK Park Hits Retail Locations in North America, Europe, and Australia The disk also includes the Pterosaur Hill DLC.
  • Korean Startup LetinAR Raises $3.6m for its AR Optics LetinAR's PinMR Lens aims to provide a better AR experience than devices currently available.
  • Skybound Launches New VR Horror Series Delusion Via Samsung VR
    Skybound Launches New VR Horror Series Delusion Via Samsung VR

    Skybound Entertainment’s latest VR experiment is set to scare your socks just a little after Halloween.

    On Friday, November 2, the company will launch its four-part 360-degree series, Delusion: Lies Within on Samsung’s VR video app. You’ll be able to watch it in a Gear VR headset, or on a browser of your choice. As we reported earlier in the year, the series is based on plays produced by a horror company also named Delusion over the past few years. The experience aimed to involve audiences in new ways to scare them like never before and now it wants to do the same in VR.

    The VR version takes us to the American South during the 1940s. It follows two fans trying to find their favorite horror author, who was recently reported missing. It had originally been billed as a 10-part series lasting over an hour overall, though Variety reports that each of the four episodes will last just eight minutes.

    Skydance is doing a lot of work in VR and AR right now, also lending out its popular The Walking Dead franchise to phone-based AR games and location-based VR experiences. Elsewhere, the team at Skydance Interactive have been busy building a full VR game in mech battler, Archangel.

    The entire series will be available for $4.99. Variety notes that a second season is also possible.

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