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  • Beat Saber Arcade Coming Soon For Official Use At Out-of-Home VR Centers
    Beat Saber Arcade Coming Soon For Official Use At Out-of-Home VR Centers

    Legal use of VR software at VR arcades is a rampant issue in the industry. If you’re going to operate a commercial out-of-home VR experience center then you need to handle licensing issues (we’ve got a detailed guide on how to do things properly here) which often means commercial versions of popular games. In order to facilitate that revenue stream, the folks behind Beat Saber are releasing an official Beat Saber Arcade edition very soon.

    Today, the company announced the new version with this landing page that states:

    “It is so important to us that you have the very best experience with our game wherever you play it. We couldn’t be more grateful for the positive response from the Beat Saber community and hope you find our delay to make earlier arcade announcements more a reflection of our commitment to quality than anything else.

    But now we are just a few weeks away from releasing the arcade version! More details will soon follow where you will be able to find Beat Saber and get a legal commercial license.”

    More details should be coming soon. We know the PSVR version of Beat Saber is currently in development, you can download lots of custom tracks, and the studio is even working on a multiplayer update as well. They’ve already sold over 100,000 copies and this new Arcade edition will likely be another smashing success for the small studio.

    Let us know what you think of the news down in the comments below!

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  • 2018 VR Award Nominations Highlight Skyrim, Beat Saber, Coco, And More
    2018 VR Award Nominations Highlight Skyrim, Beat Saber, Coco, And More

    Nominations are in for the 2018 VR Awards which is put on by VR Bound and judged by an expert panel. As of today there’s a shortlist of nominees for 12 different categories including headset of the year, VR game of the year, and even best marketing.

    Last year marked the first-ever VR Awards with Rift taking home best headset and Raw Data securing VR game of the year — among a long list of winners. Comparatively, for UploadVR’s 2017 awards, we selected the Samsung Odyssey and Lone Echo/Echo Arena respectively as our winners for those categories.

    Here are this year’s nominees:

    VR Headset of the Year Nominees

    HTC – Vive Pro

    Oculus – Go

    VRgineers Inc. – VRHero 5K Plus

    HTC – Vive Focus

    VR Game of the Year Nominees

    Bethesda Softworks – Fallout 4 VR

    Bethesda Softworks – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

    Beat Games – Beat Saber

    Survios Inc. – Sprint Vector

    Ready At Dawn – Lone Echo / Echo Arena

    Hidden Path Entertainment – Brass Tactics

    Vertical Robot – Red Matter

    VRWERX – Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

    ARVORE Immersive Experiences – Pixel Ripped 1989 (currently unreleased)

    inXile Entertainment – The Mage’s Tale

    Cloudhead Games Ltd. – The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone

    Electric Hat Games – TO THE TOP

    nDreams – Shooty Fruity

    VR Experience of the Year Nominees

    REWIND – Silicon Valley: Inside The Hacker Hostel

    Framestore – A Moon For All Mankind

    Magnopus – Coco VR

    Magnopus – Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

    Preloaded and BBC Worldwide – BBC Earth: Life in VR – California Coast

    Tomorrow Never Knows – The Day The World Changed

    Flight School – Manifest 99

    Framestore – Sky4DVR

    Human Interact – Starship Commander

    Interactive Media Foundation gGmbHl – Ulm Stories – The Dream of Flying

    NextVR – NBA League Pass in NextVR: 2017-2018 Regular Season

    VR Film of the Year Nominees

    Baobab Studios – Asteroids!


    Pink Kong Studios – Aurora

    Room One Films – The Committee

    Lucid Dreams Productions – The Sun Ladies

    Olympic Channel & Jaunt – Trending Gold

    Vision3 – My Africa

    NSC Creative – Vestige

    FoxNext VR Studio – Isle of Dogs Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality)

    TopDogVR – Speed Kills VR

    VR Marketing of the Year Nominees

    ILMxLAB – Star Wars™: Droid Repair Bay

    Flight School and Momentum Worldwide – GMC Rangeland Derby VR

    BackLight – L’Oreal / Diesel Only the Brave

    Pebble Studios – Pebble Studios: DuckTales | 360° Adventure: The Lost Key of Tralla La

    Magnopus – Coco VR

    Somewhere Else – Delicatessen

    GrandPano – SPP – SMART HOME

    Magnopus – Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

    Welcomm (working together with Bravo!/Plato Reality) – Melbourne, meet your new train

    TAKELEAP – IKEA Virtual Reality Store

    Audi and ZeroLIght – Audi VR Experience

    Rising VR Company of the Year Nominees

    Flight School


    VRgineers Inc.

    Fast Travel Games AB

    Neurogaming Limited

    Cooperative Innovations

    Innovative VR Company of the Year Nominees

    Striker VR






    Human Interact

    Visbit Inc.


    Gravity Sketch

    VR Education of the Year Nominees

    Schell Games – HoloLAB Champions

    MEL Science – MEL Chemistry VR

    Elara Systems – Alcon Virtual Eye Experience

    ITI, United Rentals, & Serious Labs – VR Crane & Equipment Operator Training Simulator Suite

    Alliander – Alliander Virtual Platform

    VR Factory – Bartender VR Simulator

    MEDIASQUAD Medienentwicklungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH – Pharmaceutical Line Clearance VR Training

    FarBridge, Inc. – MasterWorks: Journey Through History

    VR Healthcare of the  Year Nominees

    Elara Systems – Alcon Virtual Eye Experience

    Medis Media – 3D Organon VR Anatomy – Enterprise edition

    VRHealth – First Certified VR Medical Device Company in the world

    Rescape Innovation Ltd – DR.VR

    Infinite MR – Cigna Peak Challenge


    Virti – Virti

    appliedVR – EaseVR

    NUMENA Virtual Reality Architects – B. Braun Spine Days

    Out-of-Home VR Entertainment of the Year Nominees

    ILMxLAB and The VOID  – Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire

    Figment Productions – Kraken Unleashed, SeaWorld Orlando

    Framestore – A Moon For All Mankind

    BackLight – Eclipse

    Neurogaming Limited – World of Tanks VR


    Kynoa – Koliseum Soccer VR

    Neurogaming Limited – PolygonVR

    Frontgrid – ParadropVR

    VR Social

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  • Bandai Namco’s ‘Dragon Quest VR’ Launches At VR Zone Shinjuku

    Battle alongside friends as a warrior, priest, or mage in this immersive reimagining of the hit 1986 JRPG. Since first opening its doors to visitors of Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward back in 2016, VR Zone Shinjuku has attracted international attention thanks to an impressive selection of exclusive location-based VR experiences. This catalogue expanded even further this

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  • Beat Saber Arcade to be Officially Rolled Out for Location-Based Entertainment It'll happen later this month.
  • Official Shortlist Selection for the 2018 VR Awards Unveiled The VR Awards 2018 take place in October.
  • Rick And Morty, Coco And Blade Runner Nominated For VR Emmys
    Rick And Morty, Coco And Blade Runner Nominated For VR Emmys

    A pair of projects built for Oculus VR headsets by Los Angeles-based studio Magnopus — Coco and Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab — are nominated for an Emmy this year in the Outstanding Original Interactive Program category.

    Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

    The projects are nominated alongside Google Spotlight Stories’ Back to The Moon, NASA JPL: Cassini’s Grand Finale and Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience.

    Back To The Moon from Google.

    As Pixar’s first VR project, Coco VR is notable because it’s an interactive multiplayer VR experience for both Gear VR and Rift that lets you visit the world of the afterlife as depicted in the movie. The Blade Runner experience isn’t multiplayer, but it uses captured performances that do a lot to add to a sense of visiting that bleak future from the film.

    Another category, Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media Within A Scripted Program, nominates Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-ality alongside Westworld, Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley and 13 Reasons Why.

    The 70th Emmy Awards will air on Monday, Sept. 17.

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  • Google, HTC and SuperData to Discuss Current State of VR & AR in Free Webinar The webinar will take place next week.
  • Brie Larson Narrates Latest ‘Space Explorers’ VR Series

    Episode two now available on the Oculus Store. Before Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson blasts off in Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel feature film, she’ll take us on a VR journey into how us Earthlings are exploring and colonizing space. Narrated by Larson, Space Explorers: Taking Flight is the second episode in a multi-part VR

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  • Dell’s new Precision 3000 Workstations to Offer Better Performance in a Reduced Footprint Both are available from today.
  • Why Virtual-Virtual Reality Remains A VR Experience You Must Play
    Why Virtual-Virtual Reality Remains A VR Experience You Must Play

    It’s a secret shame of mine that we’ve never done a proper review of Tender Claws’ Virtual-Virtual Reality (VVR). In my defense, it’s not exactly a ‘game’ in the conventional sense, and we’ve haven’t really figured out how to handle impressions for these types of apps yet. How do you put a score on something as brilliantly bizarre as this surrealist story of VR gone too far?

    But, with the recent release on Oculus Rift, I can at least right that wrong a little and tell you why you need to play VVR.

    In this vision of a reality gone weird, you take on the role of a new worker at Activitude, an Aperture Science-esque facility that provides services to AI clients. With the limitless possibilities of VR at your finger-tips, these chores are anything but mundane; sentient butter fetishizes about having perfectly-toasted bread lavishly slapped onto its sides, while a Texan tumbleweed longs to roam free in a runner-style minigame. You warp between realities by putting on virtual VR headsets with the aid of Activitude’s head-of-madness, Chaz.

    VVR initially revels in the inherent silly side of VR to glorious effect. You bounce between realities with giddy curiosity, always wondering what ridiculous situation you’re going to find yourself in next. It’s Accounting with a little more nuance, replacing Rick and Morty’s volume for the mild-mannered antics of Portal’s Wheatley. As you go, your performance will be rated by sometimes satisfied but mostly unhappy customers. Suffice to say you’ll probably end up making some mistakes that you didn’t see coming.

    But all is not what it seems; it’s not long before you peel back the thin layer of Activitude’s surface and begin to uncover a deeper meaning to both the dystopian corporation and the wider game. Are you really serving AI constructs? Or is there a bigger story behind the gravely-voiced pinwheel that takes such pleasure in watching you water his garden? What about the VR we as headset owners experience now? Where does that reality go when we switch it off?

    It’s here where VVR starts to touch on something a little more profound. As you dig deeper into Activitude’s past you start to piece together a puzzle that begins in a society not too far off from where we are now. What initially seems like slapstick mockery starts to feel increasingly plausible, especially if you’re the type that likes to follow along with the confident CEO keynote speeches at Silicon Valley developer cons. In fact, it’s so believable done that I’m even a little surprised the Zuckerberg-owned Oculus picked the studio up to work on its next title. VVR ends up feeling as much as a warning as it is a rollercoaster ride through VR’s future.

    Admittedly it does take a little too much of your time getting to the conclusion. If VVR has issues, it’s the moments of uncertainty in which you’re left wondering what to do, or the handful of monologues that drift on a little too long. Though Tender Claws has some brilliantly

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