• Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Opens Portals And Reveals Magical Creatures With AR
    harry potter wizards unite buckbeak

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is now open for pre-registration on both Google Play and the iOS App Store with new details revealed.

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  • Vive X Multi-user CAD Platform Mindesk secures $900k Investment The Italian company will move offices to San Francisco.
  • Targo Releases VR Documentary On Notre Dame Cathedral

    Take a closer look at one of histories most treasured cathedrals in this stereoscopic 360-degree experience. Every day, over 30,000 visitors flock to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to tour the exquisite architecture made even more famous by Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. With its gothic style and storied past—construction began in 1160!—the

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  • Nominations are now Open for the VR Awards 2019 It'll be the third year for the awards.
  • GDC 2019: 6 VR/AR Talks You Won’t Want To Miss
    oculus quest standalone vr headset

    GDC 2019 is nearly upon us. This year’s show promises to be one of the biggest yet for VR and AR. We’re hoping to see new headsets and experiences that paint a bright picture for the immersive industry’s next few years. But let’s not forget about one of GDC’s biggest selling points; the talks.

    There’s a raft of sessions and workshops for VR developers to look forward to this year. Below, we’ve rounded up six that we think you won’t want to miss.

    Digging for Fire: Virtual Reality Gaming 2019 with Adam Orth

    Adam Orth has made VR games you’ve heard of. In 2016, he launched Adrift for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Last year, though, the developer was part of the team (First Contact Entertainment) that brought you Firewall: Zero Hour. Now Orth is off on his own again, working on something new. We’re not expecting him to share any updates on that in his GDC session, but we will be excited to hear his take on the current state of the VR industry.

    Embracing Chaos: Designing for Emergent Gameplay in VR with Owlchemy Labs

    No one knows interactivity better than Owlchemy Labs. That’s what we’re especially interested to hear from the studio in this session. We’re just weeks away from exploring Owlchemy’s latest creation, Vacation Simulator. Before then, we’ll be intrigued to hear what kind of new gameplay systems the developer is thinking up to bring VR immersion to a new level.

    Galactic Lessons in Mixed Reality Storytelling with ILMXLAB

    ILMxLAB has a lot going on in the immersive tech space right now. This session, however, will zer in on the company’s work with Magic Leap. ILMXLAB recently debuted Project Porg, a sort of Star Wars tamagotchi, on the AR headset. In this session Michael Koperwas, Mixed Reality Supervisor, ILMxLAB will give an insight into AR (or mixed reality) development at the studio. It’s sure to be packed with plenty of juicy tips.

    Making of ‘ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission’: Reinventing Platformers for VR with Sony Japan

    Astro Bot Rescue Mission was one of 2018’s best VR games. It combined rock solid platforming with VR spectacle to create an unforgettable experience. In this talk, Creative Director Nicolas Doucet goes in-depth on how the project came to be. Astro Bot is bursting with innovation and anyone that wants their VR project to be the same best pay attention to this session.

    Developer Day Keynote: Platform Strategy for 2019 with HTC Vive

    With the launch of the Vive Pro Eye and Vive Focus Plus on the horizon, HTC has a busy 2019. But the company’s next consumer headset, the Vive Focus, is also due to launch later on in the year. We’re hoping this session, which kicks off Vive Developer Day 2019, reveals a bit more about the anticipated device.

    Down the Rabbit Hole with Oculus Quest with Oculus

    Speaking of new headsets, it’s no secret that the much-anticipated Oculus Quest will be at GDC. We’re hoping to learn a lot about the headset at next week’s show. This session will probably provide some

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  • First Official Images Released for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite As well as some gameplay details finally.
  • Tactical Haptics To Bring Production Design Controllers To GDC
    Tactical Haptics To Bring Production Design Controllers To GDC

    We’re expecting hands-on time with a lot of new VR headsets at GDC 2019 next week. But Tactical Haptics will be offering a look at its latest design for its VR controllers, too.

    In a Kickstarter update from last week the company confirmed it will be at this year’s show. Not only that, but it will be bringing the production-ready design along with it. The company reasoned that this was mainly for business development meetings but we’re hoping to get a look at them too.

    “We’re looking to establish partnerships with location-based entertainment (LBE) VR system integrators as well as non-gaming partners,” the company explained.

    Tactical Haptics offers a pair of motion-tracked VR controllers. Each includes three metal plates that shift around as you use them. The aim is to provide more convincing haptic feedback in VR, replicating the shift in weight and pressure you’d feel when, say, opening a door or picking up an object.

    They controllers hold a lot of promise, but they’ve been a long time coming. The original (unsuccessful) Kickstarter for the devices first ran in 2013. The company kept working on the product, debuting new designs at CES last year.

    In the Kickstarter comments section, the company addressed the long time it’s taken to get to this point. “Part of what has taken a long time is as we’ve made the hardware simpler, the software has had to become more complex,” Tactical Haptics wrote. “Now the software development has almost caught up again with the hardware.”

    As for future funding, the company says it probably won’t relaunch a new Kickstarter but has “other plans” it will discuss soon.

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  • VR Training Company Virti Joins NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme Virti won the healthcare category at the VR Awards.
  • Beat Saber Remains On Top Of February PlayStation Store Charts
    Beat Saber Remains On Top Of February PlayStation Store Charts

    A relatively quiet February for PSVR saw Beat Saber claim the top of Sony’s store charts once again.

    Beat Games’ rhythm action sensation topped the lists for both the US and EU regions in February. It’s no surprise; Beat Saber was the best-selling PSVR game on the PlayStation Store for all of 2018. It only released in mid-November. It’s safe to say this one will be topping charts for a long time, then.

    Other than that the charts are comprised of the same olf suspects. Job Simulator took second in the EU whereas Superhot took the spot in the US.

    Sadly the US side of the list didn’t see any new entries last month. We’d have hoped to see launches like The Mage’s Tale and Dick Wilde 2 take up at least a little new ground. It’s at least a little different on the EU side, though. Crisis VRigade, a bloody police shooter, came in 10th. We didn’t know much about the game beforehand but no doubt the measly £3.99 price tag helped it get onto the list.

    This month will welcome some new contenders to the scene. The PSVR version of The Wizards finally launches this week and the long-anticipated Immortal Legacy hits on March 20th. Finally, Ubisoft’s Space Junkies arrives on March 26th. Hopefully these will be enough to shake up the charts.

    That said it’s a big week for Beat Saber too. The long-awaited first DLC pack arrives on March 14th. No doub that will help boost sales for the full game too.

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  • Oculus, HTC Hit SXSW With Latest In VR Filmmaking
    Oculus, HTC Hit SXSW With Latest In VR Filmmaking

    SXSW 2019 is now officially underway, and VR’s front runners are there to showcase the latest in VR filmmaking.

    Both Oculus and HTC are at this year’s show with new projects. Oculus will be highlighting the latest from its VR for Good initiative whereas HTC has two co-produced projects nominated at the SXSW Film Festival.

    On the Oculus front, the company will showcase three new 360 degree videos. Each was produced in the VR for Good Creators Lab. Girl Icon follows Rani, from Varanasi, India. She highlights the struggles of being a girl in her society. The piece is directed by Sadah Espii Proctor.

    Home After War, meanwhile, transports viewers to Fallujah, Iraq. The piece covered the return of refugees to the war-torn city and the dangers they face. It’s directed by Gayatri Parameswaran.

    Finally, Mercy tells the story of a 14-year-old girl named Edith, who has a tumor in her jaw. She lives in Centre Lobo and the piece documents her life building up to a transformative surgery. This one’s directed by Armando Kirwin.

    Over on the HTC side, Vive’s first piece is The Making Of. As its name implies, it’s a 360 piece that showcases the shooting of a film from Taiwanese director Midi Z. Viewers can peer into the world of the movie as actors perform but also look back at the crew making it all happen.

    Gloomy Eyes, meanwhile, is a VR animation that premiered at Sundance in January. It stars none other than Colin Farrell.

    That’s far from all we’ll see from VR at SXSW.

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  • Bugsy’s VR Musical Experience Calls Out Gender-Based Hypocrisy

    Bugsy’s latest music video shows how creative, unsettling, and feminine VR can be. Warning: strong language ahead. Bugsy, an up-and-coming pop musician with a unique sound, has partnered with Making360, a VR service and platform that creates an immersive experience for brands and artists to create a new VR music boy for her single, “Fuckboy.”

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  • The Woods: VR Escape the Room is the Latest Brain Teaser from Blue Entropy Studios It's the fourth in the series.
  • Infinite Retina Will Make Apps And Experiences For ‘Spatial Computing’
    Infinite Retina Will Make Apps And Experiences For ‘Spatial Computing’

    Infinite Retina is debuting today as a digital agency specializing in apps and experiences for “spatial computing” platforms.

    Spatial computing is another way of saying augmented reality, which allows people to overlay digital images and animations on the real world using AR glasses such as the Magic Leap One.

    Los Angeles-based Infinite Retina will help companies enter and succeed in spatial computing — from building a company vision to getting funded to developing an industry and customer strategy.

    As a full-service agency, Infinite Retina will also design, produce, and develop spatial computing apps and experiences.

    Spatial computing encompasses everything needed to let people move around in a digital 3D world — software and technology associated with artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing; computer vision; augmented reality; virtual reality; and all other apps that support the creation and maintenance of a digital 3D world.

    “We see great strides that will be made in spatial computing uses for many industry verticals, including technology, media, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, retail, fintech, health care, and education,” said Infinite Retina CEO Irena Cronin in an email. “Infinite Retina is ready to assist decision makers who work for Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs interested in building companies or projects using spatial computing technologies.”

    Above: Infinite Retina wants to boost spatial computing.

    Image Credit: Infinite Retina

    She added, “Our CEO lives in Los Angeles. Our chief strategy officer, Silicon Valley. Our CTO, New York. This isn’t by accident, because we are joining the media/advertising/finance worlds of Los Angeles and New York with the technology world of Silicon Valley with a team that comes at building product-market fit from different points of view, from tearing into the business model to testing it with users.”

    Infinite Retina’s team members include: Irena Cronin (CEO), Robert Scoble (chief strategy officer), Marcelo Moyano (CTO), Sam Levin (VP of client engagement), Perrin Kaplan (marketing and PR), Dulce Baerga (experience designer and producer), Carlos Calva (product analyst), and Brian Seth Hurst (producer).

    The company’s advisers include: Mike Bloxham (Magid), Chris Bobotis (Adobe), Ina Yosun Chang (AReality3D), Gerard Corbett (Redphlag), Tim Dillon (recently of MPC), Ciro Donalek (Virtualitics), Andy Grignon (JPMorgan Chase), Francine Hardaway (Stealthmode Partners), James Herr (Alvarez & Marsal), Marcie Jastrow (Technicolor), Tatyana Kanzaveli (Open Health Network), Matt Miesnieks (, Jeffrey Travis (Positron), and Jules Urbach (Otoy).

    Infinite Retina will work with entrepreneurs and existing companies. In addition to the areas described above, the agency will do general consulting and strategic analyses on the AI, AR, and VR industries, offering advice on how to get funded, get noticed, pull off events, and find customers.

    This post by Dean Takahashi originally appeared on VentureBeat. 

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  • The VR Job Hub: VR Education, Improbable, Vertigo Games Jobs can be fun, you just need the right one.
  • High Fidelity’s Multi-Con VR Event Will Feature $10K Avatar Contest

    Strut your stuff in front of the Mythbusters build team for a chance at $10,000. It feels like just yesterday we were talking about High Fidelity’s FUTVRE LANDS festival, a 24-hour event held entirely in VR that featured a DJ, live theatrical performances, a marketplace bazaar, trivia game shows, and a live musical performance from

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