• Felix & Paul Studios’ Gymnasia to Premiere at Tribeca It'll come to the Oculus Store this month as well.
  • VR Anime Spice and Wolf Delayed Until June It'll debut on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Oculus Go.
  • ‘Rhythm Violence’ Classic Thumper Is Coming To Oculus Quest
    ‘Rhythm Violence’ Classic Thumper Is Coming To Oculus Quest

    Another VR favorite is on its way to Oculus Quest soon. Thumper from Drool will be launching on the platform this year.

    Thumper is described as a ‘rhythm violence’ game, which is a pretty apt summary. In the game you play as space beetle (yes really) and speed down a course. You need to time button presses with the background music whilst also steering your companion to safety as you work your way up to boss fights.

    Mechanically it’s a treat, but what really makes Thumper thrive is its brutalist atmosphere. The game’s twist and turns are mapped to its masochistic soundtrack, which weaves a sense of dread inside you. As the speed increases and the action mounts it’s tough not to start sweating. There isn’t another VR experience quite like it.

    In fact Thumper is one of the rare games we’ve awarded a 9/10. “It is at first immediately familiar as an entry in the now classic rhythm game genre, but enhances virtually every aspect of the experience through brightly pulsing visuals, intense music, and nothing short of violent, visceral rhythm-based gameplay,” we wrote. “While you can play Thumper entirely outside of VR, the experience truly shines and envelops you the most once you place a VR headset on your face. This one is not to be missed.”

    This is far from Thumper’s first brush with VR. The game was a launch title for Sony’s PSVR back in 2016 and has since come to PC-based headsets too. Last year it even got a port to the Oculus Go headset, which must’ve made this Quest port a bit more straightforward.

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  • Casual Titles Angry Birds VR, Fruit Ninja VR, RUSH, And Bait! Are Coming To Oculus Quest
    angry brids fruit ninja rush bait

    Casual VR titles Angry Birds VR, Fruit Ninja, RUSH And Bait! are coming to the upcoming Oculus Quest $399 standalone headset.

    These four accessible titles could be perfect for demoing your Quest or just short play sessions:

    Angry Birds VR

    The popular mobile game franchise Angry Birds came to PC VR as recently as February. In late March it came to PlayStation VR.

    We went hands on with the game on PC VR and were impressed by how much the spatial nature of VR adds to the gameplay. We noted at the time that the game would be perfect for the wireless Quest.

    Resolution Games has enabled cross-buy, so if you own the game on the Rift store you already own it on Quest.

    Fruit Ninja VR

    Fruit Ninja VR is another smartphone franchise brought to VR. It released back in summer 2016 for the HTC Vive, and was a launch title for Oculus Touch. Like in the smartphone game you slice incoming fruit with a variety of blades to score points.

    There’s no word yet on whether cross-buy is enabled for this game, but we’ll update this article when there is.


    RUSH is an exhilarating yet accessible game where you fly off the side of a mountain in a wingsuit. You soar points by flying through hoops. It even supports multiplayer, so you can challenge friends online.

    There’s no word yet on whether cross-buy is enabled for this game, but we’ll update this article when there is.


    Although you might not have heard of it, Bait! is actually one of the most popular VR games ever made. The free to play fishing game had over 2 million downloads as early as 2017.

    It’s currently only available on mobile VR platforms, so Quest will be the first time it’s playable with positional tracked controllers. The developer says this allows players “to cast and spin the reel, grab fish from the hook, and have full head movement.”

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  • Google Tilt Brush is Coming to Oculus Quest And with most of its features intact.
  • MyndVR Rolls Out Improved VR For The Elderly On Vive Focus Headsets
    MyndVR Rolls Out Improved VR For The Elderly On Vive Focus Headsets

    Nearly two years ago to the day we first wrote about MyndVR. It’s a VR platform designed for use by elderly people, giving them a raft of content to enjoy, like a Frank Sinatra tribute show. This week, though, MyndVR is expanding its mission with the help of HTC.

    The company is now rolling out MyndVR 2.0 in partnership with HTC’s Vive X accelerator. The company joined the initiative back in January. Whereas previous versions of MyndVR were used on mobile-based headsets, this latest edition runs on HTC’s standalone VR kit, Vive Focus. The device is Mynd-branded and comes with a tablet that can control VR experiences, for the user by carers.


    Excited to share our Mynd VR 2.0 video story!

    Posted by Mynd VR on Monday, 15 April 2019

    MyndVR mainly consists of 360 video content, so it won’t take advantage of Vive Focus’ positional tracking. Using a standalone device rather than a headset that requires a smartphone is, however, much more convenient.

    “The ease-of-use with HTC Vive’s Focus enhances the user-experience and helps provide a world of immersive content for seniors who are no longer able to physically travel,” co-founder Chris Brickler said in a prepared statement. “We are lifting the spirits of our elders and taking them far from the four walls of their care communities.”

    It’s a curated platform, one that its founders envision as a sort of Netflix of VR content for a certain demographic. MyndVR doesn’t make this content itself but instead partners with the likes of Disney to purpose existing 360 degree content for the platform.

    The platform is already up and running in 20 states across the US as well as Canada. You can head to an official website to learn more.

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  • Google’s ‘Tilt Brush’ VR Painting App Is Coming To Oculus Quest, Cross-Buy With Rift
    tilt brush landscape

    Google’s VR painting app Tilt Brush is coming to the upcoming Oculus Quest standalone headset. It will be a launch title.

    Google have enabled cross-buy for Tilt Brush, so if you own it already on the Oculus Rift store you already own it for Quest.

    Tilt Brush was a launch title for the HTC Vive back in April 2016. It pioneered the idea of true spatial art with 6DoF tracked controllers in room scale VR. In early 2017 shortly after the launch of the Oculus Touch controllers Google added Rift support.

    Facebook is positioning Quest as a games console. The company has repeatedly told developers that the focus of the device’s content library is gaming. Tilt Brush is one of the few confirmed titles, so far, that diversifies this library to include creation rather than just consumption.

    Google says Oculus Quest “will unlock completely new opportunities” for artists. The company expects the lack of restrictive tether to lead to “art that we never could have dreamed up before.”

    It will have been a huge technical challenge to bring an app like this to a mobile chipset, but Google claims the result should “look and feel pretty much the same as the Rift version, with a few small tweaks.” Most notably, the notable glow effect (bloom) of Tilt Brush brushes was too performance heavy after more than a few strokes. To solve this problem, bloom is enabled at the start but slowly fades away as the user draws more.

    Strangely, Facebook’s own VR art apps aren’t coming to the standalone headset. The team behind Oculus Medium, the popular VR sculpting app, declared that it required “the power and memory of a PC”. Their VR painting app, Quill, is getting a Quest renderer to allow you to view creations, but the app itself doesn’t seem to be coming.

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  • N1NE: The Splintered Mind Is Essentially Blade Runner VR And It Looks Great
    N1NE: The Splintered Mind

    Blade Runner is one of those cultural touchstones that’s clearly made a big impact on lots of VR developers. It’s even had a few VR apps of its own. But Melbourne-based OD1N Studios seems to essentially be making its own Blade Runner VR game, and it looks great.

    N1NE: The Splintered Mind is heading to VR headsets this year. It’s a narrative-driven cyberpunk detective game set in the year 2099. Playing as Avery Nine, you investigate several mysterious murders, touring the seedy underbelly of a dark future.

    Watch the trailer above. It’s not hard to get a sense of OD1N’s inspirations. But, crucially, N1NE looks like a rock-solid take on the cyberpunk genre. Each of the environments seen exudes a moody atmosphere. The game seems to have a mix of elements from crime scene inspection using different gadgetry to full-on combat. You’ll go between the game’s reality and its own take on VR,

    N1NE has been in development for two years now, which gives us hope that the game won’t be crushed by the weight of its ambitions. VR could certainly do with a few more entries into the cyberpunk genre to join the likes of Technolust.

    Right now the studio says its launching on Oculus Rift with plans to come to HTC Vive “and other platforms.” It sounds like this release will be the first in an episodic series though we don’t yet know how many other episodes there will be. You can sign up to a newsletter to learn more about the game right here.

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  • Medieval VR Arcade Game Mace and Grace Coming to Steam Early Access It's due for release next month.
  • Here’s The First Trailer For Dan Carlin’s Historic VR App, War Remains
    War Remains VR Dan Carlin

    One of the VR highlights for VR at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival will undoubtedly be War Remains. This historical VR app is presented by Dan Carlin, best known for the Hardcore History podcast. Ahead of its debut at the festival, though, we have the first trailer for it.

    War Remains takes viewers into the trenches in the First World War. They explore a virtual rendition of the trenches that’s mapped to a physical set in the real world. The piece uses floor rumblers, haptics and other features to really root viewers in the experience. The trailer touches on a more personal side of the experience, with a soldier reading a letter to be sent home to his daughter. Visually the piece looks like it could offer the visceral trench experience that VR has been lacking thus far.

    Following its debut at Tribeca next week the piece will also be on display in Austin over the summer. More details about the experience at expected to be announced in the coming months.

    “I’ve always said that places like the Western Front at their worst were inconceivable to those who hadn’t seen them firsthand, but one of the valuable parts of this experience is it uses the latest technology and techniques to make it easier to imagine,” Carlin said in a prepared statement. “In that sense I hope it’s an empathy-enhancement tool. It takes things one step further than film or television or video games have been able to do.”

    The piece is directed by Brandon Oldenburg and produced by MWM Immersive with development by Flight School Studio and audio design by Skywalker Sound. Hopefully we’ll see it launch elsewhere too.

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  • 20 Projects Selected for CreativeXR’s Second Year Each team will receive £20,000 of funding to advance their projects.
  • Sony Confirms PSVR Support For The ‘PlayStation 5’

    PSVR will be compatible with Sony’s next PlayStation console. In an exclusive interview with Wired Magazine, PS4 systems architect and game designer Mark Cerny spilled the beans on Sony’s next generation of their immensely popular PlayStation console, in the process confirming support for the PlayStation VR headset. During the interview, Cerny revealed that the yet-to-be-named

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  • 3 Ways To Visit Notre-Dame Cathedral In VR
    Notre Dame

    The beautiful medieval Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris suffered a devastating fire yesterday during renovations. The spire and most of the roof were unfortunately lost- but luckily the rest of the building remains intact.

    President Macron has vowed to rebuild and restore the beloved cathedral. But while that happens, it will probably be partially or entirely inaccessible.

    Thankfully, you can use the power of virtual reality to visit Notre-Dame without even leaving your room.

    TARGO 360° Documentary

    TARGO is a French immersive video production company. Just two months ago they released an 8 minute 360° documentary on Notre-Dame cathedral.

    The documentary focuses on the current “Rector-Archpriest” of the cathedral, as well as covering its history. The camera takes you to every corner of Notre-Dame, even on top of one of the towers.

    TARGO’s videos are viewable through various VR platforms and video providers:

    Oculus Go / Gear VR: search “The Man Behind Notre-Dame” in the main menu

    PlayStation VR: use the YouTube VR app, WITHIN app, or LittleStar app

    PC VR: use the YouTube VR app, WITHIN app, or LittleStar app

    Google Earth VR

    Google Earth uses a combination of satellite and aerial photography and high detail 3D scans to digitally recreate the real world. One of the cities with a full detail scan is Paris. Google Earth VR lets you scale the world however you like and physically walk around it in virtual reality.

    Google Earth VR is available for free on Oculus Rift and SteamVR.

    You can find Notre-Dame in Google Earth VR by opening the main menu and clicking the search icon at the bottom. Just search Notre-Dame and select it. We recommend changing the time of day to a sunrise of sunset to see the warm glow on the stone.

    Eagle Flight

    A less obvious way to virtually see the cathedral is in Ubisoft’s 2016 title Eagle Flight. You fly as an eagle in first person with the simple goal of building your nest on the tallest point you can find amidst the overgrown ruins of Paris in the far future. The first nest is actually on Notre-Dame cathedral itself.

    When we reviewed the game we enjoyed it, calling it “a real treat to play” and giving it 7.5/10. If you’re a fan of Notre-Dame or Paris in general you’ll probably love it.

    Eagle Flight is available on Oculus Rift, SteamVR, and and PlayStation VR.

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  • Bring Your Jack Daniel’s Bottle to Life With the Distillery’s new AR App Learn the history of the famous brand.
  • MyndVR 2.0 and HTC Vive Focus Bring VR to Senior Citizens MyndVR Studios is creating content for specific age-related conditions.