• HTC Showcases Update for HTC Vive Focus at ChinaJoy Major system update for HTC Vive Focus announced during ChinaJoy event.
  • PSVR’s Bow to Blood Looks Vibrant In Launch Trailer
    PSVR’s Bow to Blood Looks Vibrant In Launch Trailer

    A few weeks ago we reported that ship-battling PSVR exclusive, Bow to Blood, would be releasing at the end of August. At the time we didn’t have any new footage to show, but now we do.

    The launch trailer for Tribetoy’s VR debut is here and it promises a vibrant VR experience. It gives us a good look at the game’s tournament-style matches, in which you command a flying ship in races and battles, ordering a crew around and occasionally taking up arms yourself. A virtual audience will vote on your performance, determining your position in the tournament.

    It looks pretty promising, though Bow to Blood is going to have its work cut out for it come launch day. The game’s arriving on August 28th, which is the same day as the much-anticipated Firewall: Zero Hour and Torn. Let’s hope Tribetoy’s game is strong enough to stand out.

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  • Play Arca’s Path At The Post Gamescom XR Review Check out Rebellion and Dream Reality Interactive's latest VR title at next month's London-based event.
  • Cyclists Get Benefit of AR Technology with Raptor AR Smartglasses Everysight gear up for release of Raptor AR smartglasses designed especially for cyclists.
  • Life In 360°: A Musical Mind Trip “The beginning of a journey is a journey to the beginning.”
  • First Marvel VR Patch To Add Private Matches, Fix Captain America And More
    First Marvel VR Patch To Add Private Matches, Fix Captain America And More

    The first post-launch patch for Marvel: Powers United VR will bring a lot of changes to the star-spangled Avenger, Captain America, and add a much-requested feature.

    Oculus this week revealed that Patch 1 will be going live within the next few weeks, bringing with it a whole host of changes. The complete changelog can be seen below but easily the biggest addition here is Private Matches. This means players will finally be able to find games with just their friends in them, rather than randomly searching and hoping they get grouped together. The wording to enter a single-player match is now clearer too.

    In terms of character tweaks, it’s Cap that sees the most work. Specifically, his shield charging move will now be consistent the entire time you use it, without broken throws, and squeezing the trigger while it’s mid-flight will cause the charge to offset. There’s also going to be a fix for a bug that has Cap’s shield hovering in mid-air during the prologue.

    Many of the other changes here are simple tweaks. We’re most happy with the ability to start moving at the start of a match and not have to wait for the Scientist Supreme to stop saying the same thing over and over.

    We weren’t especially keen on Marvel: Powers United VR, and it doesn’t look like this patch will address our two biggest complaints about the game: repetitive missions and characters. Still, it’s definitely encouraging to see developer Sanzaru Games committed to improving the experience. The team will also be releasing free DLC for the game later down the line, though we don’t yet know what will be included in it.

    Patch Notes:

    Fix proper ramping of difficulty (X relays lost = game over).

    Shield Generator health tuning for challenge.

    Re-balance health and damage on heroes for challenge.

    Fix map select visual pop.

    Improve messaging for entering single player.

    Improve messaging for muting players.

    Improve messaging for inviting friends.

    Improve messaging for minority auto ready. Add timer.

    Support for private matches.

    Cut map roulette selection duration in half.

    Remove map select timer for single player.

    Let players move from the start of match. No more standing stuck in place waiting for Scientist Supreme to talk.

    Rocket soldiers should respond immediately & shoot. No more clumsy searching.

    Remove all chatter & other unnecessary soldier anims. They should always be moving to position or shooting.

    Remove all hero grenade timeouts.

    Lineup ultimate decal messaging to fit hazard volume exactly. There’s a small gap.

    Improve rocket soldier object vision/awareness. Many instances shooting objects in pathway of target (Asgard columns & Dark Dimension rock columns).

    Thor & Doctor Strange capes on occasion still obscure player vision.

    Fix Wolverine leap effects staying persistent in Alpha Flight Station from 3P.

    Make charging Captain America’s shield consistent. It’s always broken for first throw.

    Squeezing trigger on Captain America’s returning charged shield offsets the charge effect.

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  • Rony Abovitz Hints Magic Leap One Launches August 8, 2018
    Rony Abovitz Hints Magic Leap One Launches August 8, 2018

    Rony Abovitz appears to have given not-so-subtle clues that Magic Leap One officially launches on August 8, 2018.

    I plan on getting myself up around 5 am California time to refresh the homepage. I believe Magic Leap’s CEO is hinting that 8:08 am Florida time we’re due for details and updates on their Magic Leap One Creator Edition. That is based on his Twitter background image (seen above containing the numbers 8-8-18) and this tweet linking to the Wikipedia page for the “Roland TR-808” drum machine. Some close watching Reddit users appear to be the first to notice these hints and point them out.

    Abovitz previously tweeted that some press have been allowed to see Magic Leap’s hardware. We have yet to see Magic Leap One Creator Edition and look forward to the chance to finally get a real hands-on look at the hardware. While we haven’t seen the hardware itself, at GDC earlier this year we started to get a picture of their effort to build a headset that understands its environment to a degree unmatched by the rest of the market.

    The trick @magicleap appears to be trying to solve is creating a “nuanced” connection between the digital and real world. Additional data from a variety of sources informing an advanced AI system should help make that possible.

    — Ian Hamilton (@hmltn) March 20, 2018

    The company has previously granted access to outlets like Rolling Stone and Wired that do a good job of painting Abovitz’ vision for Magic Leap, but without a shipping product in hand they’ve had less to explain about the startup’s efforts to commercialize their ideas. Will that start to change with the newest round of articles? Beyond the hands-on reports we can expect, does “launching” Magic Leap One on August 8, 2018 mean that we also have a price for the Magic Leap One Creator Edition? As a reminder, the system is expected to include three pieces: Lightwear (headset), Lightpack (side-worn computer) and controller.

    Given that this day has finally arrived, here are some of the questions we hope to see answered in the near future:

    When can we see it in stores?
    Do  they have a specific ship date planned?
    How good is the interaction with voice or hand gestures?
    How often does the hardware fail?
    How do the optics work?

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  • BBC Unveils VR Prom Commemorating The First World War
    BBC Unveils VR Prom Commemorating The First World War

    With a little help from the BBC, VR is going to the Proms.

    The broadcasting group today announced Nothing to be Written, a brand new VR Prom that commemorates the centenary of the end of the First World War. Created in collaboration between composer Anna Meredith and 59 Productions, the seven-minute experience takes inspiration the Field Postcard, which soldiers on the frontlines would use to send almost automated messages home to their loved ones without the need of censorship.

    Nothing to be Written uses this a bridge between the brutal realities of the trenches, reaching back to the families that desperately await news of their loved ones. It features music from the second movement of Meredith’s original score, Five Telegrams, which made its debut at the First Night of the Proms in London’s Royal Albert Hall earlier in the year with spatial sound recorded and mixed by the BBC’s Audio Research & Development team.

    A second VR experience that features a full 25 minutes of Meredith’s larger score has also been developed, placing viewers inside the Albert Hall and adapting their surroundings in reaction to the music.

    The smaller piece will be showcased later this month before touring several events over the course of 2018, running on an Oculus Go. A release for major VR headsets is planned later this year.

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  • Electronauts Launch Day Livestream: Becoming A Trippy VR DJ
    Electronauts Launch Day Livestream: Becoming A Trippy VR DJ

    For today’s livestream we’re going on a VR trip through synth-fueled soundtracks and trippy music in Electronauts, the latest experience from Survios. When you’re done shooting robot ninjas in Raw Data and racing across wacky levels in Sprint Vector, you can plug into this psychedelic-inspired VR music journey as Survios’ third VR app.

    Designed to be both accessible and customizable, Electronauts puts you behind the command station of an otherworldly batch of completely mesmerizing visual and audio tools that let you bring music to life inside a VR headset like never before.

    We’ll be livestreaming Electronauts on HTC Vive today using LIV for mixed reality capture and monitoring chat using OVRdrop while in VR. The stream will be starting soon at approximately 3:00 PM PT and we’ll aim to last for about an hour or so. We’ll be livestreaming directly to the UploadVR Facebook page. You can see the full stream embedded right here down below once it’s up:

    Electronauts Launch Day Livestream!

    Join us for a VR dance party with Electronauts! The game just launched today on Rift, Vive, and PSVR and we're spinning up some smooth synth tunes in MIXED REALITY using LIV.It's about to get funky fresh.

    Posted by UploadVR on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

    You can see our archived streams all in this one handy Livestream playlist over on the official UploadVR YouTube channel (which you should totally subscribe to by the way). All future and current streams will be on Facebook, which you can see a list of here.

    Let us know which games you want us to livestream next and what you want to see us do, specifically, in Electronauts or other VR games. Comment with feedback down below!

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  • Man Loses 138 Pounds Following Beat Saber Workout Routine

    A dedicated VR gamer has developed a 30-minute workout routine using Beat Saber and the results are promising. After an unfortunate series of car accidents that resulted in permanent injury to both his back and neck, Robert Long wasn’t sure how he’d recover. Stress hormones at the hands of depression caused Robert to gain weight,

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  • XR Think-Tank To Be Held at Byron Bay Film Festival Third annual Co_Lab_Create event will be held at the Byron Bay Film Festival in Australia.
  • Capital Region AR VR Accelerator Teams With Sacramento Kings & More "Accelerators like this push the medium forward."
  • Rapper 2 Chainz Tries $3 Million Children’s VR Experience

    Watch the host of Viceland’s ‘Most Expensivest’ go hands on with a 12-minute VR movie with haptic feedback. If you’re unfamiliar with the Viceland television series Most Expensivest, the offbeat show follows superstar rapper 2 Chainz as he leads viewers on a guided tour of the world’s most outrageously expensive goods and services. After only

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  • Review: Electronauts More fun than you can shake two sticks at…
  • Pico Announces Goblin 2 Standalone VR Headset Amid $24.7M Series A
    Pico Announces Goblin 2 Standalone VR Headset Amid $24.7M Series A

    Beijing-based VR hardware manufacturer, Pico Interactive, just recently completed a successful $24.7M Series A funding round co-led by GF Qianhe and FG Xinde Investment, with participation from Jufeng S&T Venture Investment and others. Included in that announcement was also the news that they are planning to release an upgraded version of their 3DOF standalone Goblin headset known as the Pico Goblin 2.

    When we reviewed the $249 original Pico Goblin last year, we were impressed with the device from a build and quality perspective, but had doubts about the Snapdragon 802-based headset’s longevity due to a limited content library. Following that headset, Pico later launched the $749 Pico Neo, which was a 6DOF standalone headset (similar to the Mirage Solo) that also featured 6DOF controllers. When we tried it at CES this year the controllers had some major tracking concerns.

    The Goblin 2 is built on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 XR platform with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, plus up to 256GB of expanded storage via microSD card. The Goblin 2’s display will feature two 3.5-inch LCD screens with a combined resolution of 2,880 × 1,600 (3K), a 101 degree field of view, and 90Hz refresh rate. All Goblin 2 headsets will also come with a single 3DOF controller, similar to the Oculus Go or Daydream View’s single controller.

    According to the announcement, “the Pico G2 utilizes the VIVE WAVE™ VR Open Platform, which brings a consistent user experience across a variety of mobile VR headsets and allows developers to create content for a common platform. To bring a better experience and more VR content to Pico G2 users, Pico’s partnership with HTC Vive also provides Pico G2 users access to the VIVEPORT™ content platform.”

    The Pico Goblin 2 isn’t available in the West yet, but is available to consumers in China for ¥2,000 RMB (about $300) at this website.

    Let us know what you think of this new standalone headset down in the comments below!

    h/t: Abacus News, Road  to VR

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