• Gartner Identifies Immersive Experiences As Among 2019 Technology Trends Marketshare analysis company Gartner pinpoints upcoming technology trends for 2019, including privacy concerns.
  • Life In 360°: An Electric Archive (Part Three) For the final time in this mini-series we head over to Formula E for some electric race action
  • NextVR Releases Streaming Schedule For Critical 2018-2019 NBA Season
    NextVR Releases Streaming Schedule For Critical 2018-2019 NBA Season

    Startup NextVR is preparing to stream the 2018-2019 NBA season across all platforms.

    NextVR’s focus is on live capture and streaming content in 3D and the startup’s partnership with the NBA has offered basketball fans in VR courtside seats at games for the last couple years. NextVR’s capture and streaming technology is generally some of the best we’ve seen and executives showed a major upgrade in demos at CES in January which premiered during the NBA Finals in May. The NextVR app is now also available on every major VR platform, so if you’re an NBA fan and — particularly those with an NBA League Pass — NextVR is offering a number of reasons to think about watching games in a headset this year.

    Here’s the breakdown of the NextVR offering for the 2018-2019 season:

    NextVR live games will be available as part of a NBA League Pass subscription, can be purchased as a stand-alone VR package or single game, and are included with a subscription purchased through participating video distributors or directly through the NBA.

    NBA League Pass on Oculus Venues Offers New Social Integration

    This season, NBA Digital and NextVR are partnering with Oculus to feature NBA League Pass games in VR in Oculus Venues, where fans can connect with their friends and share the experience with a community of thousands—all LIVE in real time. Everyone who attends an NBA game in Venues will unlock an NBA team jersey for their Oculus Avatar—theirs to keep and wear with pride for the rest of the season. All NBA League Pass games in Venues are licensed by Oculus for access by users of Oculus Venues.

     NextVR Screening Room Offers Every Game in a Virtual Environment

    Watch NBA League Pass games distraction-free on the largest screen in your house with NextVR Screening Room as part of a subscription to NBA League Pass. Every night this season, NBA League Pass subscribers worldwide can experience every NBA League Pass game in NextVR Screening Room, a VR environment in the NextVR app with games appearing on a theater-sized screen. International NBA League Pass fans can experience every single 2018-19 NBA game in the NextVR Screening Room. 

    How to Experience NBA League Pass LIVE Games in NextVR

    NextVR live games will be available as part of a NBA League Pass subscription, can be purchased as a stand-alone VR package or single game, and are included with a subscription purchased through participating video distributors or directly through the NBA.

    The offer for 2018-2019 stands in stark contrast to startup Jaunt, which yesterday announced it was letting go “a significant portion” of its staff and “winding down a number of VR products and content services in the coming weeks.” While not directly in competition with one another, Jaunt developed 3D camera systems to capture real-world performances and environments in parallel with NextVR. According to Crunchbase, NextVR’s funding totals around $116 million while Jaunt had $100 million.

    For NextVR, the 2018-2019 NBA season is looking like it will wrap up around the same time Oculus Quest starts shipping

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  • GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of The Great C On Steam
    GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of The Great C On Steam

    The Great C is a cinematic VR experience based on the short story by Philip K. Dick of the same name created by Secret Location. Secret Location’s previous VR effort, Blasters of the Universe, is a neon-soaked bullet hell shooter all about action, so The Great C is a decidedly slower-paced experience. But what it lacks in action it more than makes up for in an extremely polished and high-quality narrative.

    We’re giving away 10 codes for The Great C on Steam. Winners will be randomly selected. All of our keys are Steam keys, which means they will work for Rift and Vive.

    Enter the giveaway for a chance to win right here.

    For more on what we think of the game, here is an excerpt from an interview-based preview we published:

    The Great C will transport viewers to a post-apocalyptic landscape in which the remnants of humanity are ruled over by an all-powerful artificial intelligence supercomputer known as the Great C. Each year, the nearby village is forced to send a young person on a pilgrimage to appease the mysterious machine — a journey from which no one ever returns.

    Winners will be selected at approximately 4PM PT on Friday, October 19th, 2018. If you’d rather not click the link above, here is the embedded contest widget:

    GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of The Great C On Steam

    Good luck!

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  • A Chair In A Room: Greenwater Getting Big Overhaul And PSVR Release
    A Chair In A Room: Greenwater Getting Big Overhaul And PSVR Release

    A Chair in a Room: Greenwater was one of the very first great VR horror games that released back in the middle of 2016 — over two years ago — and still holds up as an excellent example of what’s possible with the power of roomscale VR. The scares are well-paced and the disturbing story slowly unfolds over the course of the entire 2-3 hour journey. I praised it in my review and Wolf & Wood’s follow-up, The Exorcist: Legion VR is just as good (if not better in some ways).

    Now, the studio is announcing that they’re returning back to A Chair in a Room: Greenwater with a “remaster” that includes a whole host of enhancements, updates, and changes that are sure to make the game even better.

    The full list of enhancements, according to a press release from Wolf & Wood, includes:

    Added free move to the locomotion options along with crouch and free rotation to accompany teleport and the original ‘flexible room scale’ locomotion option
    Flexible room scale is now available on Oculus so if you have 3 cameras and 2.5m x 2.5m area you can play the whole game at 1:1 scale without additional locomotion required
    Improved artwork, updated textures and added post processing
    Remastered soundtrack
    Improved SFX and a new audio engine
    Additional cues and clues to help with guide through the puzzles and story
    Huge optimisations for smoother gameplay and faster loading
    Added achievements
    Cloud saves
    Bug fixes and planned post launch support

    “We’ve made a huge amount of optimizations which have allowed us to add in new post effects and some higher poly art where we thought it would benefit the scene, for example we completely rebuilt the lodge in chapter 2 to make it just that little bit creepier,” said Ryan Bousfield, Creative Director of Wolf & Wood, in a prepared statement. “The music and audio was a passion project for us, adding live instruments into the mix has brought out a visceral edge to some of the pieces, making the whole scene feel a little more on edge. We are planning to release a mix of the soundtrack as DLC on Steam. We’ve made numerous subtle changes but that’s what Chair is all about, it is the overall feeling that we’ve tried to enhance and I think that’s why we’ve worked on so many aspects of the game, VR immerses all of your senses so we’ve put extra work into how it looks, feels and sounds to make a better experience.”

    This remaster will be released as a free update to everyone that already owns the game. Wolf & Wood are also bringing the title to both Oculus Home and PSVR for the first time — with more info to follow soon. The Oculus Home version is expected to be out by Halloween with PSVR to follow in early 2019.

    Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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  • The Gallery And Vive Pro Take Home Top Honors At 2018 VR Awards
    The Gallery And Vive Pro Take Home Top Honors At 2018 VR Awards

    The 2018 VR Awards just wrapped up! Whether you watched it live with us here at UploadVR or decided to check things out for yourself in VR using Altpsace VR, all the announcements have officially been made. There were tons of worthy nominations, but only a select few could be crowned as winners.

    We’ve gone ahead and rounded up every single winner for each category right here down below for you:

    VR Headset of the Year Nominees

    *WINNER: HTC – Vive Pro

    Oculus – Go

    VRgineers Inc. – VRHero 5K Plus

    HTC – Vive Focus


    VR Game of the Year Nominees

    *WINNER: Cloudhead Games Ltd. – The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone

    Bethesda Softworks – Fallout 4 VR

    Bethesda Softworks – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

    Beat Games – Beat Saber

    Survios Inc. – Sprint Vector

    Ready At Dawn – Lone Echo / Echo Arena

    Hidden Path Entertainment – Brass Tactics

    Vertical Robot – Red Matter

    VRWERX – Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

    ARVORE Immersive Experiences – Pixel Ripped 1989 (currently unreleased)

    inXile Entertainment – The Mage’s Tale

    Electric Hat Games – TO THE TOP

    nDreams – Shooty Fruity


    VR Experience of the Year Nominees

    *WINNER: Flight School – Manifest 99

    REWIND – Silicon Valley: Inside The Hacker Hostel

    Framestore – A Moon For All Mankind

    Magnopus – Coco VR

    Magnopus – Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

    Preloaded and BBC Worldwide – BBC Earth: Life in VR – California Coast

    Tomorrow Never Knows – The Day The World Changed

    Framestore – Sky4DVR

    Human Interact – Starship Commander

    Interactive Media Foundation gGmbHl – Ulm Stories – The Dream of Flying

    NextVR – NBA League Pass in NextVR: 2017-2018 Regular Season


    VR Film of the Year Nominees


    Baobab Studios – Asteroids!

    Pink Kong Studios – Aurora

    Room One Films – The Committee

    Lucid Dreams Productions – The Sun Ladies

    Olympic Channel & Jaunt – Trending Gold

    Vision3 – My Africa

    NSC Creative – Vestige

    FoxNext VR Studio – Isle of Dogs Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality)

    TopDogVR – Speed Kills VR


    VR Marketing of the Year Nominees

    *WINNER: Magnopus – Coco VR

    ILMxLAB – Star Wars™: Droid Repair Bay

    Flight School and Momentum Worldwide – GMC Rangeland Derby VR

    BackLight – L’Oreal / Diesel Only the Brave

    Pebble Studios – Pebble Studios: DuckTales | 360° Adventure: The Lost Key of Tralla La

    Somewhere Else – Delicatessen

    GrandPano – SPP – SMART HOME

    Magnopus – Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

    Welcomm (working together with Bravo!/Plato Reality) – Melbourne, meet your new train

    TAKELEAP – IKEA Virtual Reality Store

    Audi and ZeroLIght – Audi VR Experience


    Rising VR Company of the Year Nominees

    *WINNER: Neurogaming Limited

    Flight School


    VRgineers Inc.

    Fast Travel Games AB

    Cooperative Innovations


    Innovative VR Company of the Year Nominees

    *WINNER: Ultrahaptics

    Striker VR





    Human Interact

    Visbit Inc.


    Gravity Sketch

    VR Education of the Year Nominees

    *WINNER*: Schell Games – HoloLAB Champions

    MEL Science – MEL Chemistry VR

    Elara Systems – Alcon Virtual Eye Experience

    ITI, United Rentals, & Serious Labs – VR Crane & Equipment Operator Training Simulator Suite

    Alliander – Alliander Virtual Platform

    VR Factory – Bartender VR Simulator

    MEDIASQUAD Medienentwicklungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH – Pharmaceutical Line Clearance VR Training

    FarBridge, Inc. – MasterWorks: Journey Through History


    VR Healthcare of the  Year Nominees

    *WINNER: Virti – Virti

    Elara Systems – Alcon Virtual Eye Experience

    Medis Media – 3D Organon VR Anatomy – Enterprise edition

    VRHealth – First Certified VR Medical Device Company in the world

    Rescape Innovation Ltd – DR.VR

    Infinite MR – Cigna Peak Challenge


    appliedVR – EaseVR

    NUMENA Virtual Reality Architects – B. Braun Spine Days


    Out-of-Home VR Entertainment of the Year Nominees

    *WINNER: ILMxLAB and The VOID  – Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire

    Figment Productions – Kraken Unleashed, SeaWorld Orlando

    Framestore – A Moon For All Mankind

    BackLight – Eclipse

    Neurogaming Limited – World of Tanks VR


    Kynoa – Koliseum Soccer VR

    Neurogaming Limited – PolygonVR

    Frontgrid – ParadropVR


    VR Social Impact Award Nominees

    *WINNER: VISYON – Window to our World


    The Distillery – What Will Your Day Bring?

    Flight School – Evolution of

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  • CVS Partners With OmniVirt for 360-Degree Ad Campaign for BeautyIRL New beauty service at CVS uses OmniVirt 360-degree advertising for promotion.
  • Scraper: First Strike Interview And Combat Gameplay Footage
    Scraper: First Strike Interview And Combat Gameplay Footage

    We first saw Labrodex Studios’ first VR project — the futuristic shooter Scraper: First Strike — earlier this year when we had a chance to go hands-on with the game at their office on Long Island. It’s been a few months since our first playtest, and the game has not only gotten more polish, but it was announced recently that Scraper would be coming to PSVR as well as the full range of PC headsets.

    To get a little more background on the story behind Scraper, be sure to read a few chapters of Ryder Windham’s lead-in novel — Scraper: The Rise of Cifer. You can get a digital copy of the book by registering at, as well as a free in-game weapon: the Debilitator.

    Scraper: Rise of Cifer

    Read Chapter 1
    Read Chapter 2
    Read Chapter 3

    We had a chance to catch up with the team at Labrodex and get an update from them on what they’ve been working on since the last time we saw the project.

    UploadVR: How did you go about building Scraper from idea to a concept that spans multiple mediums?

    Jim Ivon, CEO: First, thank you for the opportunity to talk about Scraper: First Strike in VR. We are incredibly excited about releasing Episode I later this year.

    Years before starting Labrodex, I had begun writing down ideas for new IPs. I’m a big RPG shooter fan and knew that if ever had the chance, I would want to create something in that space. I’m also an avid believer in VR and once the technology started to become mainstream, I decided to start a studio and work on our first VR project. Labrodex was also a way for me to contribute to the gaming community by hiring a team of super stars and providing them with the best tools and resources I could.

    At the time, there were already some very cool VR titles, just nothing in the bigger RPG category. I felt if we could deliver a new type of seated experience where you could explore large levels, have full locomotion, dynamic missions, engineering, scavenging and several other traditional RPG elements, we could have a big impact. From the beginning, the goal was to create a new IP, not just a VR game, with the ultimate objective of releasing the full game on PC and next gen consoles in 2020.

    The plan was to launch the IP in phases. Phase one was the prequel novel to the game. We teamed up with the brilliant Ryder Windham, a well-known sci-fi author with more than 80 books under his belt to write the story. I gave Ryder all of my notes on Scraper and we talked daily for several weeks about the characters, environments, world, story arcs and finally the foundation for the novel. Ryder did an amazing job bringing the characters and world to life. The book, Scraper: The Rise of Cifer ends right where the game begins and can be found on Amazon. Reading the book before playing Episode I will give

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  • Rec Room Could Be An Oculus Quest Launch Title, Devs Hint At Port
    Rec Room Could Be An Oculus Quest Launch Title, Devs Hint At Port

    Rec Room, from Seattle-based ‘Against Gravity’, is one of the most popular and highly regarded social VR apps to date. It stands apart as more structured than something like VRChat thanks to predefined room types and activities, and more gaming focused than AltSpaceVR, with games ranging from paintball to a battle royale mode similar to Fortnite.

    The app’s intentionally simplistic graphical style allowed Against Gravity to massively increase its playerbase in November by launching on PlayStation VR, including cross-platform multiplayer with Oculus Rift, SteamVR, and non-VR users. But could they be planning to lower the barriers to playing Rec Room even further by launching on Oculus Quest next year? Let’s explore the evidence.

    In a developer AMA last month, when asked about setting textures and transparency, Against Gravity stated “we’ve got to optimize the app for some devices that we want to get onto next year”, adding that they couldn’t talk too much about it.

    The logo of the developer was listed as working on a Quest title/port at OC5.

    Just under 2 weeks later at their yearly conference, Connect 5 (OC5), Oculus unvieled Oculus Quest, an all-in-one / standalone VR gaming console launching in Spring 2019. While Rec Room was not announced specifically as a title, when VP of VR at Facebook Hugo Barra showed a slide of developers working on Quest titles, Against Gravity’s logo was listed (top center).

    Rec Room is free and has no microtransactions or advertising, and when the company received $5 million in investment last year, the developers were clear to clarify that monetization was not “an immediate concern”. This seems to indicate that Against Gravity and its investors believe they are still well within the growth phase, but if a Quest port does happen and Quest is a success, the new influx of users could re-open questions about monetization strategies, such as paid cosmetics.

    While the developer AMA and OC5 logo listing are not definitive confirmation, as technically the developer AMA could have been referring to an as yet unannounced 6DoF standalone VR system from another company, and the logo listing at OC5 could be referring to a new game instead of Rec Room, the timing of the AMA combined with the fact that Against Gravity have not even teased another game means that it is almost certain that Rec Room is coming to Quest.

    We’ll keep you updated on any further hints or announcements.

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  • Watch The VR Awards 2018 Live Right Here Or In VR
    Watch The VR Awards 2018 Live Right Here Or In VR

    While the VR community still doesn’t have a singular source of awards that commands attention from the entire industry just yet, there are a few that have been around for quite some time, such as the appropriately titled VR Awards. You can see a full list of all nominees here.

    The 2018 edition of The VR Awards, which is put on by VR Bound, is set to start at 1:30PM PT today, October 16th, 2018. You can watch the show live as it happens via the embedded YouTube livestream link down below or at this link.

    Alternatively, you can attend the show in VR and view it live from inside of AltspaceVR. All you have to do is click “Interested” at this link using your Altspace account. Make sure you have an account and have already signed into Altspace before using the app.

    You don’t actually have to use it in VR if you don’t want to — you could just attend on your PC like you’re playing a non-VR game if you’d prefer. According to the instructions from VR Bound and The VR Awards:

    Windows PC or VR Headset users – Open the app, click the blue circle with a triangle in it to open the menu, then click the ‘Customize Your Avatar’ button to the left hand side of your menu, then click ‘Switch Account’ located below ‘Save Avatar’, then type in your login details. Then click the blue circle with a triangle in it to open the menu, click ‘Events’, then ‘Interested’, then click the blue arrow on the event to enter.

    Hopefully you tune in and enjoy the show!

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  • Lightweight Haptic VR Gloves Announced The DextrES haptic gloves uses a unique system to provide a sense of touch in VR.
  • How The Haunted Graveyard Is Holospark’s ‘Gateway Game’ For VR Users
    How The Haunted Graveyard Is Holospark’s ‘Gateway Game’ For VR Users

    I was immediately curious about The Haunted Graveyard when I found out John Tynes was involved. I was familiar with his work from his time in the tabletop gaming field, as the co-writer of the 1999 RPG Unknown Armies. When I did some more research, I discovered that Tynes was also an early content lead on Magic: The Gathering and a contributor to Call of Cthulhu, Over the Edge, Feng Shui, and Delta Green. It turns out that he’s one of those guys who’s been a quiet influence on a startling amount of the games industry, but you’d never know it without looking him up.

    Tynes eventually moved into video game production, where he worked on Pirates of the Burning Sea and Neverwinter. Following the closure of Cryptic North in 2015, Tynes and several of his co-workers from both Pirates and Neverwinter founded Holospark in Bellevue, Washington, where they’ve produced The Impossible Travel Agency and Séance: The Unquiet for VR, as well as the co-op humans- vs.-aliens shooter Earthfall for PS4, Xbox, and PC.

    On October 9th , Holospark debuted its new virtual reality project The Haunted Graveyard, where you’re placed into the titular cemetery and must explore it in an attempt to escape before the stroke of midnight. It’s intended as a short, interactive experience, aimed at newcomers to VR. You can pick it up for home use via Steam as of this writing, but its intended audience is patrons at VRcades around the world.

    I interviewed Tynes, who worked on The Haunted Graveyard as an executive producer, as well as the game’s creative director Bruce Sharp, about their business plan, the technologies they’ve developed over the course of the project, and why The Haunted Graveyard is best called an experience, rather than a game. The following transcript has been edited for clarity.

    UploadVR: The Haunted Graveyard looks a lot like a theme park. Was that what you were going for?

    John Tynes, executive producer: There’s even a song, very much like a Disney ride. There’s a musical performance partway through that’s really fun. We created all of our characters through motion-capture, like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. We brought in professional actors from Seattle theater, they did all of their scenes together, and then we digitized all that stuff and put it into the game as performance. It’s fantastic. I mean, the level of performance we got from these people is amazing, and it comes through gorgeously.

    Bruce Sharp, art director: We took these canned performances, and what’s sort of special about them is that we’ve layered some dynamic programming on top of that, to give you a feeling like they’re there with you, not just speaking to a camera.

    UploadVR: Okay, so you brought them into the recording booth, and now you’ve programmed it so they feel more like they’re reacting directly to you and what you’re doing.

    Tynes: Well, more beyond that. We actually captured their entire bodies and their faces and their voices simultaneously. We put our cast into motion-capture suits, which you

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  • John Carpenter’s ‘Tales For A HalloweeNight Vol 4′ Brought To Life With AR

    Unlock a terrifying AR experience with the exclusive 2018 NYCC edition of John Carpenter’s ‘Tales For a HalloweeNight Vol 4.’ When it comes to classic slasher horror films, the name John Carpenter is almost always the first that comes to mind.  Ever since he introduced the world to Michael Myers in his 1978 terror classic, Halloween,

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  • Sixense Announces Refunds For Controller Kickstarter Backers STEM controller saga comes to an end as Sixense authorises refunds.
  • Artist Behind Famous Obama “Hope” Poster Launches VR/AR Exhibit

    Shepard Fairey’s largest ever solo exhibit preserved in VR/AR using volumetric photogrammetry. Last year, street artist Shepard Fairey, best known as the founder of OBEY clothing and the creator of the prolific “Hope” image featuring former President Barack Obama, launched “DAMAGED,” a wildly popular, limited run art exhibit in Los Angeles. It was the artist/activists

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