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  • Why Farpoint’s Best Moments Don’t Involve A Gun
    Why Farpoint’s Best Moments Don’t Involve A Gun

    It took me a little time, but last week I finally took the internet’s cruelly-delivered advice, manned up, and shot my way through Farpoint. There was some screaming, some jumping and some “lalalala I’m not really here”-ing, but by god I got there. By the time all the spider-slaying and pants-changing was done though, I have to admit it wasn’t my bravery that lingered in my mind, nor was it the PlayStation Aim Controller-fuelled action.

    Believe it or not, it was that thing that’s so often forgotten when making a first-person shooter: the story.

    Farpoint’s story is a little odd in that, though the player must trek through a hostile alien planet on their own, it’s not their tale that’s the focus. Instead, you retrace the footsteps of two scientists, Dr. Eva Tyson and Dr. Grant Moon, that landed on the planet before you. Between the game’s linear levels, you’ll discover databanks that piece together more of the pair’s time on this strange new world, while certain sections throughout the gameplay also allow you to play back moments from when they stood in the same place.

    Though you may start off wondering exactly why you should be so interested in two strangers when your own adventures are surely enough to talk about, Eva and Grant’s story quickly becomes one of the most engaging aspects of Farpoint. Eva, a passionate and dedicated scientist in her own right, devotes herself to finding a way back home, determined to salvage a ship and make it back. As she makes her own journey across the planet in search of survivors, Grant stays back at a makeshift home base, studying up on the lay of the land. The two communicate over an intercom, revealing more about themselves as they go.

    It may seem strange to create a VR game with a dedicated controller that delivers incredible immersion then take the viewer away from their own body, but in doing so Farpoint manages to grow a bond between two people you haven’t even met. What developer Impulse Gear instead creates is theatre; you watch two people that feel like they’re really there bounce off of each other with unparalleled intimacy, like you’re simply poking your head through a wall in a private space and watching what unfolds. Every frown, raised eyebrow and shake of the head carries much more weight than it does on the flat screen. Tellingly, the story is penned by Rob Yescombe, who also worked on the brilliant third-person VR narrative, The Invisible Hours, and recently joined Valve. If you enjoyed watching that game’s ensemble fight amongst themselves, you’ll know what I’m talking about here.

    It’s not until deeper into the story, where things get a little more desperate, when things really start to come alive, though. At one point, Farpoint abandons is gunplay for a good ten minutes to tell you more about Grant and Eva, and that’s where it really shines. It begins with a sequence in which you embody Grant and must deliver some heavy news

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  • Spider-Man Won’t Swing In Marvel VR, Oculus Explains Why
    Spider-Man Won’t Swing In Marvel VR, Oculus Explains Why

    Yesterday we finally got the news we’d been waiting for; Spider-Man will indeed be a playable character in Marvel: Powers United VR when it launches on Oculus Rift next week (along with several other fan-favorite characters like Wolverine). But those of you that watched the game’s launch trailer may have noticed some of Peter Parker’s most iconic features were strangely absent.

    Namely, Spidey doesn’t web-swing or wall-crawl in the footage (as seen below). Instead, we see the web-head running on the ground like other heroes, and zipping up to higher spots using a web-line. So, can you actually web-swing in the game?

    Sadly not, but developer Sanzaru Games did test it out, and there’s a good reason why it’s missing.

    Taking to Reddit this week, an Oculus Studio PR member explained that web-zipping would be Spidey’s “main for of locomotion in the game. “We iterated on web swinging and wall-climbing,” they explained, “but faced a ton of challenges: how do you swing a player directly at a wall, and then flip them to face the action without making them uncomfortable? How do you determine where in the game Spidey can wall-cling, when some levels don’t even have walls (Dark Dimension)?”

    Indeed, Sanzaru isn’t even the first developer to encounter these issues. Last year’s free tie-in to Spider-Man: Homecoming also avoided any kind of wall-crawling and one lone swing right at the end of the experience heavily shrunk your field of view.

    “We also realized that for levels to be big enough for Spider-Man, they would be too big and frustrating to traverse for everyone else,” the spokesperson continued. “And if you grab a wall with one hand, you’re 50% as effective as everyone else using two hands to fight…it sounds good on paper, but it puts Spider-Man at a disadvantage in practice. He can, however, zip farther across the map than any other Super Hero and there are special perch-points for non-flying characters.”

    It’s definitely a shame that we won’t be able to experience the full extent of Spidey’s powers, but we’re still happy he’s in the game. Marvel: Powers United VR hits Oculus Rift on July 26th.

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  • Become A Super Hero With Marvel Powers United VR Retail Bundle As release date draws closer, new trailer is revealed and new Oculus Rift bundles goes on pre-order.
  • New Oculus Rift Bundle Featuring Marvel: Powers United VR Revealed
    New Oculus Rift Bundle Featuring Marvel: Powers United VR Revealed

    Clearly, Oculus is hoping that its upcoming superhero action game, Marvel: Powers United VR, will be big enough to sell a few Rifts. To that end, it’s introducing a new bundle for anyone that hasn’t picked the VR headset up yet.

    The Marvel: Powers United VR bundle, revealed at San Diego Comic-Con today, comes with the Rift, a pair of Touch controllers that are required to play the game, and a copy of the experience. We’re particularly fond of the box art, which features just-announced characters like Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Man as well as already-confirmed heroes like The Hulk, Black Panther and Captain Marvel. We took the above photo of it at an event this week.

    While we call this a bundle, it’s more just a case that everyone that buys a Rift from next week could get Marvel for free; the pack costs the same price as the normal Rift package at $399.99.

    In the game, you team up with up to four friends and visit a range of locations across the Marvel universe, including Wakanda, Asgard and New York. Each level has a series of objectives you have to complete while fending off swarms of enemies. Classic Marvel villains like Venom, Ultron and Loki will try and put a stop to you before you’re given a shot at taking down Avengers: Infinity War villain, Thanos himself.

    The game’s set to launch on July 26th for $39.99. We’ll have a full review for you in the coming days.

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  • Spider-Man and Wolverine Confirmed In Marvel: Powers United VR Trailer
    Spider-Man and Wolverine Confirmed In Marvel: Powers United VR Trailer

    Today at San Diego Comic-Con Oculus and Marvel have revealed the final Marvel Powers United VR trailer, which includes six brand new never-before-revealed characters. Fan favorites that felt like glaring omissions until now include Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America, along with Doctor Strange, Storm, and Ice Man rounding out the roster. Those final two aren’t shown in the footage, but you can see their names in the reel of heroes at the end. The trailer also confirms Thanos is the end boss, but we already figured that one out on our own.

    These six iconic heroes brings the total cast up to 18. That’s a lot of superheroes. Each of them play differently with their own powers and abilities, in addition to various levels and potential bosses, meaning there’s a whole lot of content on offer here.

    In the trailer above the marketing team are preying on our nostalgia a little bit. It opens with kids playing dress-up as Cap, Spidey, Wolverine, and others, only to be disappointed by their costumes not quite living up to expectations. Then it fast-forwards to modern day as each child, not a grown up adult, dons an Oculus Rift to become their favorite hero.

    There is a particularly effective scene in which a woman is sliding the Rift down over her face and it slowly transforms into Spider-Man’s mask. Nice touch.

    For more on Marvel Powers United VR, you can check out our previous two hands-on impressions (here and here) as well as our information round-up article with everything you need to know. We’ll have a full review and character guides live on the site next week for the game’s launch on July 26th.

    Let us know what you think of it so far down in the comments below!

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