• Oculus Quest To Have ‘Active Cooling’ From Internal Fan
    Oculus Quest To Have ‘Active Cooling’ From Internal Fan

    During John Carmack’s OC5 keynote on the second day of the conference, he explained that the Oculus Go was designed with a metal face plate as a form of passive cooling via heat dissipation. In other words, the front of the Go is like an external-facing heat sink. The Oculus Quest is going a different route.

    While at the event last week we got the chance to talk with Sean Liu, Head of Hardware Product Management at Oculus. He explained that, “We’ve designed the thermal dissipation in this device differently, this one actually uses active cooling with a fan inside, as opposed to Go, which is all passive.”

    The Quest is powered by a Snapdragon 835 chipset (as opposed to the Go’s Snapdragon 821) so the extra cooling power will definitely be put to use. We still don’t know what the battery size and life are like in the Quest, as it depends on the apps you’re using, but if I had to guess I’d say around 2-3 hours is likely.

    “Battery life is really dependent on the content, some content will be higher intensity,” said Liu. “So we’re waiting until next year when we can finalize the lineup and test the range of the battery life more.”

    However, sine a USB-C port is used for charging, it should support fast-charging as well and easily be compatible with an external battery pack for extended use. Although we assume the user manual won’t recommend doing that.

    Other than what powers the device, we also know that the standard model will come loaded with 64GB of internal storage (although a larger model is expected to be announced as well — similar to how there is a 32GB and 64GB version of Go.) The Quest uses a twin OLED display, each with 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye at a locked 72Hz refresh rate.

    With active cooling, something that not even the Rift has, we should see good performance all around. At OC5 while using the Quest I never once heard the fan humming inside the headset and it never seemed to get warm at all, so it appears to work well.

    Do you have any burning questions about the Quest? Let us know down in the comments below and we’ll answer what we can!

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  • Oculus Discusses Quest Launch Lineup, Rift Cross-Play, And Cross-Buy
    Oculus Discusses Quest Launch Lineup, Rift Cross-Play, And Cross-Buy

    Last week at the annual Oculus Connect conference in San Jose, CA, the VR giant set the world on fire with the announcement of the new all-in-one standalone headset, Oculus Quest. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was on stage for the reveal, explaining that the device will launch in Spring 2019 for $399 with over 50 launch titles. That’s a lot to look forward to.

    We’re still a bit vague on the full launch lineup for the Oculus Quest, but we do have a few confirmed titles to work off of. Specifically, we know for sure Superhot VR, Face Your Fears 2, Tennis Scramble, and Dead and Buried are all guaranteed because we played them all. At the event they also confirmed Moss, Robo Recall, and The Climb as well. Based on the trailer footage (embedded below) it certainly looks like some variations of The Unspoken, Marvel Powers United VR, and Beat Saber will make their way over too. But that still leaves about 40 other titles that are big ol’ mysteries.

    “We want people to understand that you can do a ton with this device,” said Sean Liu, Head of Hardware Product Management at Oculus. “So, we’re taking all of the top titles from Rift and bringing them over to Oculus Quest so people understand you can have those incredible experiences on this all-in-one device.”

    If we look at this logo collage that was shown on-stage at OC5 of developers “experimenting” with Quest, also shown below, we can make some assumptions on what those top titles might be. In addition to the three guesses from before, we see Ready at Dawn (Lone Echo, Echo Arena, Echo Combat), Twisted Pixel (Wilson’s Heart, Defector), Pixel Toys (Drop Dead), Against Gravity (Rec Room), Funomena (Luna), High Voltage (Damaged Core, Dragon Front), nDreams (The Assembly, Shooty Fruity, Bloody Zombies), White Elk (Covert, Eclipse), Halfbrick (Fruit Ninja VR), Vertigo Games (Arizona Sunshine, Skyworld), Gravity Sketch, Ozwe (Anshar series), Schell Games (Along Together, Floor Plan, Adventure Time), Solfar (In Death, Everest VR), Survios (Sprint Vector, Raw Data, Creed, Electronauts), Harmonix (Rock Band VR, Harmonix Music VR), Bigscreen, Coatsink (Esper series, Augmented Empire), Force Field (Landfall, Pet Lab, Coaster Combat), and more all featuring logos. Fingers crossed on The Elder Scrolls: Blades too!

    That’s a ton of potential games.

    “There are lots of great titles we’re bringing over from Rift, like Robo Recall and Moss, but also new titles like Vader Immortal,” said Allison Berliner, Product Marketing Manager at Oculus. “We’ve shipped hundreds of dev kits and people are building some really cool stuff. What you see at OC5 is just the first wave of what we’re showing and we’re gonna have a lot more.”

    If you’re an avid part of the VR community, you probably have a lot of the games listed above already. Having to re-purchase them on Quest would be a huge pain, but thankfully that doesn’t seem like something that Oculus wants to happen as long as developers agree.

    “We want to make that a platform feature but it’s a developer

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  • Moss Dev Says Sequel Could Feature Non-Linear Elements, Deeper Combat
    Moss Dev Says Sequel Could Feature Non-Linear Elements, Deeper Combat

    Moss developer Polyarc is hinting that fans can look forward to more enemies, deeper combat and even more freedom in the unannounced sequel.

    Polyarc recently hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit and, naturally, many of the questions concerned a potential sequel or ‘Book 2’. For the most part, the developer reiterated what it’s said in the past, that it’s “excited to build” on what’s come before and that “Quill’s journey has only just begun.”

    Some fans, however, instead asked what we can expect from the sequel and that’s where answers get a bit more interesting. Game Designer Josh Stiksma, for example, suggested that the next game might not be a strictly linear affair.

    “Moss was, admittedly, quite linear — so we’re excited to experiment with non-linearity and what that might mean for Quill and the future of Moss,” he said, later adding: “We’ll be exploring ways to be linear when it counts, and non-linear when it counts.”

    Elsewhere, some fans asked what ideas didn’t make it into the first game that might end up in the sequel. Engineer Brendan Walker gave a pretty detailed list of suggestions, including having protagonist Quill’s ears point in the direction of sound sources (including when the player speaks into PSVR’s microphone), the ability to dig holes to locate hidden paths and even a crane that Quill could jump on for players to operate.

    Lastly, CEO Tam Armstrong laid it out pretty clearly. “We tried to make sure we built a nice base so that we would have room to basically add to anything that players responded well to,” he said. “We prototyped and didn’t ship for a variety of reasons several other kinds of enemies, puzzles, and have built ideas for deeper combat and weapon progression. Quill’s capabilities as the hero of our story and yours as well as the Reader will continue to evolve. We’ll be revisiting all of this work in the future for subsequent books. And that’s to say nothing of the continued storyline where the stakes will continue to rise.”

    Polyarc isn’t saying when it will announce Book 2, though we do know the developer is currently in the early stages of porting the original Moss to Oculus Quest. There’s plenty more of Quill to go around, then.

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