• ImmotionVR Opens Fourth VR Centre in Cardiff, Three Further Sites Planned Immotion Group is looking at three ImmotionVR Centres at intu shopping centres.
  • Sony Introduces Two Game Bundles for PlayStation VR The deals only apply to US and Canadian customers.
  • New PSVR bundles include Creed, Astro Bot, Superhot and Moss
    New PSVR bundles include Creed, Astro Bot, Superhot and Moss

    There are going to be some great new ways to pick up PSVR very soon.

    Sony today introduced two new bundles for its PS4 VR headset, which it recently confirmed had sold over three million units. Both bundle the kit with some of its best games along with some of its most anticipated titles for the holiday season.

    The first is a $349.99 USD/$449.99 CAD package that includes the headset, PlayStation Camera, two Move controllers and then a physical copy of Survios’ upcoming VR boxing game, Creed: Rise to Glory, and a digital copy of super-popular VR first-person shooter (FPS), Superhot. Both games make great use of the Move controllers. It launches on the same day as Creed itself on September 25th.

    Next up is a cheaper $299.99 USD/$379.99 CAD set. This one doesn’t have Move controllers, but it does include a physical copy of the highly-anticipated Astro Bot Rescue Mission as well as a digital copy of the critically acclaimed VR adventure game, Moss. Both of these games are played with a DualShock 4, which you already have with your PS4 purchase, so there’s no need for the Move controllers. The bundle launches on October 2nd, which is when Astro Bot itself goes live.

    Those are two pretty great bundles, though we’ll admit we’re surprised not to see Firewall Zero Hour included in either one. Sony is no doubt looking to pick up steam with PSVR sales as the headset enters its third holiday season.

    Sadly both bundles are only confirmed for the US and Canada right now.

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  • Single-Player VR FPS The Last Operator Leaves Early Access Today
    Single-Player VR FPS The Last Operator Leaves Early Access Today

    For those that prefer their shooter action in single-player rather than online, Mean Mutt Interactive’s The Last Operator arrives in full today.

    The game, which first arrived via Steam Early Access in March, is adding two new missions in its launch update. The first is a city environment that will feature shootouts on the streets, whilst a laboratory setting has you ducking between boxes and desks. This brings the game’s solo campaign to a total of 10 missions. These are objective-based levels with randomized locations designed to get you to tackle them multiple times.

    As with multiplayer games like Onward and Pavlov, The Last Operator labels itself as a tactical first-person shooter (FPS). You’ll be able to choose to a range of weapons and sidearms, fit them with attachments and then sneak through levels as you hunt down an evil corporation responsible for releasing a deadly virus. On top of the solo campaign, each mission features a VIP Hunt mode in which you have to take out certain enemies.

    “I want to thank the early access players for their feedback which helped me improve many aspects of the game while still keeping within my original vision,” the developer wrote in a Reddit post. “Over the last year and a half of development I went through lots of long nights and weekends, stress and anxiety, to hopefully add a good option to the VR shooter genre, and I hope others follow so we can see (and I can play) many more singleplayer shooters in the months and years to come. I know some I already have on my radar.”

    The Last Operator supports the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets. The game costs $14.99 in Early Access though Mean Mutt says that will rise slightly for the full launch later today.

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  • New Speakers, New Panellists, New Games – Last Chance To Get Tickets For The Post Gamescom XR Review! Act now to get your free ticket for tomrorow's London-based event,
  • Visit Italy Without Leaving the Local Pub Thanks to VR Italian beer brand Menabrea is inviting customers to visit its brewery in VR before trying its beer.
  • VRstudios Announces Solution for Smaller VR Arenas Smaller VR centres will now be able to use the VRcade PowerPlay system.
  • Life In 360°: Old Traveller Space may be the final frontier but one machine's final resting place is very much on the ground.
  • Thumper Brings Its Harrowing Sense Of Speed To Oculus Go This Week
    Thumper Brings Its Harrowing Sense Of Speed To Oculus Go This Week

    The full version of fast-paced rhythm game Thumper is coming to Oculus Go this week for around $10.

    We reviewed Thumper all the way back in October 2016 for PlayStation VR, rating it 9/10 “Amazing” as it delivers a “harrowing sense of speed.”

    Thumper has since come to most other platforms, including Switch and iOS. With the game finally coming to Facebook’s Oculus Go standalone VR headset on Sept. 6, though, most Go owners are going to want to take note of what could end up being one of the best games available on that platform. It might be too intense for some, but for those than can stomach it Thumper should look incredible with Oculus Go.

    Thumper is launching on @Oculus Go this Thursday, September 6th. The full VR experience on a mobile headset for $9.99.

    — THUMPER (@ThumperGame) September 4, 2018

    We’ll plan to go hands-on with it on Oculus Go as soon as it is available.

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  • Trans Youth Imagine Their Ideal Future Using Google Tilt Brush

    Three transgender individuals use art to express their hopes and dreams via an eye-opening documentary and 360-degree companion piece. When discussing the current status of transgender relations within modern day society, many conversations tend to head into a discussion regarding the many hardships and social hurdles that plague those who identify as a gender different

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  • AR Videogame System For Children Shoots Past Kickstarter Goal Crowdfunding campaign for Plugo exceeds its goal with eleven days still to go.
  • Augmenting Dinner – Pizza Hut Gets AR Packaging Pizza Hut is launching a new AR app activated by packaging as part of NFL promotion deal.
  • Play Beat Saber for Free During Demo Days At US VR Centres Ctrl V is launching month free demo sessions at its VR arcade centres.
  • Original 1992 ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ Now Available In VR

    Gaming’s earliest first person shooter makes its way to VR headsets in this lovingly-crafted fan recreation. Did you ever hear the story of 1993’s Wolfenstein 3D Virtual Reality StarterKit 1? It’s not a story iD Software would tell you. Another poor attempt at 90’s virtual reality, the obtuse “virtual reality” system incorporated an extremely bulky

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  • Video: Check Out Gameplay From Trover Saves The Universe
    Video: Check Out Gameplay From Trover Saves The Universe

    You can get a pretty good sense of what Trover Saves The Universe is like in new gameplay footage released from PAX.

    The title is coming in 2019 from Squanch Games to both PlayStation VR and PSVR, so you play the game both inside and outside VR. While we got hands-on time with the game at E3 a few months ago, new videos from PAX show some of the characters, environments and, of course, some of Justin Roiland’s humor that will be infused throughout. This includes a villain that takes two cute puppies and puts them into his eyeholes.

    The gameplay also shows how Squanch is experimenting with humor and narrative just as they are with a number of small Daydream VR games. The footage for Trover walks through the tutorial and basic movement mechanics, including showing how you come to control Trover by connecting to one of the “power babies” from his eyeholes.

    “We gotta wrap this up, come on, we got — there’s other people waiting to play this–this demo,” Trover says near the end of the footage above.

    In typical Squanch fashion the PAX trailer and gameplay videos are accompanied by a comic that calls the game a “P.O.S.”

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