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  • Tactical VR Shooter Zero Killed Sets Sights For Rift And Vive On Sept. 26
    Tactical VR Shooter Zero Killed Sets Sights For Rift And Vive On Sept. 26

    If you don’t have a PSVR but do have a Rift or Vive, then chances are you’re a bit tired of hearing about Firewall Zero Hour. The PSVR-exclusive shooter has dominated the VR world for the past week with its excellent pacing, tactical gameplay, and thriving multiplayer community. But in just three weeks a new VR shooter by the name of Zero Killed will be on the block and it’s hitting both Rift and  Vive first.

    Zero Killed is being described by developer Ignibit as a “one-of-a-kind mix of Rainbow Six Siege’s tactical gameplay, Counter-Strike’s engaging PvP multiplayer, and SWAT 4’s rich choice of equipment and gadgets,” which is admittedly a lot to take in. See it in action in the gameplay trailer below:

    Zero Killed will feature 10 different characters that will each have their own specific loadout, gadget, and perk to make them feel and play differently. Similar to Firewall, Zero Killed will also feature 4v4 tactical multiplayer gameplay, but unlike Firewall it’s aiming to launch with four game modes: Data Steal, Domination, hunt, and Tournament across three maps.

    In addition to full, smooth locomotion, players will also be able to climb and slide across levels using “motion sickness-free technology” according to the developers. There is a heavy focus on environmental and object interaction, realistic recoil and weapon behaviors, as well as destructible environments. If done well, all of these features (such as blowing doors off hinges or destroying cover points) could help to keep the limited map selection feeling fresh.

    We haven’t had the chance to play it for ourselves yet, but that should be changing very soon as we’re expecting to have a look at the game as early as next week. Stay tuned with us for more details as its Rift and Vive launch on September 26th draws ever closer. There is still no date set for the PSVR version.

    In the meantime, you can join the Closed Beta, which starts on September 17th, by signing up right here and reading up on the official site and Steam page for more details.

    Let us know what you think of the game down in the comments below!

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  • Quill From Moss Says Congrats To Spider-Man In The Cutest Way
    Quill From Moss Says Congrats To Spider-Man In The Cutest Way

    Polyarc paid tribute to fellow VR developer Insomniac Games this week with an adorable message about the launch of its new Spider-Man game.

    The teamed sketched up the below Twitter post in which Quill, the cutesy protagonist of Polyarc’s VR hit, Moss, dons the iconic Spidey outfit, complete with white spider symbol from the new game’s take on the character. Apparently she’s webbed up a congrats sign too. Did Quill get bitten by an irradiated spider? Wouldn’t that spider be just as big as her? This was not the train of thought I wanted to start my Friday with.

    Congratulations @insomniacgames, @PlayStation and @MarvelGames on the release of #SpiderManPS4. Even Quill got into the Spidey spirit.

    — Moss on PSVR|Rift|Vive (@PolyarcGames) September 7, 2018

    Now fans are calling for the suit to be made available in the game, which we would super be up for.

    Sadly Spider-Man itself isn’t playable in PSVR (he does star in Marvel: Powers United VR), though Insomniac has worked on the brilliant Edge of Nowhere and The Unspoken (as well as the less brilliant Feral Rites) in VR, and is currently developing Oculus Rift exclusive, Stormland. Moss, meanwhile, started life on PSVR before finding its way over to Rift, Vive and Windows VR later this year.

    Okay, really we just wanted to find an excuse to write about the Spider-Man game today. Can you blame us?

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  • Play Echo Combat For Free Again In Open Beta 4, Now Live
    Play Echo Combat For Free Again In Open Beta 4, Now Live

    Strap on your wrist jets and load up your weapons because Echo Combat, the upcoming first-person zero-gravity VR shooter from Lone Echo and Echo Arena developers, Ready at Dawn, is heading back into Open Beta. The Open Beta 4 period is now live starting today and lasts until Sunday, September 9th, at 9AM PT with patch 14.0, bringing with it lots of bug fixes, party support, and balance changes.

    More details in the trailer:

    One of the featured changes with this most recent patch that’s very welcomed is the addition of new cover points throughout the map. Since Echo Combat only has a single map for its one game mode getting the balance just right is crucial.

    The main areas of focus for the rest of the new patch focus on the Arc Mine gadget, 2D spectator mode fixes, nerfing the Barrier Tac-Mod, spawn timer adjustments, and various other tweaks.

    We’ve written detailed impressions of Echo Combat, compared it to the similar upcoming VR shooter from Ubisoft Space Junkies side-by-side, and livestreamed the Rift-exclusive on not one, but two occasions already.

    Let us know what you think of Echo Combat if you’ve had the chance to jump in already and maybe we’ll see you out there on the battlefield!

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