• Magic Leap’s First Spatial Computing Event Heading to LA in October The L.E.A.P. Conference is set to feature a few surprises.
  • Crowdfunding Sought for Giant Robot VR Arena Shooter Kickstarter launched by Lightbound Studio for Titan Arena.
  • Grammy Award-Winning Artist Imogen Heap to Perform on TheWaveVR Tomorrow TheWaveVR app is free for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • Review: Bow To Blood Sail through the skies making friends and enemies in this interesting twist on the arena shooter.
  • The VR Download Episode 1: Fraggin’ Fun With Firewall
    The VR Download Episode 1: Fraggin’ Fun With Firewall

    For too long there has been a void in your life. You play VR, talk VR, see VR, but do you listen VR? We highly doubt it. And that’s why we’ve set out on a mission to bring you the best, most informative, and very likely the dumbest VR podcast in all of the non-existent metaverse. Welcome to the VR Download.

    Every week UploadVR’s editors are getting together to discuss the week’s news and releases. This is VR, though, so we won’t all just be sitting at a desk. Instead, we’ll be jumping into different VR spaces every week to share what’s new.

    Today we’re broadcasting live from Rec Room with a newly-designed space by Jamie (okay he just wrote our logo out very badly). We’re going to be talking about our impressions of First Contact’s big PSVR release, Firewall Zero Hour, as well as checking out some of the other launches this week (there were a lot) and taking a look at Acer’s new VR headset.

    You’re probably sick of hearing this about a VR product but the VR Download is still in its very early days. There will be bugs to iron out and schedules to get straight. If you give us a watch, please let us know what you think we could do better. Also tell us what we did well because Ian’s an egomaniac and he thrives off of praise.

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  • GIPHY Announces Launch of New VR GIF Creation App – GIPHY World GIPHY continues to promote the GIF as an artistic medium with its VR creation tool.
  • GIPHY World Might Be VR’z Strangest App, But You Should Try It
    GIPHY World Might Be VR’z Strangest App, But You Should Try It

    The Microsoft Paper Clip is talking to me. Or at least a more colorful version of him is. He’s ordering me to paint pizza around the room and I have no choice but to comply, so I do. Glorious, stodgy slices of pizza dripping with cheese and lined around the walls, folding towards the end where they can no longer contain the oil pouring off of it. My mouth waters and I long to raid the fridge for something unhealthy.

    No, I’m not on drugs, I’m just describing the first few minutes of GIPHY World.

    Not to be mistaken with last year’s Museum of GIF Art (though still developed by New York-based Planeta), GIPHY World is like Tilt Brush mixed with memes. It’s a virtual playground in which you can search through GIPHY’s vast library of looping video content and paste them as stickers in one of three environments.

    Why would you do this, you ask. Well, why not? The app is free, for one thing, and if you’re the type that likes to make a mockery of the world around you then there isn’t a better tool for doing so. I, for example, did what I always do whenever someone is foolish enough to give reckless creative freedom over something: created an ill-fitting tribute to Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. Within minutes of being let loose in GIPHY World I’d covered the walls of a giant chess board with GIFs of Daniel Day Lewis screaming about milkshakes in poor Eli’s face. It was a wonderous, bordering on creep shrine to Daniel Plainview in the most unexpected of ways. I loved it.

    via GIPHY

    Of course, if you can’t see what the point in doing something like that would be, then GIPHY World is probably not for you.

    For those of us that revel in the insanity of the internet, though, this is a wonderful new sandbox. Shake your new logo friend and he’ll vomit pixelated GIFs onto the floor. Resize yourself and then post giant videos that will bear down on your newly-made lands. Grab a camera and record a GIF of your own (including taking selfies that reveal your disturbingly blob-ish avatar).

    It’d be great to see some form of multiplayer support included in the future (I’d love to host a future episode of UploadVR’s new podcast here) as well as more environments

    GIPHY World is about as close as you can get to experiencing LSD without actually taking any, and you should absolutely give it a go. It’s entirely unnecessary yet all the more hilarious for it. It’s launching on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive today for free.

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  • Trains VR Builds Up a Head of Steam Model railway puzzle title Trains VR heads to Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
  • Oculus Bringing Windlands 2, Seeking Dawn And More To PAX West
    Oculus Bringing Windlands 2, Seeking Dawn And More To PAX West

    Earlier this month we reported that Oculus would be bringing the first playable demo of Insomniac Games’ Stormlands to PAX West in Seattle this weekend. That’s not all the company has planned for the event, though.

    Rift is also showcasing a handful of apps both old and new at the VR Freeplay area, including Psytec Games’ upcoming Windlands 2 (which has been under wraps since its initial announcement late last year) and new games like Seeking Dawn and Torn. There’s also the usual staples like Echo Arena, Medium, Robo Recall, Sprint Vector, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and The Unspoken. You’ll also be able to play Stormlands at Facebook’s Gaming stand during the show. Oddly, there’s no sign of Marvel: Powers United VR, which is all Oculus took to Gamescom last week.

    There’s plenty of talks and tournaments going on throughout the weekend, too. You can catch players facing off in Eagle Flight, Audioshield, Robo Recall and Fruit Ninja VR to name a few. As for the talking, look out for the Futures of Interactive Storytelling and Gaming While Other sessions held by Ubisoft as well as a panel from Killing Floor: Incursion developer Tripwire Interactive.

    PAX West kicks off tomorrow and runs through to Monday. Don’t miss out on VR if you’re going.

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  • Grab a 360 Bargain as Vuze Launches 20% Back to School Discount on its VR Cameras Plus, the new Vuze XR camera will be showcased at Photokina 2018 for the first time.
  • New Epson AR App Released For DJI Drone Pilots Introducing Epson Drone SoAR.
  • Preview: Reef Quest – Is the Gameplay Better Down Where it’s Wetter? Continuing Spark of Light with a greater experiment on depth.
  • Downward Spiral: Horus Station Dated for September Launch on PlayStation VR It's the second installment in the sci-fi series.
  • Interactive VR Experience Suspension House Just Scooped A Top 3D Architecture Prize Showcasing the natural environment working with a structure.
  • Promising VR Adventure Unknown Fate Is Out Next Month
    Promising VR Adventure Unknown Fate Is Out Next Month

    There’s one more game to add to our list of big fall releases. Marslit Games’ promising VR adventure, Unknown Fate, is coming next month.

    The game, which is published by 1C Company, arrives on September 6th for $14.99 with optional support for the HTC Vive on PC (Oculus Rift support is also on the way). 1C also announced today that the game is going to come with support for Tobii’s eye-tracking technology in both VR and non-VR modes. This support will add new control options to the game, allowing you to highlight objects and trigger environmental events.

    A new trailer for the game also debuted at Gamescom this month, which you can see below.

    Unknown Fate first caught out attention last year thanks to its solid visuals and intriguing art direction. It’s a first-person adventure in which players explore a twisted universe filled with fantastical creatures, many of which seem to be interested in killing you. Luckily you have a ball of glowing light in one hand that seems to put a stop to them and it also used for solving puzzles.

    Finally, 1C confirmed that the VR version of the game will support tracked controllers as well as gamepads (we had assumed it would only be the latter). It’s also getting a console edition, but PSVR support hasn’t yet been mentioned. Fingers crossed.

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