• Owlchemy Labs Co-Founder Departs To Found New Startup
    Owlchemy Labs Co-Founder Departs To Found New Startup

    Owlchemy Labs co-founder and former CEO Alex Schwartz is departing the company he started. The departure comes around a year after selling the company to Google.

    Owlchemy Labs is the company behind Job Simulator, Rick & Morty and the upcoming Vacation Simulator. The new CEO, Devin Reimer, spent hundreds of hours as the head of technology at the company building core systems to produce seemingly simple features like a cup of coffee that behaved like the real world. That core work in simulating various aspects of reality while resizing elements to various play spaces and player heights, combined with the launch of chart-topping VR games, is likely the reason Google acquired the company.

    Schwartz is departing the company alongside Studio Director Cy Wise. In an announcement post, Schwartz said he’s excited to be starting a new company but traveling and taking some time off first. I reached out to Schwartz and Wise to see if their new venture is VR-related but they both declined to say more just yet.

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  • The Exorcist: Legion VR is Now Available on PlayStation VR First three chapters of episodic horror title are now available on the PlayStation Store.
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  • Take A Walk On The Wild Side Of VR With Cybershoes

    An immersive VR locomotion solution that ditches the omnidirectional treadmill design in favor of a swivel chair. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Ready Player One’ or have been to CES or other recent gaming/technology trade show, then odds are you’re at least somewhat familiar with the concept behind omnidirectional treadmills. The device is pretty much

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  • E3 2018 Hands-On: Megalith Is A Fun Hero Shooter Meets MOBA Hybrid
    E3 2018 Hands-On: Megalith Is A Fun Hero Shooter Meets MOBA Hybrid

    VR does a few, specific things really, really well. One of those things is help players fulfill power fantasies. When I play Robo Recall, I feel like an action movie star that’s got skill of the same caliber as the likes of John Wick. When I play Archangel: Hellfire I really feel like I’m piloting an ultra-powerful mech with rockets and lasers. And now, when I play Megalith, I feel like a Goddess of Thunder.

    During my hands-on demo of Megalith at E3 last week, I took control of Aurora, who is a lightning-based hero that can shoot lightning bolt, cast out giant electric orbs, summon storm clouds, and even fly up into the air to rain down enough bolts of lightning to make even Zeus proud.

    Megalith, as we learned last year, is coming to PSVR soon and aims to bring a nice blend of first-person shooter gameplay with the overall flow of a MOBA. That means that while your particular hero will be controlled much like it would be in other first-person action games, you’ll have a base to defend, towers to protect, and minions at your side. All that other stuff is automated though so you can focus on the action.

    Disruptive Games captured the gameplay video above, which shows an E3 attendee playing as Cipher, the fire-based hero. I fought against him partnered up with a duplicate Aurora as the enemy, and with Taurus, a melee hero, on my team. Matches in Megalith are designed to be 2v2, which sounds small, but the action was anything but slow-paced.

    For my demo Taurus and I spawned back at our base and immediately set off for the middle of the map where much of the action takes place. Our side had two different entry points, both of which were flanked by two turret towers. We easily won the match and I think only one of our four towers ever even took damage.

    Movement in Megalith is similar to the smooth locomotion from Skyrim on PSVR. You point in a direction using the Move controller and then hold down the trigger to move that way. Face buttons do things like rotate your orientation for turning and activate your different abilities.

    When you activate an ability it doesn’t automatically get set off, but instead you then aim your right hand and pull the trigger to use it. If you don’t have an ability equipped at that time, you’ll just use your character’s default attack.

    For Aurora, her default was a medium-range lightning burst. It did good damage if I could get within range, but getting too close left me vulnerable to nasty burst attacks from Cipher and the enemy Aurora. Her abilities involved a bigger, much longer range sustained lightning blast, an electric orb, and a thunder cloud.

    My favorite combo was to hit them with an orb, which stunned them in place, and then follow that up with a storm cloud above their head for some hefty damage over time. My Taurus teammate could also slam the

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  • Loco Dojo Dev Secures Investment To Expand Operations
    Loco Dojo Dev Secures Investment To Expand Operations

    Make Real, the developer of madcap VR party game, Loco Dojo, has secured equity investment to expand its operations in VR.

    The company declined to reveal exactly how much funding it raised in a round led by M&A Advisory, but did note that it would use the money to expand its R&D team to build prototypes and develop creative products. More money will also go to marketing & PR for the company as well as exploring more applications in the education industry.

    Make Real develops and publishes games like Loco Dojo along with working with well-known brands like McDonalds, providing interactive, promotional VR experiences for them.

    A few months back we reported that Make Real was now working on its next game, Pastime for Pirates, which is a swashbuckling-themed social hub for playing minigames and chatting with friends. At the time we noted the game was seeking funding. Speaking to UploadVR, Sam Watts, Director of Immersive Technologies at Make Real, noted that the investment the company secured today was unrelated to Pirates as it’s an “in-house” effort.

    “However it does mean with the creation of the R&D / rapid prototyping / own-IP development team, we are able to continue working into the vertical slice of PfP to bring it to a state that is more likely to receive publisher interest,” Watts added. “It should be noted that PfP is just one of many own-IP prototypes Make Real has created, within the consumer gaming and enterprise training spaces, either for internal development or external funding opportunities, more details of which will be made available in the coming months.”

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  • Make Real Secures Investments for Immersive Technology Learning UK company plans to use investment funding to expand R&D and hire new talent.
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