• Sensory VR Puzzle Game Blind Hits Rift, Vive And PSVR This Month
    Sensory VR Puzzle Game Blind Hits Rift, Vive And PSVR This Month

    Here’s another date to add to your VR diary; intriguing puzzle game Blind is launching on September 18th.

    The game, which is developed by Tiny Bull Studios, has been on our radar for some time thanks to its promising premise. You step into the shoes of a young woman that awakens in an unknown room and discovers she can no longer see. It’s your job to guide her through this new world using echolocation which will reveal the outlines of the rooms around you for a short amount of time. You’re given a walking stick that you can tap to get a sense of the world around you, though use it too much and you’ll be overwhelmed.

    We went hands-on with Blind earlier this year and came away hopeful for an empathetic adventure, though the black and white color scheme can be draining. Either way, it’s a unique take on the puzzle genre that could give us an insight into what it’s like to live without sight. That alone will make it worth a look.

    Blind will launch on PlayStation VR (PSVR), Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for $24.99 with a physical version coming to Europe on September 28th and later on in the US. It’s also coming to Open-Source Virtual Reality hardware because apparently that’s still a thing.

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  • Sega’s Space Channel 5 Seems To Be Coming To PSVR
    Sega’s Space Channel 5 Seems To Be Coming To PSVR

    Earlier in the year we reported that Sega’s cult-favorite rhythm series, Space Channel 5, would be making its way to the HTC Vive as the wonderfully-titled Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash!. Well, it looks like it’s headed to PSVR, too.

    Gematsu reports that the game will be showcased on Sony’s headset at the Tokyo Game Shows when it gets underway later this month. That certainly seems to suggest that the game is coming to PSVR, though so far we only know for sure that the HTC Vive version will be released in the US. An arcade version of the experience is also in the works and was shown off at VRLA for the first time earlier this year.

    Space Channel 5 is another game from the mind of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the famed developer that already brought his other cult classic, Rez, to VR headsets and is currently working on a new Tetris game for headsets. Players need to match a beat with their controllers in order to help a reporter named Ulala rescue people from an alien race. In the VR version, you’ll be able to dance alongside Ulala inside her reality.

    Again, there’s no release date or price for the VR port so far, though we’d imagine at this point that it’s not something we’ll see until 2019.

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  • Firewall Zero Hour Has A Major Signal Modifier Exploit Problem
    Firewall Zero Hour Has A Major Signal Modifier Exploit Problem

    Firewall Zero Hour is the real deal. We praised the fantastic tactical shooter in our full review, especially when played with a talkative team using a PS Aim Controller, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the PSVR shooter. Personally, it’s eating up a ton of my free time on weekends and evenings.

    As you level up you’ll start to unlock better gear that enables brand new strategies you may not have seen in your first dozen or so levels. Specifically, at level 21, you unlock the Signal Modifier. This gadget, which can be taken in place of a grenade slot, can only be used on the Defending team. What you do is place the modifier (a beeping rectangle that looks a bit like a WiFi Router) on a surface somewhere near the laptop. It prevents the Attacking team from hacking the laptop unless they destroy the modifier first.

    Frankly, it’s a great little device that adds a really tense extra layer to the end of matches as you frantically search for it all around and near the laptop. But just a week removed from Firewall’s launch, players are already finding ways to exploit the device.

    Since you can get creative with where you place it, you really have to think outside the box as an Attacker. Most of the time you won’t spot it out in the open, but instead hear it behind a cabinet, under a desk, or on a totally different floor of the building. Saving a grenade for that last moment to try and blow it up is a wise strategy. This isn’t inherently a problem though — it encourages creativity — but when combined with the game’s rule that as soon as all Defending players die you’ve only got a minute left as the Attacking team, it becomes a major problem. PSVR Frank alerted us to the issue just last night via DM.

    This means that, if you’re Defending, an almost fool-proof strategy (depending on the map size) is to place a signal modifier and then immediately have everyone throw down grenades or blow up mines to commit suicide. Now, with all four Defenders dead, the timer is set to only one minute and the Attackers have to bypass the access point, find the signal modifier, destroy it, and hack the laptop — all while starting on the other side of the map.

    It’s a bit ridiculous.

    We’re pretty confident that this issue will be addressed, hopefully sooner rather than later, seeing as how the developers at First Contact have already fixed some of the networking issues from the title’s launch week.

    Have you ran into this issue before? How are you enjoying Firewall Zero Hour? Make sure and check out our tips for getting started and let us know what you think of this issue down in the comments below!

    Featured Image: PreOrigin Gaming

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  • Samsung Promotes Intelligent Smart Home With Family Guy AR Game

    Samsung teams up with the popular adult cartoon series for a hilarious AR tour through their smart home product line-up. Confused or intimidated by the vast array of Samsung smart home products at your disposal? Samsung has your back with a their brand new Doorway platform, a smartphone-based AR tool designed to help guide users

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  • William Shatner On Virtual Reality: ‘We’ve Got To Be Really Careful’
    William Shatner On Virtual Reality: ‘We’ve Got To Be Really Careful’

    William Shatner’s legacy in science fiction goes back more than 50 years. From TV to film to books to videogames, his voice and visage remain an iconic part of 20th century popular culture. The evolution of technologies that were merely imagined at the start of his career and realities by the end also gives Shatner some interesting perspective.

    With regard to virtual reality in particular, it is clear Star Trek’s original captain has had some up close encounters in VR that left him concerned about how the technology is used in the future.

    “It’s so real: it’s the stuff of nightmares … We’ve got to be really careful because you could put somebody into a psychosis,” Shatner recently told The Guardian.

    Shatner just released a new memoir and spoke about VR in recent weeks with The Guardian. In the book he discusses getting himself captured digitally with “everything necessary to enable technicians to make my image move and speak realistically”.

    “Shatner will now ‘live’ forever,” he jokes.

    He also notes how VR capture technology can allow family members to essentially speak to loved ones from beyond the grave.

    “The possibility of people, prior to dying, a little speech to a virtual-reality camera. Then you could put that by their grave and people who loved them, or were curious about them, could see them in their entirety, in absolute reality … There they are, saying, ‘my darling, I love you’,” Shatner said.

    For those Star Trek fans out there with a good memory, you’ll recall this basic premise playing out in Star Trek: The Next Generation. In season 4 episode 2 of TNG (“Family”) Wesley Crusher comes face to face with a message from his long-dead father in the Holodeck.

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