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  • Land of Amara Is A Stardew Valley-Inspired VR Farming Sim
    Land of Amara Is A Stardew Valley-Inspired VR Farming Sim

    What could be better than enjoying the soothing pixelated meadows of Stardew Valley? How about working on a farm that feels like it’s really there?

    That’s what you’ll do in Land of Amara, a new VR farming simulator inspired by the smash hit indie game as well as older series like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. Developed by Paw Stamp Studio, Amara uses a clever mix of first and third-person cameras as well as unique interactions created with VR in mind and a crisp, clean art style for its own promising spin on the farming genre. 10 minutes of gameplay just surfaced online, which you can see below.

    Though VR is no stranger to imitations, Land of Amara looks like a genuinely thoughtful expansion of what’s come before. While you’ll have a miniature farmer to direct, for example, many of the game’s interactions are carried out using motion controls, adding an element of god simulation in there. Crops are watered using giant cans and animals are hand-fed. Meanwhile, you’ll go into first-person to interact with other characters like merchants and operate machinery.

    It all looks well-considered and hugely promising, though there’s a long way to go before we’ll get our hands on the finished product. Paw Stamp says the game has been in development for about three months now and hopes to have an early testing build available soon before building new areas and features. The studio intends to launch a patreon campaign to help fund the project as it starts to expand on features going forward.

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  • Vroom Kaboom Is An Insane Multiplayer Vehicular Card Battling VR Game
    Vroom Kaboom Is An Insane Multiplayer Vehicular Card Battling VR Game

    The videogame industry likes to make up terms that soon become entire genres, but we’re pretty sure we’ve never heard of a vehicular card battling multiplayer VR game. Well, Ratloop Games’ Vroom Kaboom is just that.

    This frankly insane-looking new game is coming to PC and PS4 next week with optional support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR (PSVR) headsets on their respective platforms. In the game, you build out a deck of cards that represent different types of vehicles, which you’ll then take into battle. When you deploy a vehicle, it will rush forward onto the battlefield and attempt to kamikaze itself into the enemy player’s defense towers, while their own cars and trucks will do the same against you.

    Sound mad enough for you? Well the launch trailer below certainly looks it.

    There are three playable factions to choose from, each with their own unique cards to collect. Over 70 different vehicles feature, including helicopters and motorbikes. Vroom Kaboom also features full multiplayer support for up to 3 vs 3 battles, though single player missions are included also. The VR support, meanwhile, is fully featured with its own control scheme based on motion controls that allows you to select and place cars that now appear like toys.

    The game’s set to launch on August 14th as a free-to-play experience. Ratloop hasn’t said if and how microtransactions will factor into the game, though we’d imagine they’d revolve around card-collecting. A premium version of the game is also coming for $19.99, though we don’t know what’s included in it just yet.

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  • PSVR’s Kill X, Pervader Return In New ChinaJoy Trailers
    PSVR’s Kill X, Pervader Return In New ChinaJoy Trailers

    Two PSVR titles we’ve been keeping a close eye on made a return at ChinaJoy this month.

    Sony’s showcase at the event included fresh looks at creepy first-person shooter (FPS), Kill X, and monster-slaying action game, Pervader. For the former, it’s the first look at the game we’ve had that shows environments outside of the dingy mines that featured in a playable demo released last year. We’re still not entirely confident that Kill X will have the kind of gameplay that will make it a truly engaging shooter, but it is at least nice that a full narrative-driven campaign is on the way.

    As for Pervader, well, it’s a bit of a weird one. Rather than a trailer for the game, it appears Sony is making an animated movie based on it, and this is a trailer for that. It frankly looks a little 90’s, but perhaps the game will intentionally recapture the cheesy magic of an early Resident Evil game. We’d definitely like to see more of it in action before we make any conclusions.

    No word yet on when we’ll get to play either Kill X or Pervader for ourselves.

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  • ‘Electronauts’ Is A Surreal VR Music Production Tool For Any Skill Level

    Survios enlists the help of EDM’s biggest names for this mind-bending musical experience. Thanks to the success of both Raw Data and Sprint Vector, California-based VR studio Survios has made a name for itself within the immersive entertainment community as an established developer of AAA VR content. For their third official release, the ambitious company

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  • How Survios Crafted A Creative Music VR Experience With Electronauts
    How Survios Crafted A Creative Music VR Experience With Electronauts

    The founders at Survios are true believers in virtual reality, and they’ve poured a lot of effort into the hit VR games Raw Data and Sprint Vector. Now they’re switching from games to something more like an immersive music experience with Electronauts.

    The VR app will enable music fans to remix, compose, and perform their own music, riffing on works by artists such as The Chainsmokers, Odesza, Steve Aoki & Boehm, and many other bands that I am intimately familiar with (not).

    At the core of Electronauts is the Music Reality Engine, which lets anyone perform and produce their own versions of the hits. It doesn’t skip a beat thanks to a technology called quantization. I spoke with Nathan Burba, CEO and cofounder of Survios in Los Angeles, about the new technology and the creativity that it brings to VR music.

    “You can take a song by the Chainsmokers, ‘Roses,’ and determine when the different elements in the song will play,” Burba said. “It’s like you are playing inside a song.”

    He said you get a sensation of playing the song at the right tempo, thanks to the quantization and a little mind trick that helps you deal with latencies in music headsets.

    Electronauts debuts on August 7. It will be available on Steam and Oculus Home for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at $20, and PlayStation Store for PS VR at $18. It’s also launching in VR arcades across 38 countries worldwide.

    Here’s an edited transcript of our conversation.

    Above: Nathan Burba is CEO of Survios.

    Image Credit: Survios

    GamesBeat: You were excited about the technology behind Electronauts. What makes it work? Can you explain that?

    Nathan Burba: The project started with us creating quantized instruments. What that means is that you can perform an action in VR, and with a certain amount of latency that’s added, we then play a sound. The reason we do that is because we can make the sound happen at the correct tempo. That way you don’t have to worry about the tempo yourself. You’re not pounding your hands in perfect time like a drummer. You just perform your actions in the game and it sounds like you’re in time.

    The best way to describe it is, it’s similar to the trick of how the HMDs work themselves. Some of the people working on Electronauts are former hardware engineers that also worked on our hardware back in the day. The latency trick we’re doing fools the brain into thinking it’s played a note at the right tempo, even though it hasn’t, because we delay it slightly. But that delay isn’t long enough for your brain to pick up on it. Certain tempos allow for that delay to be under 30 milliseconds, and with that timing, your brain says, “Did that happen in time? Sure, why not?” It plays along.

    That creates the sensation of playing music in the right tempo, even you aren’t necessarily. It’s an amazing experience, to think you’re making this music. That’s at the core of the quantized instruments, in addition to the fact that they’re always in the right key.

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