• Vive Focus App Turns Your Living Room Into A Dance Floor

    Beat Reality transforms any environment into a music-reactive art installation. Available on the Vive Focus — HTC’s China-only replacement for its discontinued Daydream headset — Beat Reality generates a colorful filter that allows you to experience any locale with literal rose-tinted glasses. Created by Enea Le Fons and Anthony “SkarredGhost” Vitillo as a result of their

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  • Media Molecule’s Dreams Still On Track For Beta Release Schedule Despite delays, the ambitious creation engine is still expected for a Beta release later this year.
  • Winners Announced For The UK Research And Innovation Immersive Content Competition The National Centre for Immersive Storytelling competition has been won by the National Film and Television School and Royal Holloway.
  • Preview: BARDO – You Need to Love Archery A wave-based archery title with visual style.
  • Ryan Gosling’s First Man Is Getting A VR Experience
    Ryan Gosling’s First Man Is Getting A VR Experience

    Get ready to take a giant leap for mankind in VR.

    First Man, the new Neil Armstrong biopic from La La Land director Damien Chazelle, is getting the expected VR tie-in treatment. Rolling out to AMC Theatres across, LA, San Francisco, New York and Washington, the piece is set to give viewers a first-hand account of the events of the film.

    Utilizing the Positron Voyager chair (which has been used for other tie-in experiences like last year’s lackluster piece on The Mummy), the app starts off in Nasa Mission control, where viewers can watch interviews with Chazelle and stars Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy. It then puts you in the boots of Armstrong himself as you strap into the Apollo 11 Command Module as the Saturn V rocket lifts off.

    After that, the experience fast forwards to day four, where you’ll pilot the Lunar Module, The Eagle, as you attempt to land on the surface of the moon. Obviously, you won’t be at risk of messing it up and being sucked into space, but it could still be pretty thrilling. It’s developed by RYOT in collaboration with Universal.

    There’s no word on if the experience could ever release at home, though we’d be pretty interested to see how it holds up to Immersive VR Education’s excellent Apollo 11 experience.

    Showtimes and locations for the experience are below


    Universal Cinema AMC at CityWalk Hollywood, Los Angeles

    AMC Metreon 16, San Francisco

    AMC Georgetown 14, Washington, D.C.

    AMC Lincoln Square, New York City


    Friday, October 5 – Sunday, October 14 in LA, San Francisco, Washington, D.C.

    Saturday, October 6 – Sunday, October 14 in New York City

    Hours vary. Check with your participating theater.

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  • HTC Vive Look To Recreate Ready Player One’s The Oasis in VR HTC Vive took to the stage at Raindance Immersive Stories Summit to present 'Planet Ludus' - a content container for VR experiences.
  • Twin Peaks VR Is Coming To A Headset Near You
    Twin Peaks VR Is Coming To A Headset Near You

    Just the thought of David Lynch-level weirdness in VR is already enough to make my head spin, but I’m sure lots of people will be pretty excited for this official Twin Peaks VR experience.

    The cult classic series is indeed getting its very own experiential piece for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Collider reports (in fact, it appears Collider’s Games Team is actually working on the project). Set to debut at Lynch’s Festival of Disruption in LA later this month, the piece features key sequences that will tip their hat to fans of the series. You’ll start out at Glastonbury Grove before heading into the iconic Red Room, with audio from the show being used throughout.

    The piece promises to let players “follow in the footsteps” of Special Agent Dale Cooper. We’re not exactly sure how long it will last nor if there will be any interactive elements, but expect references to both the original series and the recent revival, Twin Peaks: The Return.

    I must admit I’ve never partaken in Twin Peaks, so much of the experience would most likely be lost on me (hence the lack of puns I won’t understand in this article). I’ve got no doubt that there’ll be enough in there for fans to pour over and create exotic theories about, however.

    The experience will be launching on the Rift and Vive at an undisclosed date via Steam.

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  • Oculus Discuss The Furthering Of Their Studio Relations At Oculus Connect 5 VRFocus sat down with Steve Arnold, Head of Studios, to learn what's next for the platform.
  • The Walking Dead: Our World Will Get New Missions After Each Season 9 Episode
    The Walking Dead: Our World Will Get New Missions After Each Season 9 Episode

    The Walking Dead: Our World, the location-based AR game that puts zombies into the world around you using your phone’s GPS and camera, is getting weekly mission content themed around Season 9 of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show. New missions will release after each new episode.

    According to a press release from AMC and Next Games, the missions will go live immediately after episodes air on Monday nights, beginning next week on October 8th. After completing missions (which will vary from solo encounters to group encounters) players will be able to earn guaranteed rewards, such as characters from the show.

    “The AMC Games team can’t wait for fans to see what lies in store for their favorite characters
    when Season 9 of ‘The Walking Dead’ debuts this Sunday,” said Clayton Neuman, VP of Games for AMC in a prepared statement. “We’ve worked with Next Games to weave upcoming events from the show into the design of the game, giving our fans a unique new platform to interact with the ‘The Walking Dead’ universe. We will continue to innovate and add new content to expand The Walking Dead: Our World, and the upcoming Season 9 missions are a great next step.”

    When we published our initial impressions of The Walking Dead AR back in July, we commended it for nailing a good balance between content that you can do from home versus content that requires actively seeking it out in the real world. The AR mode could use some work, but given the limitations of current technology it’s not bad. Especially since it automatically records footage for you to share.

    Connecting the two universes together is a great move to keep fans of the show coming back to the game across the entire stretch of Season 9. We’d love to see more IPs promote across mediums like this.

    Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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  • Valve Improves SteamVR Spectator Mode, Adds New Home Environment
    Valve Improves SteamVR Spectator Mode, Adds New Home Environment

    Valve’s SteamVR Home platform is rolling out another environment for you to make yourself cozy in. Meet the Gulping Goat space farm.

    That may be the most Valve sentence anyone has ever written. Anyway, this colorful new environment is now yours to explore. It features robot farmers lazily tending to alien crops, which we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t eat. As always, there’s an asset pack for the new environment that will allow you to incorporate its materials for your own creations. It joins the supervillain layer environment Valve introduced earlier this year.

    Perhaps more importantly, this new environment is joined by a host of new tweaks to the SteamVR beta. This includes a new mirror window mode that Valve has named ‘Center View’. According to the company it “maximizes the view for any window size inside the hidden area mesh (the black area of pixels at the periphery)” and is designed for improving the spectator experience so that those outside of VR can see more of what the person inside VR is looking at.

    Elsewhere there’s a new mini performance graph for developers to utilize both in and out of the headset and a whole host of smaller tweaks to numerous to recount here (the full changelog is over here).

    This is great and everything but, really, Valve, where the heck at those three VR games you promised us nearly two years ago now?

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  • Rec Room Hits New Milestones As Title Continues To Grow Over 50 million rooms visited by users.
  • Cooperate In Order to Survive In Sleeping Dawn VR Four players enter a creepy procedural maze and try and find a way to survive and escape in Sleeping Dawn VR.
  • Airborne Environmental Consultants Creates VR Training For Asbestos and Legionella VR training allows delegates to learn how to spot hazards related to asbestos and Legionella in a safe environment.
  • PSVR Mascots Astro And Quill Meet Up In Adorable Bundle Video
    PSVR Mascots Astro And Quill Meet Up In Adorable Bundle Video

    The heroes of two of the best PSVR games of the year just collided in this adorable new video for the headset.

    Quill, the tiny protagonist from Polyarc’s brilliant VR adventure, Moss, and Astro from this week’s equally-excellent Astro Bot Rescue Mission meet face-to-face in the below video. It’s promoting a new bundle for the headset that includes copies of both games (a physical version of Astro Bot and a digital download for Moss). In a Reddit AMA earlier this week Polyarc revealed that it had practically begged Sony to be included in such a bundle.

    You know what they say about good things and small packages.

    Get two acclaimed (and adorable) adventures in the Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss PS VR bundle, available now:

    — PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 4, 2018

    Rescue Mission and Moss are actually pretty similar games, with both having the player explore diorama-sized worlds and controlling their heroes from the perspective of a larger entity. Moss definitely leans more heavily on the adventure side though, with more puzzles and deeper combat, whilst Astro Bot is more your traditional platformer like a Mario game. Both are definitely worth playing, though.

    This begs the question: are Quill and Astro PSVR’s very first mascots? We certainly think they’re worthy of the mantle, even if the former has shown up on other headsets.

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  • Dreams PSVR Support Is Still Coming Day 1, Media Molecule Confirms
    Dreams PSVR Support Is Still Comg Day 1, Media Molecule Confirms

    I know I might be sounding like a bit of a broken record at this point but I’ve been anxious to confirm that Media Molecule’s Dreams really is coming to PSVR when it launches on PS4. Thankfully the developer just reassured that that is indeed the case.

    Media Molecule’s Alex Evans confirmed as much in this pretty brilliant 229 rapid-fire questions video from Game Informer as part of its month-long coverage for the game. Not only that, but the developer revealed that, in order to keep VR comfortable, people making levels for Sony’s headset will have to complete those levels themselves before they can publish them.

    “That idea from Mario Maker where you have to complete the level? We’ll take that for VR, so if you want to push up a VR game, you’ll have to try it in VR,” he said.

    In terms of framerate, Evans also said that the game runs “as far as it can”, though we obviously expect there to be certain standards for VR levels to hit. Online multiplayer also won’t be included from day one, but local creation will. We wonder if PSVR users and flatscreen players will be able to work together somehow?

    Dreams is essentially a gamified game engine that allows players to make their very own playable content. We’ve written ad nauseam about how it could be PSVR’s most important games. Look for a beta to roll out later this year, though no word yet if that will support VR.

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