• Arizona Sunshine’s ‘The Damned’ DLC Is Its Biggest Expansion Yet

    ‘The Damned’ DLC puts you in the shoes of a Special Forces soldier tasked with an impossible mission. Arizona Sunshine is arguably the most polished VR zombie shooter available at the moment. Whether it’s the finely-tuned gun mechanics, well-structured environments, or refreshing narrative elements, very few immersive shooters are able to match the overall quality

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  • Final Assault is Leaving Early Access in May There are only a few more weeks to go.
  • Wolves In The Walls: It’s All Over Made Me Truly Care About A Virtual Being
    Wolves In The Walls: It’s All Over Made Me Truly Care About A Virtual Being

    Wolves in the Walls adapts a classic children's story for the VR space and delivers one of the most emotional and unnerving experiences we've seen yet.

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  • Fable to Debut Chapter 2 of Wolves in the Walls at Tribeca It features Fable's virtual being Lucy.
  • Arizona Sunshine Is Getting More Story DLC This Summer
    Arizona Sunshine The Damned (1)

    Bad news for people speculating that Arizona Sunshine was going to be announced for Oculus Quest today; it isn’t. The good news? There is new DLC on the way.

    Vertigo Games just announced Arizona Sunshine – The Damned DLC. This is supposedly the largest story-based expansion to the VR zombie shooter yet. In it, players will assume the role of a member of a US Special Forces team that must reactive a hydroelectric dam. Expect to shoot your way through more untold numbers of undead. No trailer yet but we do have these new screenshots for you.

    More Arizona Sunshine is always a good thing. This was one of the first VR games to deliver a fully structured first-person shooter (FPS) campaign, a feat that has earned it a wealth of sales since launch alongside Oculus Touch. It looks like one of VR’s most popular games just won’t die. Pretty fitting, no?

    This is the second piece of story-based DLC the game has enjoyed since its launch in 2016. The first, Dead Man, also added another prequel level. The game has also had several new updates for its survival-based horde mode and a few arcade spin-offs to go with it. One of the latter was announced just last week. Given that the game is nearing three years since launch, though, we’re starting to wonder if and when we’ll see a sequel.

    Look for The Damned to hit PSVR, Rift, Vive and Windows VR this summer. A final release date and price haven’t yet been announced. Expect the PSVR version to support the headset’s flashy Aim controller, though.

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  • Thanos Should Be Terrified Of Brie Larson’s Beat Saber Skills
    Brie Larson Beat Saber

    If you thought Thanos was in trouble after watching Captain Marvel last month, wait until you see Brie Larson’s Beat Saber skills.

    Carol Danvers herself appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to promote Avengers: Endgame (which is great, by the way!). But talk of Thanos punching soon gave way to some VR action. Just watch the video below and see.

    It turns out Larson is a pretty capable Beat Saber player (better than me for sure). She slices her way through all of Escape on Hard, whereas Fallon himself lasts about ten seconds. She seems pretty happy with the result.

    Then again, Larson has been notably interested in VR for some time. Back in 2017 we again joined Fallon for a game of VR Pictionary inside Tilt Brush. She even narrated Felix and Paul’s 2018 VR film, Space Explorers: A New Dawn. It’s no surprise that she can hold her own, then.

    This also shows you just how far Beat Saber has come from the plucky little rhythm action game we saw last year to a full-blown VR hit. Beat Games has gone on to sell over a million copies of the title thus far, and that’s before its arrival on the Oculus Quest headset this spring.

    Seriously though, does anyone else want to see Larson play Captain Marvel inside Marvel Powers United VR right now? In fact, can we get her, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson to try a four-player game where they become each of their respective characters? That would sell headsets like hotcakes. Just saying.

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  • FREEDIVER: Triton Down is the Latest Project from Evasion Dev Archiact The underwater adventure will arrive next month.
  • Freediver: Triton Down Is A VR Game About Surviving A Sinking Ship
    Freediver: Triton Down Is A VR Game About Surviving A Sinking Ship

    Freediver: Triton Down is a survival-based VR game about trying not to die after your ship crashes and capsized in the ocean.

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  • Drawalong AR Turns YouTube Art Tutorials Into Augmented Tracing Paper

    Google’s latest experiment brings YouTube tutorials to life using AR. If you’ve ever watched an art tutorial on YouTube, you know the struggle of trying to follow along with an artist while simultaneously working on your own work. Constantly looking up at the screen and back down at your own creation is not only a

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  • Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher Review – A Decent Step Forward For The Chinese VR Scene
    Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher Review – A Decent Step Forward For The Chinese VR Scene

    Sony’s China Hero initiative holds promise. It’s a PlayStation-run incubator designed to nurture talent from an emerging market that often puts style ahead of substance. Chinese-developed games like Reboant offer some of VR’s most striking visuals, but last mere minutes. Others like Seeking Dawn promise hours of gameplay that are padded out with laborious crafting and survival mechanics. Under Sony’s wing, though, Beijing-based Vivagames shows reassuring progress with Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher.

    There’s a much-needed sense of structure to this relatively simple first-person shooter. Vivagames’ shiny screenshots aren’t masking a simple wave shooter or on-rails campaign but instead a full, linear adventure that’ll take you around five hours to blast through. Immortal Legacy is never terribly inventive or even particularly memorable, but it is at least an earnest shot at delivering the type of experience many PSVR owners desperately want more of.

    Potential shines throughout, though it’s largely just out of reach. The nonsensical plot offers a glimmer of promise with detailed, if embarrassingly under-dressed, companions and some interesting interactions. An early encounter with a cigar-chomping thug is particularly squeamish, suggesting Viva might find great use for VR here. Minutes later you meet a fairly intimidating villain that makes an effectively deadly entrance.

    Inexplicably, though, the game’s cast completely disappears about 20 minutes in and doesn’t show up again until the final cutscene. It seems clear that some of Immortal Legacy’s grander ambitions were cut from the game without their setups being taken out too. It’s in need of a narrative tidy up; these plot beats are made far too early and openly to have been considered teasers for a sequel.

    Immortal Legacy deals better with more familiar traits, though. The campaign has a welcome touch of progression, from shootouts over rocky mountain tops to creepy treks through dark caverns. It’s one part action adventure, one part survival horror (and, right at the end, one part painfully dull sci-fi shooter). As a standard FPS it’s serviceable, if formulaic, with tidy action sequences quickly mopped up with some well-placed headshots.

    What’s lacking, though, is the thrill of a gunfight. Immortal Legacy’s uncharted island (which owes a debt to a certain series of the same name) is packed with mercenaries and monsters to riddle with bullets, but they’re all devoid of real threat and tension. It’s pretty easygoing, failing to deliver any sense of urgency when your life is on the line. It hampers the horror element somewhat (which is either a pro or a con depending on your outlook), though the game does feel better suited to the slower-paced scares than the Hollywood set pieces. Sheepishly stepping through a cave armed with a flashlight in one hand and a pistol on its last few bullets in the other is wonderfully immersive.

    It’s just a shame the game never gets experimental with its foundations. Human and monster enemies never mix, for example, and some persistent enemies simply disappear if you put enough distance between them. Immortal Legacy often feels more like a template than a game, just

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  • Ballista Is Oculus Studios’ Latest Quest Title From High Voltage

    Update: After reaching out to an Oculus representative we were able to confirm that Ballista is also coming to Rift with cross-buy support.

    Original: Remember High Voltage Software? We haven’t seen them in a spell but they were behind enjoyable Oculus Rift exclusives like Dragon Front and Damaged Core. The team’s making its long-awaited return for the upcoming Oculus Quest headset, though.

    The team today announced Ballista as part of Oculus’ Quest countdown series. In the game, you have to protect a kingdom from the forces of evil. In your quest for victory (get it?) you’ll use a Magic Mirror, sling and, uh, a unicorn horn.

    We only have a featured image to go on right now, which promises a pretty cutesy presentation. Given High Voltage’s pedigree (we once called Damaged Core the king of VR shooters), we’re hoping for something special.

    “With Quest, we’re able to better provide a full range of motion to let people move around their entire play area and impact gameplay,” High Voltage Producer Keith Hladik said of the game’s reveal. “Whether it’s defending your creatures from attack or walking around to analyze a castle, the game provides an immersive experience.”

    No word yet on if Ballista is going to be a launch title for Quest. We’ve reached out to Oculus to confirm is the game is also coming to Rift and, if so, if it’ll support cross-buy too. We’re yet to see an Oculus Studios game that’s coming to Quest only so we’re expecting that to be the case.

    Quest is due to launch this spring starting at $399. We’re hoping to find out more specific launch details in the coming weeks.

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  • PokerStars VR Is Coming To Oculus Quest

    If you’re a Poker fan we have good news for you- PokerStars VR is coming to the upcoming Oculus Quest $399 standalone VR headset.

    The non-VR PokerStars is the largest online real-money Poker platform in the world, with around two thirds market share. The company worked with developer Lucky VR to launch a virtual reality version of the platform. It was released in November on the Oculus Rift and SteamVR platforms. It’s free to play, but you buy chips with real money.

    Facebook shared this short clip of PokerStars VR running on Quest:

    The graphics look to be noticeably downgraded compared to PC, particularly the lighting. That’s because Quest uses a mobile processor, making it significantly less powerful than a gaming PC. The actual gameplay however is identical, and Quest players play alongside PC VR players.

    Poker is a natural fit for virtual reality due to the social nature of the game. While VR headsets don’t track expressions yet, being able to see head and hand movements and hearing opponents with positional audio is a big step up from playing on a monitor. Surprisingly, some people’s “tells” can be picked up from just their movements.

    PokerStars VR offers five different environments, from China in the year 2050 to a yacht to a wild west saloon. You can order drinks, throw food, smoke a cigar, or interact with other similar novelty items. On both Oculus Store and Steam the game is highly reviewed, so it seems Lucky VR know what they’re doing.

    The developer claims that Quest opens up “new level of accessibility” for the game- “Being able to set up independently means players have more freedom to play how they want and whenever they want.”

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  • Childish Gambino Launches Multiplayer AR App

    Explore an AR cave and dance with holograms in this bizarre musical experience. Fans of Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) are in for a treat today as the prolific hip-hop/R&B artist releases his new app PHARO AR. Available now on compatible Android devices (coming soon to iOS), PHAROS AR is a mind-bending augmented musical experience that

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  • Space Ops Is A Sci-Fi Multiplayer Shooter Launching Next Month
    Space Ops VR

    We’ve had quite a nice break from all the shooty shooty bang bang, haven’t we? Lots of the best VR games of 2019 (so far) have been about things other than pulling the trigger. It’s been pleasant, but Space Ops VR promises to bring us back into the fray.

    This new shooter from Devcube Studio and VR publisher Fibrum is launching on PC VR headsets next month. It’s a multiplayer title set in 2301. Earth has begun to mine other planets for resources and formed a team of elite warriors to take on the galaxy’s biggest threats. That means a whole lot of alien-shooting. The brief teaser trailer below doesn’t tell us much but we do have a few GIFs on the game’s Steam listing.

    Crucially, Space Ops’ missions can be played either in solo or co-op modes. You’ll even be able to compete for the best scores on leaderboards if that’s your thing. PvP modes will also feature 1v1 duels or 2v2 team battles.

    It’s not Devcube’s first VR project; the studio made and published another VR shooter named Farhome last year. That’s still in Early Access and it’s not clear as to if it will ever leave it.

    Maybe not the most original VR game, then, but Space Ops does look like it could offer some simple shooting thrills.

    Space Ops will launch with support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets on May 23 2019. There’s no word on a possible PSVR version just yet. We’ll keep you up to date with its progress going forward.

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  • Vertigo Games Teases New Arizona Sunshine Reveal Tomorrow
    arizona sunshine

    Arizona Sunshine developer Vertigo Games is teasing on Twitter “breaking news” for the franchise tomorrow.

    Arizona Sunshine is a zombie survival shooter with a voice acted singleplayer campaign and co-op horde mode. We gave it 8.5/10 in our review when it launched, calling it “the best overall zombie shooter we’ve seen yet in VR”. Even today in 2019 this assessment still holds true.

    It was first released back in 2016 for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive PC VR systems on the same day as the Oculus Touch controllers. The game had a highly successful launch with $1.4 million in sales in the first month. In June 2017 the company launched it on PlayStation VR, even supporting the PSVR Aim Controller.

    Multiple new horde maps have been added for free. In 2018, the company released a paid DLC for the campaign called Dead Man. The DLC is a story based prequel to the original campaign.

    Vertigo Games has even taken the franchise beyond the home to VR arcades, with tailor made experiences such as the LB VR edition and Arizona Sunshine: Rampage.

    The company hasn’t given any hint as to what the news is about, but the phrase “the zombie apocalypse is spreading!” seems to hint at the game coming to a new platform. This could be support for the upcoming Oculus Quest room scale standalone headset, Valve’s Index PC VR headset, or a new VR arcade platform. We’ll keep a close eye on Vertigo Games tomorrow and keep you informed on whatever they’re announcing.

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