• Penn & Teller VR is Gearbox Software’s Latest Immersive Project Details on the videogame are scarce at the moment.
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  • Hands-On: The Whimsy World of Ghost Giant Will Grab You
    Hands-On: The Whimsy World of Ghost Giant Will Grab You

    How game developers approach the graphical limitations of virtual reality can be interesting. The GPU demands of VR necessitates the need to turn away from photo realism to another artistic choice. When you begin Zoink Games’s title Ghost Giant, you find yourself in a carefully crafted world of cardboard and paper nailed together into a vibrant world.

    The game begins with the anthropomorphic cat Louis crying into a pond, his tears glowing on the surface of the water, the glow collecting into your plump, three-fingered hands. He sees you and reacts with surprise, hiding his face from you in fear.

    Pressing the center Move button your hand can take on a pointing gesture and you poke him with your index finger. Louis freaks out realizing that you are real, and hides behind a large rock. With the Move’s trigger button you make a pinching gesture and so you grab the rocks out of the way, which shocks him more. A few more interactions, and he runs from the forest to the family farm.

    Once you follow Louis there, the player, as the Ghost Giant or so he names you, begins a relationship with Louis. Louis is a talker, constantly telling you things and asking for things. He jokes that you never talk back. Given his ongoing discourse with you, I found myself nodding and waving in response. Even talking back. I don’t believe the game picked up on it, but according to the exec from the game’s publisher Thunderful, the game will interpret some of your responses at certain times.

    Your relationship with Louis is also built on action. As a ginormous specter, you begin to help Louis work the farm, deal with obstacles, and continue the story of this particular day in his life. Other characters can’t seem to see you, as you interact with the cardboard objects around you directly or via their suddenly appearing brass knobs, for you to grab with your floaty ghost hands.

    I am grabbing wilting flowers and pulling them from the farm’s fields. I am lifting a car to put on a hill, so it will get started. I am turning a brass crank incongruously sticking out of a cardboard hill to rotate a bridge. I am blowing with my actual mouth, as picked up by the PSVR mic, to gust wind at some birds so they fly away and out of Louis’s path.

    There have been a number of games where the player has a presence in the world as a larger-than-life figure,such as platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission or adventure game Moss. You are inside this miniature world that you can look around at, rather than the typical first-person POV of most VR games. This choice feels especially effective for a game where you interact with objects in the world.

    The game’s colorful graphics present a hand-crafted world. It feels like something a child may have made, perhaps a whole class of kids at school putting on a puppet show. The scenery and the objects are made of

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  • Gearbox Is Making A Penn and Teller VR Game
    Gearbox Is Making A Penn and Teller VR Game

    Here’s one of PAX East’s more unexpected VR reveals; Borderlands dev Gearbox is making a Penn and Teller VR game. No, this isn’t an April Fools.

    Penn and Teller VR: Frankly Unfair, Unkind, Unnecessary & Underhanded was quietly confirmed in a press release this weekend. Very little is known about the game other than that it will star the titular magicians. It also seems to be developed by Gearbox internally. The release says it’s due to come to HTC Vive, PSVR and Oculus headsets this summer. It doesn’t say which Oculus headsets it will arrive on, which might suggest Rift S and Quest are both on the table.

    Given that Gearbox didn’t mention the game in its PAX East presentation this weekend, it’s likely these details could change.

    Surprisingly enough this won’t be Penn and Teller’s first VR trick. Back in 2017 the pair’s infamous bus simulator, Desert Bus, was turned into a full VR game. It had you making the eight-hour drive from Tuson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada in real time. Yes, in real time. One wrong move and you’d be carried all the way back to the starting line, too.

    The game was originally meant part of another Penn and Teller game, Smoke and Mirrors. It was a minigame compilation that never actually release. Perhaps FUUUU (that really is the abbreviation) will revive some of those other games?

    It’s far from all that Gearbox has going on in the world of VR, either. This weekend the company announced it was bringing all of Borderlands 2’s DLC to the VR version of the game for free. The studio’s also publishing the upcoming Trover Saves The Universe.

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  • Rumor: Valve Index Dev Video Apparently Reveals Render Resolution And Refresh Rate
    Rumor: Valve Index Dev Video Apparently Reveals Render Resolution And Refresh Rate

    The apparent contents of the SteamVR Settings panel opened by a developer seemingly using the Valve Index headset could reveal the headset’s resolution and refresh rate. Just to note, this isn’t an April fools- at least we’re pretty sure.

    YouTube allows channels to trim videos, and Zulubo seems to have now trimmed out the parts of the videos showing these settings, if they were there in the first place. But eagle eyed users on Discord and reddit screenshotted the settings and from them we may be able to derive details about the Index headset.

    screenshot distributed across Discord & Reddit

    During this video from Zulubo Productions the developer apparently quickly opened the SteamVR Settings window. A mysterious icon of a headset that resembles Index is shown, as well as the Knuckles controllers. In the video settings the render resolution slider for the headset can be seen, as well as the frametime indicator.

    Zulubo is also the studio behind the ‘Moondust’ demo used by Valve itself to test and demonstrate the upcoming Knuckles controllers. Zulubo’s close partnership with Valve does add credence to this report.

    Render Resolution & Refresh Rate

    SteamVR by default automatically sets your render resolution based on your GPU. However users can alternatively manually select the render resolution. The scale is set so that “100%” is the headset’s default render resolution, which varies between headsets. Here’s an example of how this looks for an Oculus Rift with a GTX 970:

    Here’s the same tab from the Zulubo video using Valve Index:

    screenshot distrubuted across Discord & Reddit

    While the image is low resolution, it’s still possible to make out the details by looking closely. The headset name seems to be ‘Unidentified HMD’ and the frametime indicator is clearly up to 11.1ms- meaning a refresh rate of 90 Hz

    Zooming in shows the current render resolution as 1913×2125 per eye. However, the render resolution is set to 90%, meaning at 100% it would be 2016×2240.

    It’s very important to note that a headset’s default render resolution is not the same as its panel resolution. In order to overcome the inherent image quality loss from barell distortion PC VR headsets by default render at a higher resolution than the panels.

    The original HTC Vive uses 1080×1200 panels and its default was 1512×1680. The Vive Pro upgraded to 1440×1600 panels and upped this default to 2016×2240- exactly what the video’s 90% resolution scaled to 100% would be. Both headsets used a render resolution 1.4x the panel resolution on each axis.

    So What Panel Resolution?

    The same default render resolution as the Vive Pro seems to indicate Index uses the same 1440×1600 OLED panels as the Vive Pro. Back when Index was first leaked a source told us the headset would have “Vive Pro resolution”- but it was unclear whether they referred to panel resolution or angular. Perhaps it was the former.

    However the other possibility is that Index’s render resolution has a different relation to the display resolution than the previous headsets. The original leaks of Index showed

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  • Short Doc Shows How VR Is Changing The Lives Of The Terminally Ill

    NASA teams with TrinityKids Care to take sick children to space using VR technology. We’ve heard all about how immersive technology is changing the lives of the terminally ill, allowing them to escape the confines and limitations of their afflictions and travel to new worlds. In Child of the Earth, a new documentary short from

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  • Five Emotionally Draining VR Films

    Beacause who doesn’t love crying in a VR headset? VR technology has proven an effective tool in nearly every field it’s been tested in. This is especially true for the entertainment industry, impacting everything from gaming to filmmaking. VR’s capabilities as an empathy building device make it a natural fit for creators looking to introduce

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  • There’s a new VR Headset Coming in May: Valve Index Valve has finally teased details of its next headset.
  • ‘Valve Index’ VR Headset Announced, Arrives May 2019

    Valve’s long-awaited HMD features dual front-facing cameras and manual IPD. Valve has just released its first promotional image for its long-rumored proprietary VR headset, Valve Index. Although we still know very little about the device, the image does indicate dual front-facing cameras (most likely for the purpose of pass-through functionality), as well as manual IPD

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  • Valve Teases ‘Index’ VR Headset For May
    Valve Teases ‘Index’ VR Headset For May

    Valve is teasing its VR headset for May.

    You can check it out right now on Steam, although there are currently no other details listed.

    The site at least partially confirms our report from late last year. Though we can’t see the full headset, the image does seem strikingly similar to leaked images of Valve’s headset.

    At the time, sources told us that this was indeed Valve’s very own SteamVR headset. We also heard that it would have wider field of view with resolution around the same as the HTC Vive Pro.

    Last week at GDC Valve told us that it did have VR updates to share “soon“. GDC also saw Oculus announce its Rift S headset, which replaces the original Rift. It utilizes a new inside-out tracking system, whereas Index is expected to deliver the next generation of Valve’s outside-in tracking via SteamVR.

    We brightened the image and see what appears to be Valve’s SteamVR Tracking system embedded on the headset. 

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  • Black Box Opens First VR Gym In San Francisco

    Getting shredded with the help of VR. Black Box, founded by Ryan DeLuca & Preston Lewis in 2016, will open the doors to its first VR gym this April in San Francisco with plans for expansion in the near future. By using VR, Black Box is able to motivate, track, and distract gym goers to

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