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  • Oculus Quest Preorders Accidentally Went Live On Amazon UK, 128GB Model Is £499
    Oculus Quest Preorders Accidentally Went Live On Amazon UK, 128GB Model Is £499

    UPDATE: Facebook told us that Amazon launched preorders accidentally. Preorders for Oculus Quest have not begun. The Amazon listing has now been taken down. However, Facebook told us the £499 (US $499) pricing for the 128GB model is correct.


    Live in the United Kingdom and wanting to get an Oculus Quest? Preorders for the 128GB model just went live on Amazon UK.

    Oculus Quest still doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but the indications seem to point to Facebook’s annual conference at the end of this month. That means you could be waiting around two weeks from now.

    This is a first party listing from Amazon itself, not a seller listing. It’s unclear whether this was a mistake on Amazon’s part, but we were able to add the product to basket and place the preorder fully. Amazon tends to be good about honoring mistakes, if it was. We’ll be interested to see how they handle this case.

    The base Oculus Quest model has 64GB of storage for $399 / £399. Last month Facebook confirmed to us that a 128GB model would be sold too, but the price was unknown until now. This would likely translate to $499 in the US.

    Unfortunately neither Go or Quest feature an SD card slot, so you’re stuck with the storage you buy. Facebook is working on the ability to use USB storage, but there’s no release date for this feature yet.

    The page also lists the full package contents. We’ve seen an overview of the contents in the past, but never a full itemized list:

    1 x Quest Device, 1 x Controllers (L&R), 1 x Printed Accessory Folio, 1 x Manual, 2 x AA Batteries, 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Glass Spacer, 1 x Welcome card, 1 x Charger (US, UK, EU, AU)

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  • Preserving Historical Landmarks In VR Should Be A Priority

    Ensuring history survives using modern day technology. Yesterday, the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France suffered a devastating fire that caused significant, lasting damage to the 12 Century building. Although French authorities were able to save the bulk of the structure, including the two rectangular towers, a large portion of the frame was destroyed,

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  • Hands-On: Robo Recall Hits Quest Like A Robot Arm To The Face
    robo recall quest poster

    There’s a considerable gap in the VR market that the new Oculus Quest – set for a Spring release at $399 – is looking to fill. Designed for people who want a headset geared towards a gaming experience but lacking the high-end PC and are unwilling to part with a hefty chunk of change, the Quest is an all-in-one wireless solution that features room-size VR and motion controls but without these restrictive costs. It’s an impressive bit of kit, with Oculus talking about cross-play with Rift owners andcross-buyy across both products, but at the same price as the new Rift S, set to be released at the same time, is it a neutered experience when stripped of the need for a monster PC?

    We had the chance to try out the headset, playing Robo Recall, an arcade style FPS that came out in 2017 to fair acclaim, and the results were pretty impressive. Epic Games was behind the original Recall, but Gunheart dev Drifter.

    As one of the more graphically impressive titles on the VR marketplace, there’s an expectation to see some of this visual fidelity would be stripped away to ensure it ran at a solid clip on this headset, but nope – Robo Recall looks pretty damn good running on the Quest. We had previously seen a snippet of the game that looked pretty blurry, but since-released images promise more of a visual feast.

    There’s a few minor graphical changes to keep things ticking over on the headset, however. Lighting and other effects appear to have been dialled back a bit, and during the first stage there appears to be a little bit less going on in the background of the city than in original, PC-based release. It’s a similar trick that PSVR titles utilise, like Gran Turismo – a loss of fidelity in areas where you’re not paying close attention to, to keep the areas you’re forced to pay attention to looking their best.

    It’s still an extremely fun shooter. Robo Recall is a game that focuses on providing a thrill-a-minute experience rather than attempting to simulate a real firefight. Pistols are perpetually strapped to your belt so there’s no need to reload, just chuck your current pair away (or, at an enemy, if you’re going for some galaxy brain thinking) and grab two fresh ones! You always have a sub weapon strapped to your back and reaching over your shoulder for a shotgun makes you feel like the actual Terminator. Plucking bullets out of the air and throwing them back at enemies like you’re some kind of darts-playing Neo just doesn’t get old.

    The real stars of Robo Recall, perhaps unsurprisingly, are the enemy robots themselves. With enough variety to keep them interesting and keep you – literally – on your toes, they provide you with a bunch of targets that feel really, really satisfying to take out. Pinging one with a headshot from distance and sending their dome clean off, using a shotgun blast to evaporate a few leaping spider-robots

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  • New Screenshots and Details for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s VR Update Released View Hyrule in a whole new way next week.
  • Check Out The First Trailer For Doctor Who’s Animated VR Episode
    Doctor Who VR

    Just ahead of next week’s Tribeca Film Festival the first trailer for Doctor Who’s animated VR episode is here.

    Announced earlier this year, Doctor Who: The Runaway is an interactive short set to debut at Tribeca. It stars current Doctor Jodie Whittaker. At the start of the experience, you awaken inside the Doctor’s Tardis. You’ve apparently collided with an alien known as the Volta, which you must help get back to its home planet.

    The trailer above is just a brief glimpse but it holds a lot of promise. The art style, for starters, is striking and really seems to emphasize a connection between you and the Doctor. The full synopsis for the experience is below:

    “You’ve been in a collision. You wake inside the TARDIS. The Doctor introduces you to the person, or thing, you collided with. He’s a strange and magnificent ball of living energy called Volta. Part surly teenager, part bomb, Volta is very unstable. In fact, he’s primed to explode. Big time. Unless he can be returned to his home planet, sharpish. The problem is, a squad of galactic busybodies has other plans for Volta. Bad ones. Drawn into a frantic chase, you become The Doctor’s unlikely assistant as she races against time to get Volta home to his parents. Armed with a sonic screwdriver, it is down to you to help The Doctor as she faces the forces of evil, and teenage angst, in this animated 13-minute VR adventure from the team behind Doctor Who Series 11.”

    The BBC says that the experience will come to ‘selected VR headsets in the coming months.’ No word on exactly which headsets those will be just yet.

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  • Sony’s Mark Cerny Confirms PlayStation VR Will be Compatible With Next Console The headset isn't going anywhere just yet.
  • Mozilla’s Web-Based VR Platform Hubs Adds Discord Support You can sign up for the beta today.
  • The Next PlayStation Supports PSVR, Sony Confirms
    The Next PlayStation Supports PSVR, Sony Confirms

    Sony has just confirmed that its current PSVR headset will be compatible with the next PlayStation console.

    The company revealed as much in a new article in Wired. Mark Cerny, the system architect behind the PS4, confirmed that the company is working on a next-generation PlayStation. It’s not called PS5 yet, but it could well be in the future. The article notes that the console will come with a more powerful GPU and CPU with an AMD chip. The latter is based on AMD’s Ryzen line. The GPU, meanwhile, is apparently a variant of Radeon’s Navi line and supports ray tracing.

    The biggest draw of the article, though, is a new solid-state drive that claims to drastically reduce load times in games. A demo of Sony’s Spider-Man, for example, cut out fast travel times when accessing the in-game map.

    As for VR, Cerny had just one thing to say. “I won’t go into the details of our VR strategy today,” he stated, “beyond saying that VR is very important to us and that the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console.”

    Crucially, though, Cerny also confirms that the console will be backward compatible with the PS4. That makes it likely that we’ll still be able to play the same PSVR games we enjoy today on the next PlayStation. As for if the current PSVR will play new VR games exclusive to the console, Cerny didn’t say. Again, though, it’s likely that we see a new version of the headset for that purpose.

    The next PlayStation won’t be releasing this year, but certain developers are already working on it.

    That’s quite the bombshell. We’ve seen plenty of Sony patents in the past few months, each of which points towards what PSVR 2 could look like. For now, though, VR fans will at least have a place to play in the next PlayStation.

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  • Shutterstock Creates AR Mobile Feature ‘View in Room’ Place and swap Shutterstock's library of images using AR.
  • Nintendo Releases First Zelda: Breath of the Wild VR Screenshots
    Zelda VR Screenshot

    We’ve been toying around with Nintendo Labo VR for a weekend now and it’s a fun piece of kit. But we’d be lying if we didn’t say we were more excited to jump into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild VR with the headset. To whet our appetites, Nintendo’s just released some new images of the game running in VR.

    Two new screenshots of the game surfaced on the Nintendo blog this week. They don’t tell us much other than how the UI looks, but they’re accompanied by words from technical director Takuhiro Dohta.

    Dohta says that the Breath of the Wild team decided to add VR support to the game after seeing a demonstration of Labo VR. They had originally discussed different ways of implementing VR before deciding on letting people play the full game with the goggles.

    Perhaps the most important point in the blog, though, is concerned with when you should try VR. “We recommend taking a look through the VR Goggles when there’s something interesting to see,” Dohta writes, “like a location with a great view, a favourite character, or a favourite piece of equipment.”

    While you can play the entire game in VR, then, it sounds like it might be best used intermittently. That seems like a good idea given that Labo VR has to be held to the user’s face with no head strap.

    VR support will arrive as a free update to Breath of the Wild on April 26th. Super Mario Odyssey is also getting a free VR mode with three bonus mini-missions. Hopefully Nintendo has more VR magic in the works too.

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  • VR Art Exhibition So Far, Still So Close Taking Place at Synthesis Gallery in Berlin The exhibition features talented artists Yu Hong and Nikita Shalenny.
  • Jack Daniels Turns Their Whiskey Bottle Into An AR Pop-Up Book

    AR brings the history of the 150-year old whiskey brand to life. Jack Daniels has been offering thirsty patrons their immensely popular brand of Tennessee whiskey for over 150 years, during which time they’ve become the most successful American whiskey distillery in the world. Today, the company has announced a new AR experience designed to

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  • KartKraft’s Latest Update Adds Native Oculus Support including ASW 2.0 ASW support allows KartKraft to run on lower-end PC's.
  • BBC Drops First Trailer For Interactive Doctor Who VR Animation

    Ride shotgun with an explosive ball of gas in this 13-minute immersive adventure. This past February it was announced that Doctor Who: The Runaway — a brand new Doctor Who-inspired interactive VR animation — would be making its way to the Tribeca Film Festival’s Immersive Arcade in NYC, treating festival-goers to an original sci-fi adventure

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