• OC5: Oculus Renames Santa Cruz To Oculus Quest Coming Spring 2019 For $399
    OC5: Oculus Renames Santa Cruz To Oculus Quest Coming Spring 2019 For $399

    Oculus now has a final name for its standalone inside-out tracked VR headset, originally codenamed Santa Cruz. Meet Oculus Quest

    The company announced the new name at its Oculus Connect 5 developer conference in San Jose today, also confirming that the kit would launch in spring 2019 for $399. UploadVR had previously confirmed the kit would be arriving next year with ports of Oculus Rift games and those include Moss, Robo Recall and The Climb. 50 games will be available at launch.

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke the news, saying the headset could run “Rift quality experiences.”

    Quest is Oculus’ second standalone headset but, whereas this year’s Go only support three degrees of freedom (3DOF) movement, this utilizes full 6DOF tracking like the Oculus Rift. Facebook calls this system Oculus Insight. This is achieved using sensors mounted to the headset itself that can recognize a user’s location in the real world and then translate their movement into the virtual world. Two hand-controllers, similar in form to Oculus Touch, also bring you more control in the virtual world.

    We’ll be going hands-on with the device over the course of Oculus Connect, so make sure to check back with us.

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  • OC5: Oculus Quest Will Launch With Over 50 Titles In 2019
    OC5: Oculus Quest Will Launch With Over 50 Titles In 2019

    Today at Oculus Connect 5 Facebook announced that the Santa Cruz prototype is now officially known as Oculus Quest and that it will be launching in Spring 2019 with over 50 different titles for $399. While the full list of releases won’t be confirmed until next year, we already have a bit of insight into what to expect.

    Here at OC5 in San Jose Facebook is hosting an “arena-scale” demo of Dead and Buried that will allow users to run around freely in a large space within a shared multiplayer environment. At the show they’re also demoing Tennis Scramble, a VR tennis title that looks a lot like Wii Tennis, as well as Face Your Fears.

    In addition to those that we will have the chance to try here today, Oculus Quest will also launch with several ports of other Rift titles such as Superhot, Robo Recall, The Climb, and Moss. But that still leaves over 40 other titles that we don’t know about yet.

    The sizzle reel that they showed during the OC5 keynote didn’t show much actual gameplay footage, more like concept ideas, but it certainly showed what looked like a sword fighting game of some kind (maybe even Raw Data?) and we’re hoping to see Beat Saber make an appearance. At one point the actor has giant fists on her hands that look a lot like The Hulk, so hopefully that means some version of Marvel Powers United VR on Quest too.

    What other titles do you hope to see on Oculus Quest? We put together a wish list if you want to see our picks, but we’d love to know your thoughts too down in the comments below!

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  • Oculus Rift Core 2.0 Platform Leaves Beta Both Dash and Home have seen makeovers.
  • OC5: Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR Series Revealed For Oculus Quest
    OC5: Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR Series Revealed For Oculus Quest

    As yesterday’s teases suggested, ILMxLAB has just revealed new information about its anticipated Star Wars VR experience starring Darth Vader.

    Star Wars: Vader Immortal was just revealed for Oculus Quest as a premier partner for what’s described as a three-part series.  Vicki Bobbs Beck introduced the experience on stage at Oculus Connect 5 alongside David S Goyer, writer and executive producer on Secrets of the Empire. That experience serves as the set up for this new piece, which will travel back to Vader’s headquarters on Mustafar. A trailer for the experience gave us a brief tease, showing the Dark Lord himself coming face-to-face with you before teasing lightsaber combat.

    This will be ILMxLAB’s third Star Wars-set VR experience four home-based headsets and the fifth major app set in the universe overall. The studio found its feet with the franchise in short Trials on Tatooine demo before tying into 2017’s The Last Jedi with the excellent Droid Repair Bay piece. ILMxLAB also collaborated with The Void on the Secrets of the Empire location-based experience, whilst EA and DICE prepared an X-Wing VR experience for PSVR back in 2016.

    As numerous as they are, all of these experiences have been decidedly short, offering just a taste of the Star Wars dream. Let’s hope this latest attempt finally lives up to our lofty expectations. It’s coming in 2019.

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  • New Oculus Go Title Covert Announced at Oculus Connect 5 Covert from White Elk will be coming to Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR later this year.
  • Oculus Announces ‘Lone Echo 2’ At Oculus Connect 5

    A sequel to one of 2018’s most polished VR titles heads to the Oculus Rift 2019. This past July, Lone Echo introduced us to Jack and Liv, an unlikely pair of friends who find themselves thrust into an extraordinary situation after their space vessel is destroyed by an unknown force. Stepping into the role of

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  • Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR Serves its Way Onto PlayStation VR in October 10Ants Hill will be offering a single-player experience to begin with.
  • OC5: Oculus Go Is Finally Getting Casting, YouTube VR
    OC5: Oculus Go Is Finally Getting Casting, YouTube VR

    Facebook’s Oculus Go standalone headset is finally getting casting options.

    Oculus made the announcement at its Connect 5 developer conference today. Casting allows a VR user to project what they’re seeing in the virtual world onto another device over Wifi so others can see it. It’s coming to mobile first and then launching on TVs later down the line.

    Also on the way is Youtube VR, Google’s 360 degree video platform that has been available on its own Daydream headset for years now.

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