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  • Palmer Luckey Is Working On A Solution For VR Sickness
    Palmer Luckey Is Working On A Solution For VR Sickness

    He may not be a part of Oculus anymore, but Palmer Luckey is still looking to solve VR sickness, and he may have a solution right around the corner.

    Last week Luckey took to Twitter to make five predictions about technology in the next five years. Only his first referred to VR, predicting a “solution for vestibulo-oculular mismatch in virtual reality” will be widely available by then. That’s a fancy way of describing the sickness some of us begin to feel in VR when the world we’re seeing in our headsets doesn’t match up with the sensations our body feels as we move through it. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing VR at this time.

    Next five years:

    1) Universal solution for vestibulo-oculular mismatch in virtual reality

    2) Superhuman sensory perception/reaction for a handful of people

    3) Predictive analytics indistinguishable from time travel in some cases

    4) VTOL air taxis

    5) 0 to 60 in 0.8 seconds

    — Palmer Luckey (@PalmerLuckey) August 21, 2018

    In fact, Luckey is working on such a solution himself, as he revealed later on. The Oculus Rift creator intends to open-source his design, which consists of both hardware and software, by the end of the year.

    Hardware and software. I am aiming to open-source the design later this year. Not aware of anyone else working on this branch of the problem.

    — Palmer Luckey (@PalmerLuckey) August 22, 2018

    He also hinted that his solution won’t be a VR treadmill.

    I am pretty sure. Treadmills can solve mismatch pretty well if they are large enough, but are not a universal solution (cockpit games, 3rd person, etc)

    — Palmer Luckey (@PalmerLuckey) August 22, 2018

    Luckey didn’t offer any other information about his solution, but we’ll be interested to see it for sure. The Rift creator has kept a foot in the VR industry since he parted ways with Oculus last year following claims that he had funded a political smear campaign. He’s since founded a defensive technology company called Anduril.

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  • Magic Leap Release Behind The Scenes Look At Their Collaboration With Sigur Rós See how the immersive mixed reality music experience for the Magic Leap One came to life in this behind the scenes video.
  • Ace Combat 7’s PSVR Mode Estimated To Last Three Hours
    Ace Combat 7’s PSVR Mode Estimated To Last Three Hours

    We’ve been eagerly awaiting news about Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown‘s PlayStation VR (PSVR) content ever since the game was announced a few years ago. Those hoping they might get a full game’s worth of content out of it might be a little disappointed by today’s news, though.

    During a livestream for the game at Gamescom 2018 last week (seen below) a representative of publisher Bandai Namco confirmed that the game’s VR mode, which is exclusive to PS4, will consist of five missions that should last you around three hours. That works out to just over 30 minutes per mission, though it’s often the case that such estimates are stretched out a little, so it could be over even quicker.

    Three hours of content actually isn’t too bad by VR standards, though it pales in comparison to the main game’s 21 levels. The VR mode will feature unique content, though, and will let you feel like you’re really sitting in the cockpit of an elite aircraft. We’ve been hands-on with the game a number of times over the past few years (it’s been delayed at multiple points) and we’ve always enjoyed the VR content. It seems like the perfect type of experience for headsets, so we’re still excited to finally check it out.

    Look for Ace Combat 7 to kick off 2019 for VR gaming, launching next January 18th.

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  • Anamorphine Gets A Shot in the Arm With New Update New update fixes a number of issues for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift version, a PlayStation VR update is also on its way.
  • Microsoft’s Xbox VR Headset Put On Hold – Report
    Microsoft’s Xbox VR Headset Put On Hold – Report

    A new report from Cnet claims what we’ve long suspected; Microsoft’s Xbox VR headset has been put on ice.

    The tech site cites sources familiar with the matter in saying that Microsoft was indeed working on a VR headset for its Xbox One console and had even partnered with a few developers to bring games to the system. Sources reportedly noted that the headset’s specs were good, but didn’t measure up to the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which suggests it may have been in line with Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset for PS4. Plans for a release were apparently put on hold in order to wait for better technology that could deliver a much more immersive experience.

    Microsoft’s messaging around Xbox VR definitely seems to correlate with this story. Nearly two and a half years ago at E3 2016 the company introduced its upgraded Xbox One console, Xbox One X to the world, stating that it was capable of true 4K gaming and “high fidelity VR”. A video teasing the project even included Bethesda’s Todd Howard talking about the VR version of Fallout 4 the studio was making at the time. In early 2017, the company again teased that the console would get “mixed reality experiences” in 2018.

    Then, later on at E3 2017, Xbox One X was revealed in full without so much as a mention of VR. Xbox executives stated that the console could run VR experiences, but wouldn’t confirm that it ever actually would. In an interview just before the show, the company’s Alex Kipman stated that it was Microsoft’s belief that “console VR should be wireless”.

    Fast forward a year later to E3 2018 and Microsoft finally admitted it had no plans to bring VR to Xbox One X at this time. Microsoft has partnered with companies like Dell and Asus to release a line of Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets, but these are only for PC.

    It would seem that any plans for VR on Xbox One X are dead, then, but this report does at least leave hope for the future of Xbox VR. At this year’s E3 Head of Xbox Phil Spencer confirmed that the company is hard at work on “the next Xbox consoles”. Hopefully VR is a part of that work.

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  • The Beat Goes On: Beat Saber Arcade Machine Officially Announced The location-based version of hit rhythm-based VR title will be testing in cities across South Korea and China.
  • VR For Good Releases Three New VR Experiences All available through the Oculus video application right now.
  • Firewall: Zero Hour Trophies Reward Headshots, Solo Play And More
    Firewall: Zero Hour Trophies Reward Headshots, Solo Play And More

    We wouldn’t normally cover the reveal of some trophies for a PSVR game here on UploadVR but, well, Firewall: Zero Hour seems like a bit of an exception, doesn’t it?

    The list of digital prizes for the PSVR-exclusive shooter has just popped up online, and it makes for an interesting read. Firewall is mainly designed to be played online and there’s no story to speak of, so you won’t need to worry about spoiling any plot. It does look like you’ll need to sharpen your skills if you have any intention of going for the platinum trophy though; one challenge wants you to rack up 500 headsets in public matches, while others ask you to be the last man standing on your team or wipe out the entire enemy team by yourself.

    There are a handful of trophies for those looking to play in solo, though, including winning over 100 single-player matches. That seems like a bit of a grind, especially for those of you that aren’t looking to play in single-player, though you’ll certainly know the maps by the back of your hand if you pull it off.

    The full list is below. Look out for plenty more Firewall coverage on our behalf this week.

    Darkweb Legend
    Unlock all other trophies.

    Win by hacking the laptop in a Solo or Public match.

    Strength in Numbers
    Win a Public CO-OP Training match with all of your teammates alive.

    As a Defender, win a Public Contracts match by killing all 4 members of the attacking team while your entire team is dead.

    In a Solo or Public match, breach an enemy blocked door with C4.

    Too Soon
    In a Public Contracts match, kill a player with their own C4 by shooting it.

    In Public matches, get 200 player revives using the Revive Pistol.

    Win 20 Public CO-OP matches.

    First Blood
    In a Public Contracts match, kill your first enemy player.

    Get 4 confirmed kills in one Public Contracts match.

    Lone Survivor
    Win a Public Contracts match as the only surviving player on your team.

    In a Public Contracts match, revive a friendly player then kill the enemy player that downed them.

    Size Matters
    In a Public Contracts match, get a longshot kill with a pistol.

    No Remorse
    In a Public Contracts match, kill an enemy while they are reviving a downed teammate.

    Training Wheels
    Complete the tutorial.

    Invisible Contractor
    Kill 100 A.I. in Solo or CO-OP Training matches.

    Weapons Master
    Purchase every weapon in the game.

    Purchase all attachments and equipment in the game.

    Win a Public Contracts match without losing a single teammate.

    Deleted Emails
    In Solo or Public matches, steal 15 pieces of Intel.

    Change Your Password
    In Solo or Public matches, steal 50 pieces of Intel.

    Election Data
    In Solo or Public matches, steal 100 pieces of Intel.

    Aim High
    Get 50 headshot kills in Public Contracts matches.

    Between The Eyes
    Get 100 headshot kills in Public Contracts matches.

    On Target
    Get 500 headshot kills in Public Contracts matches.

    In a Public Contracts match, shoot and kill an enemy you can’t see.

    Scotty Neville
    Win 100 Solo matches

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  • VR Gets A Degree As London University Launches Specialized Course
    VR Gets A Degree As London University Launches Specialized Course

    A new degree at the London College of Communication is set to teach students all about the wonderful world of VR.

    The MA Virtual Reality degree kicks off in the 2018 – 2019 academic year at the university and is the first of its kind in Europe let alone the wider UK. The course will place a focus on VR content creation and storytelling, teaching techniques to develop immersive experiences across film, gaming, animation and sound. A new classroom dedicated to VR is being opened for the course, including access to Oculus Rifts, the HTC Vive Pro, mobile VR headsets, motion capture suits, a green screen and PCs running the Unity engine.

    “As more film and media companies experiment with VR content, we’re seeing increased demand from the wider industry for skilled virtual reality experts, which is why it’s so exciting to open these two dedicated courses at London College of Communication,” course leader Ana-Despina Tudor said in a prepared statement. “In just a few years, these graduates will gain the skills and understanding to incorporate this emerging technology across various industries, including in technical careers and roles that are entirely new.”

    As Tudor says, VR’s applications stretch far and wide right now. A course in the tech could help prepare you for a career in anything to game creation to marketing or filmmaking, then. The course kicks off next month and has places available still.

    The MA degree launch precedes the launch of a BA (Hons) course next year.

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