• Community Download: What’s Your Favorite VR Horror Game?
    Community Download: What’s Your Favorite VR Horror Game?

    Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate.

    Halloween is fast-approaching this week and if you’re not too busy watching The Haunting of Hill House or re-watching Hocus Pocus for the 100th time, you might find some time in your schedule to send chills down your spine with a terrifying VR horror game or two.

    We are still working on our lists of favorite VR horror titles, but you can already read about our picks for the standalone Oculus Go headset here. However, there are lots of great games out there for PSVR, Rift, Vive, Windows VR, and all of the other platforms as well.

    So, thinking about the Halloween holidays and spooky season, we ask our community: What is your favorite VR horror game? Which moment sticks out to you as the most terrifying in that game? Why did it stick with you so much?

    For me, it’s got to be Resident Evil 7 on PSVR. I’ll never forget the harrowing journey of playing that entire game in VR and how much it affected me. It’s full of hair-raising moments that got my adrenaline pumping. But with so many great VR horror titles over the past few years, such as The Exorcist: Legion VR, Paranormal Activity, Affected, and many others, it could be hard to pick.

    Let us know your choices down in the comments below!

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  • Adidas Originals Reinvents Sneaker Drop With AR

    The exclusive product release comes to Complex Con. Instead of waiting in long lines for the latest sneaker drop at streetwear convention ComplexCon this weekend, adidas Originals will let you shop in augmented reality. The two-day long convention is sure to see its fair share of top sneaker brands revealing new products, but adidas Originals’

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  • ‘Is Anna OK?’ Explores The Effects Of Brain Trauma Using VR

    A new experience produced by the BBC examines the personal repercussions of brain trauma from different perspectives. Is Anna OK? is a poignant VR experience based on a true story. Anna and Lauren are identical twins. For two decades these young women were as emotionally and psychologically close as two people can get. But, in one

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  • Sixense Refunding $1 Million In STEM Preorders – Here’s Who To Contact
    Sixense Refunding $1 Million In STEM Preorders – Here’s Who To Contact

    Sixense CEO Amir Rubin sat down with me recently to discuss the current state of the STEM controller system — a project initially launched on Kickstarter back in 2013 — and the recent announcement that they’d be giving refunds to Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers.

    Joining us for the conversation was Steve Hansted, Director of Business Development, who is in charge of the daunting task of managing the refund process. As previously reported, 2,383 Kickstarter backers have been contacted for Paypal information to receive a refund. Rubin also says that beyond the $600,000 in backer funds, there was more than $1 million worth of additional hardware pre-ordered from the website that will also be refunded. The process will take time, Rubin said, but some early backers who responded immediately to the refund email say they’ve already gotten a payment to their Paypal account.

    “We will be giving all pre-order customers full refunds via PayPal,” Hansted wrote in a follow up email. “Over the years we have refunded pre-order customers when they requested one and we currently have approximately 500 left to process.  We have received approximately 1550 replies with PayPal email addresses from Kickstarter backers and have processed over 1200 refunds. We hope to complete all refunds by the end of November, but we need the last 800 backers to respond with their PayPal email.”

    Hansted suggested reaching out to for more information if you are a backer of the Sixense STEM Kickstarter or a pre-order customer.

    As far as the STEM controller technology goes, Rubin and his team say they are focusing on enterprise hardware now.

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  • Madrid Noir: Prologue Is Like A Charming Pixar Short In VR
    Madrid Noir: Prologue Is Like A Charming Pixar Short In VR

    If there’s one thing that everyone loves about going to the movies to watch the latest Pixar film, it’s got to be the shorts. These mini-movies that appear before the main feature are often filled with as much love, laughs and innovation as the film they’re shown in front of. Madrid Noir: Prologue brings those fuzzy feelings into a VR headset.

    Produced by No Ghost and directed by James Castillo, Madrid Noir was awarded the Best Debut VR Experience prize at this year’s Raindance Film Festival, and it’s easy to see why. Though it offers only a taste of what will hopefully be a more fleshed out experience, I was utterly charmed by its short story, which introduces us to a private investigator named Manolo and his reluctantly-adopted dog, Paquita.

    Madrid Noir Prologue – Teaser from No Ghost on Vimeo.

    Speaking to UploadVR, No Ghost’s Lawrence Bennett explained that the film had be devised as a love letter to Castillo’s hometown of Madrid. “As a good friend of the studio James bought the character concepts and story pitch to No Ghost and we immediately fell in love with them,” Bennett said. “Having a shared background in animation we wanted to create something that featured high end and expressive character animation that could communicate the story without the need for narration or character voicing.”

    And the Prologue is indeed expressive. Set in the lull of early evening, Manolo treks his way back to his apartment, berated by Paquita, who simply wants to play ball, at every turn. The detective’s weary eyes tell you all you need to know about the kind of day he’s had, as does his slumped body language. You can’t help but wince as Paquita starts to push his buttons as he drags himself around a 360-degree stage, which is beautifully realized as a virtual theater production.

    I also can’t help but notice just how easy Madrid Noir is on the eyes. A mix of vibrant colors bring both scenes and characters to life with welcoming warmth. “No Ghost has a bit of a historical obsession with mixing 2D and 3D styles, and Madrid Noir was a perfect platform for that,” Bennett adds. “Creating shaders that appear hand painted and mixing them with realistic and volumetric lighting was key to realising this look.”

    This is a VR production, though, and naturally I’m interested to hear what Bennett thinks the platform brings to the piece. “We had a simple story in our hands, and we felt that if we made it in 2D we wouldn’t be able to create such a strong relationship between the characters and the audience,” he explained. “Because you exist in the same world that they exist, anything that happens to them happens to you too and that’s a very special thing that VR can do that no other medium can.”

    Rewatching the brief clip above, it’s certainly true that Madrid Noir has a more immediate impact in VR, though I’d like to see it go deeper. It’s fascinating to watch these characters

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  • IMAX Down To Four VR Centers With New York Closure

    IMAX’s VR Centers are now down to just four locations following its most recent closure.

    Variety last week confirmed that the company’s center at the AMC Kips Bay cinema in New York, which was the first location to launch inside a multiplex theater, had closed down. The location opened in June 2017 and was the second overall center to open in IMAX’s global rollout.

    A statement issued to Variety reads: “With the launch of the IMAX VR pilot program our intention was to test a variety of different concepts and locations to determine which approaches work well. After a trial period with VR centers in multiplexes, we have decided to conclude the AMC Kips Bay 15 IMAX VR pilot run.”

    IMAX’s VR Centers are essentially VR arcades that let people pay to experience titles like Beat Saber, Raw Data and Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine. The company had once planned to also offer cinematic VR content that would serve as companion pieces to current movie releases, though it also recently transpired that the company’s VR camera project with Google had been canceled too.

    But this is far from the first closure for these VR centers. Back in August IMAX also shut down its other New York location as well as one in Shanghai, China. At the time, CEO Richard Gelfond stated that, while reaction to the centers had been positive, the “numbers just weren’t there.”

    That leaves locations in Toronto, Los Angeles, Bangkok and Manchester open for now. We’ve reached out to IMAX to confirm if it intends to keep these centers open. That said, the company already shot down the possibility of opening more centers last week’s earnings call. “We’re not looking for new business projects,” said CFO Patrick McClymont. “We’re keenly focused on the core business. And that will be the approach for next year as well.”

    Other location-based VR experiences are seeing some success, though. Dave and Busters recently labeled the launch of its Jurassic World VR experience as its biggest ever.

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  • VR Gets Stabby With Realistic Melee Combat Game Blade And Sorcery
    VR Gets Stabby With Realistic Melee Combat Game Blade And Sorcery

    If you thought Gorn was a little on the violent side, just wait until you see Blade and Sorcery.

    This new VR game from indie developer WarpFrog just announced a December release window for its Early Access build, as well as a closed beta that’s currently getting underway. Blade and Sorcery is a fantasy combat game that prides itself on impressive physics; as you can see in the trailer below weapons interlock in realistic ways and objects like chairs can be used to defend yourself. Lets be honest, though, what’s really noticeable about the trailer is all of the stabbing going on.

    Though Blade and Sorcery also includes spells and archery, the focus of the trailer is on just how convincingly you can plunge a sword, dagger or axe into your opponents to make them suffer. It’s certainly not for the squeamish; at one point the player buries one blade into an enemy’s torso before stabbing him through the cheek with another as he drops his jaw from the pain. Oh and then you can see one poor guy get electrocuted before having a spear rammed through his mouth. Nice.

    True, Gorn was a very bloody VR game, but its focus on the slapstick nature of violence kept it from any kind of real controversy. We can’t wait to test out the strength of Blade and Sorcery’s combat systems, though we’ll also be intrigued to see the wider reactions to what looks to be one of VR’s goriest games yet.

    We don’t have a more specific release date for the game, but we do know it’ll support the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets at launch. In Early Access you’ll find three maps, eight weapons, three spells and three enemy classes. You’ll also be able to customize your own avatar. There’s no mention of multiplayer for now but, going forward, WarpFrog plans to add a player skill tree and an inventory system as well as more maps and the like. The final release could be anywhere from six months to two years from December.

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  • Tetris Effect Is Getting A Limited Time Demo This Week
    Tetris Effect Is Getting A Limited Time Demo This Week

    Still don’t believe us that Tetris Effect is going to be awesome? Well you’ll have the chance to try it for yourself this week, but you’ll have to be fast.

    Enhance Games’ new take on the puzzling classic, which features full support for PlayStation VR (PSVR), is getting a limited time demo this week. Speaking on The Game Informer Show, the developer’s Mark MacDonald confirmed that the demo would launch on November 1st and run until November 5th. It will be fully playable inside PSVR though, just like the full game, you’ll be able to play it on a standard display too.

    Why limited time, you ask? Well, if you were to allow players to sample even the first level indefinitely then you’re basically giving them a free Tetris game, so we can understand this approach, even if the wider game is set to offer over 30 different levels.

    The full version of Tetris Effect, meanwhile, is due out on November 9th. It’s a PSVR exclusive for now although, as with Enhance Games’ Rez Infinite, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it come to other platforms later down the line. We recently went hands-on with the game for a second time and found something that’s absolutely worth the hype that many others have been bestowing upon it.

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