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  • The Dextra Global VR Summit Is Happening Inside Virtual Reality This Month
    The Dextra Global VR Summit Is Happening Inside Virtual Reality This Month

    The Dextra Global VR Summit aims to deliver the same value of an in-person conference, such as VRDC, without the need to physically travel by hosting and streaming everything directly inside VR itself from October 27th to October 30th. At OC5 Oculus talked a lot about how powerful VR is as a tool to connect people and “defy distance” and the Dextra Global VR Summit appears to be an embodiment of that mentality.

    Reportedly users will be able to attend the summit via mobile devices, PCs, and “any” VR headset. From what we can tell on the website, it seems like talks will be streamed directly inside VR while live panels will be held inside of AltspaceVR. Speakers include leadership from Digital Domain, HTC Vive, Google, NVIDIA, and many others. You can see an overview of the four-day event’s schedule right here.

    From the company’s website:

    The Dextra Global VR Summit is the world’s first summit on VR in VR. It is an online conference aiming to share the experience and insights of pioneers and professionals in VR to the thousands of VR creators of tomorrow, along with the ability to network with peers in similar or complementary professions related to VR.

    It is a four-day-long online event hosted on the Dextra platform. Anyone can attend the summit from their computers or phones without having to spend any time or money on travel.

    The Dextra Global VR Summit is being held later this month from October 27th to October 30th. To register for the event, go to the official website.

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  • ‘The Wild’ Is A Platform For Collaborative 3D Design In VR & AR

    Powered by VR, The Wild’s cross-platform 3D design platform works much like Google Docs. Last month, the developer of The Wild finally opened the gates to its cloud platform for collaborative 3D design across VR and AR. Founded by Gabe Paez, The Wild seeks to do what Google Docs does for collaborative word processing, but instead

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  • Oculus Quest LED Is Hard-Wired To The Insight Tracking System
    Oculus Quest LED Is Hard-Wired To The Insight Tracking System

    A light atop Oculus Quest is connected directly to the on-board sensors so that it turns on whenever the system “sees” its environment.

    When Oculus Quest ships early next year, the security feature should be a welcome one for any folks concerned about Facebook putting four super wide angle cameras in their home. At Oculus Connect 5 last week Facebook’s VR teams said Quest would be able to remember multiple rooms and, in a future-facing area of the conference, the headset was shown using those same sensors to track body movements that were transferred onto an avatar.

    The light atop Quest is “hard-wired to the sensor power rail” and its operation is not changeable by apps or the end user, according to an Oculus representative. That means the light turns on when the sensors do. While we’ve noted that Oculus Sensors for tracking Rift and Touch are really just modified webcams capable of producing recognizable images, the next generation Oculus Insight tracking system included with Quest is part of an integrated package that represents Mark Zuckerberg’s boldest attempt yet to anchor Facebook’s revenue streams in sources other than targeted advertising. We’ve heard Oculus representatives say in the past “it’s an existential crisis for us to make sure we get data handling right” and this hard-wired light could be seen as another expression of that aim. A second LED on the side of the headset indicates power levels.

    You can see one light at the top of the front and one on David’s right (left in the image) as well.

    We’ll be curious to see the eventual tear downs of Oculus Quest which will reveal how everything works inside. Earlier this year Oculus added a “my privacy center” to its account page so that people know what information the company has stored about them.

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  • Oculus Rift ‘Hybrid Apps’ Could Bring PC Modeling, CAD, and Animation Software To VR
    Oculus Rift ‘Hybrid Apps’ Could Bring PC Modeling, CAD, and Animation Software To VR

    While VR is still seen by many as mainly for gaming, one of its most promising use cases is actually how it could enhance professional 3D creation workflows such as modeling, CAD, or animation.

    In VR you have all the space around you for UI and content to float, rather than being restricted to your real world monitor setup. For CAD, 3D modeling, or animation, seeing objects in 3D with head tracking could make it easier to visualize the end result and reduce the time it takes to create.

    But the most useful and popular 3D creation apps on PC, like Autodesk’s, have large, old codebases that would be costly to port to VR. For VR-only competitors it could take years or be too costly to match features with these leading design tools.

    So at Connect 5, Oculus announced “Hybrid Apps” as an attempt to help with this problem. With Hybrid Apps, Oculus lets developers of non-VR PC software easily show their existing UI panes as floating elements in VR, and render any 3D objects in VR, with the Rift system software handling the VR rendering.

    To prove out the idea, Oculus partnered with Allegorithmic, the developers of Substance Painter (a 3D painting tool). As a Hybrid App, Substance Painter’s UI floats in VR, while the user can rotate and paint the model with Touch controllers. Allegorithmic stated that it only took two weeks to add to the software.

    A promising feature of Hybrid Apps is that users can toggle between desktop and VR on the fly by simply putting on or taking off the Rift, letting them leverage the advantages of each medium — text and details on the monitor, and 3D tasks in VR.

    Of course, the limited resolution of current generation VR headsets is still a major roadblock to productivity- text is difficult to read and details would not be as clear as on a monitor.

    According to Oculus the system uses elements from Dash, the Rift’s new menu system which relies on a number of techniques to achieve crisp visuals for a 2D panel in a virtual space.

    How successful the Hybrid Apps venture is will depend on the willingness of PC software companies to take a leap into VR, but if it is adopted by major software packages, we could be entering an era of VR-enhanced 3D art creation sooner than expected.

    David Heaney is a UK-based tech entrepreneur who has been following VR industry trends closely for years.

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  • Magic Leap’s First Developer Conference Will Be Livestreamed
    Magic Leap’s First Developer Conference Will Be Livestreamed

    Magic Leap is set to host what it no doubt hopes will be the Oculus Connect of the AR world next week as it hosts the first ever L.E.A.P. Conference in LA. Don’t worry if you’re not heading to the show; it’s going to be livestreamed.

    Well, at least the keynote speech on October 10th is. Magic Leap just sent emails round to developers confirming as much, also noting that the session will deliver “insights from visionaries like Andy Serkis and Richard Taylor, plus pioneering developers from Epic Games, ILMxLAB, Unity Technologies and more.”

    Magic Leap only just released its first developer kit, Magic Leap One, so it’ll be interesting to see what the company has to announce at the show. Personally, we’re hoping for more on the content side; we already know experiences like Star Wars and Angry Birds are heading to the device but what else is there?

    Look for the keynote to kick off at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm BT on October 10th. We’ll also be there to bring you all the latest from the show.

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