• ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Is Making His VR Debut In A New Short Film Entitled “Shady Friend” The film is being produced exclusively for the Positron Voyager VR motion chair.
  • MyARGirls Launching AR Porn Video Platform Compatible With Mobile Devices New platform offers immersive adult entertainment on mobile devices.
  • This Week In VR Sports: Football, Football And More Football Become a goalkeeper in VR, bring newspapers to life with AR and learn the future of sports broadcasting technology
  • VR Visual Novel Tokyo Chronos Gets Funded On Kickstarter The campaign successful raised over $90,000 from 970 backers.
  • Takis Teams Up With OmniVirt To Deliver Immersive 3D And 360 Degree Adverts Companies targets young customers with immersive and interactive adverting campaign.
  • WRUP: What VR Games Are You Playing? – 08/24/18
    WRUP: What VR Games Are You Playing? – 08/24/18

    What Are You Playing (WRUP) is a weekly discussion series in which we talk about the VR games and apps that have our attention currently and ask you what you’ve been playing this week and intend to play over the weekend. Join into the discussion in the comments down below! Pictured up above is Be The Hero.

    David Jagneaux – Games Editor

    This week I spent a good bit of time creeping my way through The Exorcist VR (review is now live, as well as Part 1 and Part 2 of my livestream playthrough) but have also dove into the puzzling world of Twilight Path, a new game on the way from the creators of Form, and I published a hands-on of Transference from Ubisoft. This weekend I’ll probably mostly spend time with the Oculus Go on some simple mobile titles as well as dip my toe into Torn while Jamie focuses on that review. But next week is all about Firewall Zero Hour. My PS Aim is locked and loaded.

    Ian Hamilton – Senior Editor

    “I’ve got an iMac and eGPU with an NVIDIA 1080 I want to use for VR under the most ridiculous arrangement possible — using Boot Camp on the iMac to run Windows with the eGPU so that my underpowered Mac can run a Rift or Vive and all of my favorite games. My hope is to use this setup to get a player two into my VR games from time to time, or to have a backup if my main machine goes down. I’ve seen commenters asking if this same kind of USB-C connected hardware might work with a PC to connect the Vive Wireless Adapter to a laptop. It will likely be a while before I find answers to whether any of this workable. Nonetheless, I’m going keep looking into what I can find out in this area because USB-C may separately become a core part next generation VR headsets with the VirtualLink connector supported by the latest RTX 20 Series of NVIDIA cards.

    Also, I can’t stop playing Beat Saber.” – Ian Hamilton

    Jamie Feltham – News Editor

    Currently, Jamie is knee-deep in the mind-bending world of Torn, which he is playing for review. You can expect to see that on the site late Monday night just before Firewall Zero Hour launches on Tuesday. That will likely be most of his weekend play time as well, but next week he’ll be diving into Bow to Blood and playing some multiplayer matches with me in Firewall. This week he posted hands-on previews from Gamescom of Telefrag, Crazy Machine VR, A Fisherman’s Tale, and HoloBeat.

    Tal Blevins – Editor-in-Chief

    Tal is off in Germany still after Gamescom on business and won’t be back for a while. However, while at the event, he did go hands-on with The Wizards’ PSVR port and Arizona Sunshine’s location-based wireless arcade adaptation. In the coming weeks he’ll be joining us on the frontlines in Firewall Zero Hour, so keep an eye for his appearances on streams and gameplay

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  • Hit The Hive Leaves Early Access Today Go head-to-head against waves of procedurally generated enemies in virtual reality.
  • The Nun’s Terrifying Escape The Abbey 3D 360 Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Jump
    The Nun’s Terrifying Escape The Abbey 3D 360 Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Jump

    I’ve ended up pushing my heart rate to the absolute limit this week. After livestreaming The Exorcist VR not once, but twice, then reviewing the game, I then decided to close out the week by watching The Nun: Escape the Abbey, a terrifying 3D 360-video that’s basically just three straight minutes of suspenseful atmosphere building up to a massive jump scare at the end. It’s a promotional video for The Nun, which hits theaters on September 7th.

    We went ahead and embedded the full 3D 360-video right here (rendered in 8K!) but we recommend watching it in a headset and not just on your phone or PC screen:

    The Nun is an upcoming horror film set in the same universe as Annabelle and The Conjuring, the series is often lauded as the modern-day Exorcist in terms of tone and setting and I definitely agree. I’m absolutely planning on going to see the film in theaters as an adrenaline junkie and this 360-video got my blood-pumping big time.

    If you’d rather watch it some other way then you can find a full list of formats over the on the 360-videos official website. I just watched it on the Oculus Go using the internal browser via YouTube. Honestly, it’s my go-to headset for any type of 360 video because of the accessibility and wireless nature.

    Typically I’m not a big fan of 360-video, but when watched inside of a headset it’s better. And when the content is horror-themed, it feels like the best use of the medium.

    Let us know what you think if you give the full video a watch!

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  • Be A Hero in Time Travelling Adventure from Madame Tussauds Madame Tussauds San Francisco is opening a new VR experience that lets you save history.
  • Oculus ‘VR For Good’ Adds Three New Experiences To Oculus Video

    The Oculus Creators Lab delivers yet another offering of socially conscious VR films that will leave you thinking. Since its initial launch three years ago, Oculus VR for Good’s Creators Lab program has teamed up with independent filmmakers from around the world to produce over a dozen high-grade VR films covering a wide-range of social

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  • The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 08/19/18
    The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 08/19/18

    I think we’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of next week a little too much to pay much attention to this week’s releases, but there are still some things you should definitely check out. Most notably there’s a free taster of Ubisoft’s next VR game on offer, and more experiments in the realm of VR music.

    Transference: The Walter Test Case, from SpectreVision
    Price: Free

    Normally we wouldn’t include a demo on this list, but Transference’s early showcase actually includes unique content that’s a prequel to the full game. Get an early taste of this psychological thriller exclusively on PSVR and get a feel for how the game’s mix of real-time and CG content is going to work. The full thing launches next month.

    Track Lab, from Little Chicken Game Company
    Price: $19.99

    Another musical VR experience, this time allowing you to create your own music by arranging beats and notes. Puzzle-like challenges will teach you the basics of the game before you’re let loose to create and mix your own tunes. We weren’t super keen on the game, though perhaps music fans will find it to be a fitting complement to Electronauts.

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  • Reality Clash Releases New Trailer And Opens Beta Registration Sign up to test the upcoming augmented reality mobile title.
  • Preview: A Fisherman’s Tale – Enough Twist to Impress Even Lewis Carroll Thinking outside the box has never been more literal in VR.
  • Celebrate International Dog Day With Dex, Your AR Best Friend
    Celebrate International Dog Day With Dex, Your AR Best Friend

    International Dog Day is this weekend on August 26th, 2018, so what better way to celebrate than with an AR best friend of your very own? Meet Dex: the AR dog created by the appropriately named VR/AR development studio, Labrodex. They’re the same team behind upcoming VR shooter, Scraper.

    This AR app featuring their company mascot is usually $1.99, but until August 29th it’s free to download for all iOS and Android users with AR-capable devices. The promotion is to help raise awareness for “charitable causes such as the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s Vet Dogs” according to a company representative.

    Fans of the popular Nintendogs series on the Nintendo DS or even old-school Tamagotchi devices will know what to expect. It’s a simple app with basic functionality like being able to level up Dex’s skill by teaching him tricks like sit, rollover, and speak. He has needs as well, such as needing food and play time to stay happy.

    There is even a “follow” and “stop” command so you can bring him with you while you’re out on walks, or sniff out coins in the world for rewards. In the future they plan to add new mini-games, more accessories, a little doggy house, and more authentic training commands.

    Dex is far from being the only immersive pet app out there. We’ve  covered other similar apps in the past like CurioPets, RoVR, and a cute little guy named Waba.

    Check out AR doggy Dex right now for free until August 29th. And if you want more dogs in  your life, here’s a picture of the best dog ever, my pembroke welsh corgi, Luna.

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  • Team Gravity Secure Spot at VR League World Finals During Oculus Connect 5 OC5 will take place from 26th – 27th September, 2018.