• Gorgeous VR Adventure Torn Releases Next Month
    Gorgeous VR Adventure Torn Releases Next Month

    It looks like one of the best-looking VR games of 2018 will be with us in a few short weeks.

    Torn from Aspyr games just got a pre-order listing on the PlayStation Store, which itself states the game is launching on August 28th. We’ve reached out to the developer to confirm the date is accurate. The page also confirms the game will cost $29.99, but if you pre-order you can get it for 15% off (or 20% if you’re a PS Plus member).

    The game’s also coming to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, though we don’t see any release dates listed on those respective stores right now.

    In Torn you play as Katherine Patterson, a video blogger that discovers a forgotten mansion deep in the heart of a thick forest. You explore the abandoned building, finding out about the life of Dr. Lawrence Talbot, who lived there until his strange disappearance over 64 years ago. Solving puzzles as you go, you begin to piece together what happened to Talbot and his work with another dimension. Expect to manipulate objects with telekinesis, pull switches and visit other realities.

    One of the most notable things about the game, though, is that it’s visually stunning. Meticulously detailed mansion rooms and a gorgeous surrounding forest as just begging to be explored in VR. It looks like a treat for the eyes and, based on our recent preview, we’re hoping the gameplay measures up too.

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  • See Times Square Underwater in Microsoft’s AR Art Exhibit

    The Big Apple takes a dip in this location-based augmented experience from Microsoft. According to researchers, if sea levels continue to rise as an effect of climate change, Manhattan will be completely submerged underwater within the next 80 years.  In 2012, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that by 2100 sea levels could rise from 11

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  • Oculus Go Business Bundle Begins Shipping Businesses pay more but they get more.
  • Get in the Rhythm With Hotel Transylvania Popstic at VR Arcades Worldwide Over 500 VR Arcades across North America, Europe and China will have the title.
  • Review: Naked Sun For an on-rails shooter it’s not bad, not bad at all.
  • Watch the Merc with a Mouth Take Down Bad Guys Today's gameplay footage shows Deadpool strutting his stuff in Marvel Powers United VR.
  • Turn Any Surface Into An AR Experience With Post Mobile AR

    Walmart, Coca Cola and Mercedes Benz are using Post Mobile AR to give customers a more interactive in-store experience. Dallas-based spatial experience company Spacee has come up with a technology that can deliver an AR experience that doesn’t require a phones, tablet, glasses or any other type wearable to operate. By transforming any 2D or

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  • Check Out Hundreds Of Augmented World Expo Videos
    Check Out Hundreds Of Augmented World Expo Videos

    Augmented World Expo, or AWE, is one of the biggest conferences in the world focused on AR. The most recent AWE conference was held from May 30 to June 1 and featured a wide array of demos and presentations from across the spectrum of AR and VR experiences. Now you can check out hundreds of videos posted from sessions and presentations at the event.

    Hundreds of videos available free on YouTube offer hours of content for professionals to peruse for tidbits and insights into work with VR or AR. Subjects range considerably from outlining new approaches to 6DoF tracking to how best to tell stories in AR. I’ll break out some of the individual sessions which grabbed my attention near the end of the post, but here are some playlists grouping together various AWE videos:





    Individual Videos

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  • Warzone VR Teases Large-Scale VR FPS Multiplayer Battles On Rift, Vive, and PSVR
    Warzone VR Teases Large-Scale VR FPS Multiplayer Battles On Rift, Vive, and PSVR

    Developers are still working hard at trying to figure out what exactly works best in VR shooters. There have been plenty of great examples of how to adapt traditional game design to VR in a way that works and plenty of games have nailed that magical sense of VR immersion. But we’re still waiting on a really high-fidelty large-scale VR FPS that feels as epic as its setting wants us to believe it is. As it stands, SinnStudio seem to be aiming to make Warzone VR that game.

    We can’t tell much from the teaser trailer (embedded below) but the company’s press kit includes some lofty goals in the included fact sheet. Reportedly, there will be a large selection of weapons (such as shotguns, pistols, SMGs, ARs, and more) and vehicles as well as big maps ranging in sizes from 2x2km up to 4x4km.

    Warzone VR seems to be going for a tactical military vibe, along the same lines of Onward, but on much larger maps as “multiple teams/squads compete simultaneously to dominate the map” with teams supposedly consisting of up to five players and even as many as 10 teams on a single map. Game modes will be objective based and not focused strictly on “senseless killing” so it’s not a battle royale game.

    To keep things fresh, the developers intend to randomize some objectives and events during matches, requiring sudden shifts in gameplay strategy.

    And that’s all we know so far. A more thorough gameplay trailer should be arriving soon with more details as the game is already slated for a Fall 2018 release on PC VR headsets with a PSVR release following shortly after. Hopefully the PSVR version includes PS Aim support too.

    Let us know what you think of the game from what you’ve seen down in the comments below!

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  • David Bowie Exhibition Goes Virtual Traveling Exhibition 'David Bowie Is' will be getting an AR and VR experience.
  • Evasion: The Story Behind Archiact’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Co-Op VR Shooter
    Evasion: The Story Behind Archiact’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Co-Op VR Shooter

    Editor’s Note: This post was written by Evasion developer Archiact’s Lead Writer, Peter Boychuk, and is being published here as a guest developer blog.

    Evasion is a sci-fi bullet hell shooter for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. If you haven’t already, check out the latest trailer for a glimpse into the pulse-pounding action we’ve got in store for you later this year.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to do a deep dive into Evasion’s characters, locations and story.

    Humanity Takes to the Stars

    Evasion is set in the early 23rd Century. Humans have colonized the spaceways thanks to FTL drives that run on a fuel called chloragen, which has become the galaxy’s most precious commodity.

    The richest source of chloragen is found in space claimed by the Optera, a highly advanced and fiercely xenophobic race. When humans attempted to mine one of their worlds, a terrible war erupted. Millions of lives were lost on both sides before a fragile truce was declared. As a concession, humans were permitted to colonize one of the Optera’s moons. That moon, which the humans christened ‘Faro Colony’, became the galaxy’s largest exporter of chloragen.

    Peace is Shattered

    Now, decades later, the Optera have suddenly and unexpectedly launched an attack on Faro Colony. Your mission is to find out what happened on Faro Colony, and unearth what motivated the Optera to reopen a conflict that nearly brought both species to the brink of extinction. The lives of the over twelve thousand colonists, not to mention the rest of humanity, hang in the balance. Along the way, you’ll liberate outposts, travel deep into a chloragen mine, explore a town built into a crater, and face off against legions of Optera.

    Enter the Vanguard

    You play as a member of the Vanguard, an elite special ops team that specialize in breach reconnaissance. Like Navy SEALs of yore, the Vanguard are sent into galactic ‘hot spots’ to reconnoiter and deter threats. The Vanguard have four different classes — Striker, Surgeon, Warden and Engineer — each of which have a unique arsenal of weapons and abilities. You will learn more about each of these ‘hero classes’ and their capabilities in future blog posts.

    A Lethal Enemy

    No human has ever set foot on the Optera homeworld, so little is known about the Optera’s true origins. Did they evolve from insects, as their physiology would suggest? Are their exoskeletal structures some kind of cybernetic armor or a robotic vehicle? Their technology is highly advanced: they wield deadly energy weapons, can instantly teleport troops, and are able to launch highly coordinated attacks that don’t seem to rely on verbal communication. But what they want, and why they are so zealous about guarding their territory, remains a mystery to be solved.

    You will encounter dozens of different kind of Optera as you travel through Faro Colony. From the ubiquitous Paragord to the elusive Skimmer to the fearsome Megatoma, they each pose a unique challenge that will force you to use every weapon and ability in your arsenal to survive.

    Into the Storm


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  • Charming Puzzler GNOG now Supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift KO_OP has added an all new VR mode.
  • Villains Madama Hydra and Scientist Supreme Join Marvel Powers United VR There's still time to pre-order your copy.
  • It Looks Like Thanos Is In Oculus Rift Exclusive Marvel: Powers United VR
    It Looks Like Thanos Is In Oculus Rift Exclusive Marvel: Powers United VR

    Two lesser-known villains (and one big baddie) are joining the cast of Marvel: Powers United VR today.

    Publisher Oculus has announced that Madame Hydra and Scientist Supreme will both appear as bosses in the VR action game. You won’t get to play as them, but you will be able to face off with them in the middle of levels.

    Though you might not have heard of the characters, you’ll probably recognize the groups they represent. Madame Hydra is, obviously, one of the heads of Hydra, an evil organization bent on world domination that Captain America often finds himself butting heads with. Scientist Supreme, meanwhile, has had many incarnations but operates under the banner of A.I.M., another group of baddies that uses technological smarts to overcome their foes.

    But the description Oculus provided for the two characters also seems to confirm another big Marvel baddie that you may just have heard of is in the game. Scientist Supreme’s bio — also available on the official website — reads: “Utilizing A.I.M. technology with the support of ground forces from Hydra, the Kree, and Ultron for the mighty Thanos, she is determined to decimate anyone who stands in their path.”

    Yup, that Thanos. The one that does the thing in a certain blockbuster Avengers movie. We’d long suspected he would be in the game given his newfound status as the big bad of the entire Marvel universe, but now it seems confirmed we’ll get to square off with him in VR. From the looks of it, he’ll be behind the game’s larger story; we wonder if he’ll be wielding a certain gauntlet?

    This announcement also seems to confirm that we’ll also be squaring off with the larger Hydra and Ultron factions in the game. So far we’ve only seen our heroes go up against armies of Kree warriors, so it will definitely be nice to get some variety amongst the cannon fodder.

    Marvel: Powers United VR is releasing on July 26th exclusively on the Oculus Rift. We’ll hear more about the game at a comic-con panel this week.

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  • David Bowie VR/AR Exhibition Will Let You Try On Iconic Outfits
    David Bowie VR/AR Exhibition Will Let You Try On Iconic Outfits

    Even after his passing, David Bowie is still helping to change the world.

    For the past six years, a touring exhibition named ‘David Bowie is’ has been celebrating the work of the legendary singer/songwriter. Running through the final years of his life and continuing on past his death in 2016, it takes a look back at his career, his eccentric style and offers an unprecedented look at items from the archives. Now, though, that exhibition has come to an end, but it will live on virtually with the help of VR and AR.

    The official David Bowie is website confirms that a digital recreation of the exhibition is coming to AR-compatible smartphones this fall, developed by Sony Music Entertainment in collaboration with the David Bowie Archive, Planeta, and V&A.

    Following the AR release, a VR version of the experience will debut in spring 2019. The digital versions promise to bring “add unprecedented depth and intimacy” to the experience. You’ll discover audio-visual spaces and interact with faithfully recreated 3D scans of objects from Bowie’s history. You’ll even be able to try on some of the artist’s iconic outfits worn over the years. Now there’s a filter Snapchat must be jealous of.

    The VR portion of the experience will come to all major VR headsets, though specifics haven’t been confirmed. It will be a premium app, but a portion of the profits will go towards the V&A and the Brooklyn Museum.

    This sounds like the perfect way to celebrate not just the work of the exhibition but also the larger life of an extraordinary man, and could set the standard for maintaining touring exhibitions long after their lifespan going forward.

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