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  • Our First Interview With Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz
    Our First Interview With Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz

    I had an interesting conversation with Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz on Oct. 9 — the first day of LEAPCon — after filming a 30 minute presentation about their first marquee game, Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders. During the second day of the event Magic Leap hosted a 3-hour keynote which revealed, among other things, a plan to support two controllers with Magic Leap One in 2019.

    After the Grordbort presentation on Oct. 9, though, Abovitz agreed to the first on-the-record interview with me. I’ve decided to publish the entire transcript of our conversation so you can decide for yourself what is of interest. I edited out only “ums”, sentence fragments and overly repetitive phrasing.

    Hamilton: I’ve obviously been to all the Oculus Connects and it is weird to see a sort of reboot almost for AR, that’s what this conference feels like to me…the ability of devs to get excited for their projects. But it’s a long road still ahead, and I guess I’m wondering what can you say about Magic Leap’s ability to be there for the long haul for devs. I think devs need to know that Magic Leap is going to be there for years to come building new products that are even better than the ones we already have and I’m wondering if you could explain that.

    Abovitz: All of the effort we took in building the company in the first place — we set up our own production factory, we raised a certain amount of capital — was to give us the longevity, and sustainability and the basic investors and support to be around for a while so we didn’t build it to do one thing and that was it. We didn’t build it just to do Magic Leap One. Our teams have been working on ML1 and multiple generations afterward and investing in all the technologies that might be showing up two years, five years, even 10 years from now. So part of what we’ve done is invested in the immediate, but also that long road — built up a significant IP portfolio. We’re also working with people like Unity and Unreal so that the skills you build on Magic Leap are extensible so tomorrow we’re going to talk about something we call the “Magicverse” which is like we want things to be XR portable so we don’t like the idea of a completely closed ecosystem.

    Hamilton: Like WebVR?

    Abovitz: You should be able to build something and be able to interoperate with a phone, a tablet, a VR system, other future devices — so you can imagine you might have a creative world within your building and it exists and there’s different ways to see into that and different ways to consume that. So we want to also make those tools so that you can build a persistent, digital, like geo-spatially locked experience. Our stuff is rooted in the physical world and then it springs into other worlds. As we keep changing devices — and you have different kind

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  • Zero Caliber Livestream – Realistic Co-Op Military Shooter Gameplay
    Zero Caliber Livestream – Realistic Co-Op Military Shooter Gameplay

    Lock and load, everyone! For today’s livestream we’re digging into the chaotic and shockingly realistic upcoming VR shooter from XREAL Games, Zero Caliber. The game is getting a public demo later this month on October 25th and will hit Early Access on Steam and Oculus Home on November 9th. It’s got full co-op support for the campaign, which is what we’re going to be showing off here today on the stream.

    We’ll be playing Zero Caliber on Steam using Rift with Touch controllers. We’re starting any minute now, right around 3:20PM PT and we’ll aim to last for around an hour or so. We’ll be livestreaming directly to the UploadVR Facebook page and also be using Restream to go directly to YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, and Mixer as well. Either way, you can see the full stream embedded right here down below once it’s up:

    You can see our most recent archived streams over on the UploadVR Facebook Gaming portal right here. There’s lots of good stuff there!

    Let us know which games or discussions you want us to livestream next. Comment with feedback down below!

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  • Oculus Go Gets Replacement Facial Interface With VR Cover
    Oculus Go Gets Replacement Facial Interface With VR Cover

    VR Cover offers custom facial interfaces for popular VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. They are designed to be more comfortable and customizable than the standard foam included with a VR headset, for users who spend long sessions in VR.

    Today, VR Cover opened preorders for their replacement facial interface for the Oculus Go standalone VR headset. One of the Oculus Go’s primary use case is passive media viewing, and for this task the comfort of the headset is vital. The cover is made of “high quality vegan leather”, instead of the standard fabric used by Oculus.

    The VR Cover facial interface for Oculus Go ships on the 19th of October (next Friday) for $29, with standard shipping at $7, or optional express shipping for $19. For comparison, a replacement for the standard Go facial interface from Oculus costs $20 including shipping.

    Business owners of Oculus Go or regular users who demo it often may also be interested in VR Cover’s disposable hygiene covers, which work with all VR Cover supported headsets, including Go.

    VR Cover started as a Kickstarter project for the Oculus Rift in 2016, but quickly expanded to a wide range of headsets, and their interfaces have become an essential part of many VR users’ setups.

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  • Honeywell & U.S. Army Testing Proof Of Concept AR/VR HMD For Use In Tank Warfare Combination immersive technology 'vision system' being examined for "closed hatch" situations
  • First-Ever L.E.A.P. Conference Teases The Future Of Magic Leap

    Magic Leap’s inaugural developer conference showcases the headsets best and brightest content. Blood-thirsty robots, augmented board games, and life-sized space mechs were just a few of the offering at Magic Leap’s inaugural L.E.A.P. developer conference held earlier this week at the Magic Box event space in downtown Los Angeles. The two-day conference offered visitors the

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