• A Vision of the Future: Facebook Reality Labs Working on Lifelike Avatars Learn more through a new blog post series by Michael Abrash.
  • Zero Latency To Feature Dark Slope’s ‘Scarygirl Mission Maybee’ VR Experience

    Toronto-based Dark Slope is bringing its surreal VR experience, Scarygirl Mission Maybee, to Zero Latency locations across the globe.

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  • FundamentalVR Partners With HaptX On VR Surgeon Education

    HaptX VR gloves bring a new level of detail to FundamentalVR’s ‘surgeon simulator.’ HaptX is on a roll lately. Whether it be remote telerobotics with real-time interactivity, or realistic touch in car design, it seems as though the advanced haptic glove is finding a home in just about every field, including healthcare. In a demonstration

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  • Every Major Oculus Rift Exclusive Game
    oculus rift exclusives

    Over the past three years, Facebook’s Oculus Studios has funded dozens of VR games for the Oculus Rift. This has brought many high profile developers into virtual reality.

    This article lists every major permanent (fully funded) exclusive title.

    If you have a different PC VR headset like a HTC Vive don’t worry- you can still play most of these games using the Revive hack.

    Touch Games
    Robo Recall

    Epic Games

    Robo Recall was the Rift’s flagship game for 2017. Oculus gave Epic an estimated budget of up to $10 million. The game has some of the best gunplay mechanics seen in VR to date.

    When we reviewed the game at launch, we were impressed for the most part, giving it a 7.5/10, noting that “frantic moments of shooting action are so thrilling that you are just swept up in it”. It almost feels like being inside an arcade game.

    Lone Echo

    Ready at Dawn

    Lone Echo is a roughly five hour fully-voice acted story driven adventure. You play as a service android under the command of Captain Olivia Rhodes. When a catastrophe strikes, you and Olivia must work together to try and repair the station.

    We were highly impressed with the game when we reviewed it, giving it 8.5/10, praising its locomotion, UI, and interaction. We even gave it 2017 Game of The Year.

    Echo VR

    Ready at Dawn

    Echo VR is a standalone multiplayer game based on Lone Echo. It consists of two modes- Echo Arena and Echo Combat.

    Echo Arena is free. Think of it like playing ultimate frizbee in zero gravity. We gave it 8.5/10 in our review, praising the fast-paced and intense gameplay and focus on skill.

    Echo Combat is $10, taking the locomotion of Arena and adding the intense gunplay of a shooter. We really enjoy Echo Combat, giving it 8/10 in our review.

    The Climb


    The Climb has some of the highest fidelity graphics in VR. The game remarkably launched with an Xbox controller as input (before the Touch controllers released).

    At Touch launch it received a large update to add full support. Even with the gamepad we were impressed however, giving it an 8/10 and particularly praising the visuals and refined mechanics.

    MARVEL Powers United VR

    Sanzaru Games

    Powers United brings the MARVEL universe into VR. It gives players access to 18 of the franchise’s greatest heroes in both singleplayer with AI buddies and squad based co-op.

    We had mixed impressions when we reviewed the game, giving it 6.5/10. A few heroes are done very well, but the majority are lackluster.

    From Other Suns

    Gunfire Games

    From Other Suns is a sci-fi co-op shooter from Gunfire Games. The procedurally generated missions give it high replayability. No two games will ever be the same.

    When we reviewed the game in 2017 we enjoyed it, giving it 7.5/10 and praising how well the co-op plays.


    4A Games

    ARKTIKA.1 is a “AAA quality” singleplayer shooter from the developers of the Metro series. In many ways it plays like a VR port of the Metro series, although it lacks some of the gameplay polish with only node-based teleportation movement.

    When we reviewed the game we had mixed

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  • PlayStation VR to see Turn-Based Strategy Title Skyworld Arrive in March Vertigo Games will release the videogame in a couple of weeks.
  • iPhone-based VR Arcade Passes Kickstarter Goal
    iPhone-based VR Arcade Passes Kickstarter Goal

    A Kickstarter project promising VR arcades powered by iPhones surpassed its funding goal.

    The project based in St. Louis, Missouri, was launched on March 4 and ends on April 3. About 49 backers — most of them backing their first project — recently pushed the effort past its $5,000 funding goal.

    A PR person contacted us to tell us about the project. We viewed the project page and, in response, put a few questions to the representative.

    The company is called HoloRealm VR and uses iPhone 8+ for rendering and Apple’s ARKit for tracking. The emailed response says they use “additional sensors” in the headset to enhance positional tracking accuracy.

    “Our technology provides for highly accurate player tracking for indoor areas of up to 30′ x 30′,” the email states.  “This partially depends on area lighting and the number of tracking posters we use.”

    We’ve seen a number of technical arrangements for VR arcades but this is the first one we’ve seen which centered around Apple’s iPhone. The Alien attraction I viewed in Orange County, California used Android phones and “outside-in” OptiTrack tracking. HoloRealm is pitching something with fewer hardware requirements and a Web-based management system for partners. The Kickstarter page for the project says they are opening up their first arcade in the coming weeks.

    Kickstarter Risks

    I haven’t tried the system and — even based on the footage included — the experience clearly won’t match what’s possible with higher end equipment.

    There is also the cost of the system to consider. An iPhone 8+ is around $700 new from Apple while the upcoming Oculus Quest is $400 per headset.

    Though Facebook’s new standalone system isn’t out yet, we tried it in an arcade setting last year and it provided an impressive experience overall.

    A custom iPhone holder and ARKit-based VR headset is certainly an intriguing prospect. As mentioned above, though, we haven’t tried the system. I can’t speak to its quality or the likelihood that this Kickstarter project will follow through on delivering its goals.

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  • VRMod Is Garry’s Mod In VR Because Why The Hell Not
    VRMod Is Garry’s Mod In VR Because Why The Hell Not

    Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone made a VR version of Garry’s Mod. God help us all, it’s now arrived. Well, sort of.

    VRMod is an early VR version of Facepunch Studios’ anarchic sandbox software. It’s created by Steam user Catse. It offers the massive toybox of tools and physics that has made Garry’s Mod a staple in most people’s Steam libraries for years now. You get to do pretty much whatever the hell you want, now with a headset on. Check it out in the footage below.

    This mod packs some new VR-specific features, though. It’s got a teleport option was well as room-scale support. There’s a 3D menu too. All fairly standard stuff for VR, then, but very different additions to Garry’s Mod.

    If you couldn’t tell from the footage, though, the mod is currently in a very early state. Catse warns that the “performance is bad and the projection is not perfect (it may make you feel sick, cause eye problems etc so use at your own risk).”

    But performance improvements are on the way. Catse is also planning more locomotion options and multiplayer support in the future.

    In fairness, we already sort of have a Garry’s Mod of VR. Sos Sosowski’s Mosh Pit Simulator offers a similarly hectic playground of death. That’s only just launched in Early Access, though, and it’s lacking a lot of the features that would keep us engaged. It’s also just so widely that we found it jarring and unenjoyable to play. Still, until VRMod is competent enough to play, it’s as close as you’ll get.

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  • 10 Key Benefits of VR in Education Steve Bambury discusses the benefits of using VR for teaching.
  • TrueVR Reveals 10-Player, Full-Body VR Arcade App Tikal
    TrueVR Reveals 10-Player, Full-Body VR Arcade App Tikal

    Location-based VR allows multiple people to jump into the same virtual space. That’s not something that’s really possible at home. Everyone would need a PC and you’d probably just spent an hour bumping into each other. But, so far, we’ve only seen groups of around four people in VR at the same time. The Void, for example, only allows groups of four. Zurich-based TrueVR wants to bring up to 10 people into VR at once.

    The company this week announced Tikal: Night of the Blood Moon, a full body VR arcade experience. The app uses motion capture, physical props and 4D effects to teleport players into an ancient temple. You play as a group of explorers looking to stop an ancient evil from awakening.

    The experience is played over approximately 2,100 square feet. Users wear an Oculus Rift, tracked by OptiTrack’s location-based solution. In VR, they’ll work together to progress through the temple, trekking through caverns and over lava. The trailer reminds us a little of Escape the Lost Pyramid, the Assassin’s Creed tie-in VR experience from Ubisoft.

    This will be TrueVR’s fifth VR arcade experience. In the past, the company has worked on a shooter called Patient Zero and other puzzle titles like Cube and Temple of Diamond Skull. Locations span from Switzerland to Chile.

    Tikal will first appear at Dreamland Virtual Reality in London, Ontario, Canada on April 1st. TrueVR will then bring it to a new VR center launching in Switzerland early on in the month. No word about possible releases in the US and UK just yet.

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  • Vertigo’s Skyworld Finally Hits PSVR Later This Month
    Vertigo’s Skyworld Finally Hits PSVR Later This Month

    Good news; the long-awaited PSVR port of Vertigo Games’ Skyworld is very nearly here.

    The tabletop strategy game touches down on PS4 in just under two weeks’ time on March 26th. The port contains the entire original game in which two players fight for control of a model world. It’s a turn-based experience in which you build a town and strengthen your army. Eventually, you’ll go head-to-head in combat, deploying your forces in the field. Check out the nuts and bolts in the trailer below.

    But the PSVR version packs new features too. There’s a persistent leveling system to take XP across single and multiplayer modes, for example. There are also leaderboards to compete in and new avatars to unlock.

    We weren’t incredibly swept away with Skyworld when we reviewed it on PC. It has enjoyable moments and great ideas, but some bigger problems too. Still, we love the art style and there’s potential to build upon what’s here. We’ve played the PS4 port and, for what it’s worth, it holds up. Once the PSVR version is out we’d love to see a Quest version, though that’s not been announced yet.

    That’s not all Vertigo is working on for Skyworld, though. Last week Vertigo announced Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl, a PvP card battle game. That’s due to come to HTC Vive, Vive Focus, Rift, and Windows VR headsets on April 2nd.

    Elsewhere, Vertigo is now bringing Innerspace VR’s Corsair’s Curse to its arcade locations around the world. It’s a puzzle game based on Innerspace’s first Vertigo-published title, A Fisherman’s Tale.

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  • Last Labyrinth Now Coming In Summer, Latest Trailer Arrives
    Last Labyrinth Now Coming In Summer, Latest Trailer Arrives

    We’ll have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on Amata K.K.’s VR escape room, Last Labyrinth.

    The developer this week confirmed that the game will now launch in summer 2019. It had previously been targetting a spring release date. The developer said that the change was made to “further ensure the quality of the game prior to release.”

    There’s a new trailer to ease the wait, though. In the latest look at the game we hear the main theme from composer Hiroki Kikuta. It’s a melancholic piece that reminds us of From Software’s Deracine. Most noticeably, it’s sung by Dutch singer, Stefani Joosten, who did motion capture for Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V. Joosten will also be lending her voice to the game in the role of Katia. In Last Labyrinth, Katia is your green-haired companion that follows your commands. She solves puzzles at your direction and helps guide you through each room.

    Interestingly the game will have its own language which the song is sung in. It’s an interesting idea that reminds us of the fictional languages used in games like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

    The news comes as Last Labyrinth closes in on its Kickstarter funding goal. It’s just a fraction off of its $17,700 goal at the time of writing. This campaign isn’t to fund development itself rather aid with marketing the game. It’s due to finish on March 25th.

    Look for Last Labyrinth on PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows VR headsets later this year.

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  • Dark Slope’s Scarygirl Mission Maybee is Coming to Zero Latency Scarygirl Mission Maybee will be added to all locations that support its second-generation platform.
  • Enjoy On-Demand VR Theatre With the new LIVR app The LIVR app currently supports iOS and Android devices.
  • HTC Vive Brings NASA-Inspired VR Artwork To Art Basel Hong Kong

    Experience outer space without being an astronaut in ‘Too the Moon.’  50 years ago, Neil Armstrong took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind, sparking an entire generations interest in space travel in the process. Since that historical first moon landing, we’ve seen our fascination with everything space-related manifest in everything

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  • Feel Like a Sorcerer as The Wizards – Enhanced Edition Appears on PlayStation VR PC VR players also get the new content.