• Five VR and AR projects Receive Funding from Digital Catapult and Arts Council England The funding continues the UK's investment in VR and AR technologies.
  • Sega Genesis Classics Collection Adds PSVR Support
    Sega Genesis Classics Collection Adds PSVR Support

    Back in May, we reported that the Sega Genesis Classics collection had integrated support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on PC. At the time, though, there was no word on PSVR support. Well, we’ve got some good news for you today.

    A free update to the PS4 version of the game brings in support for Sony’s headset. The Sega Genesis Classics set (or Mega Drive Classics, if you live outside the US) bundles in over 50 games from the iconic console, including the likes of Comix Zone, Golden Axe and, of course, the first two Sonic the Hedgehog games.

    But just how, I hear you ask, does it work in VR? Simple; the game transforms into a 90’s-themed bedroom from which you can play all of these titles on a virtual TV set. It’s a great way to experience some all-time classic games. We did a lengthy stream showing it off, if you wanted to see more.

    Better yet, the collection is one of the many games included in the ongoing summer sale at the European PlayStation Store right now. You back pick it up for £15.99.

    Now if someone could just let Sega know we really, really want a Yakuza VR game, that’d be grand.

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  • PSVR Deal Bundles The Persistence, RE7 And More For £230
    PSVR Deal Bundles The Persistence, RE7 And More For £230

    This amazing new PSVR deal bundles one of the headset’s best new games with another horror classic and more at an amazing price.

    UK retailer Game is currently selling a pack that includes the headset, camera, a copy of this week’s big release, The Persistence, along with Resident Evil 7, Super Stardust Ultra VR and PSVR Worlds, all for £229.99. That’s four games and the camera needed to buy that headset all in one package, with a two month Now TV subscription to boot. Not bad!

    The star of the show here is The Persistence, which we gave 8/10 in our review earlier this week. It’s a procedurally generated horror game in which you sneak through a ship overridden with horrific enemies. It’s sharp, scary and an excellent companion piece to the also-terrifying Resident Evil 7, which includes full VR support for its memorable campaign. PSVR Worlds and Super Stardust are appreciated little extras.

    Best of all, three of the four games in this set (Persistence, RE7, Stardust) don’t require Move controllers, while PSVR Worlds is only partially compatible with it, so you’ll be good to go as long as you’ve got a DualShock 4.

    If you’re springing on this deal then definitely make sure to head over to the EU PlayStation Store, where there are more great VR bargains as part of Sony’s Summer Sale.

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  • iQIYI VR Film Shortlisted at 75th Venice International Film Festival The Last One Standing from iQIYI receives shortlisting as part of VR category.
  • FuturLab, Sigtrap and Slacker Games Awarded Grants From the UK Games Fund The UK Games Fund provides grants up to £25,000.
  • Kellogg’s Team With Blippar for AR Learning Experience Blippar and cereal company Kellogg's are bringing AR to the breakfast table.
  • VR to Help Juvenile Inmates Prisoners who have spent decades behind bars could learn life skills with the help of VR.
  • YouTube Comes To Facebook’s Oculus Store For Gear VR
    YouTube Comes To Facebook’s Oculus Store For Gear VR

    YouTube is emerging as one of Google’s highest priorities in VR, and now the service is coming to competitor Facebook’s Oculus Store for Gear VR.

    YouTube VR is already available on Google’s own Daydream headsets, and on Sony’s store for PlayStation VR, as well as on Steam with support listed for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The YouTube VR app delivers the vast growing library of YouTube content on a big screen plus hundreds of thousands of videos made in 360- and 180-degree formats. Among these immersive videos there are some high quality productions commissioned specifically for YouTube by Google. The app is expected to be available on the Oculus Store for Gear VR this week.

    A Google spokesperson declined to say anything specific about Oculus Go support for YouTube VR, but gave the following statement: “We want everyone with a VR headset to be able to experience YouTube VR, and we’re working to bring it to more VR platforms in the future.” Google previously brought to the Oculus store Google Earth for exploration and both  Tilt Brush and Blocks for creation. Last year, the ad giant acquired Owlchemy Labs,which also sells Job Simulator and Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality for Rift on the Oculus Store.

    While many YouTube 360-degree and 180-degree videos available on YouTube might be poorly captured and your Internet connection might stream at low resolutions, the type of immersive content that works well on the service is also getting easier to make. Google’s VR180 format and new cameras which use it could enable a new generation of higher quality content. Also, once YouTube is available on so many platforms, Google might be able to push the boundaries on reactivity by funding new projects that are built to respond to your gaze.

    Google is also taking this opportunity to begin rolling out its first true VR social features for YouTube — if you click the on the Watch Together “icon beneath the play controls from your Daydream View or Gear VR” you’ll be able to “watch and discuss videos with others in a communal, virtual space.”

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  • Justin Roiland’s Latest VR Game ‘Dr. Splorchy’ Available Now On Daydream

    Vanquish the ant space brigade, rescue the alien mayor, and disable the doomsday weapon before it sets off, bro! Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty and co-founder of Squanch Games, continues his VR love affair with Dr. Splorchy Presents Space Heroes, a mobile VR experience available now on the Google Daydream platform. Following the

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  • Epson Expands AR Smart Glasses Portfolio New Epson Moverio AR smart glasses also function as safety glasses for hazardous environments.
  • Cardinal Partner with Me Fine Foundation on VR Experience for UNC Children’s Hospital It'll be shown this week at a special Christmas event.
  • Bow To Blood Sails Towards August Release Date The VR airship title finally comes out from the clouds.
  • Sega Adds PlayStation VR Support to the Mega Drive & Genesis Classics Collection The update is completely free.
  • New York Times Uses AR To Tell Story Of Thailand Cave Rescue

    The New York Times visualizes the extremely dangerous conditions Thailand Cave rescuers dealt with during the rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team using AR. It was a story that had everyone glued to the news for minute-by-minute updates.  The Wild Boars soccer team and their coach had been trapped in the Tham Luang Cave’s in Thailand

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  • Choose Your Own Adventure in Insta360 Ticket Competition The competition is now open.