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  • Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Will Reportedly Use Qualcomm XR1 And Cost Less
    Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Will Reportedly Use Qualcomm XR1 And Cost Less

    It’s no secret that Microsoft’s first-generation HoloLens hasn’t exactly been flying off shelves: The company acknowledged in 2015 that the $3,000 AR headset was on a multi-year journey to becoming a consumer product, and improved versions have reportedly been in the works for some time. A report from Engadget suggests that Microsoft will use Qualcomm’s affordable new Snapdragon XR1 platform for HoloLens 2, a decision that could radically improve the headset’s appeal to mainstream users.

    By design, the XR1 platform is a less expensive and somewhat scaled-down alternative to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, custom-designed to support the less sophisticated head-tracking and processing demands of standalone mixed reality headsets. But it retains the ability to work with high-resolution displays, deliver fast augmented reality response times, and perform 3D audio.

    Qualcomm is specifically positioning XR1 for what it calls “high” rather than “premium” quality mixed reality experiences, as differentiated by both price and capabilities. Depending on the quality of screen, audio, and tracking components a company chooses to pair with XR1, a headset could be available in the $400 price range, give or take. While higher than the price of a standalone Oculus Go, that price point would be in the range of the more capable Lenovo Mirage Solo and many current PC-tethered VR headsets. At the right price point, developers might actually consider creating HoloLens games.

    Though Engadget’s report is very light on additional details, it claims that a “source familiar with the matter” has confirmed the XR1’s selection, and that “sources” believe that HoloLens 2 will be announced in January 2019, perhaps at CES. It also references recent reports from’s Brad Sams, who claims to have seen documents describing the device code-named Sydney as “lighter, more comfortable to wear, and significantly improved holographic displays” versus its predecessor, as well as costing “significantly less.”

    Despite its high-profile initial unveiling and promises of a holographic version of the hit game Minecraft, HoloLens has remained a curiosity for years. Saddled with a high price point, an extremely narrow field of view for AR content, and limited software support, the headset has seemingly seen adoption only in industrial applications. A report claimed last year that Microsoft scrapped the release of a prototype second-generation HoloLens to move on to the current, third-generation model. Meanwhile, rival Magic Leap has continued to tease its own AR offering, which includes a wearable computer and comparatively svelte glasses, and Leap Motion debuted and open-sourced an AR headset it claims can be built for $100 at scale.

    This post by Jeremy Horwitz originally appeared on VentureBeat.

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    Immersing yourself in football’s biggest tournament has never been easier as leading media providers bring VR live streaming to the masses. With an average viewer audience of 3.5 billion, the FIFA World Cup is by far the most popular sporting event in the world. Very few athletic competitions have managed to capture the attention of

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  • VR Continues To Underwhelm At E3 2018
    VR Continues To Underwhelm At E3 2018

    I remember sitting down at a restaurant in the LA Live area in 2015, a day or so before that year’s E3 got underway. I was with a pair of developers working on their first VR game set to be revealed during the show and so, naturally, we mainly talked about the week ahead. Over a burger bite, one of them asked: “It’s just going to be a week of VR, isn’t it?”

    “Not this year,” I replied conservatively. “But hopefully soon.”

    I feel like I’m still waiting for that E3.

    To be fair, expectations were pretty well measured for this year’s behemoth gaming event. Oculus and HTC had already passed on big showings at the 2017 iteration, and supposed headset sales still aren’t enough to court giant publishers like EA. But, even with my anticipation in check, I still came away from this year’s show feeling like VR could have made a bigger impression than it did.

    My complaints are largely the same as they were last year: the absence of major players really doesn’t help VR’s case right now. Oculus may have announced Stormland last week, for example, but we’re perplexed as to why it wasn’t showing off some of its biggest titles on the horizon, like the still-absent Marvel: Powers United VR or the Respawn shooter arriving next year. Last year we reasoned that there were enough VR games out there already for Oculus to take a back seat, but the numbers feel thinner this year, and Rift would have done well to round up games like Windlands 2 and give them time in the spotlight outside of the VR-dedicated Connect conference. Even just a big booth fuelled by the financial might of Facebook would have served as a strong reminder that VR still has a promising future in the industry.

    The same goes for HTC, which I feel like could have done something, or even anything, to remind people the Vive actually exists. Last year the company took full advantage of a partnership with Bethesda to promote Fallout 4. This year, though, the only time I even saw a Vive was in a single picture during Bethesda’s conference in which the company announced The Elder Scrolls: Blades would support VR. The name of the headset wasn’t even uttered, and I’ve only heard games coming to PC VR referred to as just that, PC VR.  I can only see two tweets from Vive even mentioning E3 in the past week. HTC really missed out on a chance to raise its profile, especially given Rift’s sedated presence.

    Still, as conference weekend went on and yet more shows came and went with very little mention of VR (even the PC Gaming Show had just one game and avoided the term during its segment), we took solace in idea that Sony would save us. Previous years’ announcements of PSVR support for Resident Evil 7 and Skyrim were big enough to make up for VR’s otherwise quiet presence, and we felt certain Sony would have another huge

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  • E3 2018: The Biggest VR Announcements At This Year’s Show
    E3 2018: The Biggest VR Announcements At This Year’s Show

    E3 is over for yet another year. Yes, all the action in LA has now subsided and we’re left to wait on the release of the many new VR games we’ve been introduced to over the past few days. Until then, though, let’s take a look back at our coverage from this year’s show.

    We saw plenty of VR at E3 and we’ll have more previews and stories arriving throughout the next week, but for now we’ve created a handy list to check back against what’s come so far. It’s been a busy week to say the least.

    The Reveals

    Tetris Effect Revealed For PSVR

    Ghost Giant Revealed For PSVR

    Beat Saber is Coming to PSVR

    Wolfenstein and Prey Are Getting VR Experience

    The Elder Scrolls: Blades Supports VR

    Creed: Rise to Glory Gets New Trailer

    Deracine Announced For PSVR

    Trover Saves The Universe Announced For PSVR

    A Closer Look At Insomniac’s Stormlands

    The Headlines

    Firewall Launches Soon

    Archangel Hellfire Gets A Date

    Transference Arrives This Fall

    Space Junkies Gets A Beta

    Dreams Gets PSVR Support Day One

    DisplayLink Showcases Wireless VR Gatling Gun

    No VR For Fallout 76

    Fallout 4 PSVR Not Looking Likely

    The Previews

    Hands-on with Assassin’s Creed VR

    Hands-on with Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

    Hands-on with Tetris Effect

    Hands-on with Transference

    Hands-on with Arca’s Path

    Hands-on with Deracine

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