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  • 13 Big VR Games To Look Out For This Fall
    13 Big VR Games To Look Out For This Fall

    Can you believe it’s nearly September already? It seems like it was only yesterday that we were looking ahead to 2018 and imagining all the great VR gaming we were going to be doing. Now most of it’s behind us.

    Fortunately, though, 2018 has saved the best for last. We’ve rounded up 13 games!

    Firewall Zero Hour
    Platforms: PSVR
    Release Date: Out now

    A hugely anticipated competitive shooter from First Contact Entertainment, Firewall pits two teams of four against each other in attack and defend game modes. It’s been compared to Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six, and we’ve fallen in love with it each and every time we’ve played it. Pick up a PlayStation Aim controller for the best way to play.

    Bow to Blood
    Platforms: PSVR
    Release Date: Out now

    We weren’t going to put Bow to Blood on this list until we actually played it. Turns out Tribetoy’s PSVR debut is a winning mix of strategic micromanagement and arena-based combat. You pilot flying ships in a televised tournament and must forge unlikely relationships in order to prevail. This may be a sleeper hit for PSVR.

    Platforms: Rift, Vive, PSVR
    Release Date: Out now

    An intriguing new puzzle game and the first internally-developed project from Aspyr. Torn sees you explore an enormous mansion as you gather the memories of as renowned inventor. Puzzles ask you to complete circuits by locating symbols fitted to random objects and putting them in the correct place. It’s a mad scientist of a VR game and definitely worth your time.

    Zone of the Enders 2: The 2nd Runner – MARS
    Platforms: Rift, Vive, PSVR
    Release Date: September 4th

    First announced at Tokyo Game Show last year, this is a full remaster of Konami’s cult classic, Zone of the Enders 2, with full support for VR putting you inside the cockpit of Jehuty for the first time. The entire original game can be played inside your headset, and what we’ve played of it is promising, if a little confusing.

    Platforms: Rift, Vive, PSVR
    Release Date: September 18th

    The next VR game from Ubisoft is developed in partnership with Elijah Wood’s Spectrevision. It’s a psychological thriller that mixes CG and live action elements to create a mysterious and disturbing exploration of the mind. There’s a free demo out right now on PSVR, and what we’ve played of the main game is hugely promising.

    Creed: Rise to Glory
    Platforms: Rift, Vive, PSVR
    Release Date: September 25th

    Raw Data and Sprint Vector developer Survios is back with what’s sure to be another knockout. Creed is based on the recent films spinning out of the Rocky franchise and has you using two motion controllers to box your way to the top. Survios’ new Phantom Melee Technology is promising a more immersive, convincing boxing system than we’ve seen so far in VR.

    Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
    Platforms: PSVR
    Release Date: October 2nd

    One of the surprise success stories from PSVR’s launch back in 2016 was a small platforming minigame in the free Playroom VR collection. Now, Sony Japan is building that experience out into a full game akin to Lucky’s Tale. Expect inventive use of VR as you

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  • AR Company Avegant Announces Successful Closing of Funding Round Avegant says further investment will aid in the development of light field display technologies.
  • Oculus & CHLA Bring VR Medical Training To Eleven New Facilities

    The advanced VR simulation expands to new medical institutions as Oculus & CHLA continue their push towards experiential education. For the past year, medical students and staff at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) have been utilizing VR technology to simulate various high-stakes pediatric emergencies. These immersive training programs create high-stress environments that challenge users to

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  • VR Training Program Now Required At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
    VR Training Program Now Required At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

    Oculus is giving standalone VR headsets to 11 medical institutions as part of an expanding program investigating best practices for training medical professionals in virtual reality.

    A “pilot study” was launched last year at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with training software made in Unity focused on “resuscitation procedures for childhood seizure and shock.” Built by AiSolve with visual effects from BioflightVR, the proof-of concept was successful enough that CHLA “will now require the training for all incoming residents and offer it as an optional supplement for med students,” according to an Oculus blog post.

    Dr. Todd Chang, one of the principle researchers on the project, wrote in an email they looked for physiological changes “that signify engagement and attention” and found that there was a quickening to physicians’ pulses when experiencing the resuscitation simulation wearing a VR headset “which resolves once they go out. It immediately resumes when they go back in. We believe this is a consistent finding that suggests an optimal heightened awareness of peak learning / performance. It is also not as catastrophically nerve-wracking as a real resuscitation.” Physicians experienced an increase of about 6.5 heartbeats per minute in the simulation compared with about 13.2 heartbeats per minute in a real resuscitation, according to Dr. Chang.

    “We discovered that VR training modules should be targeted towards younger, less experienced trainees,” Dr. Chang said in a prepared statement. “That’s why the CHLA residency program and hospital have greenlit VR as part of a required curriculum for our interns prior to setting foot in our emergency department.”

    The following institutions are getting Oculus Go headsets with the simulation later this fall:

    John Hopkins University Health System
    Kaiser Permanente Health Network, Southern California
    Medical University of Vienna
    New York University
    Langone Medical Center
    Stanford University
    Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
    University of Bern
    University of Washington
     Yale New Haven Health

    Training and practice in VR without the negative consequences of getting something wrong is one of the most promising potential uses for VR. With the medical field, though, physicians must be careful new technologies don’t detract from their care in some way. That means we’re due for a long evaluation process as this expanded program is examined more deeply. Dr. Chang wrote that they are also trying to identify “expected high performers and expected low performers” and that the software  identified “key performance differences at the highest complexity end of the VR resuscitations that were definitely different between attending faculty and residents.”

    “We first needed to prove that you could test people’s performance,” Dr. Chang wrote. “Now we are looking to see its effect over time as training.”

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  • Firewall Zero Hour Review: The Tactical VR Shooter We’ve Been Waiting For
    Firewall Zero Hour Review: The Tactical VR Shooter We’ve Been Waiting For

    I knew Firewall Zero Hour would be something special the very first time I got my hands on it almost a full year ago back at PSX 2017. After playing it at multiple events since then and spending several hours with it after launch, I can finally confirm that Firewall Zero Hour from First Contact Entertainment is the tactical, multiplayer-focused VR shooter we’ve all been waiting for and absolutely lives up to the hype.

    The fact that an online-only, multiplayer-focused, PSVR-exclusive shooter that’s best played with an optional PS Aim Controller peripheral not only had a smooth, nearly bump-free launch, but is thriving with the community and exceptionally fun to play feels about as close to a miracle as is possible, but here we are.

    Anyone that’s played Rainbow Six Siege will be immediately familiar with the idea behind Firewall Zero Hour’s main game mode: Contracts. In this online PvP-only competitive contest, two equal teams of four players are pitted against one another with no respawns. Matches are five minutes long and the Attacking team must hack firewall access points to reveal the location of a laptop with top-secret intel on it, then steal that intel, and the Defending team must protect the laptop and/or wipe out the attackers. When you cut away all the filler, that’s what the entire game boils down to.

    It sounds simple when described that way, but in practice it’s not only one of the most exhilarating VR games I’ve ever played, but one of the most fun games I’ve played period — VR or not.

    You can do a Solo Training mode or Co-op Training mode, but they’re just wave-based matches against an endless stream of bots. As you level up it gets more difficult, but they’re called Training modes for a reason. The focus is on Contract PvP and if you buy the game for anything other than online multiplayer you’re gonna be severely disappointed. I’d advise you look towards Farpoint to scratch that itch.

    The impact that VR as a platform has on the tactical shooter genre cannot be overstated. If you want to shoot around a corner in Arma, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, or any other non-VR shooter ever made, you typically need to either press a button to lean around, or poke your face out with your gun. When in VR, you can just reach around the corner using your actual hands to point the gun. It’s a literal game changer both tactically and for immersion.

    To explain things further, when in VR you can fine-tune your aiming with slight adjustments to your wrist, tweaking your arm’s angle, shifting your shoulder, or just moving your head to line up the shot. Instead of being forced to rely on thumb dexterity, your actual marksmanship is being put to the test. This makes every moment-to-moment encounter significantly more intense and profoundly more rewarding.

    If you own a Rift or a Vive then you’ve probably experienced a lot of this already through games like Onward, Pavlov, or even Stand Out: VR

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  • Titan Arena Is A Massive VR Boss Battler From Ex-God of War Devs
    Titan Arena Is A Massive VR Boss Battler From Ex-God of War Devs

    Ever thought that Shadow of the Colossus would be really cool in VR? We certainly have, and it looks like two ex-God of War devs have too.

    Lightbound Studios, an indie team made up of former members of Sony Santa Monica, this week launched a Kickstarter campaign for Titan Arena, a VR boss battling game in which you take on giant machines intent on squishing you. It’s a first-person shooter (FPS) in which you use weapons like chainguns and plasma launchers to topple mechanical brutes before using a gun-shaped tether to scale up them and start dealing some real damage.

    Titan Fall is themed like a dystopian gladiator match. Players will first have to deal with an army of smaller minions including spider-like drones and bombs before facing off against one of three titans, each with its own type of attack.

    Based on the trailers for the game, it already looks like it’s in good shape, but Lightbound is turning to Kickstarter in hopes of adding two new bosses and three new weapons. The studio is looking to raise $30,000 via crowdfunding by the end of September and has raised $2384 at the time of writing. Backer rewards include $17 for a digital copy of the game, estimated to arrive in April of next year, ranging all the way up to a limited $350 tier which will net you one of 10 4-inch Titan statues and more goodies.

    If the Kickstarter is successful you can expect to see Titan Arena land on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets next year. No word on a PSVR release just yet.

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  • Kickstarter for VR Motion Simulator Feel Three Passes Goal The Feel Three motion simulator aims to bring the full simulator experience to user homes.
  • Fan-Made Wolfenstein 3D VR Version Is Out Now For Free
    Fan-Made Wolfenstein 3D VR Version Is Out Now For Free

    16 years ago now John Carmack and the team at id Software brought us a step further to achieving virtual reality with Wolfenstein 3D. From today, though, you can actually play the game inside VR itself.

    Earlier this month we reported that a Reddit user by the name of Brandalf-the-Green was working on bringing id’s beloved first-person shooter (FPS) even closer to a reality, complementing existing ports of Doom and Heretic in VR. Yesterday, the developer (under the fitting name of Further Beyond Studios) released its work with support for the HTC Vive.

    Wolfenstein 3D VR is based upon the original shareware version of the game and features ten levels in which you storm the halls of the titular Nazi stronghold, gunning down anyone in your path. The VR version comes complete with support for Vive’s hand-controllers, letting you realistically aim guns for the first time. Weapons have been remodeled in 3D to help achieve the effect.

    Support for the Oculus Rift and Windows VR headsets is also said to be on the way. If you like what you see, might we recommend an original VR shooter inspired by Wolfenstein and Doom by the name of Compound? There’s also Machine Games’ upcoming spin-off of its new Wolfenstein games, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, which is due to hit PC VR and PSVR sometime next year, though we weren’t too taken with that when we last played it.

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