• Oculus Quest Launch Day Giveaway Livestream
    Oculus Quest Launch Day Giveaway Livestream

    Join us today for a massive Oculus Quest launch day livestream! We're giving away DOZENS of copies of Quest games live on the stream today.

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  • Start VR Develops ‘SJx’ a Portable VR Training Solution for St John Ambulance Victoria Students can gain a first aid certificate within an hour.
  • Top 10 Best Oculus Quest Games To Buy At Launch
    Top 10 Best Oculus Quest Games To Buy At Launch

    We've put together a list of the very best Oculus Quest games available at launch that you can spend your hard-earned money on.

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  • Everybody’s Golf VR Review: Swinging For The Green
    Everybody’s Golf VR Review: Swinging For The Green

    Tee up for your Everybody's Golf VR review which lands on PSVR soon. Does it land a hole in one or get stuck in a sand trap?

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  • Google Reveals Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR Headset

    The latest iteration of Glass features an improved camera and a more powerful CPU for $999. Earlier today, Google announced the latest addition to its Google Glass hardware line-up with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. The company promises the new AR headset will help businesses increase the efficiency of its employees by offering them hands-free

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  • AR Gaming Robot ‘MekaMon’ Adds Support For STEAM Education

    Reach EDU looks to expand science, tech, engineering, arts, and mathematics through AR robots. Reach Robotics, the creators of the world’s first AR gaming robot, MekaMon launched the next generation of EdTech with a new coding platform – Reach EDU. If you’re not familiar with Reach Robotics line-up of kid-friendly robots, MekaMon are programmable machines

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  • Oculus Quest Game Library Preview Livestream: Launch Day Lineup
    Oculus Quest Game Library Preview Livestream: Launch Day Lineup

    Oculus Quest is finally coming tomorrow on May 21 so we're back again with another launch lineup livestream to get your bodies ready!

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  • Watch This Guy Actually Walk Through An Apex Construct Level On Quest
    Apex Construct Quest Tracking

    Oculus Quest units are beginning to slip out into the wild ahead of official launch tomorrow. One of the coolest uses of the standalone VR headset we’ve seen thus far? Someone playing an entire level of Apex Construct… using only their legs. That’s right, their actual legs, not their fake virtual ones.

    YouTuber Jugon Virtual just posted this video of the Quest port of Fast Travel Games’ debut. In it, he tackles an entire level of the game by physically walking through it. Jugon runs around a football field covering a 6050m squared area, battling robots and dodging projectiles.

    It’s pretty cool to see. Jugon is able to skip backward when he’s rushed by exploding enemies and jump around cover to avoid incoming fire. At one point he’s even brave enough to roll onto his back. Quest’s inside-out positional tracking is able to handle all of this with the help of four onboard cameras. The tracking isn’t quite as extensive as, say, the original Oculus Rift, but it’s close enough.

    Of course, most of us won’t have an entire field to play Apex Construct in. We’ll have to make do with the teleport and artificial locomotion options the game provides. The quest port consists of the entire original game and includes recent updates too.

    Oculus Quest launches tomorrow and Apex Construct will be one of the first games you can buy for it. If you already own it on Oculus Rift via Oculus Home then you’ll get it for free. We thought the port of the game was first-rate.

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  • Netflix Is Officially Coming To Oculus Quest At Launch
    Netflix Is Officially Coming To Oculus Quest At Launch

    Today we found out that Netflix is officially coming to the Oculus Quest at launch for free (pending subscription) alongside other streaming options.

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  • Review: Face Your Fears 2 Lacklustre horror, with mildly entertaining jump scares.
  • Superhot VR Quest Review: The Best Version Of A Genuine Classic
    Superhot VR Quest Review: The Best Version Of A Genuine Classic

    When we first reviewed Superhot VR nearly three years ago we said this:

    “SUPERHOT VR is a pure, distilled, injection of unadulterated adrenaline that will get your blood pumping just as quickly as time stops in the game itself. With every movement you make, time creeps forward ever so slightly, and everything from the level design to the way it feels to dodge a series of bullets in slow-motion is orchestrated to reinforce the core ideals of the experience.”

    It’s a testament to those ideals that, in mid-2019, Superhot remains arguably the best first-person shooter in VR. In fact, on Oculus Quest, it’s even better than it ever was. It’s somewhat fitting that time has been so kind to a game that’s all about manipulating it.

    As with most Quest ports, Superhot’s development team managed to squeeze the entire original game onto Oculus’ new standalone. Unlike most others, though, it’s survived the transition with barely any noticeable concessions. Save for a few inconsequential lighting drawbacks and slightly slower loading speeds, Superhot VR is just as crisp and striking as the PC VR versions. Granted this was never the most visually-pressing game, but it arguably looks even better than the 2017 PSVR port.

    More importantly, though, Quest’s tether-free tracking provides a more open, liberating version of the game than what’s come before. Previously Superhot was a game of two battles; one inside the headset and one outside. All of your moves had to consider the physical limitations of the cord connecting you to a PC or console. On Quest, that simply isn’t an issue. The game’s dystopian narrative often asks you to ‘Prove Your Devotion’ and now you can by throwing yourself to the floor and spinning around behind you without the worry of tangling yourself up or yanking a PC off of a desk.

    My Quest playthrough was my third time running through Superhot (it’s the only VR game I’ve completed twice, let alone a third time). It’s nothing short of remarkable how fresh, relevant and immediate the game still feels in 2019. Every element of Superhot feels organic in VR, from the way it commands your body to bend and twist with slow-motion precision to the stylish flair of catching a gun mid-air and shooting a blank-faced goon seconds before his knife reaches your eyes. It’s a game about being in control, a game in constant pursuit of empowering the player. There’s nothing else in VR that articulates these emotions as consistently.

    It’s just a shame there still isn’t anything ‘new’ to speak of here. While Superhot’s post-game is more robust than it used to be, with speedrun and skill-based modes, we’re way past due for extra levels. If you have already played through the game, it probably isn’t worth reinvesting (the game doesn’t support cross-buy with Oculus Rift) unless you’re jonesing for another playthrough.

    Final Score: 9/10 – Amazing

    Superhot VR’s hypnotic blend of physical, cinematic action is just as entrancing as it’s ever been on Quest. In fact, the lack of wires truly allows you to

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  • Doctor Who: Edge of Time Will Appear This September It'll be the biggest Doctor Who VR experience to date.
  • A Full Doctor Who VR Game Is Coming To Quest, PSVR And More This Year
    Doctor Who The Edge Of Time New (3)

    Doctor Who fans already got their first taste of the BBC’s beloved sci-fi series in VR this year. But, in just a few months’ time, a full VR game will let fans fly across the universe and through time.

    Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time is coming to PSVR, Oculus Quest, Rift and HTC Vive in September. It’s under development at Maze Theory, a London-based studio also working on next year’s Peaky Blinders VR game. As with Doctor Who: The Runaway, the VR movie that premiered at Tribeca earlier this year, it stars current Doctor Jodie Whittaker in an all-new adventure. Unlike that piece, though, this is a fully interactive game, and one that sounds like a fan’s dream come true.

    “You play as the Doctor’s friend,” Maze Theory CEO Ian Hambleton tells me. “She’s being held at the edge of time by this mysterious force. That baddie has woken up to reality and decided they don’t like the way that the universe has turned out, and they’ve released a reality virus.”

    Pretty standard fare for Doctor’s usual madcap antics, then. The difference, Maze Theory hopes, is that you’ll find the shows key elements even more compelling in VR.

    “Our north star for the project is for fans and gamers to feel like they’re inside the episode,” Hambleton says, “and to experience it to such a true level that they’d never be able to do with screen-based media.”

    But, while the story may be all-new, large parts of The Edge Of Time will play like a greatest hits for series veterans. The game will feature classic villains, including the haunting weeping angels and, yes, a certain breed of aliens hellbent on extermination. I’ve played a few small sections of the game, including (somewhat reluctantly) an angels section. It’s every bit as terrifying as you might imagine it to be.

    “Actually meeting a Dalek and standing in front of a Dalek is pretty awesome,” adds Russ Harding, Creative Director on the game. “We’ve had people that have come in that are fans. Just to see a Dalek at scale or even to hide from one is awesome.”

    Moreover, Maze Theory also worked with the BBC production team to create its own characters for the game. “Anything from the enemies or the foes that we’ve worked with the writers on are based on driving the narrative and taking players through the whole experience,” Harding notes. “It is about weaving all those elements together; story, interaction, gameplay to enhance certain interactions, using the right kind of enemies at the right time.”

    Part of those interactions will involve wielding the Sonic Screwdriver, a do-all device that’s long seemed like a perfect VR companion tool. As you might imagine, there’s countless things you could do with a franchise such as this in VR, but Maze Theory wants to visit some unexpected locations too.

    “What I’m particularly proud of is that we don’t go to the obvious things,” Hambleton adds. “A lot of the stuff you currently get

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  • Predator VR Logo/PSVR Trophy List Suggests Surprise Launch Is Coming
    Predator VR

    It looks like a Predator VR game could be coming to PSVR. Not only that, but it might be here very soon.

    Exophase, a site that tracks PlayStation’s achievement-based Trophy system, just listed Predator VR. Not only that but there’s a logo too. We can also see the icons for 18 individual trophies that include famous references to the movie series. It is, of course, entirely possible that all of this has been faked, but it doesn’t seem very likely. Oh and, yes, one of the trophies is called ‘Get to the choppa!’ because of course it is.

    Our guess is that this is an adaptation of a location-based Predator VR game that was first spotted last year (video below). That was developed by Foxnext, VRsenal and Brookhaven Experiment developer, Phosphor. It seems like a pretty simple wave-based shooter in which you kill Predators. No, you don’t actually play as one, which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity.

    The Trophy list itself doesn’t have a Platinum Trophy, which is usually afforded to longer games. That suggests this will be a shorter package.

    Or, hey, it could be something entirely new. We’ve reached out to Phosphor to see if we can get any answers. Foxnext has published a few VR apps on PSVR, including Crisis on the Planet of the Apes. We’d also bet that this is coming to PC VR headsets too, but don’t quote us on that

    Don’t confuse this with the Predator game that was recently announced during Sony’s State of Play event. That’s a PS4 exclusive but, as far as we know, it doesn’t have any VR content.

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  • Drop Dead Dual Strike Brings the Zombie Apocalypse to Oculus Quest Lots of new stuff including melee weapons and dual wielding.