• VR Puzzle Title I Expect You To Die Passes $3 Million Milestone Schell Games announces that spy-themed VR title has passed another milestone.
  • I Expect You To Die Clears $3 Million Revenue Milestone
    I Expect You To Die Clears $3 Million Revenue Milestone

    I Expect You To Die from Schell Games surpassed a revenue milestone of $3 million.

    The spy-themed escape room VR game released in late 2016 and since shipped on every hand-controlled consumer VR platform alongside major updates that kept the game fresh over the last two years. It is available now on  Steam, Oculus, the PlayStation Store and Windows Store.

    A little more than a year ago Schell announced the game had surpassed just $1 million in gross revenue, so it actually saw $2 million in revenue generated in just the last year.

    VR games in the early days are typically built by extraordinarily small teams, so many experiences out there are built by just a couple people doing the majority of the work. Meanwhile, companies like Oculus and HTC don’t release sales numbers for headsets. So any prospective VR developers trying to make smart decisions about how to spend their time and effort really only have the reports of other developers to hold onto when making their plans. That means when Beat Saber’s creators say it sold 100,000 copies in less than a month and the developer behind H3VR says he sold 100,000 copies over the previous two years, this data can help folks reverse engineer their own path to success by understanding what makes these titles work. Job Simulator achieved the same $3 million milestone in early 2017 and we’ve seen smaller milestones announced by Cloudhead’s The Gallery and Raw Data.

    Schell Games is headed up by Jesse Schell, a game designer, professor and author who worked on the pioneering VR attraction DisneyQuest back when he was an imagineer.

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  • Fly Like Thor With This Hilariously Dangerous VR Movement Experiment
    Fly Like Thor With This Hilariously Dangerous VR Movement Experiment

    What could be safer than putting on a VR headset, grabbing a motion controller by the wrist strap and then twirling it above your head to take flight?

    WyVRn developer Hamster Ball recently showcased this frankly terrifying new form of VR locomotion, which allows you to whirl a hammer and lift off just like everyone’s favorite Norse Avenger, Thor. You know, Thor? The guy that can fly by having his hammer pull him off (Ragnarok pun intended)? He has a tendency to break everything in sight and, well, this little experiment seems like it has the potential to do the game. And we thought Echo Arena was a safety hazard.

    Watch it in action below. There’s also some, um, pelvis swinging for good measure. You’ve been warned.

    via Gfycat

    Heck, even the developer thinks this is a bad idea. “In fact, I don’t recommend unironic use of this locomotion at all,” he wrote on Reddit. “You’ll hurt someone or break something.”

    Yeah, we’ll stick to just playing as Thor in Marvel: Powers United VR, thanks.

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  • Firewall Devs ‘Working Hard’ To Fix Squad Issues, Hosting
    Firewall Devs ‘Working Hard’ To Fix Squad Issues, Hosting

    It sounds like you can expect Firewall Zero Hour‘s matchmaking problems to be fixed in the near future.

    In a post on the PlayStation Blog developer, First Contact Entertainment reassured fans that they were “working hard” to bring improvements to the PlayStation VR (PSVR) exclusive shooter, which launched late last month. Specifically, the team is “continuing to evaluate” and improve upon the game’s squad handling, which is giving players that are looking to team up with friends as squads some issues.

    First Contact is also looking to improve its host performance, which uses a peer-to-peer format. Currently, this means that, when the host quits a game, everyone else is at risk of losing their progress that match. The studio is looking at a way to protect from that and improved in-game messaging.

    “Lastly, we wanted you to know we are reading all the feedback we can, and our goal is to continue to improve the game so that it’s a great experience for everyone,” First Contact wrote. “We wanted to note that we are focused on supporting the game post-launch with additional new content, and will have more to share about that soon!”

    Firewall seems to have been performing pretty well sales-wise since its launch, topping PS Store Charts and ranking well in UK software listings, so there’s likely a lot of players out there looking for these improvements. We’ll bring you more as soon as we hear it.

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  • PSVR Shooter Honor and Duty: D-Day Gets Open Beta Next Week
    PSVR Shooter Honor and Duty: D-Day Gets Open Beta Next Week

    It might be time to put Firewall on pause for a bit; another PlayStation VR (PSVR) multiplayer shooter is getting an open beta next week.

    Strange Games’ Honor and Duty: D-Day, a World War II-era shooter, will have a free testing session in both the US and EU starting September 18th. The developer also explained that the beta will take place in phases, with the first including vehicles. Later phases will add more features.

    Honor and Duty: D-Day can only be played without a VR headset, suggesting this could be a multiplayer game that VR fans won’t struggle to find games in. On PSVR, though, it can be played with the excellent Aim Controller, which should provide a more immersive experience. There’s plenty of VR footage on the game’s YouTube channel; it definitely doesn’t have the polish of Firewall, but hopefully the mechanics can make up for that.

    There’s no word yet on when the full game might launch.

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  • VR Intelligence Hosting Enterprise VR Webinar With Johnson & Johnson, DHL
    VR Intelligence Hosting Enterprise VR Webinar With Johnson & Johnson, DHL

    As enterprise businesses start to see the benefits of immersive tech, VR Intelligence brings together immersive leads from Johnson & Johnson and DHL, along with HTC Vive, for a webinar to discuss where and how companies can get a real return on their investment in XR.

    Last month, an XR industry survey by VR Intelligence revealed some interesting feedback on the uses of VR and AR in enterprise. On one hand, the vast majority of companies already using immersive tech, claimed they were seeing positive results and intend to invest more. On the other, many enterprise companies yet to implement the technology, reported difficulty in proving ROI to gain internal buy-in from budget holders.

    While XR companies have excelled in creating hardware and software to transform industries – from architecture to automotive, retail and beyond – the question now comes in how those benefits can be measured and communicated, in order to push for further adoption and investment.

    To understand this further, VR Intelligence is bringing together two major household brands – Johnson & Johnson and DHL, along with major VR headset gurus, HTC – to discuss what impacts the technologies are actually having, and how companies can build a business case for continued investment.

    With a panel of experts:

    Vinay Narayan, Vice President, Product and Operations (Americas), HTC Vive
    Raj Tiwari, Global Service Owner – Advanced Technologies (XR), Johnson & Johnson
    Lee Burrell, Director of Business Development – Automotive, Engineering & Manufacturing, DHL

    Discussion chaired by: Amy Peck, Founder & CEO, EndeavorVR

    The key talking points will cover:

    Benefits and applications of XR tech and how to gain buy-in from the right people
    The importance of proving the value proposition of XR from the start to enable it to sustain and scale
    Why consistently tracking and measuring success is key to proving the business case and demonstrating ROI

    The webinar will take place on September 20 at 10am PDT. To register for the webinar, or receive the recording afterwards, go to

    This is a promotional post not produced by the UploadVR staff. No compensation was exchanged for the creation of this content.

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