• Join An Apocalyptic Street Race In REWIND’s ‘Curfew’ VR Experience

    ‘Curfew: Join The Race’ is an immersive, interactive VR experience for Oculus Rift inspired by the exhilarating new drama. The Endemol Shine UK Multiplatform team has partnered with immersive content studio REWIND to produce Curfew: Join The Race, which will be available to download for free on the Oculus Rift February 22nd alongside the programme

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  • Manifest 99 Developer Partners With Ringling College on VR Programme The studio and students are working on a project set to debut at SXSW 2019.
  • Samsung Odyssey+ Is Just $299 This Week – 40% Off Sale
    Samsung Odyssey+ Is Just $299 This Week – 40% Off Sale

    Samsung is offering an incredible deal this week — its Odyssey+ PC VR headset is just $299. This saves $200 (40%) from the regular $499 price.

    Odyssey+ is the refreshed version of the original Odyssey, which was Samsung’s first PC VR headset released in 2017. The Odyssey+ launched in October, adding a new “anti screen door effect” technology to the OLED diplays, as well as ergonomic and weight improvements.

    The Odyssey+ is a PC VR headset that leverages Microsoft’s Windows MR platform built into Windows 10. This platform is the default experience for the headset and the Microsoft Store is the default store, but it also works with SteamVR by using Microsoft’s SteamVR drivers.

    The Odyssey+ has the same resolution as HTC Vive Pro, yet is significantly cheaper. The Vive Pro with base stations and controllers starts at $1,098.

    The main difference in these two headsets is the positional tracking technology. The Vive Pro uses the SteamVR “Lighthouse” tracking system, whereas the Odyssey+ uses the two cameras on the front of the headset for “inside-out” tracking. Lighthouse generally provides better tracking quality with more tracked range for controller motion, but inside-out tracking requires no external hardware setup, making it less hassle and more portable.

    When we reviewed the 2017 Odyssey we we impressed, concluding that it sits among the best VR headsets on the market. By some reports, the Odyssey+ is even better and at $299 it’s a steal. Remember, this headset can play most VR games on Steam.

    The only time we’ve seen a VR headset with this resolution reach a price this low was Black Friday.

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  • DiRT Rally 2.0 Could Become the Best VR Racing Experience of 2019 The standard version is good it just needs VR to be awesome.
  • 10 Amazing ‘Power Trip’ VR Games That Make You Feel Like A Badass
    10 Amazing ‘Power Trip’ VR Games That Make You Feel Like A Badass

    We've rounded up a list of 10 amazing power trip VR games that are so epic and intense you can't help but feel like a complete badass.

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  • Glitch And Mozilla Launch WebVR Starter Kit For Building VR Websites
    Glitch And Mozilla Launch WebVR Starter Kit For Building VR Websites

    Virtual reality experiences have historically been islands — unconnected apps and videos, sometimes platform-specific — but the past year has seen efforts to tie them together using device-agnostic tools and portals. Mozilla’s vision has been to leverage the web and browsers for VR, and now it’s launching a free WebVR “starter kit” developed with web and app development community Glitch.

    Their kit is a five-part video course accompanied by interactive code examples, designed to help developers learn to use A-Frame, a free WebVR development framework. A-Frame creates VR content that can be viewed on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, and Gear VR headsets, as well as desktop and laptop PCs, including everything from complex 3D animated objects to 360-degree panoramas.

    “Our hope is that this starter kit will encourage anyone who has been on the fence about creating virtual reality experiences to dive in and get started,” Mozilla explained in a blog post today. To that end, interactive code examples are presented on Glitch’s site alongside step-by-step instructions and a viewing window, enabling developers to see how a “remix” of the code changes the VR output.  One example lets you play with textured planets from our solar system, adding and editing spheres using simple HTML code.

    Glitch’s Intro to WebVR is free and available now. Additional examples of A-Frame WebVR apps can be seen here.

    This post by Jeremy Horwitz originally appeared on VentureBeat. 

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  • Community Download: Which Games Should Oculus Quest Bundle?
    Community Download: Which Games Should Oculus Quest Bundle?

    GDC is next month and the Oculus Quest is only a handful of months away. Which games do you think will come bundled with the standalone headset?

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  • Fix Your Oculus Rift’s Audio Issue Using Palmer Luckey’s Free Repair Kit It does need to be out of warranty.
  • Report: Nintendo To Launch Switch VR Headset This Year
    Report: Nintendo To Launch Switch VR Headset This Year

    Poor Nintendo will probably never be free of Switch VR speculation until it announces its own headset. The latest rumors suggest that could be this year.

    Nintendo World Report cites multiple sources in saying Nintendo will announce the kit ‘as early as this year’. The report also claims that a small number of first-party games will get VR support. Go Nintendo then followed up on the report with its own source. The site claims that the headset will be a part of Nintendo’s Labo line of cardboard-based peripherals.

    Labo was announced last year. It’s a child-friendly product line that encourages you to build makeshift controllers for specific games. That might mean that the rumored headset isn’t made of Cardboard itself but does utilize these peripherals for immersive control.

    Take this all with a pinch of salt for now, but there are past stories that support the rumors. In late 2016 we reported that the company had filed a patent for a headset. Users plug the Switch console into the device much like that would a smartphone. Last year data miners also found what appeared to be a ‘VR Mode’ for the console.

    Then again, there’s a lot of information that goes the other way too. We’ve reported on Nintendo executives downplaying interest in VR on numerous occasions. In fact last year the company said Labo isn’t meant to be an answer to VR on Switch. There’s also the fact that the Switch’s 720p screen and lack of six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking don’t make it an ideal fit for VR.

    We’d love for it to be true, of course. We got a taste of what Mario Kart could be like in VR last year. It proves that Nintendo could create some amazing VR experiences.

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  • The VR Job Hub: Staff Writer at VRFocus VRFocus is hiring!
  • Secret Location’s The Great C Is Coming To Airports Around The World
    Secret Location’s The Great C Is Coming To Airports Around The World

    Last year Transpose developer Secret Location dabbled with the VR movie genre. The result was The Great C, an excellent virtual take on a short story by Philip K. Dick. From this week, you’ll be able to watch it before jetting off around the world.

    Secret Location this week announced partnerships with Inflight VR and Skylights. Both agreements will see The Great C brought to both company’s pre-flight VR offerings. For Inflight VR it’s available at the Paris Star Alliance lounges at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and Fiumicino Airport in Rome. Skylight’s offering is also available to Business and First Class passengers at Charles de Gaulle. Expansions to other airports are coming later this year.

    It’d be great to see the experience available as an in-flight VR movie but The Great C currently isn’t available on mobile headsets. Somehow we don’t think anyone wants to lug a heavy VR rig onto a plane to get a Rift working either. Nevermind then making the space for room-scale.

    In-flight VR has long been touted as a great potential use case for VR. You can see why; imagine being able to slip away from the dingey isle seat next to the screaming child and into a comfy virtual apparently where you can switch on Netflix and kick back.

    The Great C is a sci-fi short set in a post-apocalyptic world. You follow two young villagers as they embark on a long journey to appease a mysterious machine. The app is one of the longest VR movies out there with a run time of over 30 minutes.

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  • Five Nights at Freddy’s VR Coming To PSVR According To ESRB
    Five Nights at Freddy’s VR Coming To PSVR According To ESRB

    The inevitable has finally happened; Five Nights at Freddy’s VR is (very likely) on the way.

    An ESRB listing for Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted popped up late last week. It’s since been taken down but Bloody Disgusting caught the below screen grab. According to the description, the game will see players repair the animatronic characters that stalk them in the main series. The listing says that game is coming to PS4, so that obviously means PSVR support is included.

    It also states that the game contains ‘frequent’ jump scares. Oh good.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror series notorious for its jump scares. They’ve haunted many a Youtuber. It’s been a fair few years since the series’ last numbered release, which makes this VR game feel somewhat belated. Still, we’re sure those that love a good fright are more than ready to jump into this twisted world in VR.

    Given that the game was rated by the ESRB we’d expect an announcement soon. Ubisoft’s Space Junkies was outed on the platform a few weeks before the reveal, for example. We’ll likely have to wait for an official announcement before we hear about plans for PC VR and a release date etc.

    This won’t be the series’ first brush with VR, though. Back in 2017 we reported that a fan was remaking the original game in VR. The experience has since been released in Early Access so, if you’re desperate to poop yourself in VR right now, you could always start there.

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  • INT Tech’s Prototype 2228ppi Display Banishes the Screen Door Effect Don't expect to see it in a headset just yet.
  • Palmer Luckey Will Fix Your Oculus Rift’s Audio Cutout Issue For Free
    oculus rift side

    Palmer Luckey is launching a repair kit for an Oculus Rift audio cutout issue. Luckey founded Oculus back in early 2012, but was fired by Facebook in 2017.

    Image from Palmer Luckey

    Luckey claims the issue is caused by “eventual failure of the complex electromechanical assembly”. He describes this as a design flaw, rather than an intentional tradeoff.

    He is not the first to notice the flaw. Many Oculus forums users have documented the issue for years now. User phoenixdigital even posted detailed diagrams of the possible failure points.

    Image from Oculus Forums user phoenixdigital

    So how can you get this kit? Well Luckey is clear that his solution should be the last resort, not the first. You’ll first need to contact Oculus Support about your issue. If you’re under warranty, they are “generally willing” to replace your headset according to Luckey. If you’re not, sometimes the issue can be software or just loose cables.

    But if troubleshooting fails and Oculus Support won’t replace your headset, you then forward your support ticket to (along with your address) and the inventor will send you the kit free of charge.

    The kit is designed so the “average PC gamer” can easily install it. It weighs around 32 grams. It can also add a 3.5mm jack to your Rift, so you can easily use external audio sources too.

    So why is he doing this? It’s coming up to two years since the Luckey has been at Oculus. But the inventor was still the face of Oculus in 2016 when the Rift launched. If the Rift was being promoted in an interview, he would be the person giving the answers. He even hand delviered the first Rift in March 2016. Luckey claims he feels bad for the people who bought a Rift from him and now can’t use it properly- and this is his way of solving the problem.

    When asked for comment on the Rift audio issue and whether it was fixed in manufacturing, a Facebook spokesperson told us:

    “To provide people with the best experience, our team is always working to make Rift better through continued improvements to the product. Customer feedback is integral to this process, so we encourage people to reach out to Oculus Support directly if they feel like they’re experiencing an issue with their Rift.”

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  • Iberia to Offer VR Entertainment on Flights Between Madrid and New York The feature is powered by Inflight VR.