• Review: Firewall Zero Hour A finely crafted VR shooter that manages to avoid the problems of many other VR multiplayers.
  • It’s Time to get Mining as Cave Digger: Riches DLC Launches The videogame has now arrived on Oculus Store.
  • Downward Spiral: Horus Station’s PSVR Version Dated
    Downward Spiral: Horus Station’s PSVR Version Dated

    Last week’s PlayStation Blog suggested that the PSVR port of 3rd Eye Studios’ Downward Spiral: Horus Station would be releasing this week. Well, you actually have to wait just a little while longer.

    Downward Spiral is now arriving on September 18th with full (and optional) support for PSVR. The console version of the game will support the DualShock 4 and PlayStation Move controllers and will be released for $19.99 / €14.99 / £14.99.

    The game is a sci-fi adventure in which you find yourself on an abandoned space station orbiting an alien planet. You make your way through the facility in zero gravity, trying to find out what happened to the crew and fighting off mechanical enemies. The game’s got full co-op support (though works great in single-player) and also comes with competitive multiplayer to boot.

    We really, really like Downward Spiral, so we’re actually glad it’s not releasing in the same week as Firewall Zero Hour and other big PSVR titles. The game’s got a great control scheme (which will be implemented for the first time on PSVR unlike on Rift where there’s also Lone Echo) and an unbeatable atmosphere. If you need a break from all the military action in three weeks time you should absolutely pick it up.

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  • FAKT Software Discuss Their Physics-Based Puzzler Crazy Machines VR VRFocus spoke with MD Falk Mockel about the upcoming experience.
  • Google’s Next VR Spotlight Story Looks Absolutely Gorgeous
    Google’s Next VR Spotlight Story Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

    Google’s Spotlight Story series of gorgeously animated 360-degree videos has produced some of the best-looking experiences you can have inside a VR headset. Its latest entry, Age of Sail, is no exception.

    The trailer for this latest story, which is on display at the Venice Film Festival this week, just dropped. Directed by John Kahrs, who’s best known for his Oscar-winning 2012 animated short, Paperman, the piece tells the story of an old sailor that saves a girl in the middle of the North Atlantic. The two quickly fall out of sorts, with the sailor seeking isolation. It stars Ian McShane and Cathy Ang.

    Visually the piece looks absolutely jaw-dropping, with a beautiful hand-drawn art style that boasts a unique sketchiness to it. We don’t know when it’ll launch on headsets, but it will make its US debut at LA Film Festival’s VR & Immersive Storytelling Showcase on 22nd – 23rd September.

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  • MiHiepa Creates new Football Performance Platform REZZIL Academy The company will soon expand into the US soccer market.
  • Fan Project Aims to Bring Wolfenstein 3D Into VR Re-experience the grandfather of the first-person shooter in glorious VR.
  • Philharmonia Orchestra Brings Two VR Experiences to the Southbank Centre Next Month They feature the music of Beethoven and Mahler.
  • Life In 360°: In The Wake Of Disaster Different disasters require different measures to keep your animals safe, ASPCA seeks to encourage planning for pet with the help of Koncept VR.
  • L.E.A.P. Conference: Magic Leap Now Accepting Applications For October Event
    L.E.A.P. Conference: Magic Leap Now Accepting Applications For October Event

    Creators focused on augmented reality have a chance to attend a conference to learn more about the Magic Leap One Creator Edition and how to build software for the headset.

    The two-day event is being called the L.E.A.P. Conference and it will be held Oct. 9 and 10 in Los Angeles. Applications will be accepted all the way until Oct. 3, but space is limited and Magic Leap will individually approve folks who get the chance to actually register. So if you have a Magic Leap One and you’re in California already it is probably in your best interest to apply soon. People who are approved will receive an email explaining next steps and the registration process is free.

    One of the key questions on the application asks was whether you are “currently developing on Magic Leap hardware”, so it seems reasonable if registration preference is granted to current owners of Magic Leap hardware.

    We don’t know much more than that, but our initial impressions of ML1 suggest it is a solid AR developer kit and tweets from CEO Rony Abovitz make it seem like this event should resemble most other developer conferences.

    We will also share more of our vision, roadmap, and focus on some key partners who have joined us in the spatial computing revolution 😎😎😎🚀

    — Rony Abovitz (@rabovitz) August 30, 2018

    But then again this is Magic Leap and Leapers certainly approach some things differently.

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  • VR Game Releases For September 2018
    VR Game Releases For September 2018

    Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is September’s list. Don’t worry — we’ll continue highlighting the best ones at the end of each week too.

    August was a huge month for VR. Between Firewall Zero Hour, Electronauts, Torn, and plenty others there was certainly something for everybody regardless of your chosen platform. Now with September right around the corner, it’s time to take a look at what’s coming down the line next.

    And if you’re a VR game developer planning to release a game soon — let us know! You can get in touch with me directly by emailing or hit all of the editorial team by emailing Please contact us about your upcoming releases so that we can know what you’re working on and include you in release lists!

    Rift, Vive, and Windows VR Game Releases For September 2018

    Mystery House -fivestones- ($TBD) – September 3rd – Vive
    MiniTracks ($TBD) – September 3rd – Vive, Windows VR
    ABC Paint ($TBD) – September 3rd – Rift, Vive, Windows VR
    Northern Lights 01 ($TBD) – September 3rd – Rift, Vive
    ZONE OF THE ENDERS THE 2nd RUNNER : M∀RS ($29.99) – September 4th – Rift, Vive
    Unknown Fate ($TBD) – September 4th – Vive
    Virtual Virtual Reality ($TBD) – September 7th – Rift,  Vive
    Sleeping Dawn VR ($TBD) – September 7th – Rift, Vive
    People Cu3ed (Free Demo) – September 7th – Rift, Vive, Windows VR
    Battle X: Birth of the Alliance ($TBD) – September 10th – Rift, Vive
    Transference ($24.99) – September 18th – Rift, Vive
    Creed: Rise to Glory ($29.99) – September 25th – Rift, Vive

    No Specific Date in September Given

    Amaze VR – 3D interactives ($TBD) – September 2018 – Rift, Vive, Windows (18+)

    PSVR Game Releases For September 2018

    ZONE OF THE ENDERS THE 2nd RUNNER : M∀RS ($29.99) – September 4th – Rift, Vive
    Transference ($24.99) – September 18th – Rift, Vive
    Creed: Rise to Glory ($29.99) – September 25th – Rift, Vive

    We would love to include mobile releases, but there is very little visibility about what’s coming to Gear VR, Go, or Daydream and it’s difficult to track releases accurately by date. That being said, if you have a mobile VR title in the works with a specific launch date or window, let us know!

    As a point of emphasis: reach out to or to let us know about your upcoming VR game releases!

    Editor’s Note: This post will be continuously updated.

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  • Acer Reveals First Windows MR Headset With Detachable Design

    The customizable OJO 500 includes a removable lens and head strap for a more comfortable and hygienic VR for consumers and businesses. Is there anything worse than patiently waiting for your turn on a VR game like Beat Saber or Sprint Vector, only to have the person before you hand over a sweat-soaked headset so

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  • Jaunt XR Platform Expands Through new AR R&D Initiatives Anyone for a 360-degree AR selfie?
  • The Last Day Defense VR Opens Gates of The Frozen City Developers of tower defence title announce big new update featuring new maps, levels and visuals.
  • Jaunt Shows Off New Augmented Reality 360-degree Full Body Selfies
    Jaunt Shows Off New Augmented Reality 360-degree Full Body Selfies

    Jaunt made its name as a creator of 360-degree videos and cinematic VR experiences. But under new management, the company has shifted its focus to supplying mixed reality technology to other companies. Today, it‘s showing off some of the cool research it has been doing in volumetric capture, such as creating 360-degree digital avatars for augmented reality applications.

    I tried it out at Jaunt’s headquarters in San Mateo, California, and it was quick and seamless. Jaunt demonstrated how it can capture a 360-degree image of a person with six Intel RealSense depth cameras. Jaunt stitches the images from the cameras into a single 3D avatar, and then inserts the avatars into augmented reality streams that can be sent to mobile devices in real time. I saw how they could capture me instantly and turn the data into a shareable image in no time.

    The new AR volumetric capture selfies will eventually be part of a growing XR platform, a business-to-business software solution that Jaunt licenses to its partners, who distributed augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (collectively known as XR) content through their own applications and channels. Jaunt is formally launching the volumetric capture technology to its platform for customers in the fourth quarter.

    “Our objective is to make streaming of experiences like this very easy and portable,” said Arthur van Hoff, chief technology officer and founder of Jaunt, in an interview with VentureBeat. “We have been strong in 360-degree video and immersive content for VR, and now we are figuring out what we can contribute for AR experiences.”

    Jaunt still has a big VR film studio in Santa Monica, California, where it puts to use its expertise in telling stories in XR. In the past, it has launched more than 350 productions, including numerous virtual reality films. But today, the company only starts work on a VR film if a partner pays it to do so.

    Above: Jaunt’s AR avatars can be created in real time.

    Image Credit: Jaunt

    “We want to be the global partner of choice for producing and distributing immersive content,” said Jaunt CEO George Kliavkoff, in an interview with VentureBeat. “In the past, we were consumer-focused. We wanted to be the Netflix of VR and have people come to a Jaunt owned and operated site. We have repositioned as a business-to-business company.”

    With the 360-degree selfies, Jaunt offers volumetric content as another medium for its partners to tell stories and create intellectual property. Volumetric capture (as captured through the six-camera rig) makes it possible to film a subject from a 360-degree perspective, then output an avatar that matches the subject’s appearance, movements, and vocals in the form of a shareable, to-scale, augmented reality asset.

    Instead of an expensive green screen studio, Jaunt uses a simple capture stage with a streamlined setup and leverages the same streaming technology it developed for delivering high-quality VR and AR experiences. The ease of use and established distribution tools are ideal for companies looking for an efficient way to add cutting-edge immersive content to their media strategies. The stage is pretty portable, considering what it

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